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One of the nicest things about moving to the Palace has been to renew old acquaintances with people who live here whom I haven’t seen in years.  One friendship with “Besh Dodge” has been very nice to re-establish…Besh is better known as Mary Beth Engleman.

When I was young, Mary Beth Dodge lived “north” of me.  I’m not quite sure how it was we met.  I think our families were friends but I can’t recall doing a lot with the Dodges. Salina was small in in those days and we tended to know everyone who lived close by.

Mary Beth was older than I by about 8 years, and was one of those shining stars in Salina who everyone admired. She married KU basketball great Howard “Rope” Engleman.  They both excelled at golf and were always tan as berries from days in the sun.

(Howard was  6 ft tall, weighed 170 pounds and played the forward position. As a senior in 1940–41, Engleman averaged 16.5 points per game and became just the second Jayhawk to be named a Consensus First Team All-American. Engleman led Kansas to two Big Six Conference regular season championships and as runners-up in the 1940 National Championship.)

The other day Mary Beth and were were visiting and she said…”I remember where you lived.  It was south of the jog on Highland.  I lived north of the jog on 8th Street.”   No one fully understands the “jog” on 8th St. unless you happened to live on that street.  It was a bonding agent.

She said…”and you always dated the cutest boys in Salina….then you up and married someone from Ellsworth.”

She still has a quick and easy smile and is fun to be with.  Even in her 90s, she’s still one of the prettiest and nicest women I’ve ever known and hasn’t lost a bit of her quick sense of humor.

Thanks for tuning in…

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