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Arnie and the “White Shark” aren’t coming to Prairie Dunes for the 2006 U.S.Senior Open. I’m sure that news will come as a disappointment to many fans.

What a nice treat Karen has in store for us tomorrow. She bought some Goeddert corn on her way through McPherson today. Brit has a smile all over his face just thinking about it. Tall Boy came by bus to Wichita from church camp at Fall River so Karen had to pick him up and get him to Minneapolis for MAYB ball. At half time in their first game with Minneapolis, our boys were behind one point, 18 to 17.

Something you might want to think about: Never listen to other people’s tendencies to be negative or pessimistic because they take your most wonderful dreams and wishes away from you, the ones you have in your heart! Always think of the power words have, because everything you hear and read will affect your actions!

Try always to be positive. And above all, be deaf when people tell you that you cannot fulfill your dreams! Always think, “I can do this. I know I can.”

It works for me. It always has.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow. Dane is too, with a great deal of enthusiasm. The rest of our very small family will be here too, with the exception of Drew who is spending the weekend at the lake with his ATO friends. That’s a good thing as he’s surrounded by fine friends. I hope my friend from western KS will be here. And, other friends will be here too. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. Does that surprise anyone?


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The latest news out of Dorrance circles around a group of women who are flashing their breasts at trains as they pass by. Since there are no passenger trains, I presume the object of their flashing is to catch the attention of the engineers of coal trains as they stream by. Maybe it’s a new attempt at economic development. I haven’t heard of any train wrecks.

Dane is coming home tomorrow and looking forward to it a lot, but then he hasn’t heard about the women in Dorrance. He’d probably prefer the short drive to Dorrance to hang out by the railroad tracks. He wanted Todd to pick him up at noon, but I suggested mid-afternoon would be better since he won’t return to the home until the fireworks are over. That will be about 11:00 pm or later. He thinks he can handle it, but he also can’t anticipate how tired he’ll be. He’s not used to sitting that long. I hope he has a good day and sees a lot of his friends tomorrow night.

Dane has ordered potato salad, baked beans and barbeque so I’m in the kitchen today getting food ready for tomorrow. Ally is bringing some special brats and buns from Denver that we’ll all enjoy.

The Saline County Democratic gathering is something I always enjoy…seeing my Salina friends, hearing the candidates speak, etc. It’s at Kenwood Park on Sunday the 9th. It is time to study the candidates and learn what they stand for. There are candidates in both major parties I never could vote for. We’re fortunate to have a strong state rep in Josh Svaty who is unopposed.

FYI: The Netherlands were the first country to extend equal marriage rights to homosexuals. Belgium was second. Spain, South Africa, Canada, and the American state of Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriage later. Other jurisdictions grant some legal privileges to same-sex couples, often called partnerships, civil unions, or domestic partnerships. A few European countries — Denmark, France, Iceland, Norway and Sweden — offer similar legal status to civil unions.

Smile! A new Canadian tool can re-grow teeth say inventors. Snaggle-toothed hockey players and sugar lovers may soon rejoice as Canadian scientists said they have created the first device able to re-grow teeth and bones.

The researchers at the University of Alberta in Edmonton filed patents earlier this month in the United States for the tool based on low-intensity pulsed ultrasound technology after testing it on a dozen dental patients in Canada.

George and Edie Grogg just delivered the Blue Canoe. It has new shoes, clean oil, new stuff in the A/C, the driver’s door is repaired, the ants are history and it’s running like a ‘89 Dodge Ram with 147,000 miles (George says) ought to run. Purrs like a kitten. The state says it only has 47,000 miles, but if I had money on it, I’d go with George’s figure. It seems unlikely the state would have a vehicle 17 years and only put 47,000 Neurological Institute miles on it. Anything is possible. I just hope it can handle those 17 miles to Wilson and back for a long time.

George has paint to donate to clean up the outside. Now to find an artist!

I made the potato salad with Caleb’s baby new potatoes (and left the skins on for flavor). It’s a winner.


