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I had the most magnificent view of private and city fireworks last night from my 4th floor windows.  I couldn’t see 180 degrees but nearly so.  And, it was unobstructed.  The sky was full of displays from horizon to horizon for an hour before the city started their display. I sat in my comfortable office chair and enjoyed the private extravaganza.

The city display was right across the street from where I live, so I couldn’t have been closer or had a better seat.  The city display was very similar to the ones we have in Ellsworth…the same length and with the same number of displays.   I think the same company might be involved in the pyrotechnic displays.  Ellsworth has been on top of the heap for city displays since the early 80s.

I saw one emergency vehicle pass the Palace just as the display was ending. I hope it was a safe night for all, particularly the little children.  I’m sure the long standing police from 841 Highland meant that those kids only had a few lady fingers and snakes.  It was not a day of celebrating with fireworks at our house.  Unfortunately, it was the same with my kids when they were young….a few sparklers here and there was all.  They changed all of that as adults.

The last time we experienced Salina fireworks was a number of years ago when we sat on Dane’s deck and watched both the Salina fireworks and the Salina Country Club fireworks.  We had whip lash from looking left then right, but it was a lot of fun.  As I recall, Dane fixed some of his famous lemon pepper chicken filets on the grill for dinner that night. Good memories.

Last night the sky was on fire and full of the most brilliant colors one can imagine.  I won’t have this vantage point after I move but next year I can go to the lounge on any of the floors and watch.  And, I’ll look forward to it.

Thanks for tuning in…

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