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There is a terrific, well-qualified candidate from Dodge City who is going to run against Connie Morris for the State Board of Education post. I don’t know her, but I heard a lot of good things about her today. I’ll post more on her when I get some details. Meantime, you can get a glimpse of her HERE.


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Kenz and I wheeled Dane down near the curb so we could see the annual Czech Days parade go by. In front of us, some of the children whose mothers work at the home passed out bottles of water to the parade participants. It’s always a good occasion for young children. They collect enough candy to pass out at Halloween, one mom said. It was a scorcher, but there was a breeze and we managed through the hour or so it took about 122 entries to pass.

Dane seemed to enjoy it. He saw Jerry Moran. The CSB and T employees came up to Dane and said hello. Pauline hollered at us from the float she was on…Josh, Paula and Don stopped by. Abe Lincoln and Shirley from Lincoln came by to say “hi”. The Dean Pflughoefts and Dave Choitz’ stopped by too and visited inside. Others stopped to see him, so that was good for him…and we appreciate it. He was pretty quiet. Stimuli seem to shut him down as he has trouble processing it.

Patty fixed a traditional Bohemian dinner of roast pork, potatoes with dill gravy, sauerkraut, kolaches and rye bread. Dane and I like it, but Kenz opted for the pork and kolaches. She’s not a picky eater, but that’s at the end of her gastronomical rope. We’ll take her to Orozco’s for dinner.

Dane was ready for bed after we had lunch. It doesn’t take much to tire him. He felt better today than he did yesterday. He just hasn’t seemed quite the same to me since his seizure.

As I write this, there is a three-piece Polka Band playing in the lobby of the home…and those who want it, are having some cold non-alcoholic beer. I doubt Dane got up for it, but then…maybe they had time to do that for him. It’s nice when he can participate in those events, but it doesn’t always work out.

We heard that some 40ish aged woman died at the ice cream social at the Wilson Park last evening, possibly of a heart attack. The ex director of the EMTs, the present director of the EMTs, a director of nurses and another EMTs were in the park as well and immediately administered to her to try to save her life.

Mackenzie cleaned out my files last night and tidied up my folders. She can do in a couple of hours what takes me days to do. She’s in the process of sorting out all my pictures so when she gets that done, I’ll be ready to start messing everything up again. Alas!

Today is Ally’s birthday. She’s in Denver for the weekend celebrating with a good friend who shares the same birth date.

Todd, Karen and the boys are coming for dinner tomorrow night. Finally, I’m celebrating Todd’s birthday which was the 10th. Our “kids” just turned 51, 52 and 53. Yikes!



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Mackenzie arrived last night early enough for us to go see her dad. He was surprised as he wasn’t expecting her until today. He was watching a baseball game; Mike, his CNA, was there checking on him and the game, a nurse was giving him his meds, and another aide was there…all chatting with him. That made Kenz feel good to know he wasn’t lying in bed staring at the ceiling as he did for so many months. He’s so much better and he does like it in Wilson. I’m sure he’d prefer to be beating the pavement, but he understands why he is there. I don’t think he’s as depressed now as he was before he had his stroke.

He’s better in other ways too; he weighs #242. Now, to tone him up. That was his fighting weight when he played football at New Mexico Highlands, then Stephen F. Austin in Texas. He was all muscle back then. He doesn’t cough all the time. He never mentions cigarets so maybe he’s kicked the habit. His face is more relaxed, less stressed. There are good things everywhere we look.

There are three huge slabs of baby back ribs marinating in the refrigerator to smoke on Sunday. I’ll get some chickens and a rib eye roast to throw on as well. Then I won’t have to cook much next week.

There is a petition drive to recall Connie Morris. That is a good thing, except that the process takes so long it will be election time before you know it. Either way, by petition or by vote during the regular election, that woman needs to be removed from office. She needs to go back to St. Francis, prop her feet up and put a cold cloth on her head.

