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My apartment down in the “hood” on second floor is ready for my meager possessions….consisting mostly of my bed, select teas and paintings.  I don’t really have much of anything else, having rid myself of encumbering and superfluous items before I moved here last November. My surroundings are beautiful from floor to ceiling, all new and spotlessly clean.

The apartment has a large bedroom, large living room, lots of closets and storage shelves/space and a kitchen that is larger than the one I have now, which is more than adequate.  Everything is “ample” and I’m pleased as Punch to be moving.   I think I can fill my bedroom with the furniture I have since I inherited a compter table I use as a “med” table from Lynn and another computer table from the previous occupant which I’ll use for my computer rather than my desk.

The living room is going to need a couple of small chairs to fill in some gaps.  It will be nice to have a little more elbow room when guests arrive.  The new place isn’t that much larger in square feet  but the space is more appropriately utilized as freedom to move about space. rather than a useless hall.  Long term, it is much better.

I love my new appliances…all stainless steel and BIG.  The refrigerator/freezer is a two door upright with ice and water dispenser and all kinds of lights, whistles and electronic touch pad controls.  I won’t have to fill ice cube trays any longer, which didn’t really bother me at all, but this is going to be ever so much more convenient.   The range has a black glass cooktop that will be very easy to clean.  I have new counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom, new carpeting and tile throughout…new ceiling, everything freshly painted “antique gray” that is a favored color of the Palace.

I will lose use my spectacular view than I have enjoyed so much, but I have some beautiful gardens below my windows that are fun to watch as the seasons change.

And, I won’t be spending so much time on the elevators and the location will offer a more quiet atmosphere than where I now live.

They are going to refurbish my present apartment so everything in it is new like the one I’m moving into.  It  is already spoken for and should be ready for the new occupant in October.  It will be a beauty.  As people move out, the plan is to do complete makeovers using the same materials that they used in mine, which serves as a model for all the others.  The Palace is a very comfortable, interesting and delightful place to live.  After I move I’ll post some pictures….

Thanks for tuning in…

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