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Today I’ve been footloose and fancy free for most of the day. I took a shower in my very own shower this morning with very little help and it went well.  Since that time, I’ve walked to the Ivory Keys Cafe (walker aided) to join my friends for lunch and following that enjoyed enormously a frozen margarita at La Casita with Ally as she had lunch.  My friend Ivy joined us for the outing but I couldn’t persuade her to imbibe with me.

I’ve been on the move all day.  Now I have about an hour until someone comes from rehab to get me back on their schedule.  I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight.  If they forget to come get me, that’s okay.  I think I can manage here quite well.

It’s a beautiful, sunny  day, with very little wind and after a  generous rain last night, the air feels feels fresh and clean.  It was nice sitting outside by the front door to soak up the rays.  It’s one of my favorite spots.  Soon I’ll check out the deck off the dining room as it will be a nice place to sit and relax too.  I’m looking forward to the day when my stamina is such that I can walk around the pond.  My reading has gone by the wayside in recent weeks so I’m anxious to rev up my kindle again.

Things have improved enormously since the doctor put me back on steroids yesterday for a short term.  If it goes like it did last time I had a bout with Lupus, or whatever I have, as in Multiple Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder Syndrome, my hair got curly, which isn’t all bad and my face got bulbous….which is. I guess we can’t pick and choose side effects.  Now I have the energy to lift my arms and walk.  Not having the strength to lift a glass of water in order to drink is not a good thing. So the heart surgery went well, but we almost blew it on the recovery because of my inability to even move.  I’m glad I could convince them that other factors came into play.  I wish someone could figure out what kind of autoimmune disease I have and do something about it.

I’ll try to come back to my apartment tomorrow and start sorting through my mail.  You’ve all been very kind to send get-well greetings and messages that cheered me out of the doldrums. My typing still isn’t in synch with my brain but it’s getting better by the minute.  I just need a lot more practice.

Thanks for tuning in…

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