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From the Celebrations Committee chairwoman, Tina Davis:

Two and a half inches of rain equals POSTPONEMENT!!

I want to thank ALL of Ellsworth and the surrounding areas for the interest they have shown in the events we had planned for this past weekend.  We truly appreciate the understanding you have given our committee for the “tough” decision we felt we needed to make.

It was early Friday evening when the Ellsworth Celebrations Committee realized that there was a problem.  As John Ziegler, fireworks coordinator, dried out his rain soaked, 30,000 pound semi truck loaded with an arsenal of fireworks, he realized there may be a problem with placing the trailer for Saturday evening’s event.  Committee members were called to the scene and were surprised to find John vacuuming water from the displays/launching tubes.  While the backdrop for the scene was beautiful, it was a field of UNCUT wheat and lots of standing water.  “Houston, we have a problem!”

Alternate locations were immediately being considered for the event.  These included the Golf Course, Kryzik Park and the Airport just to name a few.  Several local farmers, land owners and lease holders were also contacted, all of whom were willing to work with the committee in an effort to allow the event to go on as scheduled.  The committee was joined by Fire Chief Bob Kepka and Highway Patrolman Murray Marston, who physically walked various locations – all of which were either saturated or surrounded by uncut wheat fields.

Saturday morning at 6:45 a.m., several committee members and volunteers gathered near the Kwik Shop to prepare for the Cowtown parade.  As I opened the hatch to my Jeep to retrieve the metal stakes used for signage, a roar of thunder snapped me to attention.  I quickly joined the rest of the group at the Kwik shop where we found shelter from the lightening and  rain.

At that time, the committee received three separate weather reports — all indicating rain throughout the morning.  By 7:45 a.m., we received calls from several land owners and farmers who had again walked their property in hopes that a moisture free night would have helped our soggy situation, but the added moisture Saturday morning only hampered our efforts and that of the farmers who were still not able to cut.

By approximately 8:00 a.m. it was decision time – move forward with the parade or cancel?  The deciding factors for the parade seemed to be obvious – rain with the potential of lightning mixed with men, women and children walking on the street and people riding on floats or being pulled in a wagon – the elements just didn’t seem to ring true for safety.  Decision – safety now instead of sorry later.  In addition to the decision to cancel the parade, we realized the situation with trying to set off  the fireworks while there was uncut wheat still in the fields was a potential fire hazard for the farmer – a HUGE concern.  We simply could not and would not chance the possibility of a stray spark wiping out someone’s wheat crop.

Then we also faced the fact that the standing water at our parks and in the fields would make the situation just too muddy for event participants to access without making a mess of the land.  At this time the committee unanimously agreed that the risks far outweighed the “fall out” of  postponing the event.

Of course, in hindsight —–

For anyone who has been a volunteer to an event of this size, you can understand and appreciate the hundreds of volunteer hours it takes to coordinate such an undertaking.   Postponing an event of this scale only creates more work for the handful of individuals who step forward and volunteer.  In a nutshell, the decision to postpone the event was not made without thoughtful consideration by all of those involved.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to several individuals who stepped forward and spent most of Friday night trying to search out alternate locations and/or offered options for the event; Murray Marston, Bob Kepka, John Ziegler, Georgina Bates, Dave Kempke, Exie Barber, Clarissa Cunningham, Jonathan Mitchell, Ken Arnhold and Ronnie Tenbrink.

To the dedicated few who helped coordinate the events of the weekend – Lou Boley, Dianne Hochman, Delbert Armbrust, Sandy Urbanek, Clarissa Cunningham, Jonathan Mitchell, Dave Smith, Amy Eck, Morgan Dobrinski and Joe Pruitt – with my sincerest appreciation and gratitude,  THANK YOU – THANK YOU — THANK YOU!!!!

WHAT NEXT???  Our contract with the fireworks vendor allowed for one back up date, which was Sunday, June 29, 2008.  This wouldn’t work as we felt the crops might still be in jeopardy.  Fortunately, we were extended an opportunity to reschedule to July 12, 2008,—-this coincides with Fort Harker Days.  Our committee made contact wih Mayor Cherie Sauers and Event Coordinator, Linnea Beebe regarding the potential of bringing the fireworks display to Kanopolis this year.  What was and is important to us, as a committee, is that we didn’t want to compete with Fort Harker Days —- yet we didn’t have much of a time frame with which to work.