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Friday, June 30, 2006 :: infoZine Staff :: page views
“Streamflow Records Fall with River Levels

“Environment According to the U.S. Geological Survey, streamflow was below normal at more than 95 percent of the long-term streamgages in Kansas, the highest percentage of streamgages flowing below normal since the current drought began…

…”The USGS streamgage on the Smoky Hill River at Ellsworth, one of the oldest river gages in Kansas with 94 years of record, had an average May streamflow equal to that recorded in 1895, the second lowest average May flow ever recorded. Average June streamflow at the Ellsworth gage was 19.4 cfs, smashing the previous lowest average monthly flow for June of 24.2 cfs recorded in 1988. The average annual streamflow at the Ellsworth gage in 2005 broke the previous lowest average annual recorded in 1983. Average May and June flow at the USGS streamgage at Big Creek near Hays broke the previous record lows recorded in 1956. Without significant rainfall for the remainder of the year, 2006 annual flows at many USGS streamgages will be added to the low-flow record books…


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Success in truck series makes Toyota a target
Kansans Aust and White find themselves defending program against criticism.
The Kansas City Star

“Jim Aust is 50ish, thin and has graying hair. Lee White’s face is more square, and his hair is grayer.

“Both are wearing pressed white shirts this day, and both, befitting their rural Kansas upbringing, speak softly and politely.

“They don’t look or sound like the auto-racing versions of the angel of death that some in NASCAR are portraying them to be these days.

“And they deny they are.

‘Yes, we’ve heard we are the devil,’ said Aust, who was born in Hays. ‘But no, we don’t feel like that.’

“Aust and White, who was born in Ellsworth, are the top guys at Toyota Racing Development. They call the shots and have ultimate say in Toyota’s NASCAR Craftsman Trucks series program and its venture into Nextel Cup…”



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“I read with interest Jesse Manning’s episode at the emergency room. (no name) went to our emergency room last spring for stitches. They had trouble entering him into their computer system - because their system had declared him as deceased! I said nope, he’s sitting in your emergency room breathing, but since you show him as deceased, would you give me proof of that so I can collect on his life insurance? They never could get the computer to show him as living while we were there. Maybe they still show him as deceased, I don’t know. They wouldn’t provide any proof for me to turn into his life insurance, however.

“Then the bill came on that visit - they first charged the visit as “low”, then credited that to our bill, and charged it as “high”, which of course raised the price. We argued that that didn’t qualify as “high (a stroke would be high, stitches is not), and finally got them to agree to change it, however it then took over 3 months and many phone calls to them to get that bill corrected. It was quite a mess. Interesting that they can’t correct a bill in three months, but they sure do expect you to pay immediately. I’ve had to make 3 phone calls to the clinic to get them to turn in a recent bill to insurance correctly. It’s pathetic.”


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Dane has been down in the dumps for a long time now, and he’s not getting better. We’re going to try some different approaches to problem-solving with him.

It’s just not feasible for him to stand, pivot and transfer himself. It’s not even very realistic that he’ll ever be able to do those things. I hate to say he won’t walk again, as I always have hope, but the chances are so slim to be almost non-existent. There is just nothing to work with on his left side. He has to be convinced he can live a happy and full life in a wheel chair as do many other people. He has to prepare himself for that both physically and mentally.

Today he worked on strengthening exercises in therapy. They are “home” exercises that he’s supposed to do on his own. We’ll try that for a month and see where it takes him.

We want him to spend more and more time in his wheel chair so that we can bring him home for longer periods of time. It will also allow us to take him other places, which he really enjoys. He’s very much looking forward to Saturday and the Star Spangled Spectacular. He is, after all, the one who started the fireworks for the city when he returned from Houston in 1980 to work at the bank. Upon learning there were no fireworks for the kids, he started it through the CSB and T who then kept it going for many years before the city took it over.

When I left, Dane was getting ready to go with some of the other residents to Swanny’s Snack Shop for free ice cream cones. They were using a manual wheel chair for him as his electric chair is too big for the van. It barely fits in ours. He really enjoys his outings and there is no reason we can’t take him out more often.

