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Follow the flags to the Symphony.


After exploring Council Grove, nearby the site of the 2008 3rd Annual Symphony in the Flint Hills, we approached the event entrance. The silvery-white peaked tents are symbolic of the event and are a stark but beautiful contrast against the backdrop of the tall grass prairie.


“Wild Bill’s” wagon was led by Bow and Tie. Karen and Ally took a covered wagon ride, participated in the prairie wildflower identification walks and browsed the entire concert area. Early on, it’s important to find the areas where they sell food, big homemade cookies, Boulevard beer, lemonade and Kansas art and books.


Wild Bill looking back at two of his passengers, Ally and Karen.


Todd and I people-watched from the entertainment tent where there was shade and a gentle breeze. With 6,000 people in attendance, we had no shortage of views. People were having a good time enjoying each other and the food and beverages. We spotted a few Ellsworthites in the crowd.


We connected with our good friends from Emporia, Dave Leiker and Cheryl Unruh. Cheryl has excellent pictures and her own accounting of the events of yesterday. See them both on her website, Flyover People. Scroll down a bit.

Dave is an official photographer for the event. His photos can be viewed along with his remarkable collection of photographs on Prairie Dust.


If you squint, you can see the stream of people walking to the event from the parking lot on the horizon at the right. There were three thousand or more cars in the lot and how anyone located their car after the concert, I don’t know. We parked in the much smaller ADA lot and passed by the other on the way out. There was constant honking of horns as people hit their panic buttons on their remotes to find their cars. Aisle markers would have helped enormously.


The lady who sat in front of me during the concert was so annoying to me and to the people in front of her, that during intermission I moved topside and sat with Josh and Kimberly Svaty. Kimberly’s sister, Carolyn, passed by for this photo op.


People departed with memories to last another year when the 2009 event will be held near Florence. If you want to attend, you’ll need to follow the Symphony in the Flint Hills website to learn what day they will sell 5,000 available tickets. There will be a three to four hour window of opportunity to purchase tickets….and that’s all. They are scarce as hen’s teeth if you miss that opportunity.

As we drove home, we passed by the exit to Chapman, and noticed with sadness how dark the area was following the ravaging tornado that hit their community with such tragic results. For stories and pictures about this, check out Linda’s Backroad Musings.

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