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Last night was “Bulgarian Night” at the Korean Restaurant and I was there from start to finish. Didn’t miss a thing thanks to Ann and Terry Headrick who haul me around and deliver me to whatever party is ongoing.  Our chef for the night was Tihomira Plamenova who had help from her mother, who was visiting here from Bulgaria.

For starters, we had banitza, which was fabulous.  It’s a flaky, rich pastry dish made with feta cheese.  That was my favorite part of the meal.  With the  banitza we had airian which is a typical Bulgarian drink made from yogurt, salt and water and I don’t know what else.  That sounds strange, but it’s a very healthful drink.  It tasted a little like buttermilk as you might imagine.

Following the banitza, we had Bulgarian traditional schopaka salad which was beautiful and delicious….made with fresh veggies like cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, ripe olives, etc.  With that we had schnitzels with traditional potato side dish.  For dessert we had a chocolate cake that was 48 hours in the making and was layered with vanilla pudding, whip cream, strawberries and bananas.

Kent Buess sent me a photo of the above but I can’t get it on this entry.  I thank him for his efforts.

I’m not certain what culinary experience we’ll have next month, but hints of German food were heard among the participants who, by the way, overflowed the room.  I think it was the largest group ever as Joomi said they “over-booked”.  I had a delightful surprise with my friend, Marsha Stewart, at my side and, our former neighbors, the Helveys, we all there also for hellos.

I can’t get any of my friends from the Palace to join me for these adventures.  One tends to fall into the rut of comfortable bland food after eating here and …well, that’s okay too.  But it isn’t for me.  There are still dining adventures out there to be enjoyed and enjoy them I will, as long as I am able.

My first and only great grandchild is heading this way for a visit.  I can hardly wait to see that precious child.

I hope it’s warm enough to sit outside.  Well, I sit out by the entry many days when it isn’t warm enough, but it’s still enjoyable.    I might tackle The BooK Thief again.  It’s a strange book.  I just can’t get on track with it.

Everything is going well at the Palace.  There is always something interesting going on, people to talk to and friends to laugh with.  I had Ivy and Margie come by to watch the KU-Stanford game and have some finger food. Something like that is always easy and fun but the games are over for most of us now.  We’ve lost interest now that all the Kansas teams are out of the loop.  There are musical groups coming to perform tomorrow and Thursday and a Palace movie Thursday evening.  And, we’ll have some gatherings this weekend on 2 west for the “girlz in the hood”.  And, I always enjoy reading, my computer, Netflix movies ….always something to do.

Thanks for tuning in…

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  1. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and appreciate you sharing your adventures with us. Be well, my friend!

    Comment by DJ — 3/28/2014 @ 7:03 am

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