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It’s like spring today…45 degrees and climbing.  The ice hasn’t melted around the parking garage so it has taken some careful maneuvering to get to cars that are parked in that area. I leave my car in the front parking lot for that reason, and when it rains it gets rinsed off.

Most of the inmates here who are still driving own old cars.  That figures.  Old cars are “comfortable” for them and they don’t want to learn to drive a new/different car.  And, the old ones are usually bigger, easier to get in and from which to extricate one’s self.  Recently, one of my friends had a new transmission put in her old car for those reasons.  She didn’t even consider buying a new car although financially it probably would have been more prudent.

Today is the KU-KState game and the inmates are all geared up for the big showdown.  My neighbor, Hazel, who bakes fantastic pies has a warm cherry pie to share after the game today.  Joy is going down the hill to Braum’s for vanilla ice cream to go with the pie.  I love my “neighborhood” and my neighbors.

Ally and I were in the south part of town having lunch Thursday and saw Ellsworthites Hector and Jean.  That was fun.  I miss seeing my Ellsworth friends.  I also had “football” on Thursday.    I’m on Team B and we fell behind this week.  The game involves throwing bean bags at a hole on a board…the object is to get it through the hole, so everyone can play.  When I signed up for it…just to see what it was…I didn’t realize it involved every Thursday all month…five of them.  My friend, Susie, who lives in a retirement facility in K.C. is playing “soccer”….all the same thing, I presume.  It must be a popular activity for the elderly.

Eddie is in Salina from Silverton for a week, so he’ll be stopping by to visit me. His uncle, Bud Jilka, who was a freshman walk-on basketball player for K-State in 1947, will be honored with other players Friday and Saturday in Manhattan.

Todd will be here Monday to attend International night at the Korean Restaurant featuring Sicilian  food. Tim Bobbett will do the cooking using his grandmother’s family recipes.  Todd and I will go early and save seats for Ann and Terry, Martha and Kent.  Spending the evening with friends enjoying interesting/different food, and a bottle of wine,  is a good way to spend the evening. It will be nice to spend the evening with Todd.

Oh, if you forget a corkscrew for the wine, you can open it with your shoe.  See how here…

I’m enjoying a growler of Salvation…Belgian I think, that Drew and Tyler gave me for Christmas.  It’s the first of several and very good.  I have two movies to watch again…The Town and Fracture….to go with the beer.

Life at the Palace is good.

Thanks for tuning in…

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