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UPDATE:  Brandon and I did a walk-through of my apartment-to-be this morning so he could up-date me on the progress, or lack of it.  An independent contractor is doing all the work and that aspect of the project hadn’t been explained to me.  I thought the maintenance staff here did it, as they had time.

Everything has been ordered, he said, yet they haven’t had the carpet installer come measure for installation.  I don’t think the new appliances, ceiling fans or counter tops have been ordered.  Actually, I don’t know exactly what has been ordered.  Paint maybe?

There is still “demolition” to do….as in remove the ceiling tiles and install a new grid for 2 x 2 tiles.  They have to remove the counter top in the kitchen, the kitchen and bathroom flooring and all the carpeting. Once that is all done, they can start the renewal process.

I’ve requested additional cable and electrical outlets.  The generation of people after me who move in here is going to be far more tech savvy than the older generations.  I only know of a handful of fellow inmates who have computers and they don’t do much on them…swear at them mostly.  A new generation requiring more technical equipment is on the horizon.  Visitors to my apartment are very aware of all the electrical cables I have strung along my baseboard and surge protectors that are loaded down with plug-ins.

I think it will be a couple of weeks before I see any more action in the apartment, and a month after that before measurable progress is made and I can ponder the moving project.  It will be “all new” once it’s finished and I’ll like that.

The “girls” who live in the hood have beautifully furnished apartments with family antiques, etc.  They know how to decorate.  I’ll take what I have in this apartment and see how it looks once I move.  I know I’ll need a chair or two, the kind old people can extricate themselves out of.  Other than that, I’ll do quite well with the furniture we bought for the kids when they were kids….1950 vintage ranch oak.  My centerpiece is my park bench.  I’m the only one here with a handmade park bench!

The sign up list for the trip to Ellsworth the 27th for dinner at Pretty Boy Floyd’s looks almost full.  I think we could use a school bus for the trip.

Thanks for tuning in…

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