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This picture of my grandson, Tyler Britton,  and me was taken by Kim Fair, Marketing Director at Presbyterian Manor in Salina October 17th after I signed up to live there….forever.

I’m back to apartment living as I was in 1950 after graduating from KU and beginning a job with Edward Tanner Architects in Kansas City. This apartment at the Palace is different in that it will soon feel like home as it fits my needs perfectly which was not the case while living in the Ambassador Hotel apartment.  I’m looking forward to living in Salina, visiting with old friends and making new ones, but my heart will always be in Ellsworth.

My grandson, SSGT Tyler Britton, surprised me last Saturday night when he arrived after a full day’s drive from Cincinnati. In typical fashion, he didn’t alert us he was coming. He took a week’s leave to come home and help me move and that’s a monumental sacrifice for a serviceman with precious little vacation time.  What a help he has been.  I appreciate every minute of his presence.  After a week of his help, I can see that I will be able to rid myself of a lifetime of possessions and place them in other hands.  I feel really good about it since most of the family treasures are in the hands of family members.  Some things just had to be disposed of.

The plans that Tyler and I have for moving are starting to materialize.  Everything in the garage was disposed of.  A huge pick up load that was really dump material went to the county.  Another load went to Mosaic…which, by the way, has been a lifesaver.   They will have many more things go their way that they can use and sell.  Our books went to Ad Astra in Salina and the Ellsworth Correctional Facility.  Furniture has found its way into the homes of family and friends.  Today more things are going to be sorted and boxed for new locations…. mostly Mosaic.

Ryon came with a friend and equipment and along with Tyler’s help, managed to get the million pound safe out of the house and the large, heavy TV in Ryon’s truck.  They carried the sofa and desk to the garage and got the dang heavy barbeque grill off the deck and into the garage. Those were huge items to leave the house.

Tomorrow Tyler and Todd are driving back to Cincinnati with Todd’s truck packed to the brim and Tyler’s car towed behind, also packed to the headliner.  They will stop in O’Fallon to see Mackenzie and Ty for a short visit to drop off her things then they’ll continue to Cincinnati.

I’m really going to miss Tyler and his help.  He’s done so many other things for me while he has been here.  I wanted him to see where I will be living and meet some of my friends so we did that.  We had lunch at the Palace with my best buds Ivy, Shirley, Ginny and Micki.  He also went to see the doctor with me and helped enormously in making some important decisions that needed careful thought.  And, he’s about to give Ringo a bath, then back to more packing.

The house will be quiet tomorrow after he leaves, but Sunday morning, Dawnae and Deneen are arriving to help.  When it comes to sorting, organizing and purging, they are in their element.  I’m so appreciative of everyone’s help.

Now back to the bubble and shrink wrap….how would we manage without it?

Last night Drew arrived from Boulder for an overnight on his way to Kansas City.  We took time off for dinner at Pretty Boy Floyd’s…which was excellent…and I saw the grandson I’ve worked to the bone completely devour a 24 oz. Porterhouse steak and every smidgin’ of everything else they put in front of him.  Drew was a close second.  The rest of us had the chicken fried chicken special which was delicious and friendly to the check.

Thanks for tuning in….lots more to come…

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