Knowing our dilemma, Kanopolis graciously welcomed us with open arms and offered their support.  Meetings between the two committees will start this evening (Monday, June 30).  So at this point, it appears the Military Salute and Fireworks display will be held in Kanopolis on July 12, 2008.  Exact times and places will be noted after our meetings.

Again, on behalf of the Ellsworth Celebrations Committee, I thank all of you for your interest, understanding and support.

Tina Davis


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If his face looks familiar, it should as he laid the hickory floors and the bathroom tile. Jeff picked this tile out for me as he didn’t think I’d be happy with the type I selected.  I did have reservations about keeping it clean and how the bull nose would look.  He solved those issues by finding this tile. We like it.

We’re going to like the new look in the kitchen. Jeff does excellent work so I’m always happy having him around here doing good things. He’s just another of the good-looking men I’ve found to work around the house.


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From a reader:

I googled Edith Alden Johns and found your post of 4.23.08 about the “Crystal Queen”. My grandmother also learned painting from Edith Alden Johns and I have two pieces, one by Edith and one by my grandmother, Elsie Louise Hartronft, of Lyons. I’ve enclosed a composite picture of the one by Edith Alden Johns.

I was wondering if you could tell me any more about Edith. What I told you above is the only thing I know about her, and your post is the only resource that the web has divulged. Do you know if she lived in Lyons, Ellsworth, or elsewhere? Do you know any other stories about her?


PS, feel free to post this picture on your site if you feel so inclined.


The item above shows the intricate artwork of Edith Alden Johns. I don’t know much about her except “she” was a household name to my grandmother and all her friends who took painting lessons from her. There are many pieces of china about town with her name on it. I have several as well that developed from the same process, some with Edith’s name and others without. I presume my grandmother painted some of them. If any of you have information I can pass on to the reader, you might comment below or e-mail them to me.



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The wires hanging down from the TV that were obvious in all the pictures were annoying my granddaughter. Luke fixed that.


Jeff called tonight and said he could come tomorrow and lay the tile for my back splash. Yay! Mackenzie and Luke stripped the counter top of all the muffins, cookies, cupcakes and general accumulation from the weekend, etc. so that Jeff can start work at sun up. I thought I’d soak the room first with my new spray.


I’m really pleased with my new camera since I was 50 yards away when I shot this. He/she was wandering around in our yard posing for pictures. What a beauty.

Does anyone have some really good yellow squash recipes that don’t include a lot of cheese or heavy cream sauce?

Tomorrow I am going to be immersed in computer/electronic/camera technology. Crash courses are coming my way on how to operate my camera, transfer pictures to my computer (I almost have that one down pat), iPod uploads and downloads and…other assorted things from Mackenzie and Luke. It’s going to be like having Harvard professors explain stuff to a very slow kindergarten student.

Also, really cool Adam, the sky diver/base jumper, son of my second cousin, is a professional window washer and has been for years despite the young age of 26. He does very tall buildings, very big windows or even small ones in Denver. I need my windows washed so he’s going to plan to come to Ellsworth later this summer and spend a week doing window washing for anyone who wants it. He says he’s “good, reasonable and has a 32 foot ladder”. When we decide on a week, I’ll post it so you can call him to make an appointment, should you want to. He’d like a good excuse to come back and spend some time here.

I’m crashing. It has been a long happy weekend, but I need sleep.

Thanks for tuning in….


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Eddie is a miner, among other things, and has lived all over the world.  Today he was here on his two and a half week hiatus from Ghana.  He works three months mining gold then has a break from his work.  He’s back to visit family. We had a lot of catching up to do. Eddie and Dane became good friends at Boy Scout camp when they were teenagers. Eddie is family and a book unto himself.  Ghana is another adventure.  He’s in a very remote part of of the country where people are peace-loving and friendly. He’ll be back again in three months with more of his adventures.  We always look forward to that.