Josh the bed man came today to “finish” up everything for Dane’s bed. It has been on-going for months. Today he came with the scale and cables, the foot rails for the bed and a new mattress and pump. Well, I sat there and watched as one thing after another wasn’t right. Had I not been there, he would have left the wrong mattress, one without the foot pillow/rest. It has been a part of the order since the beginning. Dane needs that to protect his left foot from resting on the hard footboard. Josh finally returned to Wichita having only installed the foot rails. They didn’t order the right mattress and the scale didn’t work. It’s endless. The incompetence of this company just sends me into orbit. It isn’t Josh’s fault at all, but it’s no wonder everything is so expensive with the amount of time they waste spinning their wheels and shipping things back and forth.

Dane wanted to know where his sunglasses were as he had left them in his car…but the car fell apart long gone. He’s very hard to fit. Ally is in Denver so I asked her to go to an optical company and get a pair of glasses that would fit Bronco lineman. She did just that. They should fit.

Tom Shaw and Dave Smith, that I know of, have been to visit Dane lately…and that helps him a lot. He needs to admit to his depression and visit about it with his friends as he’s starting to do.

Someone working for Google googled me. That was cool.

Brit has burritos in mind for dinner. I guess I can do that.


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The whirr of helicopter roters seems distant, if they can be heard at all. Industrial revenue bonds issued by the city have not been placed or sold, and there is not a signed contract for the former Craft World building. Draw your own conclusions, but keep a slit of optimism on the horizon.

The city fathers are “cautiously optimistic” about the business. If you’re looking for an update, “it’s a work in progress”, according to Jonathan Mitchell, Ellsworth city administrator.

Rick Stitt, owner of Liberty Technologies, said he has tentative bond buyers. No one has yet committed as the bonds hinge on the approval of an SBA loan of which Stitt is “100% confident”.

Harvey Yoakum, owner of the Craft World building, has a month-to-month contract with Phillips Lighting to store their products. The building is 90% occupied. The best case scenario, according to Stitt, is to have Liberty Technologies occupying the building in September. That’s at least 4 months behind the original schedule.

As from the beginning, it’s been a “wait and see” proposition.


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Martin’s Pro Auto was recognized June13th by the Kansas Department of Commerce as part of its celebration of Kansas Business Appreciation Month. The company was nominated by the Ellsworth-Kanopolis Chamber of Commerce.

“Martin’s Pro Auto performs repair and service on all makes and models of cars and light trucks. Established in 1999, the company is driven by a desire to build lasting relationships with customers and is honored by those who trust and select Martin’s to meet their needs. When they aren’t making cars look and run like new, the folks at Martin’s Pro Auto are involved in a number of community service activities and organizations, including the Kanopolis Fort Harker Days celebration, Quivira Heights and Ellsworth after prom events and local youth football.”

Congratulations to the Martin group. They richly deserve the award.



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The following is from Jesse Manning. Maybe you’ll have some explanations to offer as to the costs to pass on to him. This happened in Manhattan.

“About two months ago I cut my thumb deep enough that I had to go to the emergency room and get three stitches. I wasn’t wild about going, since I knew it was going to be expensive but wouldn’t meet my insurance deductible, so I’d have to pay.

“I didn’t have my insurance card on me when I got there, so I took it into the hospital billing department the next day.

“A few weeks later, I got a bill: $267 for the stitches, etc. and $86 for the ER service. Despite being a good chunk of money for me, I didn’t think that was too bad. I called the emergency service and made sure they had submitted that to insurance so it would count towards my total deductible for the year; they hadn’t. They said to forget about that bill, that they would submit the info to my insurance and I would receive more information later.

“When I got home yesterday, I had a statement from my insurance company that they had been billed $880.78 for “emergency services” (and it was actually $1100.78, but it dropped by $220 for some reason). I called the emergency services to ask them why the bill submitted to insurance was so much higher than what I was originally sent — it turns out that the $880 isn’t from them, it’s a separate bill from the hospital for “using their facilities.”

