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My friend, Ginny Frederick, loves bargains and shopping at Aldi’s.  Last night she called to say she had a supply of oranges, strawberries and asparagus that she had just purchased and knew I’d probably want some of each.  She was right and she delivered them to me on the spot.  She also brought a bag of oranges for our friend, Joy. There were 9 oranges per bag for $1.26 and they are very good.  Ginny finds the bargains at Aldi’s and passes them on.  She’s like a traveling farmers’ market.

Tonight they are taking a busload from here to the Olive Garden for dinner.  I had to use my walker the time I went there for lunch and very ungracefully swerved around waiters, loaded trays,  and patrons to and from our table.  It isn’t easy to be inconspicuous while using a walker.  Take that thought and multiply it by a dozen senior citizens and it will be interesting. The Garden is not a spacious place.  I didn’t sign up to go as their food is something I don’t care for. Anyway, Todd and Karen are coming so we’re going to dinner.

Now, it’s time to line up for lunch.  That’s an interesting tale and if I can find the words, I’ll describe it later.

Thanks for tuning in …

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