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I saw this on my friend’s face book page and think it is one splendid idea  especially  to help avoid making bad food choices during the day.   They looks so pretty and inviting. Shake it up and enjoy.Utterly brilliant, people. Not only does SALAD IN A JAR save space in your fridge, it also reduces food waste and gets non-salad eaters (me) to mow down daily.
The arrangement from bottom to top:

Shredded carrots
Cherry tomatoes
Sunflower seeds
Hard boiled eggs
Baby spinach
1) Arrange ingredients in a large mason jar
2) Store in fridge for up to a week
3) When ready to eat: shake jar, place on a plate, and eat!

You can make any arrangement you want… you can add red onion, cucumbers, radishes or peppers. Always remember to put the dressing at the bottom and the lettuce at the top—a MUST.

****NOTE**** If your making a few salads at a time for the week, you MUST remember to vacuum seal the Mason Jars.

The fact you can prepare several salads in advance and vacuum seal them using a food saver so they stay fresh makes it even better.  Pull one out of the refrigerator and head off to work/school.  See this:    The only problematic part is the glass jar to tote around.  Maybe a plastic bag would work with a pouch of dressing on the side.


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•    Fireworks - June 29
•    Fort Harker Days - July 13
•    Cowtown Days - August 17
•    Welcome Home Picnic - September 29
•    Christmas Kick-off - December 2


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Yesterday the movers and shakers of Lucas,  (Connie, Von and Linda) visited the Palace, took a look around my apartment….(rode the elevator)….and brought me up to speed on that wonderful little town that I love so much.

We went to The Olive Garden for lunch, hashed over new events in the Lucas area and had a great visit.   Von showed me the photographs they are using for displays at the Sampler Festival.  They will be a wonderful representation of Lucas. Our visit ended too soon and I hope they return post-haste.

The long awaited opening of Olive Garden has come and gone and will continue without a lot of fanfare from me. I guess I wasn’t all that impressed with their weakly dressed iceberg lettuce salad and no bleu cheese to give it some flavor.

Recently, we had fresh, colorful baby French greens in a salad at Longhorns that I thought was much superior.  The soup options were rated a toss up, depending on your preferences.  Pasta options are way down on my list of menu options so I can’t see any reason to return to the Garden.

When Ally arrived yesterday, she said the paint was peeling off the walls of my apartment, and apparently part way down the hall.  I’ve been eating too much pickled garlic, it seems.  She had teary eyes from the toxic atmosphere and fanned the air around me.  I must have overdone it…..but I still have a half pint to go.

Ally helped me a lot yesterday…changed my sheets, toted stuff from the car to my apartment, etc.  As you can see, I was running short on the necessities of independent living…. Indian Pale Ale,  Negra Modelo, and a supply of light beer for spicy tomato beer.  That’s a cart full and one that requires some assistance.


I’d like to be a mouse in the Castel Gandolpho right now.  They are waist deep in mire.  They can’t even resolve the issue of contraceptives, let alone the sticky issues.

Thanks for tuning in….


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Traumatic brain injuries - burns and amputations signature injuries of war. It’s up to the Air Force medics to transport the injured from war zones to hospitals.

In the past decade the process has changed - because of training that only happens in Cincinnati. Local 12’s Deborah Dixon tells us how those lessons of war are helping at home.

Here’s the training scenario: The patient is conscious, eyes are blinking but he’s in shock. He has a head injury and amputations from an IED or improvised explosive device. The other patient is burned. Three military medics try to communicate over the noise of the Air Force transport engines, and work through the darkness of flying over a combat zone at night.

The high tech stressful simulation is part of the training at UC Medical Center’s C- Stars program. C-Stars stands for Center for the Sustainment of Trauma and Readiness Skills. There are three in the country. UC’s is the only one that trains Air Force trauma teams to fly the wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan to hospitals.

