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The Great American Cattle Drive is still in progress. The longhorns are bedded down south of the bridge and the cow camp is alive with activity. This is an enormously successful event. It is truly astounding.This has been one of the biggest crowd gatherer’s in Ellsworth history. The streets have been packed with greater numbers of people than I’ve ever seen in my 55 years of living here. And, it isn’t over yet.

Jeff Cooper’s website. Jeff is starting to add some of his photos of the Great American Cattle Drive to his website. Some of the earlier photos are posted. Check in periodically for new additions.

My living room is full of people right now. I’ll have to blog another time.

Stay tuned.



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Rod is 30 and Tyler is 18. Rod is celebrating his birthday in Kansas City and I’m not sure what all that will entail. Something exciting and fun, no doubt. Have a very happy 30th birthday, Rod.Tyler will be here for a family gathering for his 18th birthday. He requested his dad’s famous spaghetti for dinner and cheese cake with red raspberries for dessert. That’s what we’ll be having. Happy Birthday Tyler…a special birthday wish for your 18th. This will be his last birthday at home for several years if all goes as planned. He’ll be in uniform prior to his 19th birthday and probably stationed in San Antonio for basic training.

Drew just popped in to say he’s here for town and family festivities. He looks so good and is so happy with college life. Mackenzie and Luke are visiting Dane in Wilson. We’re all looking forward to having a great day tomorrow.

It’s time to fold. It has been a long day. Thanks for tuning in.


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Downtown Ellsworth today was the busiest that I can ever remember. Highway 156 traffic that has been diverted to Douglas Avenue has had an impact on the congestion. Jaywalkers found it hard to find an opening to cross the street. Tomorrow it will look like Branson MO.But, all that withstanding, the people who took up all the parking places on Douglas and all the side streets…and around the blocks…were here for the Great American Cattle Drive.

The Drive is one huge success. Everyone is getting into the swing of it and gearing up to see the cattle and riders tomorrow. Michael Martin Murphey, who’s on the trail with the cattle and other cowboys, told Jeff Cooper it was the best trail ride he’d ever been on. Now, that’s saying something.

The Salina Journal had a front page spread with pictures and a long article by Tim Unruh. It wouldn’t surprise me if we see coverage on national television. The Cattle Drive has generated a life of its own. It was the hope of the committee to break even and maybe make a little money to help with the project. This trail drive is a beginning to an end…and the trail is long. They are already talking of another bigger drive in a couple of years.

The Citizens State Bank and Trust had a corral set up around the teller cages, western decorations were inplace and there was entertainment to enjoy throughout the day. The ECF inmates performed their usual brand of gospel rock music right by the historic door to the bank’s walk-in safe. John Thaement and Dave Brownback added to the festivities with nimble fingers on guitars…and singing. Other performers were there as well. The bank served an endless supply of root beer and cow patty cookies to those who stopped by. The lobby was a great place to relax, listen to some good music and visit with friends. Among others I visited with Mike Novak and his wife whom I hadn’t seen in years. They are moving back here, for part of the time. He was working at SMU when Mackenzie was a student there so they had a good visit about those days.

The reception for Jeff Cooper at the Ellsworth Art Gallery was well attended. The local woodcarvers were in action and giving demonstrations. They served an assortment of cookies and cake, coffee and tea. It was a very successful event. Jeff had a display of some of his photos and some the best of Charles Rogers works were there for viewing.

There was traffic in and out of the businesses down town. The Cowboy Plaza was filled with vendor tents and shoppers. The Cow Camp was being assembled for a 6 p.m. opening, but had its share of visitors throughout the day as the elementary school students walked down Douglas to visit the camp. Greg Heller arranged years ago for the grade school children to experience the days of early Ellsworth by seeing how individuals lived during those days. It’s a great experience for the children and they love it.

Tomorrow starts with a cowboy breakfast at the Senior Citizens Center. Dane wants to be there for that as he rides the Center’s bus and Diana, the driver, has expressed her interest in seeing that it is a successful event. Todd is picking Dane up at 8:00 so that he can attend. The outhouse races are in front of the Center at 10:00 so he won’t have far to go to judge the event…along with Josh Svaty and Mayor Homolka. Dane will have a good day on the streets tomorrow. He enjoyed today very much.

