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I’m super-sleuthing  trying to avoid anyone who appears to be sheltering a cold or harboring flu germs.  My friend, Ivy, is feeling better today and had food delivered from the kitchen to her apartment.  She’s on the mend. I really don’t want to come down with anything for the next couple of weeks.  I haven’t had the flu since the late 50s, so I shouldn’t be all that concerned.

I’m pumping fluids in anticipation of having “lots of lines” being plugged into me.  It’s hard to find my veins under the best of circumstances, like when I’m pumped up like a water balloon.

I had dinner today with Doris, Hazel and Joy.  I much prefer tables of four where you can carry on a decent conversation with everyone at the table.  Most tables seat six and at those tables it’s difficult carrying on a conversation as the tables are wide and many of the residents having hearing problems.  At least you have a chance of exchanging pleasantries when you are seated at a four top.  Don and Barb Smischny live in a townhouse so they don’t often eat in the dining room but they had dinner with us today. It’s always nice to see them.  They come to this complex regularly to play bridge.

I’m gathering up the things I need to take to Wichita.  I’ll pack tomorrow and be ready when Todd arrives at 7:45 am on Tuesday.  Let the fun begin!

It’s time for the KU - Temple game. Downton Abbey is tonight.

Thanks for tuning in…

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