Al’s Bar and Grill has opened under new kitchen management. I guess there was quite a hubbub, to describe it mildly, and the place closed until the feathers stopped flying and the tar cooled. They have “expanded” their menu to include Reuben’s sandwiches. Smile! I’m not a French fried potato lover, but they have, in the past, served about the best in these parts.

Speaking of Wilson food, as I was, if you haven’t tried one of Swanny’s pork tender sandwiches at the malt shop at the edge of Wilson, you might want to give it a try. Be hungry!

They are serving non-alcoholic beer tomorrow for the residents at the home who want it. I think that’s about the coolest thing ever. Most of the residents are Czech and it’s Festival time. The parade goes down the street in front of the home so Kenz and I will have Dane by the curb, if he wants to be there. He can throw candy at the parade! Those people who work at the home are just the nicest people ever. All the residents are excited about tomorrow.

Dane will soon be an official resident of Wilson. I called Jan to send his voter registration material to the home so I can help him fill it out. The county can use another MODERATE Republican who has good sense. Only the moderate Republicans, with help from Democrats, can get the Republican party back on track again. Having a three party system, as we do now, just isn’t working for this country.



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Literature encourages tolerance - bigots and fanatics seldom have any use for the arts, because they’re so preoccupied with their beliefs and actions that they can’t see them also as possibilities.

-Northrop Frye, writer (1912-1991)


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The fox spends more time hanging around our house than Ringo. Ringo sits on the deck and watches as the fox comes up close to our house. They just look at each other; Ringo smiles his toothy smile. The fox has been here, almost constantly, for the last couple of days so Brit has really enjoyed watching him. I have too, when I’m home. The area around our house is like a huge cafeteria so Mr. Fox just grazes, carrying one critter or another off to the woods. Certainly, the choices are endless. That’s the way it is.

Mackenzie will be here tomorrow and we’re all excited about that. I’m glad her dad is feeling better so that they can enjoy each other a lot. I guess I better go to the grocery store and lay in some food. The cupboard is pretty bare.

Dane looked good today. I’ve been with him so much for the past 8 months that I notice things only a mother might notice. It is helping his recovery. Maybe if I’d been there the afternoon he had his gran mal, I might have noticed a change in him, but I doubt anything could have averted the seizure. I hope it is one and only one.

Time to find the feathers and breather machine!


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We moved Dane back to Wilson this afternoon. He seemed happy to return, then immediately fell asleep as they were doing all the readmit requirements. There are always so many questions to answer! Everyone was happy to see him again.

It has been a busy day, started early and ended late. Ally and Beverly at the hospital have worked all day with BC/BS on the bed, wheelchair and cushion proposals. It may work. They are doing good things for Dane.

Everyone at the home is looking forward to the Czech parade Saturday morning. They come down 31st Street in front of the home so all the residents will have a chance to view the various entries. If it’s too hot, they can sit inside and look outside through the large windows in the living room. If it isn’t too hot, I’ll take Dane outside…maybe even down by the curb so that he can enjoy it close up. Mackenzie will be here to help so that will be nice. I think some icy cold O’Doole’s or Haake Beck ought to be fitting too. Now to find a smoked brat with sauerkraut!

Dane is better. The stint in the hospital with a few doses of vanco drip helped. A change in scenery is always good. He has two homes!



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The trip down to Wichita and back had to be the fastest, safest ever. EMTs, Shelly and Rick, loaded Dane at 11:30, we were at the doctor’s office promptly at 1:30. After his debriding, we were back here a little past 4:30. And all this effeciency comes with a price: in his case, a $250 base charge plus $7.50 per mile. That’s about $1,200. It was a good trip. I didn’t hear a single “OWWW” out of Dane. Rick and Shelly brought me a sandwich from Panera’s to eat on the way home. “Any kind”, I said. “You can’t go wrong as I like them all!”

Dane’s wound wasn’t any deeper, but Dr. Snapp opened it up so they could get packing into the bottom of it. She also found a wad of packing that had been left in there somewhere along the line. Everyone who packs his wound is supposed to use one continuous piece of packing so that when they pull on the tail, it all comes out. Anyway, we’re on another road to healing it.