One of the best things going this year is the Roehrman’s development of the Underground in the Antique Mall. They have done a remarkable job getting that ready for this event and everyone who has visited it is very enthusiastic about it. There is a room for gambling, the bar area, stage and entertainment area. Check out the bar that Mark constructed out of old floor joists from the ceiling of the INDY building. I think that’s the reason Tall Boy fell most of the way through the ceiling as he was helping Mark remove the joists.

And don’t forget to visit the Museum by the railroad tracks. It’s a must see with many new improvements and additions. The Historical Society has made remarkable progress in preserving our past at the Hodgden House Complex in Ellsworth and the Officer’s Quarters and Museum in Kanopolis.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day for Ellsworth. HUGE. You still have time to get here and enjoy all the activities about town. You won’t be disappointed.

And tomorrow, if you see any of the following individuals, give them a pat on the back for making all of this possible. They have worked their tails off for months…Mark and Josie Roehrman, Garnell and Don Hanson, Linda Denning, Phyllis Dolezal, Pat Svaty, Greg and Cee Heller, Virgil Huseman, Jonathan Mitchell, Dennis Katzenmeier, Doug Stefek and Ken Wasserman.



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The first reports are in: the cattle are moving, it’s a sight to behold, and everyone is caught up in the beauty and emotional experience of the ride. Michael Martin Murphey is singing the praises of the group, the location in the hills south of town, and the other riders. The weather is perfect. The sky is clear and bright blue, the air is crisp and the songs around the campfire tonight will be something to remember. The confluence of nature and what’s man made.Jeff Cooper, the Salina Journal photographer who’s covering the event with still photos, was using a horse borrowed from Jack Lill. A gentle horse, they say, but was terrified when it saw longhorns. A replacement was quickly provided by Jack. There are some riders who have never been on a horse before, and, I heard earlier there was a lady riding a mule who had signed up. I hope she’s here. The stories of this ride will be endless.

Jeff Cooper will be sending pictures back. He’ll be at the Art Gallery tomorrow and his pictures will be available for purchase. In the meantime, his website will reveal some of the action. Click on “Great American Cattle Drive Sponsored by AT&T.”

Many of you have commented on the picture of the north church at the top of my kansas prairie website. That’s a Jeff Cooper photo. Take a look. He does outstanding work. The picture at the bottom of the page taken by Michael O’Conner is of the Insurance Building that we’re trying to restore. That is what the cattle drive is all about.

Ally would have given her right arm to be on this ride. I just wish it had been possible, but a pesky medical problem said it wasn’t wise. I hope she makes the next drive.

Once again I’m going to mention the people who have made this event happen. I just hope I don’t forget anyone…as it’s easy to do. The president of the Drovers National Hall of Fame Board and workhorse of the committee is Mark Roehrman. His wife, Josie, isn’t on the committee but she’s done a lion’s share of the work. They have worked so hard to get this project off the ground and running. They never thought negatively about it. They knew from the beginning it would work. They took it one day at a time and moved forward. The doomsayers had no hearing with them. They are fantastic community promoters and wonderful people.

The Drovers board members are: Garnell and Don Hanson, Linda Denning, Phyllis Dolezal, Pat Svaty, Greg and Cee Heller, Virgil Huseman, Jonathan Mitchell, Dennis Katzenmeier, Doug Stefek and Ken Wasserman. These are the movers and shakers for this event and drover history of Ellsworth. None has looked for the limelight…the headlines in the newspapers or on TV…they just worked for the project knowing if they moved forward, it would succeed. None of the above has had a good night’s sleep in a long time.

And there are those who wanted to make money off the efforts of others, those who said it couldn’t be done because they didn’t start early enough, or hire the right people for this or that. They are well-known about town. Their numbers are up. This project was for people who were not quitters or seekers of limelight and publicity. They may not make a lot of money this time around, but they have done a lot for Ellsworth. The publicity Ellsworth is getting is fantastic. The board members are to be highly commended. Please tell them so.

