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I had a wonderful visit today with Shirley Jacques, former Saline County Clerk and Saline County Democratic Chairwoman,  and Gov. John Carlin.   John was our 40th Governor and one of the best in Kansas history….certainly we’ve not had one of his caliber since.  He always put the welfare of the people ahead of his own interests.  He and I go back a long way… we had lots of catching up to do.  Shirley and I did too.

It has been Friday to me all day.   I’ll know it’s really Friday if I’m sitting at a table at La Casita with a basket of chips and green hot sauce  in front of me (the hottest they make…which isn’t all that hot) …and my friend, Kim, enjoying it as much as I.  Of course, margaritas are involved as well.   We’re heading there tomorrow night when it will be Friday by all accounts.

They are replacing the concrete slabs in front of the front door to the Palace so foot traffic has been diverted through the first floor apartments, past all the offices and finally to the lobby with the jigsaw puzzle workers and assorted other people in transit…. if they aren’t lost by then.    John and Shirley landed in Kim’s office on the way and I showed them the way out when they left.  It can be confusing.  Some visitors think Dale and Flora Anderson’s apartment is the pass through to the parking lot and some kind of general gathering area.  The Anderson’s put their own furniture on their outdoor patio and usually find total strangers using it.  It’s very interesting and provides a little levity to an otherwise predicable existence.

I’ve been participating in the exercise classes that they offer here on a daily basis since April 1st….sittercise, yoga, tai chi, chi gung…or something like that.  The exercises that seem to be helping the most are at 9 on Monday Wednesday and Friday.  If I get through those,  I try to follow up with the 10 am class.  I have a long way to go, but I know I’m making some headway….except with my legs.  I don’t know what in the heck is wrong with them, but they’ve spaced out and aren’t cooperating.  What I want most is to be able to walk without my walker or a cane,  around the pond and see the goslings.  So far, that isn’t happening…but I keep hoping something will kick in.  I do know that anesthetic/ventilator took its toll.

Ginny called and wanted me to join her at IHOP for dinner.  I owe her one, but I have some good leftovers from yesterday I’m looking forward to….a potato from the Hickory Hut sprinkled with Kansas dust, cheese and saucy sauce…and grilled chicken…and rice…ciabatta bread…lots to eat.

Thanks for tuning in….

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