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There is nothing better around here than hearing a knock on the door.  You know it’s company because the maintenance and health providers are the same as family and just walk in.  There’s no reason to lock a door around here anyway.  Mine usually stands open to allow the warm air to be displaced with cool breezes.  So back to the knock…

There was my friend Preston  from Ellsworth and a friend of his.  He’s such a delight and it was so good to see them and catch up on things about town.

Claudia and Mark are coming tomorrow for lunch.  That will be fun. Claudia was a big part of my life for a long time…so I miss seeing her on a regular basis.  We looked forward to Thursday afternoon tomato beers after work.

I hope the meal is as good as it was today.  There was a large bowl of fresh spinach salad, complete with bacon and eggs, etc. plus many other salad options and fruit.   There were wonderful stewed tomatoes, the best I’ve had here, and pea pods that weren’t cooked to death.  They were good.  I had chicken fingers, but my lunch pals…Ivy, Doris and Joy…opted for the sweet and sour pork over a bed of rice.  They loved the tapioca pudding for dessert but I usually forgo dessert and have a carton of yogurt.  And I usually always have a glass of V-8 with my noon meal.  I’m trying to eat less.  My refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruit so I have that to fall back on.

Oh, and my friend from rehab, Flora Anderson, has moved in to assisted living.  I think she’ll really like it here.  There is always a lot of activity in the Palace.

And, a new friend, Lynn Taylor, a local, stopped by yesterday and visited for a couple of hours.  The time just flew by.

Thanks for tuning in…

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