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By 11:28 this fine Sunday morning the hoopla was over. Each person took turns hugging 44 other people and headed out the door. We never did get a group picture of all of us although our intentions were good. This was the largest number of people we could get together and then only because Brit was sitting outside and the cook (Ally in the plaid shorts) took a break.

The two old people in the picture who reached 80 years were the cause of much celebration this weekend. The guy to the right of me is my cousin, Ted Jury, who turned 80 on July 12. Ted lives in San Francisco. Ted was born in Claflin and there was much todo 80 years ago about us almost having the same birth date. There are lots of old pictures of us as infants splashing around in the same tub of water getting scrubbed. We were never shy after that. After all, the scrubbers were four nurses and a doctor.

Ted’s son John is in the white shirt, Ted’s niece Annie is on the left with her son Adam’s arm wrapped around her. Adam’s g/f Gina is beside him. Krissy in the white top is John’s daughter. Our son Todd is in the red shirt.

I figured Ally churned out food for about 45 people at 5 meals each…225 plates plus lots of side dishes and desserts. She had good help from Karen and the cousins.


Ally and Annie are fixing the last breakfast. Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs with and without dill pickles (family tradition), ham, fried potatoes with onions, and a wide assortment of muffins, muffin tops, danish, rolls, and juice.


This is half the trash from the weekend. The other half went to Todd’s for early removal tomorrow. There is more. Ally accumulated a lot last night as well.


Let the birthday continue….



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I’ve not taken a head count, but everyone I expected appears to be here and accounted for.  We gathered here for breakfast after the parade was canceled…so here were are, all relaxed…the young ones are cousins, Ally, Andrea and Kay. That’s really coffee in those cups.


Handsome dudes and cousins, Drew, Nick and Brock.


Sisters Aimee and Emelie.

Some took advantage of Strella’s shoe sale, some went swimming and others of us went to Ally’s where she took them for rides on her tractor and Harley. Tonight we’re heading back to Ally’s for a little noisy activity.


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No rockets red glare. No anything this year. It has rained on our parade.

Tina Davis called early this morning saying all festivities from the parade through the fireworks have been canceled. No one has the heart to tell the guy who has staked out his spot for the parade in front of Lux Interiors.

The main problem is the mud in the rec area so that they can’t get emergency vehicles in should it be necessary. They can’t get the vendors in the area because of the mud. The celebrations committee searched most of the night trying to find an alternate site, but with all the wheat that hasn’t been cut, there weren’t safe places to fire the rockets.

Brit reluctantly agreed to be grand marshal when he learned all the rels would be willing to ride on a hay rack with him. Upon learning the parade had been canceled, his comment was….now what do we do with all the mints and candy we bought to toss during the parade? I donno. Feed the town. Friend Linda called and said she’d sit on her front porch if we all wanted to drive by, wave and throw candy in her yard.

So, they will try to reschedule the events, but that will be difficult with Ft. Harker Days and the Czech Festival consuming their regularly scheduled weekends.

Meantime, our family reunion is going forth and we’re having a spectacular time. We just don’t have any entertainment for our relatives. We do have an abundance of food, drink and conversation.

It is a little ironic. Every year when Dane and the bank crew were in charge of the fireworks, he would talk about how we might not be able to have the fireworks if it rained….and it never did to the point we had to cancel. This year will be a memorable one in many ways for our family.



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This is the first picture I’ve taken with my new camera.  Isn’t it a dandy?  It’s a picture of my fave granddaughter and her hubby….that would be Mackenzie and Luke.

My new camera is a Canon Power Shot SD8909S.  I’m ready to go once I figure out how to use it.


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The second wave arrived from Denver…my niece and her husband and three childen. You see the back of Greg from Denver. He’s the father of Nicholas, Demi and baby Benjamin, the tyke at the right by the front door.


The “cousins” who previously have had as their common denominator, this house, Ellsworth and me are discovering each other and how they relate. It’s a wonderful thing for them to see each other through new eyes and discovering each other. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand who someone is without actually meeting them. Andrea, the mother of Nicholas, Demi and Benji is tending the kids. Andrea is my brother Bruce’s daughter.