Stay tuned….

Former GOP Chair Endorses Morrison FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL

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Former Kansas Republican Chairman Dennis Jones has endorsed Democrat Paul Morrison for Attorney General.Electing Phill Kline was a mistake the first time around. Let’s hope he isn’t reelected by those who haven’t bothered to study his record.

Dane came to the house today on the ECCA bus. What a wonderful service that is for him. It works so well for us. Diana picks him up at 10 on Monday and 9 on Thursday and returns him to the home around 2:00. That gives him time to relax, drink a cup of coffee, read the papers, have a home-cooked meal and talk to family and friends.

He and his dad had pizza for lunch today since the cook had a doctor’s appointment early this morning in Salina. That’s about all Brit could manage.

Diana, the ECCA bus driver, is taking Dane to his appointment to see Mark Herzog tomorrow, and then she’s bringing him here to spend some time. We might as well take advantage of his being in town and have him here to enjoy the day.

I’m glad to report my eye pressure is fine. I’m held together with a fist full of chemicals that I take daily. Because of them, I’ve been walking around for at least 10 years longer than I would have otherwise, and hoping for another 10.

Mackenzie and Luke pulled out of Royse City at 3:00 today. Mackenzie said she was utterly exhausted and intended to sleep until Luke got too sleepy to drive. They work so much overtime they can’t seem to catch up on their sleep.

My ophthalmologist friend had a great suggestion today. She thinks Dane would love contacting people worldwide via HAM radio and so does he. There is a man who works with the blind all over the world and lives close by. He can probably connect Dane to them. Paul Grauer in Wilson was a long time Ham operator and his son Bob may have some information to pass on to us. I’m going to work on that for Dane as he was excited at the thought of it when I told him today. Actually, I can let him call the contact who lives near Brookville. We just have to think of things to challenge Dane.

It appears the weather over the weekend will be great for the activities that are planned for Ellsworth. It should be a good experience for everyone. A lot of work has gone in to this by the Drovers board. It won’t be perfect the first time around, but they’ve learned a lot to incorporate for the next cattle drive.

Don’t forget. We need bumper stickers for the Blue Canoe. Any contributions would be appreciated.

Thanks for tuning in.



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Murphey opens Blackdog Festival bringing his cowboy songs to Dexter
Staff Writer

The people of Dexter were treated to an evening of cowboy and Western music in the company of Michael Martin Murphey and Fred Hargrove on their “Lone Cowboy Campfire Tour.”


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“I think we’ve been known for years as a cowtown. Whether people want to accept that or not, that’s what Ellsworth is…that’s why it is here, and that’s how it was formed”, said National Drovers Hall of Fame board president, Mark Roehrman. “At some point every business that started in Ellsworth had to do with cattle, since the rail head was here. That’s our history. That’s the most unique thing about it. We need to embrace that, not run from it.” For over two years Mark has been the driving force behind all the hard work it has taken to see this weekend come to fruition. He’s a great leader for this town.The Great American Cattle Drive Experience will begin for some tomorrow. For those of us not straddling a horse or rocking’ away in a covered wagon, our experience will start Friday afternoon in three different venues…downtown Ellsworth, the Ellsworth Plaza and south of the bridge on the Rec Center grounds.

From 4:00 until 6:00 there is an artist reception at the Art Gallery. It will feature the work of Salina photographer Jeff Cooper. Jeff will accompany the trail drive and have pictures available for the event. There will be wood carvers in action at the gallery.

The Drovers Saloon will be open Friday from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

The trade show on the Plaza opens at 4:00 on Friday, and will be open 9:00 to 5:00 on Saturday.

An authentic 1870s cow camp, organized by veteran cow camp promoter Greg Heller, will open to the public at 6:00 p.m. Friday evening on the Rodeo/Armory grounds. According to Greg, this will be the biggest cow camp Ellsworth has ever seen. He’s organized all of them in recent years, so he should be familiar with the numbers. All types of people who camped on the Plains…drovers, cowboys, buffalo soldiers, buffalo hunters, homesteaders, etc. ..will be represented at the camp. Visitors are welcome at the camp which will be located on the Rec Center grounds. At 7:00 p.m. a cowboy concert of western music and cowboy poetry will star radio personality Johnny Western. Geff Dawson is the opening act.