A critical care team monitors what the medics do. “We push them to level where they are are stressed. We want them to feel it in training.We want any mistakes made here on the ground.”

Grandson Tyler is one of the fifteen instructors who train the teams work in the trauma unit.  Its director, Air Force Colonel Dr. Jay Johannigman, has been deployed six times. “I have no question, care here is different than it was 10 years ago because of the hard lessons learned at war. To not bring those lessons slights those privileged to serve.”

Lessons of war were used to treat Cincinnati Police Sergeant Ron Schaeper in 2011 after his car was hit head-on on Columbia Parkway. He was driving to work. His broken body and damaged brain were treated like a soldier from the battlefield.

Miami University senior Zach Stevens believes he is alive because of them. Zach was driving from his parents in Indianapolis back to Miami three years ago when he was broadsided by a van in Liberty, Indiana. His car was pushed across the street into propane tanks. The local sheriff resuscitated him. Zach was airlifted to UC Medical Center with two broken hips, a shattered femur broken ribs and much more. “My diaphragm was ripped, had a ruptured kidney, lacerated stomach moved up here. This lung collapsed, the other one partially collapsed, bruising up here.”

Mark also had blood clots and got pneumonia while in a medically induced coma.  There was talk of gathering the family to say goodbye. But Dr. Johannigman and others in the trauma unit had seen this before. “What they told my parents, this is exactly what we see overseas.  Its an example of explosion with the organs, body bruised everything. They literally had to put me back together.”

“Every night in Cincinnati I have the privilege of telling moms and dads, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles their loved ones are alive because we did everything to make this trauma unit like overseas at war.”

UC’s trauma unit sees 3500 patients a year. Most have injuries like Zach, from falls or accidents. Zach says his brush with death helps him see life in a different way. He’s more grateful for each day, and for his family and friends. And he’s grateful the lessons of war came home.



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Gag order on doctors takes the cake
Feb. 18, 20136:02 a.m. Phillip Brownlee, Wichita Eagle Blog

Limited-government state lawmakers sure like to tell doctors what they can or can’t do and say, especially related to abortion. But the “Made in Kansas” pro-gun bill this session may take the cake. It would prevent physicians (other than psychiatrists) from asking patients if they have firearms in their homes. How is this the Legislature’s concern?


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Today I found the sign advertising the Sunrise Presby Chili Supper and figured I better buy some glasses or look into shock treatments.  It was NOT the sign I remembered.  No resemblance to the sign I thought I saw.  Then Hazel told me I was right on target and that the notice advertising the Baptist Chili Supper was posted by our mail boxes.  What a relief!


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There are some things I just can’t explain. Last evening I spread around a blanket of confusion and for lack of logical explanation, let’s blame it on “too much time on the ventilator.”

Earlier yesterday I read a posting in the lobby of the Palace that said something like…”Chili Feed, Baptist Church, $5.00 adults,$3.00 children”, etc.  I was sure that’s what I read.   I thought that chili sounded good but I wouldn’t be going since I didn’t know any Baptists who lived here.  There is a flotilla of Presbyterians, and a scattering of Catholics and Lutherans and et cetera….but Baptists, only maybe and I haven’t met one.  Subsequent events indicated I didn’t spend a lot of time reading the sign or filtering the information.

Later on, my friend Ginny called and asked if I was dressed.  She’s always calling and asking if I’m dressed and I always am as I tend never to run around otherwise; however, the trick is finding me dressed in something “presentable”.  Ginny has nice clothes and always looks like she’s ready for Sunday morning church.  She doesn’t mind  what I wear and has urged me to go to the Salina Community Theater with her “as is”, which is usually very inappropriate.  Anyway, this time I assured her I was dressed and ready for anything she had in mind.  “How about going to the chili feed with Mikki Sebree and me”, she asked?  “Sure”, I answered and agreed to meet them in the lobby in half an hour.

