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Weird picture, I know…but it’s a beautiful blue moon…the second full moon of the month. I took it off our back deck with a camera that’s not designed for such things.  It’s gorgeous if you step outside and take a look. Every two or three years there is an extra full moon….which becomes a blue moon.


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The decades technically begin in years ending with ones, not zeroes. But it is so widely accepted that decades start in years ending in zero we’ll just have to go with it, right or not.   Everyone in our family is ready to move on out of this decade and hopes for a better one starting tomorrow or a year from tomorrow, whichever you prefer.

When I was young and someone mentioned “so and so” had a “bomb” in his underwear, the meaning was clear. It means something entirely different today in political circles.  The airwaves will be full of it on Monday.

The Dems are getting blamed for a security breach when one ought to stop and reflect on huge failings of the Bush Cheney administration and their congress.  Remember the security measures set up by them didn’t stop a single Nigerian.

People need to remember that two of the key leaders of Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula, the organization claiming credit for the attempt attack on Flight 253, are men who were released by VP Cheney in secret from Guantanamo Bay and sent back to Yemen.  Cheney is personally responsible for that.

The Gitmo detainees that were released by the Bush administration are now part of the al-Qaeda leadership in Yemen….a real hot bed of terrorism facing the U.S.

Cheney in particular forgets the long list of Bush-Cheney failures.  One was the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, who penetrated American airspace with ease.

Barack Obama has seen one man with a bomb in his underwear slip by security.

Bush and Cheney were responsible for 911.  In less than a year after ignoring warnings that Osama bin Laden was intent on flying planes into some of our key U.S. buildings, President Bush presided over our country’s largest terrorist attack. That action tore down our economy and gave what Bush  believed was credence to invade a country that did not attack us. The Bush Doctrine in play.  That led to over 3,000 Americans deaths and the deaths of more than 100,000 innocent people.

And, the dumbest quote of 2009 was by Dana Perino:  “We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush’s term.”

How quickly some forget.


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Ah…the mysteries of WordPress.  I just lost a posting. Ihave no idea where it went.  It was political.

The new street lights in downtown Ellsworth are very attractive and make a positive difference in the overall appearance of the area.   The street scape improvements have dramatically improved the attractiveness of our shopping area.  I’m sure passersby who are following highway 14 will be positively drawn to Ellsworth as they cruise through town at 20 mph.Champagne sales are down worldwide.  It’s not a great year for wine, spirits and champagne.  In a way, that’s a good thing.  Maybe tonight’s celebrations will be more restrained than in the past.

Some of my fondest memories of New Year’s Eve were those when Mackenzie was very young and would spend the night with us. She would sit straight up in bed and watch the New Year’s festivities all around the world as I slept beside her. Starting with New Zealand and Australia during the day, she’d keep track of things until midnight came in New York City.  She’d wait until the large ball in Times Square was about to descend then she would awaken me and we’d watch it together.  She had that down to a fine science.

They report the stock market has grown 20% during 2009 for those holding the right stocks and bonds.  The economy has shown growth but unemployment seems stagnant.  This decade is one where we spent beyond our means and it has had disastrous consequences that will cost us dearly in years to come.

Tyler downloaded Skype for me and so far it’s been a lot of fun.  I sent letters to a few friends I hoped to contact and heard immediately from our good friend, and Dane’s Wichita internist, who is now living and practicing medicine in Anchorage.  Ann, a frequent caller from County Durham England, rang me.  Susan from Halifax called and her webcam was working perfectly so I had a wonderful opportunity to see her again. That conversation was a wonderful present. This is really a marvelous program and I hope it works with Tyler and other who may connect with me.

Five squirrels are taking over our bird feeders.  I try to scare them off with my brand new handy dandy bb gun, but so far, they aren’t taking notice.  They can go through a 50 pound bag of sunflowers seeds in a couple of days while many dozens of beautiful birds wiggle up to the feeders when the squirrels flee from me.  If someone likes squirrel and dumplings, I have the main ingredients for a meal.  I won’t even ask to be included for dinner.  Been there, done that.