So far, about 20 riders have paid the $1,000 fee to ride the trail with Michael Martin Murphey and other cowboy types for the 26 mile drive to Ellsworth. The chuck wagon and bedroll wagon will be in the lead. At least, that’s the plan.

Saturday morning the cow camp will be open. There will be outhouse races in town (Dane is going to be one of the three judges so stop by and say hello), a trade show is featured on the Plaza (that’s the area on either side of the railroad tracks) and a pictorial stamp cancellation will be at the Ellsworth Art Gallery. You’ll want to buy some of the picture post cards featuring a recent painting by Hill City artist Mike Boss of the Insurance Building.

At 11:00, 12:00 and 1:00 on Saturday, Living History will be presented at three different venues…the Drovers building, the 1870s jail and the Antique Mall. Check at the Antique Mall for times and place.

At noon Saturday there is a Texas Hold ‘em Poker tournament in the underground below the Ellsworth Antique Mall. Also in other rooms of the underground, there is scheduled entertainment. See my earlier blog for various times of the performances. Notice the bar in the underground that Mark constructed. It’s a beauty. I think Tall Boy might have helped a little.

There will be a break in the poker tournament for the 2:00 cattle drive down the main drag (Douglas Avenue). You won’t want to miss this. Photographers will be positioned on top of buildings and along the route to capture the best picture of the cattle moving through town. They will be available for purchase.

At 3:00 there will be an old west gun fight on the Plaza. From 3:00 to 5:00 there will be a special pictorial stamp cancellation at the art gallery. The post cards are available as collector items or to send to friends and family. Buy lots. They aren’t expensive.

At 4:00, story teller Lonnie Haden will be at the school house on the grounds of the Hodgden House Museum Complex. The Museum Complex is worth a good look.

At 5 p.m., after the downtown cattle drive, a chuck wagon supper will be served at the Rec Center south of the bridge. At 7:00, singer Michael Martin Murphey will perform in concert. Following the concert there will be a performance of “Quiet Thunder”, a Salina Equestrian Drill Team.

Proceeds from this event will go to the restoration of the Insurance Building, the signature building on Ellsworth’s main street. Contribute as generously as you are able. There will be charges for the chuckwagon dinner and the Michael Martin Murphey concert.

Buy a copy of the INDY and you’ll find a complete schedule of events in the insert. You’ll also want to order a copy of the INDY that follows the event. It will be a keeper.

The weather forecast looks good… temps in the upper 70s and 80s, with maybe a 20% chance of rain. It will be a good weekend for activities in Ellsworth. Be supportive and be here.

Remember… please don’t park on Douglas Avenue (main street) between 3rd Street and South Main on Saturday as that space has been reserved for the meanderings of 64 head of rangy Texas longhorn cattle

Send this to family and friends. Encourage them to attend and support the efforts of the Drovers board. It will be a good, fun-filled weekend with frontier history that will come alive with each moment. It will be a memorable weekend.


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Tomorrow is Dane’s day to come here for lunch…only the cook has to go see her ophthalmologist in Salina. I think I’ll suggest they order a Casey’s supreme pizza. It’s guy food and they both like it.


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Brit joined Dane for the nursing home’s Tuesday morning coffee for men in the area. It’s another of those lifesavers from boredom for Dane.After checking the menu at the home, Dane and Brit went to Made From Scratch for lunch. Dane goes in his wheelchair with Brit in the car following with his flashers blinking. I don’t think they ever see anyone else on the streets, going or coming.

Later in the afternoon, Roger Novak took the Blue Canoe and drove to Wilson to pick up Dane for the evening. They went to Salina to the Mall to check out the crowds and found they were about the only ones there. Roger said his voice echoed against the walls as the place was empty.