So off we go in her new Honda to the Baptist Church, so I think.  I’m still using my walker and she and Mikki are very helpful. She parked right in front of the church so I had easy access to the entry

The first person I see is my old Highland neighbor and friend, Presbyterian Jay Andersen.  That was nice.  Then Ginny introduces me to a lot of her friends who are working the event.  I wonder why she knows so many Baptists.  I’m looking around for my old Salina doctor whom I know is a Baptist and I hoped to see him.  I even inquired of one of the workers if she’d seen him as I was sure he’d be known to all.  She said I think he’s a Baptist and goes to yadayada Baptist Church.  Another Baptist Church I thought…  makes sense.  I’m sure she was confused by my question.

Then we sat at the same table with Barb and Don Smischny….and he, too, had been working the event by locating all the roasters for the chili, etc. .  How ecumenical of him.  I even said so.   Nice of them to help the Baptists like that.   He said he worked the event every year.   So the evening of conversation went with me making inane comments to anyone who passed by and that made no sense at all now that I reflect on them.

The chili was good.  Ginny got a container to go for tonight, but I was beyond more chili for awhile.  We bundled up and headed out the door, greeting more people on the way. Eloise Lynch…good to see her for a brief “hidy”.   I’m sure as I left the nice people I met thought to themselves…”that poor lady has more problems than just a walker…”

As we left the area, I saw a sign that said, “Sunrise Presbyterian Church” and asked Ginny and Mikki where it was.  There was polite silence…..then…..”…….that’s where we just were”.

I’m heading to the  Palace dumpster to dive for old signs from the lobby. …..

Thanks for tuning in…



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Dr. Bill provided the entertainment last night.  He has a very delightful voice, picks his selections with care and sings just the right amount of time.  Dorothy Carmichael is a very accomplished pianist and accompanied his selections.  It was a very nice evening…and on top of that, we had a good meal of steak, shrimp, really hot and good baked potatoes, good veggies, salad, rolls and cheese cake.  The champagne punch was way too sweet, as were the dessert and salad but most people seemed not to care. I’ve learned just to pass them by. The special events don’t cost any more…we just exchange our noon meal for the event.  It’s a good thing.


Former Ellsworthites, Don and Barbara Smischny, attend many of the functions in the main Palace building.  They live independently in a townhouse on the Palace grounds and enjoy many of the activities offered here….especially bridge and special events.They haven’t changed a bit…except maybe to look younger from being rid of a demanding job.


I sat at a table last night with Ginny Frederick, Joy Mansfield and a long time bestie, Margie Eberhart Wilson (above).  If there is humor to be found in something, the four of us will find it.


Joy Mansfield, a new good friend who was my mentor through my surgery and recuperation.    She had serious by-pass and valve replacement/aneurism surgery  prior to mine.  Without elaborating, I know for a fact that the two of us are the luckiest people in Salina to have picked the right surgeons for our operations. We came way too close to falling into the wrong hands and most likely would not have survived.  Lucky us, we say. The table decoration should have disappeared.


Hazel Beggs.  I’m waiting for her to offer me free range of her wardrobe.  She always looks so nice.

Ally is returning home today. She has helped me since Friday trying to figure out the safest way to shower and take care of other daily necessities. Today we’re going to try to rustle up a shepherd’s crook for my bed and a shower chair.  Those things will help me long into the future so I’ll try to add them to my apartment  .I’m almost walking alone and can manage independent living well.  It takes me longer to do things than before, but they will get done. I’m getting stronger each day and ready to move on.  Spring is here, or so it seems, and I’m ready to enjoy being out and about.

