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The days living in the Palace are filled with belly laughs.  Endorphins are spewed recklessly.   You’ve  got to laugh at the comments and oddities…and the fact that almost everyone has a hearing problem, so things are easily misunderstood.  If you don’t see the humor in it and enjoy a good joke, you’re very much out of the loop…and in trouble of getting old very fast.

I heard a good one today.  One of my male friends said he was sitting in the lobby the other day when one of our “brothers” said hello.  My friend said it puzzled him that the man had a rope tied around his foot with the other end tie to his belt.  Noticing he appeared to have misplaced his dog, he said something to that effect…”I understand the leash, but you seem to have lost your dog.”

“Oh, no.  I don’t have a dog”.

“Well, then…why the leash”.

“That isn’t a leash, it’s a rope”.

“Oh, what is it for?”

“Well”, he demonstrated, “I pull on this end of the rope to get my foot up in the car.  Then I use it to get my foot off the accelerator.  It works like a pulley.  Ingenious, don’t you think?”

I’d say it would be good idea to stay a couple of car lengths behind this driver.

I can’t stop giggling….

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