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Dane sat on the side of the bed for five minutes this afternoon, without assistance after they once “got him there”. It felt good to him, he wasn’t dizzy and it went very well. It surprised the nurses he could do it. Good for PT coming and insisting!Dane is going to be in SICU at least until Monday. They have to stabilize his pressure before they can send him out “to the floor”, wherever that might be. I’m not sure anyone knows for sure why his pressure is acting up when he’s had elevated BP for a long time. They are watching him very carefully. He has very good nurses.

We are back in an area where there is a lot of sadness. It’s so hard on families as many patients aren’t doing nearly as well as Dane. We all share their grief.

Pete and Betty came to see Dane this afternoon but he was asleep. They went on home so Pete could put the finishing touches on the lemon pie he’s baking for me. (smile!) I know that is Betty’s department.

I’ll be back tomorrow and they know to call me if Dane wants me here. Everything seems to be going well except for the BP issue. Todd will be here Sunday and Monday to stay with Dane.

Thanks for tuning in!


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Happy Birthday to Tall Boy and Rod, two of our three grandsons. We wish them the very best always. I don’t know what plans Rod has, but Tyler will be playing in the EHS Bearcat football game tonight and following that, the family is gathering for pizza.A young man is waiting to use this Wesley computer so I’ll dash. He once lived in Ellsworth and now lives in Salina. Small world. Pete and Betty just went upstairs to see Dane. Gotta Dash.


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There are no sounds being made that I can hear about moving Dane out of SICU. His pressure is up more where it should be at the present time, but it drops quickly, especially when he sleeps. They are giving him more IV fluids rather than meds to raise it. It appears to be working.There isn’t anything new in the way of infection showing up in his ures so that is good. They keep looking and he’ll remain on a variety of antibiotics for precautionary measures.

They think the shunt is working but it can’t keep up with the accumulation of spinal fluid. The bulge is back on his head as it was before his surgery. They are considering another surgery/shunt to get rid of the excess fluid…and have also mentioned the possibility of another surgery, similar to the one he had last December, at some point down the line. Not now. I’m hoping neither of those happen. I was hoping for more results than we seem to be getting from the surgery Wednesday.

The nurses just changed his wound dressing and the wound is looking better. His tail bone still hurts…as does everything place else on his body. He just hurts all over.

They make us leave from 6 to 9 when they have shift changes. I’ll be going to Pete and Betty’s for a couple of nights.

Good luck to the Bearcats tonight! And, I hope Cannoneer Joe gets to fire his cannon a lot tonight.

More later!!!

Dane’s still in SICU

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They make us leave SICU from 6-9 am and pm. They were still trying to find Dane a floor room in the head trauma unit when I left last evening. When I called at 9 pm, his blood pressure had dropped a lot and they were treating him for that. That remains a problem this morning. It appears he’ll still be in SICU today. I don’t know what is causing it. They had a call in to the doctor this morning regarding treatment. I’m heading there now!



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I need a long string to tie to Dane’s finger. I keep losing him.Last night after Danes surgery, Pete, Betty and I waited in the “waiting room” for ages for Dane to come out of the recovery room. The surgeon had already told us much earlier that he had done fine and all was well.

Finally, I thought they’d taken him back to his room and hadn’t told us, so we tried to find him. He was still in recovery and they said, was going to SICU. Hum. No one told me that so I presumed there must be a problem. I was okay with him going to Intensive Care as long as he was “fine”.

They just failed to tell me that was routine for that surgeon. He didn’t tell us either as he probably presumed someone else told us. They were waiting for a room to open up in SICU for him. The three of us waited until his bed finally landed where it was supposed to.

At 10 last night, Pete, Betty and I were cleaning out his room on the brain trauma wing. If they hadn’t been there to help me, I’d been on all fours dragging stuff in my teeth from his room to the parking garage from hell. I never would have made it. Now, I guess he’s going back there but there isn’t a room ready for him. If we hadn’t removed his things, maybe we could lay claim to the one he had. They indicated he’d be there until Monday, but I don’t know that for certain. I’ll get more string.

Dane looks good bald. They said they were shaving his whole head, but they left curly locks in the back. The top and side of his head are full of staples. And there are little incisions down the side of his body. I just hope the shunt does the trick and keeps the fluid at a manageable level.

