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Gradually I’m meeting my neighbors and learning a little about them.  A couple from Abilene, a man from Sylvan Grove, a couple of ladies who used to work together in Syracuse…and many with their roots embedded in Salina.  Since I’m the new one on the block, they’ve figured out who I am. I’ll be glad when I’m in their position.  Since their isn’t much wrong with my hearing, it’s easy for me to overhear their conversations…”she’s the one from Ellsworth”…”she’s the friend of Ivy’s”…”oh, that’s Peg”………WHO???

My new friend Mikki, who’s in her mid-90s and lives at the end of the hall, was lamenting during lunch the fact she was making soup today and lacked the necessary ingredient of barley.  Aha!, I said.  I bet I have just what you need.  It turns out she and I are the only ones on the 4th floor who cook.  She returned the unused barley and looked around a bit at my digs.  I understand she walks 5 miles a day on her treadmill….and never stops moving.  She no longer drives and her daughter takes her to the grocery store and beauty parlor on Fridays.  I’m sure we’ll do lots of sharing. Her son is a local doctor.

Dale and his friend stopped by to see my apartment.  Dale lives across the hall from me and is from Sylvan Grove. With all the strange stuff I have in my apartment, including a park bench, the thing they seemed to notice and comment on was my carpeting.  They thought it was new.  I think it only has been cleaned but I don’t know who lived here before me or what the condition of their carpet might be.  I’ll get it figured out eventually.

I visited yesterday with Ernie who worked with my dad for 26 years at the Lee Hardware Company. That’s hard for me to wrap my mind around as my dad died 53 years ago at age 69 and Ernie is probably in his 80s. I can’t get the numbers to compute.

One of my friends would rather be in her own home.  She’s here, to some extent, against her will, but not entirely.  She just loves her house and wants to be in it.  She’s very, very bright and what bothers her most is to sit by someone during meals who, she says,  ask “dumb questions” like… “…do you think I’d like this?”….”have I ever had this before?”… and like one dinner mate today who asked, “have I ordered yet?”.   Meal service can be interesting, depending on who waits on you.  The waitress we had today forgot more than those who are entitled to forgetfulness. That’s okay.  It all works out and no one gets ruffled about it.

Todd and I had fun last night showing Karen my new apartment.  She and Drew were the only family members who had not yet seen where I live so she was glad to play catchup.  She likes it too. We went to Applebee’s for dinner and I felt better after a good meal of Tuscan chicken, or some such thing, made with a lean chicken breast, Portabella mushrooms, zucchini and onions.  It was skinny and good and I felt better after having a good meal.  This cough/sore throat business has worn me out.

We’ve misplaced the family Christmas stockings that were in a box in the loft closet. No one seems to have any recollection of what happened to them following the dissembling and disposing of the tree last year.

And, the missing box of family pictures lost during my move is still missing.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas around here.  Trees are up and decorated in the lobby, wreaths abound on apartment doors, and Salina is showing off its usual glittery display of outside holiday decorations. It’s all very festive.

And…….I love my computer speed.  I always said when I went to the nursing home I was taking my computer with racing stripes.  Well, this isn’t the same but I have lightning speed that is an entirely new experience.  I only have to think of dial up days to be eternally grateful for progress.

Stay tuned…

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