“No one on the phone can explain to me why it cost $880 to sit in a waiting room and bleed for two hours.

“Added together, the two bills will be nearly $1250, and since my deductible is $1000, insurance isn’t going to pay much at all. If those costs are legitimate, I swear I’ll bleed to death before I ever go back to one of those thieving places again.

Jesse J. Manning

“P.S. I’ve talked to a few people who seem to think that’s a reasonable and expected cost for ER services. I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem right to me. I won’t be paying them until they explain to me exactly what that $880 is for … and “using the facilities” won’t be a good enough answer. I want to know why sitting in a waiting room merits such a pricey bill. Maybe if you post it, you’ll get some responses.

“Anyhow, it’s my first medical venture “on my own,” so it’s been an interesting, if not upsetting, experience.”


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The 2006 U.S. Senior Open is going to be played about 70 miles from where I’m sitting at Prairie Dunes. It is one tough golf course. Hearing of Brit’s experiences playing “The Dunes” will keep you in stitches all evening. The prize money will be an estimated $2.8 million which lights the eyes of some of the players expected to participate, such as Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw, Jay Haas, Hale Irwin, Tom Kite, Greg Norman, Gary Player, Craig Stadler, Curtis Strange and Fuzzy Zoeller to name a few.

If you intend to attend, there are prohibited items you don’t want to take with you. I’m sure there are others they haven’t listed that a creative person could come up with. I’m not going because they won’t let me in with my extension ladder.

The 18-hole “Prairie Dunes” course at the Prairie Dunes Country Club facility in Hutchinson, Kansas features 6,598 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 70. The course rating is 74 and it has a slope rating of 139 on Rye grass. Designed by Perry Maxwell, ASGCA/ J. Press Maxwell, ASGCA, the Prairie Dunes golf course opened in 1937. Randy Hunt manages the course as the General Manager. In just about every ranking found anywhere, this impressive course consistently sits among the elite as one of the very top golf courses in the United States.

I’ve heard of a few who plan to attend: Alan Sneath (who lives in Orlando is returning for the event), Mark Seitz (an avid follower of sporting events) and Ally Britton (because it’s there). It will be so crowded they will never see each other.


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They have issued storm warnings for Barton, Lincoln and Saline counties. That constitutes a big “C” loop around Ellsworth County. The clouds are weird….big, fluffy white clouds with clearly defined edges, and below them, nasty looking black clouds containing a lot of wind. The background is a very bright blue sky.

From a friend in Great Bend:
Just read in your blog about the black clouds. Well, it hit here. We got hail solid for about 35-40 minutes. Mostly pea size, some larger–nickel or so. It was solid white in the front yard in places. It started out with the wind from the northeast and it switched to the being from the southwest.
Sometimes the sun was shining! Lots of rain, too. Got some pics, hope they turn out. From the one downspout they were mounded about 12″ deep. We sat on the back porch (enlcose patio!) and watched and enjoyed the cool. We’ve never seen so much water in our back yard at one time.
Sheryl K. Cheely

Flooding from Great Bend to Hoisington continues…some roads are closed.

It seems to me we ought to pay professional athletes what they are worth….not a whole lot more than your average run-of-the-mill state new hire or at the least, what they are worth. They are no longer among the elite in the world. Our U.S. Soccer team was touted as one of our best and they came home following ignominious defeats. Our Olympic basketball team was a debacle in action, and our Major League Baseball players in the World Baseball Classic had embarrassing performances (Japan was the clear winner.) Venus Williams is the sole American going into the French Open’s second week. The U.S. women once dominated this sport and there aren’t many Americans in the top rankings. For the first time since 1998, Lance Armstrong will not win the Tour de France and there are no American heirs apparent. Our decline in athletics is on a parallel course with the decline in other areas: education, military power, diplomatic expertise, industrial production, health care, environmental protection, human rights, aiding those who are homeless and hungry…the list is growing. is becoming more popular by the day, for its silliness. Some of the videos are pretty humorous.

I haven’t had a really good hot tamale since Felix, Dorothy, Pat Hohl and I made them together. They were unforgetable.