And, my misplaced phone charger, and kindle charger have surfaced.  I knew they would.  This is the safest place in the world to live…I’m convinced.  I never feel the need to lock my door…and I usually leave the front door open.  Nothing has ever disappeared…and my neighbors are welcome to come and go….and borrow something they want.  I’ve not always made good choices in my life, but I was right about deciding to move here….my last move. I love it here and have everything I need


And, since I have such cool grand kids, and this is such a good picture of my mountain man, I’ve included it to give some balance to the age issue of my postings.  Here’s grandson Drew doing what he loves most…looking down from mountain tops.  He’s pointing at the next challenge…that peak in the distance. Or, maybe he’s letting us know he climbed that one last summer.
Come see me when you can….and thanks for tuning in…



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Over the past several days I’ve been sporting about Salina in a new Prius 5…blizzard white metallic (my favorite color for cars as it has flecks of all colors and reflects colors beautifully)….and I just love it.  It not only wraps around me with a spacious fit but gets 40 mpg, is quiet, electric, great leg room, comfortable, easy to get in and out………..perfect for me in every way.  If I were 10 years younger and needed a new car, I’d be camped out in the Toyota dealership parking lot waiting for my car to arrive.  I’d have to learn how to use all the fancy gadgets it has on it…the keyless entry, secret fingerprint and all.  I just love that car and I’m not easily enthralled with equipment that to me, is just used to get from point A to point  B. On a cold day, the interior is warm and cozy within minutes of start up.   If you see one of these out cruisin’, that’s me in the front seat waving as I pass by.

Ally and I have a tradition of having breakfast together on Sunday morning.  Actually, for many years she and her dad went for Sunday breakfast while I stayed home and watched Sunday morning TV.  Then there were just the two of us, so she and I continued the tradition and went to KCs most Sundays for breakfast.

Then I moved so the pattern was disrupted again.  Yesterday we decided we’d go to the north IHOP this morning to visit with our friend, Jamal, and have nutty whole grain pancakes that are worth a trek over hot charcoal to have placed in front of you.  They met our expectations and I even have some leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

We had a good visit with Jamal and reminisced over the fantastic spread he and Ally had for my 75th birthday party in Ellsworth nearly 10 years ago.  That  was quite a party and I loved it.  We talked about the two of them making baklava for my 85th in June…but that’s a long way off .  Jamal and Ally together make the best Baklava.  It has a wonderful flavor of rose water without being sicky sweet.  It’s his family recipe from Lebanon and I’ve never had better.  Jamal is a great guy and it was good to touch base with him again this morning.


Here’s Jamal in my kitchen…I wonder who has my wine dippers?  My good friend, the Crystal Queen, wanted me to dump my priceless, antique hand-carved wine dippers for some $12 ugly prints from Duckwall’s that she had a fancy for.  Can you imagine?


My good friend, Lew McAtee, samples the fare.   Lorie Park of the then La Prairie created the floral arrangement.  As you can determine, she used every variety of weed found in our neck of the woods.   I miss her creativity and enthusiasm.  She contributed a lot to Ellsworth during the short period of time she was there.  I wonder where she is?  Ellsworth needs more retail establishments like hers to attract visitors.


Mackenzie came all the way from DC for my party and surprised the heck out of me. She was working there as a summer intern for NAST or whatever that National Standards group is called.  Her dad kept the secret well.  What a happy occasion that was.


Brit and I … having fun, as we usually always did.  That was a grand party and we both enjoyed it very much.

I don’t know who the next Pope will be, but I think the world would be a better place if they’d pick a liberal nun.

Tonight’s the Valentine Party at the Palace.  Good thing it’s past the real time for celebration as I don’t have a red party frock in my closet.  Come to think of it, I don’t have a standard short black cocktail dress either.  Or anything partyish.  I’ll go with one of my new shirts that my grandsons gave me and will be thrilled with the thought of their gifts. Ginny Frederick and I are going together.  Ally opted out.  These affairs, if they don’t involve Elvis impersonators, don’t take long.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Ally and I have been hanging out this weekend in order for her to help me get accustomed to doing a few more things on my own without any apprehension.  Well, less angst, that is. Once I can just take off and walk without my walker and conscious effort directed to it, things will be easier.  My legs, feet, and the brain part that makes them work without any conscious effort aren’t coordinated as they should be.  It’s coming around.  When I am in the hall and can take long strides and walk as I normally have in the past, things work well.  I don’t want to start shuffling around as many here are inclined to do, but I also don’t want to go flying headfirst on the floor.  Sometimes I just unconsciously start walking…and I guess that will translate into a permanent thing in time.