I hope you have plans to see in the New Year…and have a joyous time with family and friends.

Thanks for tuning in…



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It’s Complicated is a cleverly devised movie and very funny.  It stars Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.   Jane (Streep) is the mother of three grown kids, owns a thriving Santa Barbara bakery/restaurant and has—after a decade of divorce—an amicable relationship with her ex-husband, attorney Jake (Baldwin).  Things get complicated when  Jane and Jake attend their son’s college graduation and find themselves thrown together at an innocent dinner that turns into an affair.  Jake is married to a very young, hippy type and Jane now becomes “the other woman”.  Their secret trysts continue unbeknownst to their three children.  Then Jane decides to put an addition on her home and the architect (Steve Martin) gets caught in the middle of the romance and it becomes a love triangle. Things get pretty complicated but it all works out in the end. It’s worth a trip to Salina to see it.

Tyler and I attended the movie and he enjoyed it too.

We met Todd and Karen later for dinner at Red Lobster.  There was a long wait, but it was obvious the problem was with the lack of servers as there were many empty tables as people waited in the lobby.

Tyler and I visited about the possibility of him writing blogs for me while he is deployed.  We’re going to work on that.  He can send me pictures and text and I’ll post them.  He’ll be transporting critically injured soldiers from the war zone to a hospital in a friendly country.  I’ll find his daily life experiences interesting and I think you will too.

My friend, Ann, in England and I connected on Skype yesterday after Tyler loaded the program on my machine.  I had the program on my old computer and it created all kinds of problems for me so I deleted it.  Tyler’s download seems to be working properly except for my webcam that isn’t functioning.   Tyler and I will be able to talk on Skype and I’ll be able to see him.  We’ll connect  when he gets settled in his new job in the sand box in a couple of weeks.  If you have Skype, and want to connect, let me know.

It’s 21 degrees now with a high today to reach 32.  We have a 30% chance of precipitation tomorrow, possibly some snow.  I’m still surrounded by snow.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Neiman Watchdog reports:
Columbia University economist Jeffrey D. Sachs, one of the foremost experts on extreme poverty in underdeveloped nations, says it is past time for the United States to end its war in Afghanistan, the world’s fifth poorest nation. In an interview with Nieman Watchdog in November, Sachs said the United States should reverse its priorities and fund major sustainable development programs, which would not only help reduce Afghanistan’s overwhelming poverty but would be a surer way to help achieve greater U.S. security.

The poverty in Afghanistan is almost beyond imagining. Thirty Afghans die from TB every day; life expectancy is 43 years; per capita income is $426; only 13% have access to sanitary drinking water; fewer than one in four are literate; access to electricity is among the lowest in the world. Conditions for women are brutal. If Obama plans to address these issues, he’s pretty much keeping it secret, points out world poverty expert Jeffrey Sachs. But without addressing them,  can stepped-up American military involvement succeed? Or is it bound to fail?

As Sachs wrote last May in The Guardian newspaper of London, U.S. foreign policy “has failed in recent years mainly because the U.S. has relied on military force to address problems that demand development assistance and diplomacy. Young men become fighters in places such as Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan because they lack gainful employment. Extreme ideologies influence people when they can’t feed their families, and when lack of access to family planning leads to an unwanted population explosion.”

This applies particularly to Afghanistan and the neighboring provinces of Pakistan, which “are impoverished regions, with vast unemployment, bulging youth populations, prolonged droughts, widespread hunger and pervasive economic deprivation. It is easy for the Taliban and al-Qaida to mobilize fighters under such conditions.” With improved economic conditions, a major recruiting tool for the Taliban and al-Qaida – as well as extremists’ threats to the United States – would be substantially weakened.
This is a must read, imo.  Obama’s Military Conundrum


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The first city in Latin America has legalized gay marriage.   The measure passed the capital’s local assembly 39-20.

In Mexico City, current definitions of marriage cite the union of a man and woman whereas the new definition will be “the free uniting of two people”.