I have to leave SICU from 6 to 9. They are to call me if they move him but there will be a shift change at 7 and who knows if they’ll call. He’s doing fine, but he feels like “crap”, he said. He hurts all over so they try to deal with his pain. I got a meal tray for him at noon so he finally got some food. I think he’s lost more weight in the past couple of weeks.

Right now he’s in a very good place. They are taking very good care of him. One of the student nurses is from Zimbabwe and she described what it would be like if Dane were in a hopital there. Everything they need for the patient has to be purchased by the family at the pharmacy. The patient arrives and whatever they need they send the family out to buy… medicine, bandages, equipment, etc. Absolutely everything has to be purchased by the family. If they have money to buy the equipment and supplies, then all is well. If not, then nothing can be done for the patient. That’s why she came here to become a nurse. And I learned they have more X-ray type equipment in Wesley alone than they have in the entire vast country of Canada.

Time to see what my housemother and John Elway are up to. We’re going around the corner to Sweet Basil for dinner tonight. Tomorrow I’m moving in with Pete and Betty as Ginger’s daughter and family are coming for the weekend. Pete and Betty have the best shower in Wichita!!! YAY! I’m so fortunate to have three great friends here to shuttle between…and they live close to each other as well. I’m a lucky duck!


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I totally planned on being able to update again tonight before, oh 3:30 like it is now… but we lost power shortly after my last post and just finally got going again. Needless to say it was hot and I was cranky. However, I used my dark boredom to call SICU where dad is staying the night and talked with his nurse Mitch who said dad was doing very well and sleeping soundly. He said he was still quite groggy and mentioned his bedsore (don’t worry, Mitch, no new news there, unfortuantely). Anyway, that was at about midnight.So, he’s in SICU (Surgical ICU) just as a precaution, but it ended up being quite the confusing run-around for grandma and Pete and Betty. Grandma called me at one point and it seemed dad was slightly lost in the shuffle of where he was going :) We think he was in recovery but that never became totally clear. Anyway, it was a huge relief having him in SICU because that way grandma could go to Ginger’s and sleep in a real bed, but they didnt find out until the last minute which meant clearing out his room at 9 or 10PM! So, thankfully grandma had Pete and Betty’s help getting it all hauled out to her car.

Dad said he was hurting very badly post-surgery but they got him on some drugs so hopefully he’ll rest tonight. I wanted to talk to him after surgery but we realized he cant have the cell phone in SICU so grandma asked what he wanted her to pass along to me and he said something like “tell her i feel like crap, oh, and that luke called before my surgery to wish me well, and that was really nice of him” :) So, aside from that being a really sweet thing for him to say - it also was great news in terms of his memory being really sharp immediately after surgery!!

Now we keep our fingers crossed that there will be no infection and that the surgery will benefit him… we know it can’t hurt!




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Everything went fine, dad’s in recovery (at last news) and grandma was waiting to see him. Thanks to Pete and Betty for sitting with her during the surgery!Dr. Gorecki said everything went as well as it could have, they drained the fluid and inserted the shunt. He had to call in a general surgeon to do the stomach part of the drainage tube but just as a precaution since he wasnt confident to finish that part on his own.

So, all the news is good so far! Let out a big sigh of relief :)



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Dad has just been taken into surgery. They have to shave his head, chest, and part of his belly so that will take a while. He was in pretty good spirits going into the surgery but understandably nervous. He was hungry and thirsty and when I talked to him he said “if I don’t make it through the surgery they’re going to find out it was because of malnourishment!” :) We laugh because we think of dad at his bigger sizes, but anymore he’s getting to be a scrawny little guy and darn-it he’s thirsty. Grandma has strict orders to have iced tea ready when he gets out of surgery. Dad was also asking what the kitties were doing in preperation for his surgery and was most upset to hear that Ellie was eating :) He also said I probably wouldnt need to donate any body parts of his surgery which is a LONG running family joke. I suggested my brain could be potentially good though, and when all this finished he could be an engineer :) The surgery should take about 2 hours. First they will drain the part of his head that has the swelling (the right side), then they will insert the shunt in the left side of his brain. It’s confusing to think about because his previous surgery was on the right side of his brain but effected the left side of his body. Symmetry at work. Anyway, as soon as we get word I’ll update here to let you all know.