I didn’t learn what I had hoped about what kind of bed or mattress to buy, but Mike at the hospital and several other guys are working on it. They’re like realtors with multiple listings. No one actually owns anything but they have access to something you might want to buy. Someone will come up with the right bed and mattress for him. I just hope we can try it out a few days before we buy it.

Ringo was at it again, Brit said. I guess when he took him out, Ringo bolted and tore like the wind around the back of the house. Brit thought he was off on another safari, but he wandered down to the corner of the house where Ringo went and peeked around to see where he was. There he was, sitting and waiting for him with this big toothy grin on his face. Having succeeded in his effort, he gingerly walked back into the house.

Yesterday, Ringo was sitting by Brit’s chair and started making his “RRRROOOY” sounds. He calls him “Roy” as “Brit” is too hard for dogs to pronounce. Brit couldn’t see what he was trying to point out, so he got up and went to look out the window to see what Ringo could see. There was the red fox, out in the middle of the yard, with a squirrel in his mouth, playing with him. Finally, he got up and carried the squirrel down to the woods. We can imagine what happened after that. That’s one very fast fox.

After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bulawayo had escaped. Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a nearby bus stop and offered everyone waiting there a free ride, He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling the staff that the patients were very excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. The deception wasn’t discovered for 3 days.



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Tomorrow we are taking Dane to Wichita to see Dr. Kimberly Snapp, a wound specialist at the Wesley Hospital Wound Center. He’s seen her twice previously when he was at Wesley Rehab.

I’m going along for the ride to help with him, if I’m needed, and talk with Dr. Snapp about his wound, further wound care, a bed, mattress and wheel chair.

It’s going to be a very long day for him. The gurney is very uncomfortable for him, and has been on previous trips where he had to endure a one way ride. Tomorrow will be down and back and I’m sure he’ll be totally exhausted tomorrow night. We always request the local Ellsworth EMS crew. They are great and we feel not so isolated when we’re on the road with them. They are great people…who care.

We’ll return to the ECMC tomorrow night and go from there. It will depend on what Dr. Snapp does to the wound and his condition when we get back here whether or not he can remain a day or two longer.

Ally and I, plus Beverly, Cathy and Jenny, at the hospital are working on securing a bed for Dane for his use in Wilson. Ally may have found a break-through with his insurance today, which would be wonderful. The red tape is more than any one person should have to endure. It takes a team to keep someone in Dane’s condition going forward. I think Ally should hire herself out as a healthcare specialist and Dane a head wound advocate after this is all said and done.

So many friends have come to our rescue…and we thank them all. What would we do without friends? I just can’t imagine such a life…or how we can repay all the generous offers of help. But…we’ll help, if we can, anyone who asks. I can’t imagine what it would be like traveling down this road alone.

Ally is celebrating her 51st birthday this weekend and the plan is to go to Denver on business for Dane AND meet up with friends while we are there to do the annual Ally/Casselli birthday thing. It’s a gathering that goes back 20 or more years; all are friends of mine and Kenz is going. And, I may go. We all need a break for a couple of days. A weekend away would do me a world of good and I’d love to spend the time with Ally, Ruby, Kenz and about 50 friends and cousins in Denver. If I don’t blog this weekend, you’ll know where I am. We’ll be home Monday night. But…what we do in Denver, stays in Denver!!!



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I’ve heard it said Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a good, entertaining movie, so Linda D. and I are heading that way for the 4:00 showing. Time for a break!

Dane was snoozing after his noon meal, ready to get a little relief from the discomfort of his backside. I left the pile of Sunday papers that we’d been reading on his mid-section so he could find them easily. I’m not sure how much he reads. Turning pages is a task for him, as you can imagine.

Linda Kohls visited with him this morning. She’s such a faithful visitor. I imagine he’ll have others this afternoon. I’ll be back to tuck him in!