Mexico City lawmakers have made changes that will allow homosexual couple more rights. The change will allow same-sex couples to adopt children, apply for bank loans together, inherit wealth, and be included in the insurance policies of their spouse.  These are rights that were previously denied under civil unions in the city and mark a giant step forward.

Seven countries allow gay marriages:  Canada, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium.  U.S. states that allow same sex marriage are Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire.



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Everyone in our family thinks he/she is the best fire builder, but I put my vote with Drew.  After he gets it carefully laid, it’s a one match deal.  He kept a fire roaring for us to enjoy during the holidays when it was so very cold outside.  It burned through the final card game last night after Ringo and I were tucked in.


Drew looks very handsome in his suit on the way to Christmas Eve services.


Tyler received notice Christmas Eve that he’d been promoted to “Senior Airman Below the Zone”. Military ranks are somewhat of a mystery to me, but I think this means he now has three stripes and because of his recent accomplishments and awards was advanced 6 months earlier than customary. He’s been in the Air Force for two and a half years.  It’s been a  very good choice and one he made when he was in high school.


Proud auntie, Ally, Tyler and proud mom, Karen.


Drew, Todd and Ally played snooker while Tyler and I perused several books of old photos and documents  belonging to my father that he collected during WWI.  Mostly, they were taken during the time he was serving in France.

We once spent a lot of time around the snooker table as Brit taught family and friends the fine points of the game.  Lately, the basement remains rather deserted. Maybe it’s time to have another snooker tournament.


Ally and Tyler stir up a batch of biscuits and sausage gravy, hash browns, and juice for breakfast. Then, the request for Green Eggs and Ham was met on another day.  My family has a long history going back to my grandparents of eating scrambled eggs with dill pickles that is a family favorite. Of course, ham on the side and some of Linda Kohls’ famous cinnamon rolls round out the meal.  We’re a family of cooks…pretty darn good ones, I think.


Todd hovers near the kitchen…surrounded by family.  He couldn’t be happier.


Karen receiving something “she’s always wanted”.


Moi with my gifts from the three grandsons…an Air Force sweat shirt, a bottle of Gray Goose and the first season of Bones.  They know me well.  Along with other wonderful things, I finally got a BB gun for Christmas.  I have never forgotten the year when I was about eight that the only thing I wanted was a BB gun.  I didn’t get it and have never forgotten it.  Kids ought to get what they want, if possible…is what I learned from that.  I really don’t remember clearly any Christmases from my childhood except that one.  This year Ally gave me a dandy Daisy….as my old one is worn out and past repair, according to my friend, Les Shively,  who spent hours trying to fix it.  Anyway…the kids said I’d probably shoot my eye out!


Ringo had a wonderful Christmas.  He’s already hidden his toys so no other dog visitor, aka Maggie,  can play with them.  And he has new snacks that of course he just loves.

We had a wonderful Christmas and thought often about those who weren’t with us.  We even reflected a bit on who would be around next year.  We never know so it’s a good thing to love and enjoy every minute you can with family and hope for the very best.



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It’s beginning to snow, just a little bit, and the wind is blowing like fury.  It’s 21 degrees with a wind chill of 3 degrees and wind gusts of 38 mph.  It’s not the best of days, but at least there isn’t a lot of precipitation…yet.  Our yard is still covered with ice crusted snow.

Grandson’s Drew and Tyler are home, that is, in Ellsworth.  They came to my house this morning for a special serving of Ally’s biscuits and sausage gravy and hash browns.  It was great having them here again.  They always show for their favorite food.

Drew, the best fire builder in the family, gave the living room fireplace a reason for being.  That took the chill off the room very quickly.

The family is converging later this afternoon for veggie soup before they head for church.  I’ll keep the home fires burning. Tyler mentioned something about kicking open my single malt for a little toast tonight.  We can celebrate his promotion he learned about only today.  In fact, we have lots of reasons to celebrate.

I hope you are having a wonderful time during these special days…



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I don’t know how Ally does it, but here is another of her perfectly glazed hams.  I think she uses apricots, oranges, brown sugar etc., but I never know for sure. Each time it is different and always delicious.  I do know what’s for dinner. Todd, Karen and Tyler will also be here.


