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After a few stabs at compiling the information required for someone else to prepare my taxes, I think I’ve got it.  That was something Brit always did, it took him days (or so it seemed), and he dreaded it.

Then I inherited the job for the 2008 tax year without any preparation for the job from Brit.  He always said that everything I would need was in the bottom right-hand drawer of his desk.  Yea, right!  Don’t do that to your spouse/partner.

It was a mess determining what I needed for our 2008 taxes and where Brit kept those records.  He did many things very well, but “filing” was not his greatest asset. He had always used Kennedy and Coe for tax preparation for reasons that were never clear to me.  Before he retired and our livelihood business and personal business dealings were more complex, that may have been a proper choice.  Even then I always maintained we were paying way too much for someone to prepare our taxes.  I didn’t actually know how “too much” that was until I inherited the job in 2008 and I quickly made changes after that first year.  It was a nightmare year.

Gathering information for my taxes for year 2009 was much easier.  I switched over to  John Sherman for my tax preparation and, in his nice calm manner, he told me exactly what I needed and where to find it.  The process turned out to be fairly simple. Greg and Patrick Hoffman compiled my taxes and I am pleased what they did and found their charges reasonable.  It was a good move.  They helped me get my head around it. I’ll continue to use their services.

Getting the records together for 2010 has been fairly simple for me now that I have a better understanding of what is required. I’m taking my neat little folder of information to them today.

2011 tax year should be a walk in the park as I’ve already started keeping pertinent records in a folder that says 2011 TAX STUFF. Paying taxes is a privilege:

Paying taxes is a privilege. Making enough money to help pay for the services we all enjoy and the wealthy use more of than the rest of us is a privilege. Paying for the support and care for our people in uniform is a privilege. Paying to help young people get a good education, which will most likely improve their lot and the lot of most Americans is a privilege. Paying to help people meet their basic needs and to sustain them if they are disabled is a privilege. Payroll taxes help support the elderly and disabled as well as providing them with medical care. Paying them is a privilege. Paying to see that food and drugs are safe is a privilege. It benefits all Americans. Well, those that can afford food and drugs.

The next time you hear another shill for the rich trying to make you think they are being punished by paying taxes, tell them it’s a privilege and you’d happily switch places with them and pay more.

Thanks for tuning in…

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  1. I minded paying taxes in California after a while. I could never figure out how all those people paying all that money, and the Calif gov’t was always crying for more. It really bothered me. The houses were expensive, so even with a much lower rate than we pay in Kansas, property taxes were high. We were paying close to 10% sales tax, and that was 16 years and more ago.

    Then we moved here. Our house cost so very little compared to there. But our property tax rate blew me away. But then I realized that living in Greenwood county meant a small tax base, yet we have good roads and other amenities of life. Suddenly I didn’t mind paying taxes so much.

    Taxes are one way of carrying our weight.

    Comment by Janet Fish — 3/1/2011 @ 8:38 am

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