Brit is pretending he’s in Aberdeen where it’s 51 degrees, watching the golf tournament. Scotland would be a good place to be right now. It’s a beautiful country.



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Dane is cleared to stay at the ECMC through Tuesday following his trip to Wichita to see the wound doctor. It will depend on what she does to the wound and what needs to be done after he returns here. My guess it that he’ll be going back to Wilson on Wednesday or soon thereafter.

Dane is enjoying the home cooked meals once again at the hospital, and so am I. They had great breaded pork chops and creamy scalloped potatoes, frozen peas (well they were cooked!), lime Jell-O with pineapple, assorted fruits and great chocolate-coconut cake. They put out the best meals; very well-balanced and seasoned just right. Dane had seconds on the pork chops and potatoes and two bowls of fruit. Yesterday they had one of their famous salad bars and Mexican food. Dane’s lost a lot of weight, which is good, but we don’t want it to continue falling off too fast.

He was down for the count after lunch. He still doesn’t seem quite right to me, like he is a tad fuzzy and inattentive, but he says not and everything else is looking good. They are putting in a PIK line today for his vancomycin drip. His veins are ….uh, little and rubbery.

If you are in the neighborhood, maybe you could stop in and chat a bit. He would enjoy that. Send me a report about what you think. Oh…and if you want to stay tonight to eat, they are having homemade veggie soup and egg salad sandwiches. Don’t know what else.



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Dane’s clinicals are good. He looks very well, but feels rather weak and tired. He sat unassisted on the side of the bed for 10 minutes this afternoon, for Emily. Emily has a way of getting the most out of him. There is nothing wrong with his appetite. He had a good shower this morning. Josh brought in a new bed from Wichita, a rotating bed that he probably needs full time. He needs something that rotates at least 40 degrees to provide kinetic therapy. Teasha came to visit. She’s always so happy and cheerful, like Emily. Dane had a good day.

I’m not sure where Dane will be tomorrow as he may not qualify for acute care beyond midnight. They won’t roll him out in the parking lot but that’s because he’s in the ECMC…and if you’re sick, that’s the best place to be. Medical situations are many and varied; for so many of our illnesses, they do a terrific job evaluating, sending patients elsewhere or getting them well and sending them home. We are so very fortunate to have the medical center that we do and the personnel who make it such a viable institution. I’ve spent a lot of time there this year and I appreciate it more and more and more. Take me there, take me to Wilson or take me home.

Ally has heard me complain since she was born about how hot it was when I was pregnant with her in 1954. I can’t remember being more miserable, but then she understands that. It was a good, loving kind of miserable. I had Brit take me out on the back road to Joan Sneath’s to urge things on and that only made it worse. After a 100 yards on that wash board road I thought I’d have to walk home. I remember that like it was yesterday. The other day Ally looked up the temps on the internet for July before she was born and learned that it was rather consistently 111 + - degrees in Ellsworth. Yes, it was and we had no air-conditioning. Gawwwdddd…I was miserable. It was all worth it. I’m a lucky mama….but I was still miserable! She has a birthday on the 30th. She celebrates every year with her good friend in Colorado who shares the same birth date. Mackenzie will be there too.


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Safe to use your vehicle if you can open and drive your car without touching the car door or the steering wheel!



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I was looking up the population data for Ellsworth, since the issue arose last night in our Drovers meeting. I glanced at two of the pictures at the top of the page and thought they looked very familiar. I forgot I submitted them after I discovered this website. The buffalo belonged to Mike White and the sunflowers were Alan Grothusen’s crop. Those were good photo outings.

It’s an interesting site. Take a look at the statistics, when you have a minute.

A couple of my pictures. Click on the picture for enlargement.



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It has been a long day, in and out of the hospital arranging things, keeping an eye on Dane, trying to determine what we’re going to do about his wound and his bed. He must have another bed for long term use in Wilson…and move it with him wherever he goes. The bed they have for him simply is not working right for him.