My cousin, Ted Jury at the right, is my age and lives in San Francisco. He grew up in Claflin and was the son of Dr. H.W. Jury who was the town doctor for 60 years. His father and my grandmother were brother and sister. One of his three sons, John, is at his right. Ted flew to Dallas and John, who has a fleet of planes, brought Ted to Ellsworth as a surprise. Ted really was surprised when he landed in Great Bend to learn it was not Great Bend Oklahoma. The people at the end of the table would be children of Ted’s deceased sister, Barbara Jury Drees. John’s wife, Cathy, is at the left. Bernadette “Boonie” Drees Rogers is behind her in pink.


This is my friend, Meredith, on the left, who comes to my rescue when I look bewildered. She brought a delicious broccoli-cauliflower salad and met my family. She also grew up in Claflin several years after mine had left the area. Here she is with Crissy, from Dallas, and Gina, the base jumper girl friend of Adam, from Denver. Gina is one adventuresome person. Adam, my “nephew”, along with being an exceptional base jumper, also writes beautiful poetry.

Ally and Tyler, the Air Force guy. Ally and Karen arranged all the food tonight and it was exceptional. Tyler is doing so well in the Air Force, scoring very high in his tech school tests in respiratory therapy. Recently, he sat in on very extensive surgery and “handled the innards”. It opened his eyes. He might decide to go to med school and become a doctor. Time will tell. We’ll see what happens during the next three years he has remaining in the Air Force. It’s so good to have him home.

Tomorrow the family is going to ride on the hay rack with Brit who is the grand marshal of the Cowtown Days parade. It’s the only way he would agree to do it. He’s really enjoying my relatives. I wish he had some ancestral relatives who were here too. Old age has its benefits too…and this is one of them. Having family nearby is as good as it gets. And, having our young grandchildren and our other youngsters meeting one another for the first time…or renewing old acquaintances…can’t be better than this.


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Adam and Gina are from Denver.  They are the base jumpers, of many years.  John on the right lives in Lawrence and makes sick people well.

Stan from Lawrence…relaxing and having fun at the party.


Bernadette aka Boonie from Lawrence.


Son Todd and Auntie Sybil from Denver.  Sybil is my brother’s widow and grandmother of Nicholas, Demi and Benji.


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The first non-resident family member arrived last night after battling canceled flights and high winds, hail and rain coming home from Wichita. Tyler is home. We’re trying to rout him out of bed to come help in the kitchen.

John et al are flying from Dallas to Great Bend instead of landing here. The weather is uncertain and he needs a hanger. He and some of the Denver group will converge in Claflin, their old home town, for a leisurely pass through before coming here this afternoon.

Ally is deviling eggs and making potato salad, etc. I finished the corn and black bean salad which is good enough to post sometime. Other things are in one production stage or another. Desserts are made. Paper plates and plastic eating tools will be standard for the weekend.

We need to start chilling the liquid refreshments.

I haven’t heard today from the Lawrence cousins. I hope they make it.


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From Patti, the turkey lady:
My friend Ryon explained how I could sex my 4 young turkeys.  It’s in the snood. That’s the thing that hangs off their noses. The males have a snood and the females do not. I was hoping for one Tom and three Helens for a perfect little polygomist turkey sect. Ideal for continued turkey production. Unfortunalty, If I am seeing things correctly - my maximum security brooding house is filled with Toms - not a Helen in sight.



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A.J. and Leo returned this morning and finished trimming the counter top, connecting the dishwasher to the cabinet and the exhaust fan to the range, caulking and adding wood trim. They did an excellent job and were such a delight to have around. I’m going to miss them.

We’re as ready as we can be for the family reunion. Ally and Karen are managing the food, but we ‘re wondering how many will be here tomorrow. We’ll count as they come through the front door but my guess is about 28 with 14 more on Saturday for a total of about 42. And, Eddie, the gold miner, is here from Ghana. He’s family, just not related. Add one more.We all like Ally’s chicken at the deli so we’re having that…chicken fingers, fried chicken and hot wings. We’re also getting mashed potatoes and gravy so a lot of that work will be done at the deli. I love catering. And the food will be good. Karen, Meredith and I have made salads…corn and black bean, Brookville-style Cole slaw, cauliflower and broccoli.