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Dane, Todd and Allyson….way back when…


This was a joyous Christmas, but a very lean one.  The striped lounge you see in the background was our “indoor” winter and “outdoor” summer  furniture.

All three children were in cloth diapers…at the same time.  I was very busy.


It appears Ally is not too happy about something Todd has that she wants. My favorite times were of holding them when they were young, reading and talking to them.  I loved those times and I spend an inordinate amount of time now thinking about those days.  I guess that follows burying a child, when you’re not supposed to have to do that.  You can’t help but want those days back.

These pictures reinforce all the memories of Christmas past. George Jelinek played the part of  Santa and came bearing gifts every year.  For Christmas, our kids were lovingly surrounded by all four grandparents, a great-grandmother, great uncle, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins.


When Dane and Todd were in high school they helped George continue with his Santa delivery chores Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and with the annual Chamber children’s party.  George was very happy for the help.  In later years, when George was no longer able to do it, Dane took over George’s Santa chores and made the Christmas rounds himself, with Todd as his helper, and the rest of us doing what we could to help.


Brit is helping Santa bring presents to Dane, Stephie, Todd and Ally. Little Brit wasn’t tall enough to get in the picture.


Brit Small, Ally, Stephanie Small, Dane and Todd.


Ally seems to think that weapon is hers.

Those were very busy times…and more than I could handle now.  This holiday season  we are surrounded by adults and conversation, good cheer and happy memories. We’re particularly grateful to have our youngest grandson home before he is deployed early next month. We’re not much into presents and gift giving but more into just being together and having fun.  The best of times are in store for us and we are most grateful to be surrounded by family who could be here.


My mother, Margaret Baker, with the “whirlwind” who is being quiet for the moment.

Thanks for tuning in….


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Youngest grandson left San Antonio after his certification test yesterday and landed  in Ellsworth about 4:00 this morning.  His dad  called this morning to tell me so “I wouldn’t worry”.  Actually, I wouldn’t have given it much thought until I knew he was on the road.  I’m especially happy he’s home.

Middle grandson is another matter.  He has to work until bank closing tonight at 7:00 before he can leave K.C. for Ellsworth.   The roads are bound to be bad, but it just goes with the territory to try to be with the ones you love over the holidays.  I hope he remembers all his boy scout survival gear, etc.  I’ll be glad when he has arrived safely.

It has been raining since about 3:00 a.m., in my neighborhood, and the temperature is freezing.   Today we’ll have “ice pellets” with 100% chance of precipitation followed by a couple days of snow.  It’s going to be pretty nasty weather for travelers although the traffic is moving as usual by my house, at the present time.   Ice is slowly collecting on tree branches so I suppose it will only get worse.

Some cooking will begin today.  We can make some things ahead of time that will be just fine refrigerated until Christmas.  It’s nice not to have to be pressured to get things done on the big day so we can relax with family and enjoy the day together.

Ally put together a batch of party mix yesterday, as she was hungry for it.  That was a gift Carol Larsen always made for friends for the holidays so we never made it.  Ally is going to make the potato/Philly cream/sour cream casserole today.  The wild rice and cranberry relish have been prepared.  The rest will unfold on Christmas day.

Todd and Karen labor over lovely, delicious hand-dipped candy every Christmas.  That’s their thing…cherry mashes, coconut balls, peanut clusters, caramels, etc.  Todd delivered a tray of them yesterday and they are exceptional.  I always look forward to them and try to not go overboard on them.

Thanks for tuning in…


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I had a call from a political candidate last night asking for my support.  I knew it was going to come eventually.  I really don’t like confrontations, but I also am not comfortable just letting things slide by.  There was a time when I might have been less blunt than I was with him…but that time has passed.  I have lived long enough to have the right to be a bit curmudgeony.

When he asked for my support…he wanted my vote and money…I told him I was very weary of candidates passing themselves off as Democrats by putting a D behind their name when in fact they voted like Republicans.

