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If you ask me how long I was in Palace rehab and, I had no inkling of the dates when I arrived and left,  I would steadfastly maintain I’d been there three months.  It felt like three months in every bone in my body.  I was in a time warp created by anesthetic, surgery,lethargy and angst,totaling what felt like a time span of three months.  Not so, but it seemed real at the time.

Some of the early days were endless and difficult.  But the remains of the time machine were shed quickly as I wrapped my mind around the one month I was actually there and grasped those two imaginary months as an extra bonus of time on earth.

It feels good to be among my own belongings again, back in my apartment, close to my stash of tea and favorite snacks from my grandchildren.   I am particularly delighted to know I can continue to enjoy green tea and grapefruit as my cardiologist here decided against putting me on the rodenticide,”coumadin”.  Bless him for sure.  Given the option, I would have refused it as some of my friends have opted to do.  I’m more in the mainstream of finding healthier alternatives for my body, Tito’s being a minor exception.  Life without green tea and pink grapefruit seems improbable.  I’d cheat, I know. So, if green tea is a blood thinner,  I’ll look at this as an opportunity to thin my blood the oriental way.   Life gets too serious when you’re on coumadin and I’m too young for that.

To let you know before passing on to another topic, I highly recommend rehab care here…or any of the other care units.  I’ve had the opportunity to observe first hand, participate in them and given the opportunity, I’d choose the Palace over other places I’ve been or been with family members.  I’ve yet to find a bad apple among their staff members and I have paid close attention.  I can’t say enough good things about the staff here….they are exceptionally well-trained, dedicated and among the kindest human beings I’ve been around.  At one level or another, I’ll always be here and grateful for the opportunity.

Ally came to spend a couple of nights with me so I can master the shower routine without issues.  I’ve been through it with Ruth from therapy and passed with flying colors, so Ally is just a good excuse for me to have her around, as I very much want her to be.  We’ll play this weekend and then she can meander back to the farm with her puppies.

The Kansas Wesleyan singers performed here yesterday so I went to hear them perform in the Ivory Keys Cafe during a  Valentine’s Day gathering.  Sorry I missed the photo op as I would have liked to post their picture. I missed seeing the Ellsworth singers who were a part of their group for so long.  Maybe there were students from home, but I didn’t see anyone I recognized.  They still sing beautifully, as always.  Ken is masterful with those kids and their love song renditions were beautiful.  I wondered what they were thinking as they sang and gazed at the sea of us elderly but most appreciative listeners.  About three more songs would have been nice as their program was so enjoyable.

Doris Wyatt celebrated her 104th birthday and all the residents gathered to wish her well and have some of her Lady Baltimore cake.  It’s like her biological clock started running in reverse as she seems to get younger and more spry with time.  She’s an amazing person and an inspiration to everyone who lives here.

Typing is still a chore…I labor with my fingers going the right places.  Practice will help…

Thanks for tuning in …

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