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I like to change my wallpaper every week or two and I am particularly drawn to Kansas scenes. My resource is Dave Leiker. Morning fog over the Flinthills is my current choice. I just move from one to another as each is a favorite of mine. He has wonderful photos on Cheryl’s website. She has good ones too.

You are welcome to install these wallpapers for personal use. Commercial use or redistribution requires permission from Dave.


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Kansas RINO has interesting blogs. Here’s one about State Rep. Patricia Kilpatrick.

“Justin Kendell with The Pitch offers a wonderful story about State Rep. Patricia Kilpatrick.

“It’s always nice to see what type of people end up in elected office. This gal bounces checks, gets busted for shoplifting, refuses to pay rent and owes back taxes. But, everything is okay because she’s prolife and hates gay people. It’s too bad that she’s moving to Florida. Kansas conservatives would likely put this woman in Congress.”


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I see you commented on Rascal Flatts being on the Today show. I think they are going to be on it Friday. I’ll have to check with my sister. But keep an eye out for a sign! My sister Keri, Shelly Svaty (not svaty anymore, but can’t remember her married name at the moment), and Becky Svaty are all going to be there, and they are going to be holding a sign that says something to the affect of “We are from Ellsworth Kansas!”

Sam Weinhold

I just heard an announcement on the Today Show that Rascal Flatts will be performing on Friday. Look for the “Ellsworth” sign and our friends who are holding it!



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Dane went to the therapy room today and had a short session of two attempted stands. He initiated it, but refused on the third try. It’s so hard for him and there’s something that keeps him from wanting to make the effort to succeed. None of us know what or why, except that his internist in Wichita said the brain surgery changed a lot of things. In her words, “I think a lot of it has to do with the damage that has been done and thus even though he should be able to do things the brain defects allow him to not care to do things.”

I’ve known since the initial surgery that we’d never have our same Dane back. Not the Dane we all knew. We never will have him back, but he’s closer than I ever thought possible. We have a new Dane who can’t do all the things he once could, or think the way he once did. We love the new Dane as much as the old Dane. His memory is back, his sense of humor and quick wit are there and he can do so many mental calculations that you almost begin to think the old Dane is with us. It’s tricky. But he isn’t, and never will be as he once was. None of us is under the illusion that will ever be the case. He’s the same, but different, if that makes any sense. So, trying to figure out the new Dane and what is best for him is a huge challenge.

I talked with his physical therapist today for a long time. The long and short of it is we don’t know where to turn. We don’t want him to lie where he is now for the rest of his life as he’s too young for that. Another nursing home isn’t the answer as it’s more of the same as where he is now. Wilson is about as good as it gets, imo. So, where do we turn? We need a group home of some kind, where he has challenges and activities as well as nursing care. I’m going to start again in Salina and see if there isn’t some place for him. Apparently there are homes in Hays that might come close. I’m sure if we lived in a metropolitan area the resources would be there for him. At one time, moving to the city would have been possible, but it isn’t for us now.

I took some of the salsa I made along with some scoopers to Dane and we had a little party this afternoon while we talked and watched Syriana. He’s going to have to watch that movie multiple times to make sense of it. I’m sure they cut a lot out and that’s the part I need back in for it to make sense to me. It’s full of plotholes.

My English friend, Ann Harrison, sent me a DVD of “Goal”. It wouldn’t work on my DVD player, but it did on my computer. Now there’s a movie I understand and I loved revisiting Newcastle. There are several shots of the bridges over the river Tyne and they are extraordinary. I saw all of them when I was there. I heard some “Geordie” spoken and I haven’t heard that since Ann visited us several years ago. She’s a real Geordie. And, I could almost taste the beer. It’s terrific. It will be fun watching it again.

Since I was late getting home from Wilson, I stopped at Gene’s as I remembered they had posted a fried chicken special. They had just fried a batch so I bought some for our dinner…8 large pieces for $5.99. Brit isn’t all that fond of chicken, but he sure dived in after this. I cooked a batch of Caleb’s green beans and some of his beets. Ringo got the last piece of chicken, a wing.

