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My tablemates today were Doris, Ivy, and Joy.  Our conversations are usually pretty lively.  Doris taught school for many years and apparently remembers every student she ever had.  Pete Peterson came by our table on his way out and asked her to name all the “Zimmerman” kids, which she did without hesitation.   Pete was missing one in his line up and he wasn’t about to let it go until he found out.  Doris named them all in order of age and then told about the instruments they played, and how their mother taught them all to appreciate music.  Doris is  full of wonderful storiesa and she had collected a considerable number of them over the past 104 years.  Then her conversation segued off to other school issues which got my attention.

I’ve mentioned before how people confiscate food from their noon meal and take it back to their apartments to eat later.    I seem to be the only one who reverses that process and takes food to the dining room.  Today the menu is one of the worst they serve, in my opinion, and included chili dogs, turkey pot pie, something resembling tater tots only triangular shaped and harder than rocks and deep fat fried, and breaded vegetables.  It’s not that I don’t like turkey pot pie, we as I generally like it, when made properly.  If someone made it with real turkey the way  it should be made, it would be good.  This is far from edible so  I had breakfast again, which is good…bacon, eggs and toast.  I took my own huckleberry jam and whole orange to go along with it.  I always have a tall glass of V-8 for lunch so it rounded out to be very good. I hope I never tire of bacon and eggs.

I am amused at the number of containers some diners bring with them and fill to take back to their apartments.  They even share them with others.   I’m happy with cold cereal and fruit later on in the day, but that may change as the days lengthen and I’m more active.  I’m sure I’ll start to do more cooking when I’m more able to get around.  Working around a walker is very inconvenient.  And in my new place, I’ll have more room to navigate.

Which brings me to the topic of moving.  I’ve loved the apartment I’m in, particularly for the view which is important to me.  But, the downside of it is the noise from snow removal equipment, mowers,  and traffic.  Since I’m a light sleeper, it is disruptive to be awakened and not able to fall back asleep.  So, I’m moving to the other side of the complex  where I eliminate those issues and  have  a larger apartment…the kind I wanted in the first place.  The one-bedroom deluxe apartments are few in number and rarely turn over so I thought I better get one while I can. I’ll lose my second bedroom that I’ve used for an office, but will have a huge bedroom and living room that will more than hold all my present “stuff”.  I’m going to be short of furniture, but I can fill in someway.  I’ll borrow back some of my art work and that will take care of that

They are putting in new carpet, painting, replacing doors and woodwork in my new apartment and making other upgrades.  It won’t be ready until the end of the month…or early next month.  That’s okay as I’ve not much on my calendar.

I sat outside this morning for an hour.  It is a gorgeous day and besides enjoying the wonderful weather it gives me a chance to chat with visitors to the Palace. The delivery people from the floral shops and Dillons paraded by with beautiful flowers that I also got to enjoy.   Everyone is gearing up for Mother’s Day tomorrow.  They are having some kind of strawberry festival on Monday honoring mothers in the Ivory Keys Cafe.  I hope they have fresh strawberries rather than the limp frozen kind.

Now I think I’ll take my Rollator and see if I can make it to the pond and visit the geese.

Thanks for tuning in….

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