Todd and Karen came today to bring Valentine’s Day treats to me from them and the boys.  That was fun.  Karen brought me some new jeans that fit and two beautiful, crisp, wrinkle-free shirts from my grandsons.  I love my new wardrobe items and every one who has to endure the boredom of my apparel selections will too.  The four of us thought we’d get a quick lunch at Longhorns with onion soup particularly in mind.  As it turned out, we had the spring green/fruit salad/grilled chicken combo with the soup.  It was excellent and we all loved the combination of French greens, toasted pecans, strawberries and Mandarin oranges in the salad.  The dressing was light and delicious and I thought that would be easy for them to fix here.  You get a truck load of greens from Sam’s or Sysco for not so much and with a sprinkling of the other things, that would be very attractive as well as healthful and delicious.  But, the downside was that it took literally hours.  It wasn’t a big deal but it drug out for 2 hours and 15 minutes warranting the offer of a couple comp desserts, which were wonderful too.  We all had a good visit then headed back to the Palace so Todd and Karen could return to Ellsworth and Ally and could continue with out chores.

Something  I learned along the way:  those ugly, reptilian-like scales that are falling off my incision are really just big globs of super glue.  They are semi-translucent and really do look like they were shed by some prehistoric monster.  I had no idea until recently that they used super glue to close chest cavity incisions.

KU is playing Texas and that warrants my attention. I missed some of the games KU lost and need to get back with the program.

Life is good back in my little apartment and will only get better.  Ally will get her life back Monday when she’s going to help get my shepherd’s crook installed on my bed and locate a bath chair with arms.  My shower is hazardous to my health with insufficient and poorly placed grab bars so and I need to get this issue resolved before she leaves.

If you are out and about tomorrow….and you might be since it’s going to be a delightful day…please stop by my house and take a look around between 1 and 3.  Jessica Decker will be there to show you around.  You may not be at all interested in my house, but maybe you will talk with someone along the way who is.  People are moving in and out of the Ellsworth area all the time, so if you could pass information about my house to others, maybe it will reach just the right family who would like it.  Give it a warm pat and farewell for me.  Brit and I and our family had wonderful experiences in that home that have all become treasured memories. The next owners will too.  I’m certain of it.

Thanks for tuning in …



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If you ask me how long I was in Palace rehab and, I had no inkling of the dates when I arrived and left,  I would steadfastly maintain I’d been there three months.  It felt like three months in every bone in my body.  I was in a time warp created by anesthetic, surgery,lethargy and angst,totaling what felt like a time span of three months.  Not so, but it seemed real at the time.

Some of the early days were endless and difficult.  But the remains of the time machine were shed quickly as I wrapped my mind around the one month I was actually there and grasped those two imaginary months as an extra bonus of time on earth.

It feels good to be among my own belongings again, back in my apartment, close to my stash of tea and favorite snacks from my grandchildren.   I am particularly delighted to know I can continue to enjoy green tea and grapefruit as my cardiologist here decided against putting me on the rodenticide,”coumadin”.  Bless him for sure.  Given the option, I would have refused it as some of my friends have opted to do.  I’m more in the mainstream of finding healthier alternatives for my body, Tito’s being a minor exception.  Life without green tea and pink grapefruit seems improbable.  I’d cheat, I know. So, if green tea is a blood thinner,  I’ll look at this as an opportunity to thin my blood the oriental way.   Life gets too serious when you’re on coumadin and I’m too young for that.