Defense News has named L-3 the eighth largest defense company in the world in its latest ranking. Moving from number 13 to number 8, L-3 shows 90.5 percent of its $9,444.7 billion 2005 revenues coming from defense. Mackenzie and Luke work for L-3. That’s about all they do these days…work. They can’t talk about anything they do, so it doesn’t do any good to ask, “What did you do at work today?” They are putting in a lot of overtime hours doing whatever they do.

Ally has called several times from Colorado. The friend she was going sailing with yesterday was sick when she arrived, so sick that Ally took her to the doctor. He said it was acid reflux or some such thing, when in fact, she was sure she was having a heart attack. She said she’d never been in as much pain and her blood pressure was sky high. At 3:00 this morning, Ally and a friend took her to the ER in Frisco where it was determined she had a gall bladder so full of stones there was room for no more. They operated on her today and she’s much better. Ally was just glad I didn’t wait until I started having problems before I had mine out. She said I never could have tolerated that kind of pain. She’s right. My tolerance for it isn’t as great as it once was. Oh, and her friend’s anesthesiologist’s grandmother was from Ellsworth…Gertrude Gregory, who was a class ahead of Brit in school.

Thanks for tuning in.



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Only four other nations have ever banned flag burning: Cuba, China, Iran and Iraq. There are very good reasons why all other countries don’t have such laws. Frankly, being in the same company, for the same reasons, as Cuba, China, Iran and Iraq ought to make everyone shudder from lack of understanding, if nothing else.

I don’t know why our elected officials are even discussing this subject.

This is an original Jesse quote: “Without the flag, we’d still have our country, our constitution and our principles; but without those principles, we wouldn’t have a flag.”

Wise words, Jesse.

When he died in 1902, Lord Acton was considered one of the most learned people of his age. A sample of his political thinking:

“The man who prefers his country before any other duty shows the same spirit as the man who surrenders every right to the state. They both deny that right is superior to authority.”

“The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.”


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You know how it is when you get hungry for something after talking about it with someone. Rita was talking about the salsa she made over the weekend and the thought of it lingered to the point I made a big batch of it this morning. Meredith had given me a lot of fresh green onions so I had one of the major ingredients. I had to buy some jalapenos, but I had everything else I needed…fresh tomatoes, Rotel tomatoes, fresh garlic (and lots of it), cilantro, fresh lemon juice, parsley, chives, salt, pepper, sugar, tomato sauce…that’s about it. Then I looked at a recipe to see what I may have missed. You can peer at the 451 salsa recipes if you want to.

Drew loves homemade salsa so he came by for a container of it and some scoopers to go with his lunch. He reported he had a great time with his ATO buddies over the weekend. He loves college life.

Mark Seitz passed on a recipe from Gary Willson that sounds very good to me. Here’s how they makes it: Cut the top off jalapeno peppers, remove seeds and insert sharp cheddar cheese in the hole. Wrap with spicy sausage (I’d pick Rice’s or Jimmy Dean hot spicy sausage). Coat in Hot ‘N’ Spicy Shake ‘N’ Bake. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 35 minutes. That sounds good for breakfasat and calls for a couple of eggs on the side. Of course, you have to like “it” hot, as Brit and I do.

Ally called from Lake Dillon where she is on the water and enjoying a sail. And, I’ve talked with Dane a couple of times. He’s frustrating all of us today although I don’t think it’s intentional. I forgot to tell him his friend Eddie is coming from Colorado to see him in August. I’ll mention it tomorrow when I go see him.

If there is anything going on in town, I haven’t heard of it. Everyone is gearing up for the fireworks next weekend. There is a lot of preparation that goes into it.

You could hang meat in Gene’s today it’s so cold. But, that’s a good thing. I’ve made two trips there already today which tells me I’m not thinking.

It’s a beautiful, cool day today. I’m heading north to see how George is doing with the Blue Canoe then to town to see what’s stirring.

Mom’s goulash our family always liked so well when I was growing up is simmering on the stove. I’m sure if she were here, she’d never recognize her recipe. Let’s see. That made three trips to Gene’s today.