Grandma will be spending the night with dad in the hospital to make sure everything goes well, so please send good thoughts her way as well, it’ll be a hard night on her. If you have any questions or worries, or want to know more about what’s going on, email me at, as I’ll be checking it throughout the evening/night.




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The Kansas Originals Market Spirit of Kansas Art Fair and Fun Day, sponsored by the Post Rock Opportunities Foundation will be Saturday, October 1st from 1 p.m.until 7 p.m. Artists and craftsmen will be demonstrating wheel-thrown pottery, wheat weaving, stained glass, sculpture, photography, Smelly Jelly and much much more. There will be hands-on art for the kids including Make and Take Art and Origami with Ben Berard. Music will start at 12:30 with the Country Cousins. Angela Bates will perform as Stage Coach Mary, the only Black Female Stagecoach Driver, LoJean Loucks will give a harp performance and Ann Zimmerman, popular Kansas folk singer will be the featured performer.There will be an auction of unique pieces of Kansas art and crafts and a silent auction where the bidding frenzy keeps those who are looking for a bargain dashing to keep up. This year exceptional items will be offered during both auctions. There will be free drawings every half hour for adults and children. The evening picnic will be prepared by Gracies’ Girls from Russell. It will include Bierock, chips, salad, peach cobbler, and homemade ice cream. The picnic is free with the purchase of a raffle ticket. Over $1,000 worth of prizes will be given away in the raffle including a limestone bench by Vonada Stone Co., a double iris by Karen Dumler, a working replica of a roll top desk by Alan Pfeifer and a $300 gift certificate for merchandise from Kansas Originals.

The Post Rock Opportunities Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation, which was founded to provide market places for the work of Kansas artists, craftsmen and food producers. This event is sponsored in part by the Kansas Arts Commission, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a Federal agency.

We hope you will join us for an afternoon of entertainment, education, and great fun. All the activites will be held under the big tent in the Kansas Originals parking lot, located on the north side of the Wilson Interstate Exit 206. Feel free to call with any questions you might have. 785-658-2602

Please forward this announcement to anyone you think might be interested.

Thank you.

Marge Lawson, Post Rock Opportunities Foundation


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We learned this afternoon that Dane’s surgery is scheduled for 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. We’d both prefer that it be in the morning, but that isn’t going to happen. I don’t know how long it will take as we haven’t had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Gorecki or his PA Laura. I’m guessing the surgery will take 2 to 3 hours. I doubt I’ll see Dane until 8:00, maybe later. I plan to spend the night with him. The recliner in his room isn’t comfortable like mine at home, but it’s better than a straight chair and I’ll manage. There will be someone around to peel me out of it.We’ll both be glad when it’s over. Dane is worried and depressed. They think he’s been more confused the last couple of days, but I’m not convinced of that. I actually think he’s been more communicative and articulate lately, except for today when he hasn’t had much to say. I left early as they had plans for him…a wound dressing change, a full body bath with some kind of presurgery disinfectant soap, meds, dinner, etc. I’ll take my time going in tomorrow morning. No need to rush.

There are risks with any surgery and there are some with Dane’s. They think the infection risk is now minimal. He’s on the vancomycin drip and another antibiotic. They can’t find anything seriously wrong with his coccyx but they know something is wrong from the amount of pain he has with it. They didn’t want to put him through another bone biopsy and I’m not sure he’d agree to it. They are going to treat it as infected bone and hope it improves.

And, following his first surgery, he had an infection in his brain. It could still be there in the area of the swelling which is very localized. There is risk in dislodging that fluid, but there is a lot of risk in letting it remain as is. A lot of very good specialists have talked about what they intend to do tomorrow and we have to trust their judgment on this call.

My housemother is playing cards on the “west side” today with the “squinters”. Smile! That’s what they call the people who live on the west side and work on the east side as they squint into the sun driving both ways, morning and night. She was working on potato soup and tuna salad when I left this morning. That’s what we’re having for dinner. Yesterday she made chili, German meatballs, and two meat loaves for the freezer. We had some of the chili and a sampling of the meat balls for dinner, both excellent, of course. She has an old recipe for the meatballs and cooks them in water with Kitchen Bouquet and cloves. They are adaptable to almost any recipe calling for meatballs. Ginger loves to cook and everything she turns out for the table is excellent.

