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One of my friends said it would take a huge amount of schlepping and reinventing to make the transition from Ellsworth to Salina.  She is right, but in an unexpected way, I made most of the transition in my mind rather than actively schlepping through it.  I started with ACT II of the play, so to speak.  Everything is going according to plan with reinventing myself.

I don’t miss what I once had, I just notice the difference in a good way. I love where I am; I just need to adjust myself to it.

There are small things that don’t really matter that take a little more time than they once did.  Taking a daily shower, for instance, requires more time and a firm stance under the shower head to get the shampoo out of my hair.  Thank goodness I don’t have a full head of hair to rinse or I’d look like I washed my hair with Valvoline. I expected having a steady stream of hot water without intermittent blasts of icy water would be an issue, but it never happens. Water is endless and consistently the temperature I want even though it just comes out in a small stream to best conserve the limited supply we have.

I stumbled around the first day looking for my room/car keys, trying to decide on a permanent location so I could always find them.  I finally spied the breaker box right by the door where I could hang them on the latch by carbiners.  It works perfectly and I always notice them as I leave my apartment.  I don’t know where I’d go to find someone in the middle of the night to let me back into my apartment should I lock myself out.  I need to ask about that in case some unlikely night time activity emerges. Laundry comes to mind.

I sat with a lady at lunch yesterday who was just two weeks out from extensive open heart surgery. She was a source of encouragement and optimism.

Ally is going to bring me some of my paintings tomorrow.  They prefer we have Clide and Andy hang them as they do a good job and don’t mess up the walls as much as the inexperienced. That will add the finishing touches on my new home.

It’s a gorgeous day today.  The six foot wide sliding glass window in each of my three rooms facing the front of the building are embracing the sunlight and showering my rooms with brightness.  I love the exposure and being situated up four floors to enjoy the view. If you look right above the front entry to the fourth floor, that’s where I am.  Stop by for a visit, sit on my park bench and prop up your feet.  I have an endless supply of teas, hot chocolate and cold beer. I could bring everything, including memories,  with me except family and friends so I hope you stop by whenever you’re in Salina and have some time to share.

Congratulations to the K-State Wildcats for a fantastic season.

Thanks for tuning in…

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