Tom Wiggans was a typical example of this and he gave many grassroots Democrats pause to take a stance against him. Wiggans had the support of a few in the Dem hierarchy, but that came only because Wiggans had money and could fund his own campaign. Once Wiggans understood he wasn’t going to get grassroots support from Democrats, he pulled out of his campaign before it began.

This individual who called last night is Catholic and is known to say, “I vote as you would expect a good Catholic to vote”.   Well, I know he’s not a John or Ted Kennedy Catholic/Democrat or he would get my vote. A woman’s right to choose is fundamental to equality between the sexes and he doesn’t support that. No one or no government agency should interfere with reproductive rights.  He won’t support reproductive rights or marriage rights for gays.

I doubt if he would have voted yes on the current health care bills in Congress or the stimulus package. I also doubt he would vote to remove DADT.  The list is long.

I have no personal problem with him and his religious convictions as those are his rights, but he can’t represent me as those convictions do not fall along Democratic Party lines.  Given the options, I may still vote for him, but I can’t support him financially.   We agreed to continue the discussion at a later time.


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Do you ever get complaints from your children who question how long something has been in your refrigerator?  Do you have a daughter who spends time in your kitchen and makes subtle comments on how some items seem to have hung around a bit too long?  Do you tend to keep things until they turn green so you don’t feel you are wasting food when you throw it out?

Ally sent me a website that says how long certain foods and beverages can be kept and still be safe.   It also gives good ideas on how to store food safely. All you do is browse shelf life information by category and find what you want.  It’s a handy resource to browse for useful information on food safety.

Common sense is a good rule to follow.  So far as I know, no one has ever become ill from eating anything that I have in my refrigerator, or ever prepared for family and guests.   I will admit somethings do hang around longer than what is recommended by those who sell those items. I tend to believe pickled things, jams, jellies, condiments, etc. stored in the refrigerator have an extended life.

All those dates on packages make people throw stuff away while somethings are still good.  You know…the “Best if served by” advice, etc.  I’ve found that many items in grocery stores are dated way beyond the recommended sale date and should have been pitched and no longer displayed on shelves.  It pays to check dates.  It pays to inspect carefully packages of food products.

I go by what my mom taught me…”keep it hot, keep it cold or don’t keep it.  Refrigerate after opening. If it’s green and moldy around the edges, unless it’s your favorite cheese that is supposed to be green and moldy around the edges, pitch it.”

I am very aware that Ally knows a whole lot more about food safety than I do.  People who work in good commercial kitchens as she has  know about that.  She once worked for one of the wealthiest women in the U.S. as a personal chef, but this lady was off center.  She had Ally dump everything that was in her refrigerator every three days…even all the condiments.  That’s going too far the other way.

Unfortunately, Ally isn’t running all the kitchens in the world so people do get sick from the way some food is prepared and stored.  Now that commercial kitchens aren’t being inspected as they have in the past, it’s good to take a look at what goes on behind the counter.  And, it’s a good idea to check your own refrigerator from time to time.



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Youngest grandson is officially a certified respiratory therapist.  Congratulations, Tyler.  You’ve worked and studied hard to get to this level.


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Doug Brant, of Brant’s Meat Market in Lucas,  was almost to the point of handing out numbers today in his meat market…like the kind one gets in a city bakery.  Two men were ahead of us, and Doug couldn’t fill their order until he figured out what he had left to sell that wasn’t spoken for.  He sent the men to the highway cafe for coffee, then sent us the same way with instructions to return in 45 minutes so he could get a handle on things.

We followed the men to the cafe and had rolls and coffee while we waited our turn.  When we returned to the market, the men were  leaving with their arms stacked high with gifts boxes filled with bologna rings they had pre-ordered.  That’s the biggest selling  item this time of year.

We purchased bologna, beef jerky, breakfast sausage, jaternice,  ground beef, longhorn and cheddar cheeses.  He doesn’t make pepper sausage during December as there just isn’t time with all the bologna he makes.

Doug about sold out last Saturday and had to take inventory to see if he had anything left to sell today.  What a great business to have…but then he has excellent products that make it well worth the drive to Lucas to have some over the holidays.

