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Yesterday Claudia and I took some of the apartment goods to Salina Presbyterian Manor, aka “The Palace”,  that Todd packed in my car earlier this week.  There are some household items that are hard to pack and if you are going great distances with a move, you usually pitch them as they’re too expensive to box and it ends up costing more than they are worth.  Not so with short moves when you can move like a vagabond, toss stuff in a tub, tie it on the top of your car with the rocking chair, wrap clothes in a blanket…and off you go.

Ernie and Clyde  unloaded my car at the Palace and took all the “stuff” to my apartment.  They were super nice, accommodating maintenance men who soon will be my best friends and ever helpful in the future.  All I do is call the office, schedule a work order and they do their magic.  Meantime, Claudia and Meredith applied their skills and put stuff in what we collectively thought might be the best place.  I have a lifetime supply of Kleenex, paper towels and soap…enough to supply every able bodied person in east Salina.

I met Fern, one of my neighbors, in the laundry room.  She said, “Welcome to the Manor.  The 4th floor is the best!”  Everyone seems to relay the same message of warmth, sincerity and friendliness.

My lifelong friend, Ivy Marsh, stopped by to meet Claudia and Meredith the “Crystal Queen”.

Now I’m at a standstill with my move.  My packer-helpers either are on vacation or busy with other Thanksgiving duties…like dressing turkeys for holiday platters.  Once I get their help again and the movers come in 12 days, I’ll be heading eastward to a new life.  I think the transition will be smooth, but I’m going to feel the strangeness of it. Misplaced.  I’ve never really lived alone in the strict sense of the definition…as alone somewhere in a city and not having any family nearby.  My family has always been at arm’s length, coming and going, in a house that was also theirs.

My apartment  with square rooms and an elevator will take some adjustment, but not for long.  It’s a change I’m welcoming with eager anticipation. I like living alone…as I enjoy my solitude, books, music and computer…as long as my family and friends stop by and call often. Remember that my email address is britton.peg at gmail dot com.

Meantime, a loud deafening whine fills my surrounds.  City Plumbing is pumping my septic tank, a requirement before I can sell my house.  I don’t know if, when or to whom that will be, but this part is out of the way.

A good friend is stopping by tonight for a visit and dinner.  We’ll let someone else do the cooking so we can concentrate on conversation.  She’s a major player in Ally’s Turkey and Dressing Party tomorrow.  That’s a good friend.

I’ll be listening to Ally’s interview this afternoon at 3:00 on KMUZ 88.5 FM.  Since her cell phone seldom works because her house is in a hole and made of tin, she’s coming here to use my land line for her interview.

We’re having another beautiful day…a good day to be out and about.

Thanks for tuning in…

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