The Big Roll, maybe it’s Big Turn, rotating bed that seemed to work the best when he was a patient here, costs $147 a day to rent, and $11,000+ to purchase. I think that’s what Dane needs, but he sure doesn’t need a new one, and we hope a reconditioned one sells for much less. They are looking for one. The bed he is in right now is about a foot too short. Even though he is a shadow of his former self, bariatric beds seem to be the only ones that are long and wide enough for his comfort.

I’m trying to hitch a ride with the EMS crew when they take Dane to Wichita on Tuesday to see the wound doctor. His wound is about where it was before they surgically opened it months ago. That just makes me sick…how does it get that way and no one seems to notice?

I went to the Drovers board meeting tonight, my first in many months. It’s difficult to participate as much as I’d like, but perhaps I can do more later on to help with the Great American Cattle Drive. Mark Roehrman is president of the organization, Ken Wasserman, vp, Scott Moore was treasurer, so a new one will be named soon. Phyllis Dolezal was secretary for many, many moons but Pat Svaty has assumed those duties…and the others on the board are Garnell and Don Hanson, Linda Denning, Dennis Katzenmeier, Virgil Huseman…ah…and me, I think. I hope I didn’t forget someone, but I usually do. It’s a good group of hard-working, civic-minded individuals.

I popped in to tell Dane goodnight before I came home. He’s still dozing a lot, but seems to feel better. He said his head is fuzzy and he hurts. Overall, I think he looked pretty comfortable (I get a good feel for that now) and his face was stressless. I hope he can sleep tonight. They are keeping a close eye on him and he was on his side, off his bedsore.

There is a hot poker game going on in the tower with middle grandson, Drew, and his pals. I’m glad the kids use the parts of our house we no longer use that much. We never hear them up there and they are good, considerate kids to have around.

I’m off to find my sleeper machine and my feathers…gonna sleep like a box of rocks!


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Dane is doing better today. He’s very sleepy and tired, but that is to be expected after such an episode.

They ran tests on him and everything is looking good…all his blood work is good, blood sugar etc. as well. The CAT Scan of his brain was almost identical to the last one they took when he was in the Ellsworth Hospital several months ago. There is very little trace of infection in his wound and the culture may show what was just on the surface of the skin. SO….everything is looking good. That is all very good news.

It is suspected that the seizure may have been cause by a new antibiotic introduced three days ago. One of the side effects is that “it may cause seizures.” Maybe it didn’t, but he’s off that now and it was put on his allergy list even though he isn’t technically allergic to it. It’s a precaution. He’s taking a lot of meds and it would be good to get him off some of them.

They plan to do an EKG and there are no indications of anything else that needs attention now. We’re still planning on taking Dane to Wichita on Tuesday to see Dr. Kimberly Snapp, the wound doctor. It is only my opinion, but I think she will have to do something surgically on the wound, to open it up as it is tunneling again. I need to find out if I can ride with the EMS crew so I don’t have to drive.

Tyler and I went to Wilson to retrieve his favorite pillows, personal items and clothes until he returns there next week. Coming back, we stopped at Swanny’s Snack Shack so Tyler could have another pork tenderoin sandwich, fries with melted cheese and a chocolate malt. He needs to be fed about every two hours.

Brit and I chose to have salad bar and spaghetti at the hospital. It’s hard to beat their food. They have their Explorers Club Chicken Fried Steak Award hanging next to the kitchen door. That’s pretty cool!

Dane is back in room 107 where he was before he went to Wesley Rehab. He loves that room and wishes he could take it with him to Wilson. Me too!

Now I’m off to the hospital for a visit. Brit wants the family favorite bacon and tomato on toast topped with cheese sauce for dinner…and there is a Drovers meeting I’m going to try to make tonight if I can. I was really shortchanged on sleep last night and I’m starting to feel it!