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Rita and I had a good visit with Dane. She used all her instruments and needles again on him today as her final try at making him feel better. He’s had a dozen acupuncture treatments from her and he thinks he’s better, but it’s hard for him to evaluate it. We’re taking a break from the treatments to see what happens. If he slides backwards, she’ll return.

We’ll miss Rita and Sunshine as they’ve been a part of almost every Sunday for a long time now. She’s an outstanding person and quickly became part of our family.

Brit prepared dinner tonight…minute steaks, new potatoes, and corn on the cob. He doesn’t branch out very far, but it was good and “got us by”.

The Star Spangled Spectacular is next Saturday so make your plans accordingly. When Brit and I had breakfast at KCs this morning, Linda had a note on her blackboard that she’d be closed on Saturday as they would be preparing food for the fireworks at the Rec Center. I don’t know what she’s taking, but it will be good. I’ll be in her line for dinner.

I hear by the grapevine that Rascal Flatts will be on the Today Show tomorrow morning. If so, maybe they’ll play “Ellsworth”.

I’m hungry for some fresh salsa made with tomatoes off the vine since Rita was talking about it today. She’s an excellent cook. She talked about how she made hers so Dane is ready for me to make some too. She also talked about her newest recipe…her son gave her some quail breasts which she pounds thin, then she takes a whole jalapeno pepper stuffed with Philly cream cheese, rolls the breast around it and wraps a slice of bacon around the whole thing and cooks it over charcoal on the grill. Now that does sound wonderful.

It’s quiet around here this evening. Thanks for tuning in.



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Today was good. Caleb and Connie had good things at the farmer’s market then I added to my cache of tomatoes and cucs and bought homemade noodles at the farmer’s market in Hays. I’m always a pushover for someone’s homemade noodles, especially Lucille Svaty’s. I once traded my grandmother’s chairs for Lucille’s noodles. We were both happy.

The trip to Hays to pick up a Michael Boss painting of the Insurance Building brought some new events. We ate at Gella’s Diner and LB. Brewing Company, which is a trendy place downtown. The food is different from the usual fare and very good. I had the Brewben, Gella’s own version of a Rueben using marbled rye sourdough bread, corned beef and sauerkraut. It was topped with homemade Thousand Island dressing made with LB. Brewing Company’s award-winning Oatmeal Stout.

Salmon cakes served with jalapeno tartar sauce were Linda’s choice. The “sides” are wonderful. Try the French fried green beans, French fried green onions, garlic fries tossed with olive oil, garlic, fresh basil, sea salt and fresh cracked pepper. There are 11 sides to choose from and any side, spud or sprout can be substituted. Everything is “fresh from the farm… homemade…meals of which your grandmother would be proud.”

The portions are very generous. Half of my sandwich went to Dane, along with a portion of garlic French fried potatoes and French fried fresh green beans. I could make a meal out of the sides alone. It’s a menu with a lot of variety…soups, salads, steaks, fish, beef, chicken…all prepared with a metropolitan twist.

We stopped in C.S. Post and browsed. It didn’t seem to be as well stocked with the variety of items as during my previous visits, but it’s still a great store. We peeked in at the Semolina Coffee House and bakery as well. The frame shop had some interesting items to view. Mike’s painting was front and center when we entered the shop. It’s outstanding.

Dane called while we were in Hays and asked me to stop at a pharmacy for a couple of items. He knew we’d be stopping to see him on the way home.

In Wilson we also made stops and purchases at Kansas Originals, Sincerely Yours and Wilson Family Foods.

Dane was waiting for us when we arrived at the nursing home. He, George Grill and Ken came to the car to see the painting as it was too heavy for us to take to them. We stood in the parking lot and admired the painting for a long time and visited about things of interest to George and Dane. It was very pleasant.

By the time we returned home, I was ready to kick my feet up. It was hot and I was a bit weary from walking.

