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They’ve organized a Fiesta Bowl for the Palace this evening at 6:30 in the lounge with snacks before the K-State and Oregon game.  I’ll be there to cheer on the Wild Cats.  It just seems like a good idea to have gatherings like this for residents before KU and K-State games so they have the opportunity to mingle and lend team support with friends.  It will be one more activity within a broad spectrum of activities to choose from. There are no shortages of things to do here that gather residents together, the main one being the noon meal.  For some, that’s about as far as they venture from their apartments so tonight will provide another attraction to draw some of them to the lounge.

I haven’t “joined” any groups at the Palace since I don’t play cards of any kind, games of any kind or exercise as those are the three main activity groups; however, Margie Wilson invited me to try the weekly trivia game that is held each Friday at 3:00 in the lower level. She enjoys it so I’m sure I will too.  It’s not hard for me to display my ignorance of trivia.  I hope to be on the team with Margie and Pete and Audrey Peterson.  They are fun to be with no matter the outcome of the game.

Slowly, I’m figuring out what to do about meals…eating…and what works for me.  One meal a day comes with the “plan” and most people choose the noon meal as it offers the widest variety of choices.  There are issues with concentrating on it as I have since I’ve been here.  I’m not hungry when I get up so mainly I have half a banana or half a granola bar with hot tea as lunch comes around at 11:15.   Then I eat too much at noon and oftentimes it just isn’t all that good for me.  Then, having done that, I’m not hungry in the evening and settle on the other half of the banana, or another piece of fruit and a handful of nuts.  So, since Ally provides me with good soups that are far better for me, I’m going to save up for that late in the afternoon.  I need to eat less and more often. Like my friend, Summer, said…when you only eat one meal a day, your body thinks you’re trying to starve it and it stores up all the fat from the meal you do eat, and you gain weight.

Today was a good example.  Instead of fixing a full salad, I had some cottage cheese and fruit.   They had ham and beans as an option for lunch.  It was okay, but not like “mine” that is cooked in stock and has onions, celery, garlic and pepper.  It came with cornbread and I only had a bite of it. I had a side of steamed broccoli that was good and a glass of tomato juice.  Rather than have dessert, I got a banana.  That was a good lunch, in my opinion.  Not too much.  I’ll have a bowl of Ally’s potato soup tonight before I head down to watch the game…and probably I’ll avoid the snacks, especially if they are fried.  It just takes some time to figure things out.  I know they can’t please everyone as they cook for so many.

I have the humidity up to 55% now in my apartment.  It is much more comfortable.

When something breaks or doesn’t work in my apartment, I just call the office and they schedule a repair person to come fix it.  I called yesterday on two things and they are both repaired.  That is so very nice.

Thanks for tuning in…

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