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After fighting the 102 degree heat, Wal-Mart and that dang soap today, I was exhausted when I got home and decided not to go to Wilson. I called about 6:30 and asked them to take a phone to Dane in the dining room so I could talk to him. They said he wasn’t out of bed and they would call me after they got him up. It takes two and they had to wait until two aides were available. I wondered why they hadn’t called back.

When they were getting Dane out of bed he had a Gran Mal seizure lasting about 45 seconds, Dr. Slomka said. It was a bad one. They called me, then called the EMTs (Lucretia, one of his aides at the home was on the EMS team…and that made me feel good as she knows Dane well) and transported him to ECMC, back to room 107. He wasn’t responding immediately after the seizure and that worried me a lot, but is doing fine now. He just looks wiped out. There are things a lot worse than seizures, so we are fortunate again.

The entire family (except for Kenz, bless her hear, and Rod) made it to the hospital before Dane did. They needed to see how he was. Linda and Cathy showed up after the hospital board meeting and gave him a quick hello. Cathy Harshbarger has been a lifesaver for us.

Before they got here to Ellsworth with him, he was able to tell them who he was and responded to other questions. He gave a wave to Jenny who was waiting for him when he arrived. His vitals were all pretty good, and the CAT scan showed little brain change since his last scan. No bleed. A radiologist will report back tomorrow.

He wanted ice tea and later, something to eat. He said he hadn’t had anything all day, but I’m sure he had both breakfast and lunch. The kitchen was closed but they fixed him tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Everyone is so nice and accommodating.

They are giving him medication for seizures. It’s not unusual following brain surgery to have them, and we’ve felt really lucky that he hasn’t had any. Or if he has, no one was around. A new antibiotic was recently added to his mix of cocktails and that might have something to do with it. Brains are strange animals, so who knows what causes seizures.

We had planned on moving him here on Friday anyway, which is what I wanted to talk with him about tonight, to address the bedsore issue. So, I’m only guessing, but he may be here 5 to 7 days. We’re still planning on taking him to Wichita on Tuesday to see Dr. Snapp about his wound.

Tomorrow I’ll head to Wilson to get his C-PAP machine, his wedge for his back, his favorite pillows…and all those other things he’ll need for a few days.

Meantime, they can run some tests on him in the area of his hematoma to see if they can figure out what is causing his pain and spasms.

We’re still moving ahead. He would probably enjoy some company over the weekend if you want to stop in and say hi and visit a little. He should be rested from this activity by then.


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Not to worry! Dane needs some wound care and that may mean staying in the ECMC for a few days and going to Wichita to see Dr. Snapp, the specialist. It may be that we’ll move him tomorrow or Friday, so if you’ve planned on visiting him, you might want to call first to see where he is. He’ll be returning to Wilson after they figure out what is going on with the wound, probably toward the middle or end of next week.

It seems to help him to have visitors, so if you can pop in to see him, and make him talk with you…that is a good thing. We appreciate it very much. Co-workers Mikki and Kim were there yesterday afternoon and Mark C. was going today.

We’re working on getting him a better bed and wheel chair. He needs an electric bed that he can adjust himself. As it is now, he’s in a hand crank bed and has to rely on people to move him. He gets very uncomfortable and has yet to ask anyone to help him. He’s been helping us with the bed and chair features he thinks would benefit him. I think he’s going to need both for a long time, and we want him to be as comfortable as possible.

Here’s an update from Mark C. I thought you might like hearing what someone else has to say about Dane. Mark has visited him on many occasions in Wichita, Ellsworth and now Wilson.

I was by to visit Dane this morning at about 11:15. He was just finishing his therapy. I didn’t get your e-mail until I got home this evening, so I didn’t know what to expect in the way of interaction. I was extremely surprised! When they wheeled Dane past the front desk, the second he saw me he seemed to perk up and gave me a good smile! We talked pretty much non-stop until they indicated that they would be taking him to lunch. Peg, he was sooooo much better today than when I last saw him. I realize he has his good days and bad ones, but the conversation simply flowed. I didn’t have to pry words out of him and when I asked him questions or spoke of common friends, he communicated very well. Though it still is tough to see Dane so far from the ‘old Dane’, it’s great to see the progress that he has made over the past few months, and gives everyone hope that he can continue to progress.

