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I learned from my lunch mate, Mary, that if you want hot soup you order it in a cup as it comes much hotter than if in a bowl.  I can only speculate that the waiters can carry hot soup by the cup handle whereas hot soup in a bowl would be too hot to manage.   They don’t use trays. I guess they always have tomato and chicken noodle soup available, if you want it. That’s nice to know.

I had lunch today with Gib Wenger, Jason and Nellie Zook, Mary Hamilton and my floor mate Ruby McBee.  They’re all new friends so after a week I at least know these five people by their names.  It has been made clear to everyone that there aren’t any assigned seats in the dining room and we can sit wherever we want.  Despite the freedom to sit anywhere, some people routinely sit in the same chair if it’s available and are as possessive about it as is Sheldon Lee Cooper.  My friend, Ivy, makes it a point to sit at a different table each day in order to meet people.  I move around by trying to spot a table where most of the faces are unfamiliar.  Or I find a table full of men and sit with them.

There are nine people on the 4th floor where I live. My across-the-hall-neighbor, Dale Peck, is the only man and a wonderful gentleman to know. The presence of women living here far outweigh that of men, as one would imagine.

I’ve learned that the three emergency call buttons in my apartment are very sensitive.  I’ve had two nurses burst in my apartment thinking I might be prostrate on the floor when, unbeknownst to me, I inadvertently touched a call button. I’m not sure how it happened so I give them a wide berth when passing by. The nurses certainly respond promptly.  If something does happen and you can’t get to a button, they’ll find you missing during the next meal where you are scheduled to appear as they take inventory of those present.

Claudia and Mark came by this morning to visit and leave me the pan full of very good things from Claudia’s kitchen…assorted cookies and individual nut breads, two kinds party mix, candy….lots of very yummy goodies.  It is a particularly welcomed gift since I’m rather short of snacks at the moment.


Summer Dawn Lennox, one of grandson Drew’s mountain-hiking friends with a very cool name, came by to see me so we could meet.  She relocated to McPherson from Longmont, which should be a culture shock, but with her it isn’t.  It brings to mind the saying, “Welcome to Kansas..the way life shouldn’t be.”  It’s hard for our young adults (and some of us older folk)  to understand the rigid religious and political beliefs many Kansans seem to harbor …fortunately, not by all.  She is a very bright, adaptable young lady and loves it here.  Her job at a pharmaceutical company in McPherson encompasses manufacturing oversight for two of the experimental MS drugs that her clinical trial patients took at the University of Colorado where she completed her Master’s degree. We had a delightful visit and I hope she returns often.  She is delightful to visit with.  I loved my afternoon with her.  She’s going to spend Christmas with us so that will be ever so nice.


Summer, Drew and Sarge at the top of one of the 14,000 footers they climbed together.

I’ve almost opted out of a TV for my bedroom.  I rarely turn on the TV since I moved here and wasn’t watching much at home before that. For many years I’ve fallen asleep during Jon Stewart’s or Letterman’s show, but since I moved here I haven’t watched all that much TV.  When I go to bed, I just fall off and sleep like a box of rocks.  There isn’t any noise to awaken me or maybe it’s the stress-free life I’m leading.  I might change my mind later on but right now I’m opting out of bedtime TV.

Thanks for tuning in…

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