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Residents and friends gathered in the lounge this evening to watch the K-State vs Oregon game.  Some that were in attendance were: Romaine and Elsie Swanson, Carolyn Lagerberg, Maybelle Mase, Dorothy Carmichael, Joy Mansfield, Ivy Marsh, Hazel Beggs, Ivis Meitler, Maxine Hammerli, Marilyn Obermeyer and Marcella Martin.  I sat with Ivis, Ivy, and Joy. Karen’s daughter and family were also here for awhile.  I know I haven’t included everyone.  It was a nice evening and those who attended enjoyed the gathering, but were disappointed in the outcome of the game.


Dorothy Carmichael was our cheerleader.


From left:  Maxine Hammerli, Dorothy Carmichael, Mabelle Mase, Karen Larsen and seated to the right is Carolyn Lagerberg.


Karen Larsen, the Palace activities director, had a selection of Tostitos, Cheetos, drinks, dips and Russell Stover chocolates. I found a couple of caramels irresistible.

Maybe we can have similar gatherings for KU and K-State basketball games if people are interested.  We can bring our own snacks and drinks as far as I’m concerned so no one is inconvenienced.

The Ducks won 35-17.

Thanks for tuning in…

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