To let you know before passing on to another topic, I highly recommend rehab care here…or any of the other care units.  I’ve had the opportunity to observe first hand, participate in them and given the opportunity, I’d choose the Palace over other places I’ve been or been with family members.  I’ve yet to find a bad apple among their staff members and I have paid close attention.  I can’t say enough good things about the staff here….they are exceptionally well-trained, dedicated and among the kindest human beings I’ve been around.  At one level or another, I’ll always be here and grateful for the opportunity.

Ally came to spend a couple of nights with me so I can master the shower routine without issues.  I’ve been through it with Ruth from therapy and passed with flying colors, so Ally is just a good excuse for me to have her around, as I very much want her to be.  We’ll play this weekend and then she can meander back to the farm with her puppies.

The Kansas Wesleyan singers performed here yesterday so I went to hear them perform in the Ivory Keys Cafe during a  Valentine’s Day gathering.  Sorry I missed the photo op as I would have liked to post their picture. I missed seeing the Ellsworth singers who were a part of their group for so long.  Maybe there were students from home, but I didn’t see anyone I recognized.  They still sing beautifully, as always.  Ken is masterful with those kids and their love song renditions were beautiful.  I wondered what they were thinking as they sang and gazed at the sea of us elderly but most appreciative listeners.  About three more songs would have been nice as their program was so enjoyable.

Doris Wyatt celebrated her 104th birthday and all the residents gathered to wish her well and have some of her Lady Baltimore cake.  It’s like her biological clock started running in reverse as she seems to get younger and more spry with time.  She’s an amazing person and an inspiration to everyone who lives here.

Typing is still a chore…I labor with my fingers going the right places.  Practice will help…

Thanks for tuning in …



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I just passed “inspection” to move back to my apartment on Friday after spending nearly a month in rehab.  When I reflect on the progress I’ve made, it seem more like months and months of rehab. I remember being petrified of what had happened to me when I was lying in ICU in Wichita and I couldn’t lift my legs on the bed or even move them at all.  I wasn’t much better trying to lift a fork to my mouth to eat.  Mostly I remember Todd cutting my  food in bird-size pieces and coaxing me to eat.  I just couldn’t. One can’t be very hopeful when faced with those circumstances; however, it has all turned out very well and I’ll soon be better than ever.

It’s a good thing I had presence of mind  to remember what Jerzy Slomka told me about my bout with Lupus and that if I had any kind of serious surgery, it would probably rear its ugly head again despite the preventative meds I was taking. He is heads and shoulders ahead of other doctors I’ve had.  If it weren’t for him, I’m not sure where I’d be right now. After my insistence, I guess the doctors in Wichita reluctantly decided to give prednizone a try after transfusions failed to help.  Then once again, I had to insist on them again when the beast took over in rehab.  I’m still taking small amounts and will for awhile and then taper off them.  Meantime, I had the energy to do my physical therapy.  Without it, I was limp as a rag and not making any progress at all.

It has been suggested I get a shower chair with arms and back, which I’ll do, but other than that, there were only positive marks to my return to independent living.  My little bench I use sometimes is about shot anyway, so, over time, a more stable chair  will get lots of use.  Ally is coming to spend a few days and nights with me to make sure I am comfortable getting through my morning shower routine, dressed and off to the day’s events.  I expect it to go smoothly.What would I do without help from my children?  I’ll be elated when I can shed my walker and strike out on my own.

Today is Doris Wyatt’s 104th birthday.  She is one of my new friends, sharp as a tack and a wonderful person.  She remembers my brother very well and speaks of him often.  They’ll have something special for her today.

Now I’ll return to rehab and have lunch with the “girls”… Flora, Vona, Angie, Sandy,  etc.

Thanks for tuning in ….



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From Ally:  Wow, Ellsworth made the news for the most rain in Kansas last night with 1.64 inches. I had no idea we had that much rain. We haven’t had any measurable rain since Sept., so needless to say, we’ve been dry as a bone here. Look out east coast friends and stay safe!