Lew McAtee, Ally and Mackenzie called Dane today. Mark Coble called and had great things to say about his conversation with Dane…”when I called this afternoon he picked up on the first ring. Just like the last time I spoke with him, this was ‘the old Dane’. We talked and joked about his condition, K-State football, ‘hot nurse prospects’, and more. It was good to hear his voice and really good that he recognized my voice and connected throughout the entire conversation. When we ended the conversation, he said ‘hey Mark, thanks a lot for calling. It was good talking with you’.

All the callers wished him well tomorrow. Pete and Betty are going to come join me during his surgery. And, as Ginger’s family is coming to visit Friday for the weekend, I’m going to stay with Pete and Betty. Everyone has been so good to all of us. I don’t know how to make up for all the kindnesses.

John Elway is sitting beside me. He’s quite the dog and does a good job keeping the inside of the house free of squirrels. I think he needs to tear up and down the stairs with Ringo.

Now to wrestle with my mail!



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The wound doctor was in Dane’s room when I called. He said the wound is not to the bone and he doesn’t have osteomyelitis. He said he is bottoming out in the Clinitron bed and needs to be turned, but finding someone to turn him is a problem. Keeping him on his side is another problem. I didn’t get to talk with Dane. I will in a few hours.Now to throw things in the car and head east and south. I just wish Dane were here. I went to the hospital here this morning, it is so pleasant and convenient. Since our cupboards were bare, I had French toast and sausage in their lunch room. The food there is so good and everyone is so nice and accommodating.

I dread that Wesley parking garage from hell and those endless corridors. Dane has a wonderful room right now, and I do appreciate that. There is room for a chair and me to sit in it!!!

It’s a beautiful day today and will be nice for the two hour drive to Wichita. It isn’t far.

Thanks for checking in.



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Thank goodness for grandchildren. Tall Boy was here most of the day doing things for us old folks who need help from time to time, most of the time. He helped Brit in the yard, seeding, raking and fertilizing. Ringo got into trouble again so he gave him a bath and brushed him. He hauled stuff to the car for me and filled the tank so I don’t have to do it in the morning. He’s just so helpful and willing…and accepting.I asked him what he was doing with his money these days, (none of my business, of course) and he said he was saving to buy a suit. He wants a dress suit, shirts and ties now that he has stopped growing. He seems to have topped out at six five, which is a very good number to be. I wonder if he’ll buy a suit with long pants…he much prefers wearing shorts year round.

I’ve tried to catch up visiting with some friends, between loads of laundry and packing, that I won’t have time to chat with for awhile.

And, I’ve spent time leaning over the kitchen sink trying to get my fill of Caleb’s red, fully ripe tomatoes, peeled, with salt, and never refrigerated. It’s the best time of year for my favorite food. I’ve been eating them all day long, relishing every bite as I know it will be my last for another year. I never tire of them.

Brit even had breakfast this morning, a rarity these days. I knew he’d like eggs Tijuana like we had at Sydney’s in KC back in the “old days”. It’s our favorite for this time of year….scrambled eggs with lots of diced onions, hot jalapeno and Serrano peppers, and cut up ripe tomatoes added and folded in at the end of the scrambling process. He slathers his with salsa, but I prefer mine with just the flavor of garden freshness. We had Anne’s homemade cinnamon raisin bread toasted, Rice’s hot sausage and fried new potatoes for a real meal. Yum. That was it for the day.

I’ve asked Tyler to blog the football games, if he has time. His computer is on the fritz so it will mean coming here to do it. I guess from what I’ve heard, the Bearcats played a much better game Friday night against Beloit (they are ranked 6th in the state) than was reflected by the score. The boys play good defensive ball on running plays, but they need help with passing defensive play. They should have a good game here Friday night. I hope they win and the crowd hears a lot from Cannoneer Joe!

I’ll post some blogs from Ginger’s as I have time. I failed to mention that if you like lettuce rolls, the ones at the China Inn on Peachtree are excellent. Very good Chinese food. Rachael, Micah and I had dinner at …hum…NJ’s Bakery, I think, which has wonderful Middle Eastern food. We had the combo plate and something I can’t pronounce with excellent lamb surrounded by hummus. Just ask to get what Rachael orders all the time and you can’t go wrong. She’s a fixture there! There is a grocery store at one end of the restaurant with great selections. I figure if women eating there are wearing burqas, they must know that’s where good, authentic food is served. They were and it was!

