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Joe Snuffy’s Restaurant and Bar in Abilene is, plain and simply, a nice, home-owned place to eat.  They are good, accomodating people. The food is good and they serve generous amounts of everything. You won’t go home hungry.  Most of us from the Palace who went there last night for dinner chose the only steak they serve…a very tender, well-seasoned 8 oz sirloin topped with mushrooms and onions.  It’s the kind of steak, lean and tender, where there are no scraps.

We ordered dinner before we realized they had a bar.  Duh!  It’s called a “Restaurant and Bar”.  They had a special on any number of margaritas so we all (except the drivers) ordered mango margaritas that were very tasty. Large and tasty.

With the steak comes a very fresh, ice cold tossed salad with your choice of dressing and a wide variety of “two sides”.  They have wonderful American fries that are toasty brown, a real treat for us.  If you go, have the American fries.  We never have browned potatoes here at the Palace.  They also have flavorful baked beans, macaroni and cheese and cole slaw… baked potatoes, veggies of other kinds.  I ordered the American fries and a baked potato, as my sides and brought home the baked potato for another meal.  They also have rolls that were the size of half a loaf of bread.

Their dessert specialty is homemade peanut butter pie, but they were out of that.  They also have wonderful cinnamon rolls so I brought one home for my breakfast.

Snuffy’s  came highly recommended by my friends Patti O’Malley and Ann Headrick.  They were right on about it.

I really enjoy our Taste and Travel nights.  I don’t attend all of them, but I make an effort to participate in those where I know the food is going to be good.  It also gives me an opportunity to visit with people over dinner with whom I don’t usually meal-sit at the Palace.  I love it here but I think everyone needs a break from the routine.  I have some friends who haven’t left here since they moved in except to go to the doctor.  They have very little to talk about and they age quickly.

Changes are coming in our exercise groups and I’m looking forward to it.  Karen told us last night that she’s taking over the 10 am sittercise class that I attend on a daily basis.  I’m looking forward to the change as I’m bored stiff with the same old routine of exercises every day.  Instructions come from a very old recording that is annoying to listen to and not at all encouraging to stretching and bending.   I thought everyone knew you were supposed to inject variety in whatever exercises you do, but our inmate leader is resistant to change or “fun”.  As you might know, I don’t follow the canned instructions and work a lot of swishes and flourishes into my routines.   I will give her a lot of credit for starting each class promptly on time, something that is yet to be seen by the activities director who is a lot of fun but notoriously late and unprepared.  We’ll see how this story unfolds.

My youngest grandson saw his final break of day in Afghanistan a couple of mornings ago.  He will never have to go through that again.  He’s in Qatar on his way back to the U.S. where freedom awaits.  After some debriefing time in Ohio, he’ll return to KS for a few days.  He’s a man on the move so we see him as he dashes by before he returns to his post in Cincinnati where he teaches at the University of Cincinnati Trauma Hospital.

Lunch is always an interesting and fun experience.  Today, as is often the case, I sat with my good friends, Doris, Hazel and Margie.  Doris is 105 years old, as I have mentioned many times.  She’s a fabulous person and has the quickest wit of anyone around.  And, she remembers everything and everyone.  Today they moved one of the tables next to us to a new location, which works much better for the wait staff and anyone sitting at “our” table, but it  caused grief and consternation to those whose table had been relocated.  They were flopping around like fish out of water trying to figure out where to sit…and with whom.  It was like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory when someone took his place on the couch only this involved a dozen flip-flopping people.  I love this place.  It is a source of constant amusement.

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  1. wish I could be a fly on the wall at The Palace,lol

    Comment by Ann — 5/3/2014 @ 11:22 am

  2. wish I could be a fly on the wall at The Palace,lol


    Comment by Ann — 5/3/2014 @ 11:23 am

  3. LOVE your stories and think The Palace could be a huge comedic hit on television! There you go Peg, time to do some writing and devise your own sitcom. You story tell very descriptively that I feel as if I AM a fly on the wall. Thanks for the great entertainment!

    Comment by Deneen — 5/5/2014 @ 12:30 pm

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