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Many of our small towns are struggling to stay viable but with today’s economy we all want to spend as little as possible. Many of us go to the bigger towns to buy our everyday supplies because the bigger stores usually can buy in bulk and give us lower prices. But there is one thing that we all use daily that we could buy in town that would raise an amazing amount of money for our towns and that is toilet paper. If every family in the Ellsworth-Kanopolis Area bought their toilet paper in here instead of going to Great Bend or Salina or any other town imagine how much money would remain in the Ellsworth-Kanopolis area. Let’s keep our small towns growing by buying at least one small essential item from our small towns.


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Today I’ve been footloose and fancy free for most of the day. I took a shower in my very own shower this morning with very little help and it went well.  Since that time, I’ve walked to the Ivory Keys Cafe (walker aided) to join my friends for lunch and following that enjoyed enormously a frozen margarita at La Casita with Ally as she had lunch.  My friend Ivy joined us for the outing but I couldn’t persuade her to imbibe with me.

I’ve been on the move all day.  Now I have about an hour until someone comes from rehab to get me back on their schedule.  I have a feeling I will sleep well tonight.  If they forget to come get me, that’s okay.  I think I can manage here quite well.

It’s a beautiful, sunny  day, with very little wind and after a  generous rain last night, the air feels feels fresh and clean.  It was nice sitting outside by the front door to soak up the rays.  It’s one of my favorite spots.  Soon I’ll check out the deck off the dining room as it will be a nice place to sit and relax too.  I’m looking forward to the day when my stamina is such that I can walk around the pond.  My reading has gone by the wayside in recent weeks so I’m anxious to rev up my kindle again.

Things have improved enormously since the doctor put me back on steroids yesterday for a short term.  If it goes like it did last time I had a bout with Lupus, or whatever I have, as in Multiple Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder Syndrome, my hair got curly, which isn’t all bad and my face got bulbous….which is. I guess we can’t pick and choose side effects.  Now I have the energy to lift my arms and walk.  Not having the strength to lift a glass of water in order to drink is not a good thing. So the heart surgery went well, but we almost blew it on the recovery because of my inability to even move.  I’m glad I could convince them that other factors came into play.  I wish someone could figure out what kind of autoimmune disease I have and do something about it.

I’ll try to come back to my apartment tomorrow and start sorting through my mail.  You’ve all been very kind to send get-well greetings and messages that cheered me out of the doldrums. My typing still isn’t in synch with my brain but it’s getting better by the minute.  I just need a lot more practice.

Thanks for tuning in…



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I’m back in my apartment just for a couple of hours to renew my acquaintance with my computer and to thank all of you for your cards, calls and good wishes.  Slowly, ever so slowly, I’m making progress so that one of these days I can live independently again.  All I can say it that it has been a long, hard road to relearn all the things I once took  for granted. The bottom   line is that I had no idea that splitting open my chest would have anything to do with with my ability to walk, but I can assure you it did because it robbed me of what little strength I had and brought my lupus back to light.That has been a huge problem.

Rehab has gone very slowly, from my perspective but I am making headway.  I need a walker to get around, but hope to get rid of it eventually.

Todd and Karen brought me to my apartment this afternoon and I just love it.  It’s light, sunny and airy and very pleasant.  Once I figure out how to get in and out of bed alone, I should be able to move back up here.That doesn’t sound like a difficult thing, but it is.Karen cleaned my refrigerator so the green stuff is gone.  I can start over again one of these days.

Sorry this is so short with little information, but it is what it is .  I’ll do better next time.

Todd is filling out my med appointment forms, which has been most helpful…and getting me to appointments in Wichita and Salina. Our trips to Wichita with the various doctors have revealed that the valve surgery went well,  the pacemaker is functioning, I have blood thinners to welcome…and who knows what else. I just take it one day at a time.

Thanks again to all of you…I’m out of steam for now…Thanks for tuning in….


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