I talked with Dane today…made me feel better knowing Nurse Lisa was taking good care of him.

I’m reading Tom Friedman’s “The World is Flat” as I sit with Dane. It is excellent and I highly recommend it for everyone. I told Tall Boy it was mandatory reading for him as it contains a lot of information we’ve talked about. He grinned…he’ll read it.

Oldest and youngest grandsons are having birthdays on the 30th. That’s Friday and I’ll miss the celebrations…and the ball game they have a good chance of winning.

We’re getting close to a year I’ve been at my other challenge. We’d all hoped Dane could be on a beach somewhere at Christmastime this year, and had been told that was possible, but it isn’t going to happen. We’ll all just keep trying.



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The 4th Grade lost a hard fought game today 6-7. They led 6-0 up until the last minute of the 4th quarter when Rush County broke away and scored both a touchdown and the extra point.The 5th & 6th Grade team won 6-0. They, too, battled back and forth for 4 quarters when we finally scored a touchdown and kept Rush County from placing points on the scoreboard.

Following are the remainder of our regular season games before playoffs:

October 1: Ellsworth @ Smoky Valley — 4th Grade — 10:00 a.m.; 5th/6th grade — 1:00 p.m.

October 8: Victoria @ Ellsworth — 4th Grade — 10:00 a.m.; 5th/6th Grade — 11:30 a.m.

October 15: Ellsworth @Hays — 4th Grade — 10:00 a.m.
Ellsworth @ Lyons — 5th/6th Grade — 1:00 p.m.

Please come out and support our youth!

Jina J. Murrell


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I made a flying trip home today to gather up all of Dane’s things we didn’t think we’d need and more supplies for me to last through the first part of November. Here we go again.They haven’t decided on a surgery date as yet to put in the VP Shunt, but they all agree he definitely has to have it. His surgeon is on trauma call all week which means it will be difficult to schedule a surgery date for Dane. Once Dr. Gorecky gets a call, he has to leave immediately and respond. I’m not sure where that leaves Dane if the call comes in the middle of his surgery. They always have a backup, but still. I know the PA will close the opening and stitch the five or six holes they make to insert the shunt. The best educated guesses are banking on the surgery taking place sometime later this week.

Dane is still in room #426 in building 4 and will be there a couple days after his surgery; then he’ll move down the long hall on the same floor to Select Specialty Hospital where he was during January and February. He’ll remain there until the first week in November. At least that is the current plan.

Meantime, to those of you who read this and with whom I correspond, please withhold all your mail except the personal messages you want to convey. In other words, please don’t send me any jokes! I have to work my mail off the classicnet server and it’s a pain in the rear to navigate. I don’t know who designed it, but there is no easy way to just click on spam and delete it so I’m left with mounds of mail to dispose of in one way or another.

Some of you still use my email addresses and I can’t access them at all without being home.

I’d like to keep the events going on my blog so please send those and I’ll do the best I can to post them. As you can see I don’t even have last night’s football score. I know we lost, “but could have won”. Mackenzie can also post for me if I can get messages to her.

Thanks for staying tuned and thinking about Dane. My friend Rachael, a nurse of long-standing, stopped by to see him yesterday. She said the last time she saw him, he looked like a typical stroke victim, but this time she didn’t see any signs of that at all in him. He is getting better. We’re going to make him the best he can be!!!


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Ellsworth vs. Southest of Saline Football Game Night!!!Friday, October 7, 2005 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Immanuel Lutheran Church
905 Stanberry
Ellsworth, KS 67439

Serving homemade soups:
Chicken & Noodle
Vegetable Beef
Pie & homemade ice cream
Relishes & Drinks

This is a THRIVENT Fundraiser.

Feel free to post this in your place of work or tell your friends and relatives. Thank you.

Sharon Urbanek


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Saturday October 1; 10am-7pmI won’t be able to attend this, but if I weren’t going to be in Wichita with Dane, I’d sure be there. I’ve visited Becky’s Stone Cottage Farm on many occasions and always love being there. This will be a wonderful occasion as she does things so beautifully. It’s a nice drive to her farm, just north of Wilson Lake….on the scenic byway. This will be something you’ll really enjoy.

