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When I’m out of milk here, I’m just out of milk unless I buckle and go buy it from the supply in the Palace kitchen.  I can devise no substitutes with the limited resources found in my pantry.  Since I planned to have a bowl of cold of cereal for dinner, it meant I’d have to improvise if I didn’t go forage for milk.  Braum’s … my destination.  It’s a stone’s throw down the hill from the Palace and very convenient.

It was a fortuitous adventure for two reasons:

The first good thing that happened was that I ran into my good friend Mary Andersen and had a quick visit.  That was especially nice.  Her husband, Jay, and I grew up as neighbors on Highland.

The second… in order to get the exit door at Braum’s to work, I determined,  you need to first eat a single dip rocky road ice cream cone in a waffle cone.  I hadn’t had rocky road ice cream in years, and now I remember what I’d been missing.

The first was true.  The second….well, I just made that up.

Ally got tickets for us to hear Joan Baez at the Stiefel.  I was a huge fan of hers years ago so I’m sure I’ll enjoy her concert  next month. She’s 72 and hasn’t lost her I hear.

I’m still going to sittercise exercises every morning and yoga two days a week in the afternoon.  This is my 4th week of regular attendance.  I’m hoping for a gold star.

It hardly seems possible, but it will soon be six months that I have lived here. It was a good decision to move…I still love living here and wouldn’t go back to living alone.  I’ve made some good friends, renewed other friendships and am happy as a clam.  It’s an interesting place to be, and I’m surrounded by interesting, active people. Life here  is just a lot easier for me and for my family members who are so willing to help me.

Thanks for tuning in…

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