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Statistics for April…77,289 hits.

My thanks to each and everyone of you who hit on my website and blog! Those are great numbers. I probably ought to be selling something, right? Everyone else who gets that many hits has something to sell. I don’t. I just give away thoughts and ideas, to take or leave, as you choose.


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Mackenzie always remembers me on Mother’s Day. This year she did something special since she knew her Dad was unable to send me a card or celebrate the day. It has taken me this long to be able to share it and not cry.

She’s makes “Scrapbook” arrangements and is exceptional in her art work. She gave me a framed compilation of her poetry, pictures of her and Dane and objects d’ art that bring so many memories to the surface.

In the center is her poem to me from her dad and her:

No amount of words can describe the feeling of knowing;
A mother who loves her son so very much,
A grandmother who understands her granddaughter,
A woman who is selfless in the face of terror,
A mother who never leaves her son’s side,
A grandmother who knows just the right thing to say,
A woman who shows the true meaning of family,
A mother who encourages her son through tough times,
A grandmother who would do anything for anyone,
A woman who lives up to her own priorities for months,
A mother who is the example of what a mother should be,
A grandmother who is a role model to her granddaughter,
A woman who truly shows her love each and every day,
No matter how hard it feels when she wakes up.

Happy Mother’s Day 2005!
Love, Dane and Mackenzie.


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Caleb has some wonderful produce for sale. We’ve been enjoying his broccoli, white hybrid turnips and spinach. He’s at the Saturday market along with the other venders located near the railroad tracks across from where my grandparents hotel once stood. You all know where that is.

It has been a good experience working with the folk at the Wilson Nursing Center. They are doing everything they can to make Dane’s stay there comfortable. Sherry suggested I bring a bedspread from home and any decorations to make the room more inviting for him. We’re great on that. She said he probably won’t be able to go to the men’s morning breakfast right away but that he should soon. They go to places like Bunker Hill for a meal out, and are gone for three or four hours. He’ll like that. They also have a coffee hour and gossip session frequently for the guys and other such male gatherings. Actually, I think they have quite a number of activities that will keep him busy. It will be good to have him interacting with other people. That wasn’t really an option at WR. He and Kenz did have lunch one day with Terry Robl and his mom and they really enjoyed that.

And tonight, Dane will be surprised as his old college football coach, John Levra, and Chuck Norris are heading his way for a visit. He will enjoy seeing his friends.

The Wilson Chamber breakfast is tomorrow. I’ll go because they will be explaining the various programs at the Nursing Center. It may be a two-trip day.


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One of my dear friend’s mother was a English teacher in a town 100 miles or so west of here. She delighted in capturing some of the phrases that were common in the culture of that area. Her favorite was: “Had I knowd I coudda rode I wooda went, but I coudna et nuttin after I got there.”

“We laughed and choked and enchoyed ourself…”

“Well, at least we’re not so darned artificial.”

Heard in a dress shop: “Okay Charmaine. Go ahead and buy it. We’ll put it on Dad.”

My personal favorite: “Go ahead, Jack. The sooner you do it, the better you’re off.”


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Ellsworth EMS is going to find Dane about 10 am tomorrow at Wesley Rehab and move him to the Wilson Nursing Center. Since they transported him there from Ellsworth, he will be an easy find. It takes awhile to get all the paper work together so I imagine it will be two or so before they arrive in Wilson, where I will be waiting.

All these arrangements were made before they heard back from BC/BS that he’d been rejected to stay longer at WR. That tells me what I already knew.

Mackenzie said he’s looking forward to returning home, even if Wilson isn’t exactly home. It’s close enough, and he knows many people there, to call it home. The goal for all of us is to get him up and walking so he can live with us until he can manage on his own.

Last night I browsed through the Worldstart games and found several casino CDs that might keep him interested. They had a one day bargain sale on their already very low prices. We’ll get his computer set up so that he’ll have it for email, the news and stock reports. He sat at the nurse’s station computer at the Ellsworth Hospital and wiled away the time. They were very nice to allow him to do that. Actually, they were happy to have him use it to get his mind working. Having his own computer with all his email addresses will be a good thing.

Brit was off to Salina this morning so Ringo is going from window to window waiting for the white truck to come rolling up the driveway. What a Ringo he is. He is so full of vinegar that we need a yard full of young energetic boys to play with him. He’s a blur as he runs through this house, up and down the stairs, like his pants were on fire.

It’s trying to rain. It needs to pour. My friend who lives by the Brazos said it was 70 degrees and they’d had over two inches of rain. That’s what we need.

I am so thankful for friends. You’ve all been wonderful.



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My mother would understand. And so would my father, his parents and both sets of grandparents. They are all buried in the Ellsworth Cemetery. The old one by the river. This is the first year since I was a wee tad that I didn’t take peonies, or other flowers, to the cemetery and decorate their graves. The thoughts are there and that is what matters. Brit did it for me. It’s something that is in the big picture. It’s okay.

I’ve had a lot of correspondence today that matters a lot to the care of Dane. That matters now. First things first. He is living and needs our care.

Dane will be in Wilson on Wednesday and I hope everything is ready for him. Many changes are at hand. If you are in Wilson, please stop by and visit a bit, after Wednesday. Just talk to him.

