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Friday morning the Today Show will feature turkeys from Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch.  Remember when I went to Marquette to join in on the turkey round up?  I understand the segment will be during the 8:30 time frame.  If you’re free, take a look.

Ally and I tried the traveling Oriental food and found one order was more than enough as neither of us was very hungry.  We had chicken with veggies fixed with spicy sauce…the brown kind.  It was very good served on rice.  There is enough for another small meal for moi.  We also had crab rangoon.  We thought the $15 tag was a bit pricey, but also convenient.

We spent most of the day in Salina seeing the surgeon and running errands.  Ally is still doing my driving for me, but I got the green light to drive today from the doctor.  He removed some of my staples and one of the “hang grenades”.  The rest should come out next week and that will be a relief as they are uncomfortable and there are a bazillion of them. The best news is that the four lymph nodes he removed and tested, along with all the other tissue around the growth,  showed no cancer at all.  I was lucky.

Todd brought the cutest visitor by tonight…Bella Britton, a Shih Tzu puppy. She is black and white and very cuddly.  What a darling.  She’ll be good mellow companion for Bentley.

Ringo reacts in such a gentle way with a puppy around.  He smiles out of one side of his mouth and approaches Bela very hesitantly…never getting close.  He’s agreeable to having house guests as long as they don’t try to mess with his toys.  He has them upstairs where he stands guard over them and any one who might approach our house. Once Bela is large enough to romp a bit, Ringo will let her crawl all over him.

Things have been a bit hectic lately.

Thanks for tuning in…

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