LOCAL ARTISTS(displaying & selling)
Photography- Lincoln Griffin
Ceramics- Eric Abraham
Wood Carving- Lu Adams
Stone Carving/Cutting- Jon Pancost and Roger Hubert
Painting/Drawing- Thelma Hutchinson and Connie Beisner
Miniature Metal Designs- Larry Naylor
Blacksmithing- Van Baumann
Candles- Sugar Shack Country Candle Co.
Framing/Matting- Bonnie Schamberger
Wreath Making- Mary Ann Thaemert

ANTIQUES: including a special selection of Old Quilts, Linens and Lace.

CAKE WALK: 11 am, 3 pm, 6 pm

FOOD: BBQ by Tracy Meyer; Pie and Ice Cream

BAKE SALE: Danish Twists, Scandinavian Almond Bars, Cinnamon Rolls and many more by Dedra Wehrman

FARMERS MARKET: pumpkins, gourds, mums and fall arrangements

Willis Pracht & Konnie Ott
Natoma Jam Session
Curtis Gregory
Kari Moore
Bonnie Schamberger

WINE TASTING: Smoky Hill Winery 4- 6pm

HISTORIC PERFORMERS: Natoma Heritage Seekers

Please visit our website for more details and continued updates!
Stone Cottage Farm 5010 Highway 232 Lucas, KS (just north of Wilson Lake)
Becky Thaemert



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Things change hourly, but here’s how things are stacking up for Dane.They drilled a hole in his tail bone this morning and it “hurt like hell”, he said. There is infection in it and they want to determine what kind and if they should remove the whole appendage. We’ll consult a lot of doctors before we do that.

They put in another pic line this afternoon so they could start a vancomycin drip. He’ll be here for at least six weeks for that.

They have determined they don’t want to operate on him until next week sometime as they want to culture the bone infection and deal with it first.

The plan is to leave him in the room he is in (that would be room 426 in building 4, Wesley Hospital) until after they put in the VP shunt. Then he’ll go back to Select Specialty (that is on the same floor as where he is now, and just down the hall. But SS is a separate entity within Wesley) for six weeks.

That’s if they don’t do anything about his bedsore surgically. That hasn’t been discussed yet.

I stopped in to see all our friends at SS before I came back to Ginger’s. There are fine people there and they are good to Dane. His case worker is there…had a good visit with her. She’s one of my blog readers and I had to explain what “kolaches” were to her today. Sorry I didn’t have some to hand out! The lady who keeps records said she had a lead on a van with a lift for us.

Gotta run. My housemother has plans for us!

Thanks for staying tuned. And please, don’t forward jokes and the like. Working mail on the classicnet server is a pain in the rear. There is no easy way to delete mail. If I don’t keep it cleaned up they will delete it all, so please just send personal notes when necessary. Thanks a bunch.



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I only have access to my mail through the classicnet server. It very slow and cumbersome. My mail, both good and junk, is stacking up and I can’t manage it. Please send only REALLY important messages as it’s flooding the airways. I simply can’t read all of it, much less answer all of it…or much of it at all. Thanks.The kidney scan turned out fine and his bladder infection is getting under control.

The big issue now is the infection in his tail bone, or that vicinity. Depending on what it is and how extensive it is will determine a lot of things. It’s my guess it has been there a long time and that is why the bedsore never healed from the bottom up.

The latest is (and it changes hourly), tomorrow morning they are going to do a bone biopsy around the area of his tailbone/bedsore where it has become increasingly painful and disabling. I understand they do it along with a C-SCAN, a very big needle and localized anesthetic.

Depending on how that turns out, will determine what follows. Our educated guess is that they will do the VP Shunt on Friday at the earliest, then in a day or two move him back to Select Specialty for at least six weeks. He’ll be on a vancomycin drip again and that will require hospitalization.

I dropped in to SS again today to tell them we might be back. There are some nice people there so it was good to see them again. Dane doesn’t have all the things going on that he did when he was there previously so it should be a better experience…if I can find a comfortable chair and a corner to put it in. The room he is in now is much superior to the one’s in SS, but he’s in the head trauma wing and can’t stay there too much longer.

Pete and Betty Peterson and Chuck Norris stopped by for visits today. It was good to see them. Dane really enjoyed their visits.