Dane hadn’t been there in almost two years so he was glad to get to see the new businesses and poke around the familiar ones. I think the most exciting thing those two guys could find to do was to see what the latest styles were in Victoria’s Secret.

Following that, they decided to see if they could get Dane and his wheelchair in the Hong Kong Buffet. Dane loves Chinese food and hasn’t had much of it in recent months. As they left the Mall and headed north, Roger said someone kept honking at him. He was afraid something was falling off the van or he’d left a door open…or something. He finally stopped to see who was making all the noise and it was Mikki, Dane’s office manager at Edward Jones and later at A.G. Edwards. She had spotted the Blue Canoe and knew Dane was probably in it. She joined them at the Hong Kong for a visit. They all enjoyed that.

Then, as it turned out, Linda had slipped over there for dinner alone and was reading Time Magazine when she heard a voice that sounded like Dane’s. Sure enough. They were surprised to see each other there.

This morning Brit was filling his gas tank and some woman he didn’t recognize said, “I saw Dane at the Hong Kong last night. He looked good.” Dane gets around.

Roger said when they left the Hong Kong Dane wanted to have a cigarette so they were passing the time away outside when a young girl came up to Dane and asked what happened to his head. Roger wasn’t quite sure how to handle that so he just stepped aside and said Dane did beautifully. Dane explained he’d had a stroke that required surgery…and they had removed a lot of his brain that was damaged and it left a hole in his head. The little girl, who was 8 or 9, was okay with the answer and not upset. They smiled at each other. Dane seemed to enjoy explaining it to her. He could help others that way if we could get him pointed in that direction.


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Hutchinson News Wednesday, September 27, 2006 - 02:55 PM Mary Rintoul named managing editor of the Hutchinson News. Before joining The News, Rintoul worked for weekly newspapers in Ellsworth and Wilson. A native of Garden City, she graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.


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Kansas State High School Activities Association has released its new classifications. Published Wednesday, September 27, 2006CLASS 3A (RANGE: 203-130)

Atchison County 160, Baxter Springs 180, Beloit 195, Bluestem 182, Burlington 198, Caney Valley 198, Central Heights 150, Chaparral 177, Cheney 198, Cherryvale 161, Conway Springs 144, Ellinwood 146, Ellsworth 159, Erie 169, Eureka 159, Fredonia 203, Frontenac 154, Galena 156, Garden Plain 153, Halstead 196, Haven 199, Hesston 200, Hillsboro 197, Hoisington 155, Holcomb 186, Horton 151, Hutchinson Trinity 133, Jayhawk-Linn 146, Jefferson North 134, KC Christian 156, Lakin 156, Lyons 165, Marion 158, Maur Hill-Mount Academy 169, McLouth 130, Medicine Lodge 160, Mission Valley 130, Nemaha Valley 166, Neodesha 193, Northern Heights 145, Norton 183, Oberlin 130, Osage City 183, Oskaloosa 144, Phillipsburg 168, Pleasant Ridge 203, Pomona 148, Remington 132, Republic County 132, Riley County 169, Riverton 192, Rock Creek 202, Rossville 163, Sabetha 172, Sacred Heart 142, Scott City 201, Silver Lake 171, Southeast of Saline 192, Southwestern Heights 134, St. John’s Military 164, Wellsville 174, Wichita Collegiate 177, Wichita Independent 172, Wichita Trinity 200. New additions: Garden Plain (2A), Haven (4A), Hutchinson Trinity (2A), Jefferson North (2A), Republic County (2A), Scott City (4A) and Southwestern Heights (2A).

Complete List of Schools.

Wagle and Parkinson are debating in Emporia at ESU on October 18th.

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Cheryl, Dave, Joyce, Ann, Anna, John, …and all my other friends in the Emporia area…fill me in on the debate as I won’t be able to make it. Dern. If things don’t go Wagle’s way in the debate, she might vaporize. You won’t want to miss it.



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Breakfast 7:30 Made From Scratch; speaker follows at 8:00. Dennis was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and is a native of Wilson. He’s very interesting. Attend if you can. Everyone is welcome.