I know Dane likes having visitors so I’ll try to get down there more often.

Keep up the great work!!!


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If you ever buy a big jug of that anti-bacterial liquid soap at Wal-Mart, remember there is no inner seal and the dang snap top flops open at will. Such was the case today when I put a jug in the rear of my new ‘neer. It either fell on it’s side or I put it in that way as it was in the sack that way. I didn’t think anything about it. I had to go back into the store to see about some reading glasses for Dane and when I came back out, I saw the mess that had accumulated all over the carpeting…a half gallon of nice smelling Dial running everywhere….all over the carpeted lid to the hole where the jack and other things are stored and down through other holes to all the wiring in my car. Goldangit. I took the sack and runny contents back to Customer Service leaving a trail all the way. When it rains, the parking lots will be full of scrubbing bubbles.

Diane from Customer Service came to my rescue with paper towels and tried to help clean up the mess. I figured they should be responsible for the clean up since I didn’t notice the cap was open and it shouldn’t have just arbitrarily dumped out anyway. But, they don’t care much about that. I filed a whatsit, but the gal who took the information said not to expect anything from them. Her b/f bought a gallon of paint, had it mixed and they failed to get the lid on tight so it ran all over the seat of his car.

Well, the folks at Long Mac cleaned up the mess the best they could without tearing the whole rear end apart, and didn’t charge me. They are nice folk.

I always feel guilty when I shop at Wal-Mart and Sam’s and don’t know why I ever go in either store…but I sometimes do. They are the ruination of all of us. Pretty soon there won’t be anything left in our shopping world but Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. How pathetic.


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ESPN is conducting a poll in their”50 states in 50 days sports center series”. Kansans can participate by voting on who we consider our best homegrown athlete (I picked Jackie Stiles), best sports moment, best college or pro athlete (I picked Al Oerter), etc. I’m sure you will find other choices. It only takes a minute.

Here is the link for voting!



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I spent most of my day with Dane, trying to take care of his aches and pains, visiting and doing what I usually do each day. I want him to know he has family who cares, and that we are there for him. It was a seven hour day for me, but much longer for him. There were just things that needed attending to today, so I was there longer than usual.

He was also contributive with Eric concerning his wheelchair and bed. It takes someone who cares and knows equipment to get Dane a bed and wheelchair that will be right for him now. Eric is very understanding of those needs. Dane may need something else later but right now, we need to get equipment that will best serve his needs.

Mikki, Mya and Kim spent time with him, visiting and making him feel good. He had a good day. I could tell how very much Dane enjoyed having them there in the room with him. Mikki was his office manager and he convinced Kim she should become a broker - and a good one she is. She trained with Dane.

There are so many considerations concerning a new bed and wheelchair and it’s a trade off in many respects. If you get one thing you want, you have to sacrifice something else. We’ll try to get the best we can for Dane. He will need a wheel chair for a long time. And he certainly needs a comfortable bed.

Dane stood today for two minutes during three PT sessions. That was very good. I wish he could just take off and walk, but he is unable to do that. His brain and body aren’t connected for that. We’ll keep working on it!

It’s hot and I’m tired. Why were the police chasing someone at 4:30 a.m. when the rest of us are trying to sleep? When we have the windows open, the sounds from town echo through the valley to our house.

Tomorrow I go to Salina to see my friend and ophthalmologist, meet Ally for lunch and run a few errands. It sounds like a good plan. I may not go to Wilson tomorrow. It’s okay with Dane. They will take good care of him whether or not I am there.

It will be interesting to see who the council picks for the new city administrator. Scott Moore contributed so much to our community. We’ll miss him. He will do very well in Wichita. Most of the town turned out for his going away reception last evening;people respect and admire his character. He’s a high quality guy!

Thanks very much for tuning in.

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