Dane did get a bed bath today and as much of a shave as they could manage. He looks a little like Groucho with a half mustache. We didn’t bring any of his “beauty products” as we didn’t think he’d be here long and they always supply stuff to get by. Well, sometimes. I’ll have Todd bring his razor and other things when he comes to visit.

It was another 12 hour day so I need to move on. Ginger is out with some of her friends and I opted out as I knew I would be late getting back from the hospital. I need to find a bite to eat then I’m putting my feet up.

If it turns out we are going to be here six weeks or longer, we’ll have to give up his room at the Wilson Nursing Home and just hope to heck one will become available when we need it again.

I’m reading Friedman’s “The World is Flat” and it is excellent. I highly recommend it.



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Today was a 12 hour day; same as the nurses and aides at the hospital.Dane is getting exasperated. He misses the Ellsworth Hospital and the Wilson Nursing Home. People at the hospital here are very nice, just too busy for patient care. If Dane does have surgery, you can bet I’ll be sitting in the chair beside him all night.

Sunday and Monday I answered the same questions a bazillion times to get him admitted, get the doctors brought up to date. They have records but would rather ask again than look up anything.

They injected something in his IV this morning so they could do a bone scan at 3:00 this afternoon. It took about 45 minutes. They came back to get him at 5:00 as the first scan wasn’t any good; he was hurting too much and couldn’t remain motionless, they said. Incompetence, he said. So they gave him more pain pills and took him back at 5:00. They brought him back to his room at 6:30, didn’t have a slide board to get him back in bed. There was much confusion and discussion as to where all the slide boards had gone, finally they went back to the nuclear department and salvaged one. They got him back in bed, left all his side rails on the floor, didn’t put his leg thingies back on, and left him without the phone or light to call for help…or tea that he had requested and 2 and never got. I’ve never seen people disappear so fast. It took me another hour to round up some help to get him put back together.

He’s in his 4th bed since he arrived…now in a Clinatron. It arrived at midnight last night; they had to go to Tulsa to get it. They haven’t time to turn him. They are so busy recording data on their cows they have no time for patient care. Monday, anticipating surgery, he didn’t get any breakfast. At 10 they decided not to operate so I specifically ordered lunch for him. A doctor ordered it as well. It finally came at 2:00 after half a dozen calls. He hasn’t had a bath. They are out of razors to shave him so he is really scrubby looking. I’ll go buy one tomorrow. I finally got a tooth brush for him today. Same song, second verse.

The decision as to whether or not he has surgery depends on the infectious disease doctor. It’s her call. She wants to see the results of the bone scan first. I just hope we don’t have to go home without him having the surgery, but if that’s what we have to do, we’ll do it. Meantime, the doctor care has been excellent. They don’t overlook anything.

My niece and her family are evacuating Houston and said there are no hotel rooms in Dallas/Ft. Worth. They can come back to Ellsworth anytime they want to. We have ample room for two adults, two children and two dogs!

Ginger, John Elway and I are having a good time, as always. We have fun. There just hasn’t been much time for it…yet.

Stay tuned. I’ll be back sometime. In the meantime, Mackenzie will keep everyone up to date on what is going on.


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Well, I just heard from grandma again and we’re still up in the air about dad’s surgery! They are basing everything on whether he still has infection or not, which has yet to be decided. It seems his bladder infection isnt as bad as previously thought, but now they’re going to do a bone scan to check for infection in his tailbone area where the bedsore is. The bone scan will be tomorrow and after that we should be able to know when the surgery will be. It could be this week or we may have to have dad go home and wait a bit to get rid of infection, then go back for surgery. I’ll keep you posted when I find out.I did, however, remember that Wesley does the email service to patients so you all can send him some well wishes! Here is the link CLICK HERE and his room number is 426 IN BUILDING 4. He hasnt been able to get emails like this for a while, so might as well send him one in your spare time to say hi!

On a good note, he sounded REALLY good today on the phone. He made sense with what he was talking about and was asking me questions about the things I was talking about - even making jokes a bit. It made my day especially nice hearing that.

Hopefully this sums it up. Grandma is still doing well but wishes she would have packed more clothes. She’s reading a good book and having fun with Ginger.

Again, email me ( if you have questions :) I’m not as good about updating this as grandma is :)


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