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There is nothing I would find more amusing than a debate between the two Lt. Governor candidates…Mark Parkinson for Sebelius and Susan Wagle for Jim Barnett. I don’t know if there are any scheduled debates, but I sure don’t want to miss them. Wagle is being totally left out of Barnett’s campaign.As one of the bloggers said of Wagle/Barnett: Wichita is her home town. She’s perfectly able to make appearances so long as it’s a friendly, supportive audience and she remembers to take all her meds. Now, with six weeks to go, Barnett has launched his first ads. The message: “If you hate Mexicans, vote for me.” It’s race-baiting, plain and simple.

If Parkinson and Wagle do debate, it will be interesting.


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Performance: Salina Symphony Concert — American Rhapsody
Sunday Oct. 8, 2006
4:00 PM
Event Description:
“American Rhapsody” A salute to American Composers. Internationally acclaimed pianist Teresa Walters will perform “Rhapsody in Blue” with the Symphony. Tickets available at the Stiefel Theatre Box Office, Noon-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.or, 1-800-585-3737.

George Carlin
Tuesday, October 10, 2006 - 7:30 p.m.
Tickets $39.00

Anoushka Shankar
Saturday, November 4, 2006 - 7:30 p.m.
Presented by Salina Vortex, UMB, Martinelli’s, and Salina Clinic
as part of the Stiefel Theatre Series 2006-2007
Tickets: $34, 27, 20
The daughter of Ravi Shankar and the sister of Norah Jones, Anoushka is a beautiful performer who is the face of contemporary Indian music. To tremendous reviews, she released “Rise”, a pop-inspired album in 2005. She puts on a dynamite performance accompanied by a band of unique instruments

Manhattan Transfer Christmas Show
Saturday, December 9, 2006 - 7:30 p.m.
Presented by Bennington State Bank, Land Title Services, and Security Savings Bank
as part of the Stiefel Theatre Series 2006-2007
Tickets: $48, 41, 34

Other Stiefel Series Events


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Associated PressELLSWORTH, Kan. - A bit of the Old West will return to Ellsworth this weekend, when about 50 greenhorns drive 64 head of trophy longhorns through the town.

Toss your lasso around this story.


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New York Magazine
The junior senator from Illinois might take the country to a place it’s never been, past the baby boom, beyond race. To many Democrats, and even a lot of Republicans, the prospect is thrilling–but is it for real?

* By Jennifer Senior

Excellent article on Barack Obama. I found this in U.S. Politics and Infoition Brief, Jesse Manning’s referral.


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Pat Hayes has a good blog, as follows, he posted today on Red State Rabble: Making the Short List
Paul Nurse, president of The Rockefeller University in New York and winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, gave the keynote address at Duke Medicine’s 75th Anniversary Science Symposium.

In his talk Nurse said the four great ideas in biology are the cell, the gene, evolution through natural selection, and the idea that cells use chemistry to function.

Funny, “God did it” didn’t make the list.


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Several months ago I discovered “In This Moment” and have made it a daily read since then. It is excellent and I highly recommend it as a good way to “expand horizons”.It’s written by four women journalists: Diane Silver, Nancy Jane Moore, Pamela K. Taylor and Eleanor Arnason. They come from Lawrence KS, Washington DC, Cincinnati OH and St. Paul MN.

“Founded in 2005 by Kansas writer Diane Silver, In This Moment is a liberal blog that comments on human rights, gay rights, religion and politics and other aspects of government and life. Despite war, the rise of fundamentalism and a growing attack on civil liberties, we believe that positive change is possible.”

Diane’s blog on Monday, “As laughter builds over Kansas Sen. Kay O’Connor’s retirement, the joke’s on us”, points out the issue that follows when we are rid of one of the worst members in the Kansas Senate. You’ll find it an interesting read. I find everything the women post is worth my time and attention. I hope you will read it for a week or two and see if you don’t feel the same way about it. Theirs is a very interesting blog to explore as it gives me yet another view or slant to an issue I find important.

You can find the link for In This Moment on my list of blogs. While you are there, I encourage you to read the rest of the posts on that page. They are excellent.

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