I’m off for last minute errands downtown then to start a line at the health clinic to get my H1N1 shot.  At least I’m hopeful I’ll finally get one today.

The weather is supposed to start getting bad tomorrow with ice pellets, icy rain and snow to follow.  I still have a yard covered with snow from the last storm and I doubt much will melt today.

The grade school musical program is tonight at 7:00.  I hope to go as it’s so delightful to see those children perform.  They warm your heart…

Thanks for tuning in…



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I’d like to say I’m placing the final ornament on my Christmas tree, with Ally and Patti watching me work, but the truth of the matter is this:  This tree is in the gorgeous lobby of the Eisenhower Library in Abilene where Patti hosted her Wells Fargo party.  It was a dandy party and a lovely tree.


There is a wonderful Christmas city displayed in the front lobby at the Library.  It will be the delight of children visiting the Eisenhower Center during the holidays. The above photos were taken by Terri Walsh.

I toured Ellsworth this evening from one end to the other, missing nary a street, to see the Christmas displays.  Some of the lighting arrangements are very impressive and are tucked around corners and down dead ends that you don’t want to miss.  You should pile the kids and old folks in the car for an evening drive to soak up the holiday spirit.

Christmas is getting brighter here with each addition of feet under the dinner table.  The latest to get to spend some time here is our youngest grandson who’ll arrive Christmas Eve and be home for a week or so.  Middle grandson who lives in Kansas City will be here the minute he gets off work.  He won’t linger in the city.

My friend, Anne G, is home after a lengthy stay in hospitals for back surgery and therapy.  She’s mighty glad to be back in her own home.  It seems a lot of people are having back or hip surgery recently and that can’t be very pleasant.

Tuesday I hope to get an H1N1 flu shot.  I was told by my doctor to get one months ago, but I couldn’t qualify for one.   Now, they are open to everyone.  I have no immunity anymore because of the medications I take for Lupus so I need to avail myself of every vaccine known to man.   And, I try to stay away from anyone with a cold, flu, or anything contagious as I have no way to combat disease.  Heck of a deal but things could be much worse.  I feel well and that’s what matters most at the moment.

Do some of you remember John Reichman? The famous mandolin player?  He was here in concert with Susan Crowe and Linda Kidder a few years ago.  They made beautiful music in the PAC and our schools.  John is returning to this area…from Vancouver where he lives…to play in Skiatook OK on June 5th.   His bluegrass band is called “John Reichman and the Jaybirds”.  I’ll have more on it later, but if you know of anyone who would like to stage a wonderful concert, I can put you in touch with John.

Ringo has taken to wandering around again when I let him out to run.  He leaps through the snow like a deer and is beautiful to watch bounding here and there.  He just doesn’t return when I call him.  Even  “cookies” aren’t a draw anymore, but going for a ride is always a winner with him. When I ask him if he wants to go for a ride, he’s right at the car door, ready to go.  He’s wonderful in a car and stays put as long as someone is in the car with him. Once he has the car to himself, he jumps up to the front seat and takes over. He does love his rides.  The bad part is that he’d get into a car with anyone, friend or foe, just for the ride.

My friend Ryon, the chicken guy, spent most of the afternoon washing and packaging 944 eggs for marketing.  He even uses a scouring pad on them so they are shiny clean.  I figure his hands are so clean after all that he would be ready for serious surgery.  He also just added 1,000 baby chicks to his flock.  Being a chicken farmer is hard work.

I’ve been a news junkie for most of my life…national news of the serious variety.  I’ve no interest in celebrity news or made up news.   I’ve thrived on knowing what was going on locally, in Topeka, DC and around the world.  It was always hard for me to imagine that everyone wouldn’t want to learn as much as possible in order to be informed.

Well, I’m fed up with the news and would be hard pressed, the way things look now especially at the state level, to encourage people to go vote.  Now I know how many other people have felt for a long time.  Things are such a mess that you wonder how people can screw up so badly.

Thanks for tuning in….



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Haley, Maggie and Sam are waiting to see who gets the big bone by the tree.  They lead a good life on the ranchette.

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