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Thanks to the efforts of a lot of good friends, I’m settled into my permanent home at the Palace until such time someone determines I am unable to take care of myself and then they’ll haul me off to one of the other units under this big roof.   That will be an easy move although I hope to avoid it. Living here independently is incentive enough to get stronger, stay mentally alert and be active and involved.

Last Friday the maintenance crew from here moved all my furniture and heavy stuff.  It took them slightly less than 2 1/2 hours. They did a marvelous job.

On Saturday my friends arrived to tackle the hardest part of the move…shuffling  all the stuff that wasn’t moved on Friday.  That included everything in closets, kitchen and refrigerator plus books and odds and ends.  The problem with that was that I was moving in to smaller quarters which was not a good fit.

Greg and his granddaughter, Madison were first to arrive at 9 with Les, Bev, Audrey, Ally and Todd soon to follow.  They made trip after trip retrieving “stuff” from 402 and bringing it to 218.  It was exhausting work.  Bev and Audrey arranged my kitchen the best they could.  They finished with the last loads about mid afternoon.  It will take lots of rearranging on my part, but the move was completed very quickly.  That means I had a minimum amount of time that I was paying for two apartments.   I am so indebted to friends and family for helping me.

I have discovered this part of the Palace isn’t  quite as sound proof as the “tall building”….but it’s not a problem.  I could hear Mabelle’s church service on Sunday morning and Hazel’s TV last night.  Hazel has the apartment next to my living room and Mabelle is next to my bedroom. They are both hearing impaired so have the volume up on their TV’s.  It isn’t a bother to me.  They are both wonderful neighbors.

Thursday we are making another effort to have dinner at Pretty Boy Floyd’s.  We failed at the last attempt because Ellsworth was without power.  Today the sky is clear and other than being a little hot, we should have a good trip to Ellsworth.  Todd, Karen and Ally will meet us there to join us for dinner. Lew and Cindy are stopping by to say hello.  It will be a good experience for all and I’m looking forward to it.

The iron shots I had seem to have kicked in.  I’m feeling much better.  Or it may be that my Lupus has gone in hiding.
Thanks for tuning in …

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