Syriana. Syriana. I’ve watched it twice and am not much closer to understanding the jumbled assortment of people and places than I was the first time around. George Clooney’s roll was even confusing. I’ll take it to Dane and let him sort it out for me. If I watch it again I’ll be speaking Arabic.

Dane and I want to see The Devil Wears Prada. I rather think I’ll be able to figure it out.

Tall Boy mowed the lawn for us today after his ball games in Bennington. I think they won 4 out of 5, some by landslide. He said it was a nice feeling to win. He leaves tomorrow morning for a week at a Fall River church camp, then has his final five basketball games next weekend. After that, a summer of continued construction work.

Drew is somewhere around Kinsley with some of his ATO buddies for the weekend. Ally is in Denver visiting our relatives and friends. Everyone else is accounted for.

Brit and Ringo have headed to bed and I’m ready to follow. Welcome home Pete, Betty, Pickle and Nancy.



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Glaze & Crust:

1/4 cup brown sugar, packed
1 Tbsp. butter, melted
1 Tbsp. corn syrup
1/2 cup pecan halves


1/2 cup sugar (Karen used 1/4 cup sugar as I like tart apple pies)
2 Tbsp. flour
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
4 cups apples, peeled & sliced (Karen used Granny Smith apples)

Double pie crust

Heat oven to 425 degrees. In a 9-inch glass pie pan, combine brown sugar, butter, and corn syrup. Mix well. Spread evenly in bottom of pie pan. Arrange pecans over mixture in pan. Place bottom crust over mixture in pan.

In a small bowl, combine sugar, flour, and cinnamon. Mix well. Arrange half of apple slices in crust-lined pan. Sprinkle with half of sugar mixture. Repeat with remaining apple slices and sugar mixture. Top with second crust; seal edges, and flute. Cut slits in several places. Bake 8 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 350 degrees and bake 35-45 minutes longer or until apples are tender and crust is golden brown. Immediately run knife around edge of pie to loosen. Place serving plate over pie and carefully invert. Serve with vanilla ice cream and devour! (I like a slice of cold sharp cheddar cheese on mine.This is really very good. The glazed pecans end up on top, as the recipe indicates, are caramelized and really complement the tart pie.)

I think I have been on the phone today more than I’ve been off. It’s been fun. It has been a quiet, slow, nice day. My phone call greetings from family and friends continue.

Dane and I had a good visit in Wilson and he’s called several times since then. I arrived after he returned from breakfast at Made From Scratch. The home takes everyone for breakfast once a month, the men one day, the women another. They order anything they want and it’s on the home. Dane set them back a bit and loved every bite of it.

There were pages of questions requiring my answers for psychological tests they want to run in Salina to see if there is anything that might help Dane’s depression. He is willing to try anything. We all might be missing something they can detect. I dread those forms…they are endless and I’ve filled out so many of them the past year and a half.

The clutter in Dane’s room mysteriously accumulates so I thinned it out today. Stuff just stacks up, with the piles getting higher and higher. When he gives me permission, I pitch it. Today it was travel and car brochures, neither of which we’re in the market for. I had to rid his room of it. Now if they’d remove one of the recliners, that would help.

Dane’s friends Mark Parsons and Kim Fink were there to visit. He always enjoys their company.

I stopped to see my good friend, Robin, on the way home. She always has interesting and good coffee at the ready! That was nice. I always enjoy our visits. She’s at the half-way mark between Ellsworth and Wilson. I don’t stop often, but I always lay on my horn to let her know I’m passing by.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Hays after I check to see what Caleb has at the farmer’s market. We’re having lunch at the new, trendy restaurant across the street from the frame shop and we’ll stop by C.S. Post’s…or whatever the name. I love that store. On the way home we’ll stop and see Dane for a short chat and to show him the Michael Boss painting of the Insurance Building. It’s fantastic.

I’ve tried forever to call Dane, but his phone is busy. He’s been in a very chatty mood today and that’s good. We afford it by buying him cheap minutes on a phone card.

Thanks for stopping by. Lots is going on around town that will emerge soon. It’s best I not blog it but you can figure it out from reading the INDY ads.

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