Saturday we’re having slivered smoked ham for sandwiches, baked beans, salads, etc. Food and drink are under control, I hope. We can always make a dent in the hamburgers and funnel cakes at the Star Spangled Spectacular fireworks display.

Brit’s good friend, Tommy Zouzas came by with daughter Morea this evening. Brit and Tom visited upstairs while Ally, Morea and I visited in the basement. It was a special visit for the guys whose age is catching up them in ways they don’t like to think about.

Other than our children and grandchildren, who are, relatively speaking, few in number, Brit has very little family, and I have a little more, but it’s not enormous. The ones we have contact with, for the most part, will be here. This will be a very special family gathering and we’re all looking forward to it. It all started long ago with Theodore Jury, his wife Mary Elizabeth Link and two of their four children, ancestors of those gathering here this weekend.

Thanks for tuning in…


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From Abbie Hodgson:

Pat Roberts went up on the air yesterday with a new political ad saying he will fight to make sure the Air Force gets it right on the Boeing tanker.

What Roberts doesn’t say in the ad, is that he has failed to fight for Boeing and the tanker contract- twice.

In 2005, Roberts was a member of two committees that allowed a “Buy American” provision to be removed from the 2006 Defense Authorization Bill. The provision was specifically written to prevent EADS from winning the Air Force tanker contract over Boeing.

Jim Slattery, candidate for the US Senate said, “Had Roberts done his job in 2005, Boeing would not be in this position today.”

Also of concern, is the fact that Roberts used taxpayer money to fly to Kansas from Washington, DC to film the advertisement. In the process, Roberts missed two key votes in the Senate.

“I’m disappointed that Senator Roberts would use taxpayer dollars to fly to Wichita to film a campaign ad,” Julie Merz, campaign manager, said. “Roberts campaign should reimburse Kansans for the cost.”


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Most Kansas “cities” have fewer than 1500 residents, all wanting a local market when they want it. Who’s minding the store and how can they hang on?

Read the full article by Marci Penner here.


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Yesterday, everyone came to my rescue. Things needed fixing and cleaning, putting away and moving from here to there. As my kitchen had been in the living room for over a week, adjustments had to be made to put it back in order so we could get back to our normal routines.

And, company is coming! That means preparations need to be made.

Nick Shivley was my floor runner, up and down the stairs, taking this to there and bringing that from down there or over there to me. Those little legs of his never tire and he’s a joy to have around. His mom, Deneen, has a special place in my heart as she has helped me so much over the past several months just to get through them. So, they were both here yesterday pitching in. Running the show as it were.

The back deck sliding door wouldn’t open, it locked itself shut. It’s the one I use to shove people out on the deck when the overflow is too much for inside. I’ll certainly need it this weekend. Delmar just happened to be passing by, stopped and fixed it. Or, at least explained the way you have to hold your tongue, cross your eyes and twist your body to make it work.

My ice maker in the refrig refused to cough out cubes after we reconnected it so I called Jeremy Milbradt, the master at small appliance repair, and he also happened to be in town on an installation so he stopped by and got it going. It didn’t take him long and he wouldn’t let me pay him for it. That was a super birthday present to get it fixed, so pleasantly. He’s the fastest repair person I ever knew. Larry Adamek, his mentor, always comments on it.

Randy was here all day either under my kitchen sink or coughing cotton and getting it out of our A/C compressors. The cotton has been miserable this year and it comes in the garage and house like snow during the worst of winter blizzards. Only it doesn’t “light”. It floats aimlessly around like the cotton seed that it is, looking for a place to rebirth. That’s not to mentions what it does to everyone with allergies. This would be a great place for a sneeze study test as everyone is doing it.

Meredith found bandannas for Ringo to wear in the parade and brought them by. She loves my new kitchen counter and wonders at how I did such a good job picking out the right product without her help. I just lost my mind, I guess. She’s our Martha Stewart of the neighborhood and offers free, unsolicited consultations. I love the way she arranged the doodads in my china cabinet.

