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Karen stopped by last night and we ran a couple of errands then went to Freddie’s for a double steak cheeseburger and a small Hawaiian sundae with fudge sauce.  That’s what I had.  It’s nice to get out and about.  Previous to moving here, the last thing I ever ordered when we went out to eat was beef.  Now that good beef is a scarce item on our menus, I look forward to a burger or steak when the occasion arises.  I’ve seen enough chicken to last me a life time, but mine isn’t over yet so I know there will be more chicken in my life and some of it will be dry and sometimes inedible. Next week a group of us are scheduled to go to Abilene to eat at Joe Snuffy’s, a place made famous for their hamburgers, sirloin steak and homemade cinnamon  rolls. Things get canceled around here often so it’s a wait and see what develops.

They do have issues with the food here, and consistency.  I really can’t put my finger on the reason for it, but I have my eyes open.  Most of us in independent living choose the noon meal as our one meal a day that comes with our plan.  It’s the most extensive, but even those choices have narrowed.  It’s the one opportunity during the day that we all get together and engage in social intercourse.  It’s the one thing we all look forward to. What we have to eat and how it is prepared and presented in a large part determines  on how satisfied or restless fellow inmates are.

The best news I have to relate is that my Air Force grandson will be stateside in a couple of weeks following his third deployment  He has given years of his life to the military to protect our freedom.  Enough is enough.

We’ve had some different events lately:  a beer tasting party, a flute ensemble performance, a Founders Day celebration, a gathering to honor our volunteers, a cowboy serenade, Wii bowling, and Art is Ageless display.   I don’t attend everything, but I do try to make all those things that interest me…and are good for me, like exercise classes.

I’ve been sitting outside to read my kindle.  The wind is blowing too hard to read a book with pages to turn.

I always enjoy meeting families of my neighbors.  My friend, Ivy, had one of her daughters visiting today.  I haven’t seen her since she was about 5, so it was very good to see her again.  She even endured “Trivia” with us today.  That is always a funny experience.

I don’t have any plans for the weekend.  Maybe  the wind will blow in something tomorrow.

Thanks for tuning in…

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy your posts, Peg. Your Palace adventures are a highlight and I’m so sorry about the quality of the food there. Food is a very important factor in a resident’s happiness. I certainly hope you figure out how changes can be implemented to ensure you have tastier meals for all. Love your reference to the inmates - good food is equally important to inmates in a correctional setting. :) Have a great day and keep on blogging!

    Comment by Deneen — 4/28/2014 @ 8:34 am

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