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More Turkey Tail from Patti:

“One flew outta the turkey nest.

I went to check the 11 Toms and Helens and much to my surprise one had gotten outside and was peeping madly as he seemed to be trying to find his way back in.

When chicken babies get out of the brooder they run around and around the building and it’s just a matter of trapping them. Their path is simple. They tuck right up around the building and keep running around the outside.

I’m thinking these turkeys are a bit smarter. Once i tried to corner him he went straight into the field. Gone. In an instant. No more peeping. No running around the brooder. Just gone.

I didn’t see that coming.

10 in the brooder. 1 at large. He may came back! I’m not taking off dollar points for an ‘at large’.”

I’m still hoping to find him. I just have so many chicks running around it’s sort of hard to figure who is who. I have enough land for ‘em. 30 acres. And everything just runs free. It’s just weird how he booted from the brooder and bolted. Chickens don’t do that!!

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