Then, grandson Drew Britton, my favorite banker-intern was here mowing the pasture and yard. It took him two nights after work and eight hours to get it the way his grandpa wanted it, but it’s done for now. He used the leaf blower to blow the cotton seed whence it came.

Then, to top it all, Eva Wallert sent us some seafood chowder made with a variety of fresh seafood that she brought back from Alaska. Brit, Drew and I devoured that in a heartbeat. It was perfect.

Today A.J. is returning to do the last minute things on the counter. He has to fasten my dishwasher to the cabinet…and other such things.

I’m going to be busy today. Among other things, I need to put on my down coat and hood and go to Gene’s to get groceries. It’s that cold. Then I’ll make black bean and corn salad and Niki Svaty’s peanut butter, chocolate scooper cool things for the kids. That’s for starters. Everything else will fall into place for tomorrow without any help from me. Ally and Karen are doing most of the food, Bev is bringing baked beans and Meredith is making her famous cauliflower/broccoli salad for the masses. Todd is managing all the beverages, ice and moving stuff from here to there. Drew will pitch in too. Tyler is on his way!

Thanks for tuning in. Pictures to follow.



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Randy fixes all the stuff around here that blows air and runs water. He is a very good plumber fixer-person and has been at it for 20 some years despite the fact he’s only 41. Here he is at work putting in my new faucets and connecting all the stuff he disconnected a couple of weeks ago. This looks easy, but I wanted all new pipes under my sink so he encountered some problems. Now we have running water and a sink again. And a stove. But the ice maker isn’t working for some reason. Jeremy, the appliance wizard, is in town doing an installation so he’ll take a look at it later this afternoon.

A.J. will finish the rest of the counter top details tomorrow. Jeff will do the back splash one of these days. Then I’m putting up my feet on July 15th. Don’t make me budge.

The insurance adjuster was also climbing all over the house today. He said it would take grapefruit size hail balls to split the shakes on our house. Dents we can live with. Good. The roof is fine. As long as the roof is rock solid, the house underneath it will last forever. The sky lights are shot and the siding needs power washing, so we’re lined up for that. Some of the windows are on hold.

Now to get ready for the rels. We’re going to have a heck of a good weekend. I’ll post pictures as I have time. Meredith bought some bandannas for Ringo so he’ll look spiffy in the parade and be a distraction from the rest of us.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Who wants a hot air balloon….with all the trappings.

Call me at 785.472.3844.


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A.J. and Andrew are here with the counter top. I don’t know how much of it is finished and on their truck in our driveway, but at least they have the slabs where the sink and stove go. It’s Zodiaq and looks like this. Antique pearl. I’ll post some pictures here as the pieces arrive.

My birthday was HUGE and WONDERFUL. I loved the e-mails, cards, letters, calls, flowers, new blouses for my trip, a fantastic Jon Stewart book, pickled garlic, pickled mushrooms and fig preserves….all my faves. And, Karen’s dinner last night was absolutely wonderful…as always. I overdid it then slept like a box of rocks. I have German chocolate cake to share today…the real kind from scratch in three layers oozing with butter, cream, coconut and pecan icing that Karen baked for me. There is nothing better.

It’s count-down time for the big shindig this weekend. The rels start arriving Friday. They are coming from far and wide, some for the first time, some for the last. Many won’t make it until after the parade on Saturday. It’s going to be a great weekend and I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a celebratory continuum of my hippo birdy day.

The Top Shop in Salina is the only place in the state where they fabricate and install all counter top surfaces…laminate, solid surface and stone. There are some large shops in Wichita that do nothing but laminate, another does only solid surface and stone. In Sylvan Grove they only do granite. The Top Shop has been in business since ‘97 and they do it all. And, they are perfectionists.


A.J. is setting the frame for the sink. Andrew is watching. It’s his first day on this job and he’s really here because he’s a body builder. This is a muscle job.


Two pieces are in place, six to go.


A.J. glued the pieces together then used a suction devise (Gorilla vise) to pull the two pieces of Zodiaq together.


The counter top mammogram at work smashing the parts together.
Things are looking up!

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