It has been a busy day, not in the usual ways, but busy nonetheless. It has been another good day. Every day that we can contribute to the well-being of others is a good day.


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The Answer Bar that is associated with 1-click answers is just fantastic.

I can feed in a word at the bottom of my screen (even if I don’t spell it correctly) and it will give me the right spelling and other information regarding the word.

No matter what I’m reading, if I run across an unfamiliar word, I can Alt click on it and it will bring up the meaning and more. It will do that with a phrase as well. I have no idea how that works. Just think of what must have gone into developing a program like that.

Click here to read more about it!

And, it’s free. Doesn’t cost anything and is a remarkable tool.

“You’re going to love this. Check out for quick facts that search engines don’t give you. You can even download their 1-Click Answers software to click on any word or phrase on the screen for facts without even having to go to the site. Enjoy!”

Here’s the free download. I think you’ll love it. I do and would be lost without it.


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FOR SALE: Birger Sandzen original oil on canvas, Graham County farm, painted in 1912. 18″ wide by 11 1/2″ high. Framed , 25 1/2″ wide by 19 1/2″ high. Excellent shape. Photo sent on request to prairie_at_classicnet_dot_net. (Take out the underlines and you know how to do the rest.)

It can be seen by appointment at the Citizens State Bank and Trust. Call: 785.493.1517 or 785.472.3844.



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You know? I’m not ready to do that yet. I’m old. I care about our town, always have. I’ve cared and worked a lot longer than a lot of people who now seem to have all the answers to how we are to survive.

“Meet America’s new pioneer breed
Towns on the Great Plains invoke the American Dream and offer free land to ‘outsiders’ to stem long decline
Paul Harris Ellsworth, Kansas
Sunday May 29, 2005
The Observer”

…Across the Great Plains, small towns from Kansas to North Dakota are desperate to fight off decades of decline and depopulation. Now many have made a last-ditch promise to attract new settlers: go there, build a home and the land will be free.

…Surveying an empty and available lot, filled with prairie grasses blowing in the spring breeze, Anita Hoffhines sees the potential to attract settlers to the small town of Ellsworth, Kansas. One of the lots has already been reserved by a woman from New Jersey. ‘She came and saw it and just loved it,’ said Hoffhines, the economic development director for this tiny town of just over 2,000 souls that sits amid fields of corn.

(Fields of corn??? Where is this person going to find work?)

…Ellsworth has already attracted 10 outsider families with free land and other aid, such as help with down payments, free membership of a golf club, free connection to the sewage and water systems and help finding a job. It is also changing the ethnic make-up of one of the whitest parts of America. In Ellsworth last week a Hispanic family moved in. A Peruvian is on the way.

(Ethnic diversity is a good thing. Have these people been promised jobs?)

…Ellsworth has just two traffic lights and a neat and tidy Main Street where everybody knows everybody else. Crime is rare (a recent scandal was a drunk mooning in public) and houses and cars are left unlocked. Sitting in the stands of the school sports field watching their children play baseball on a warm evening, the Bayless family appear to be the epitome of an American way of life that is increasingly rare.

(Two traffic lights? Hummm. Where’s the “other” one? A drunk mooning in public? I missed that one. I lock my house and car and about everyone I know does, particularly since it’s been so well advertised world wide that it’s so safe here we don’t lock our houses or cars. Baseball stands on the school grounds? Where is that exactly?)

…Today more than 25 percent of the town’s citizens are over 65. ‘I say to those old timers who don’t like what we are doing: “Well, who’s going to replace you when you die?” We have to start thinking like that,’ said Hoffhines.

(She can say that, but that’s not my problem and other old folks who have earned their right to live here don’t have to concern themselves with that. We “old folks” don’t have to sell our houses, move or die, to make room for young folks with kids, as has been suggested. Make me a good New Jersey or San Diego offer and I might sell! )

…Hoffhines aims to stabilize the population, not increase it.

(Yep, that’s what we’ve been doing for a long, long time…nothing new here.)

(I have no objection to the Land Giveaway program except for the location of the land they have given away. I think city officials ought to evaluate exactly what the results are to date of this program. We need more than one family to make it a success. Some families who came did not come for the land give away but the program is taking credit for it. Some people have come and gone. Some were promised jobs that weren’t here. Let’s see exactly what is going on with this program! We old folks with inquiring minds want to know. And, we must remember that the people who live here should be treated with the same dignity and courtesy as those we are trying to lure here by dangling a carrot.)
Click Here for Complete Story



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EHS Boys 3A, State Finals, 16 team points, Wichita:

3,200m relay 2. Ellsworth 8:12:15. Simon Orozco, Adam Ray, Tyler Jensen and Tyler Bailey.

400m relay 4. Ellsworth 44:11. Caleb Kruse, lead off man; Tyler Britton in the second slot; Garrett Larsen Scritchfield in the third slot; and Matt Froese running the final leg. This time was only .02 second slower than the EHS record.

1,600 relay 4. Ellsworth 3:29:52. Garrett Larsen Scritchfield ran the first leg, Tyler Britton the second, Tyler Bailey the third and Matt Froese brought in the baton.

EHS Girls 3A, State Finals, 4 team points, Wichita:

3,200m relay 4. 10.22.78 The runners are (and I’ll never spell the twins’ names right, so I won’t try!) Trisha Farney, Kristen M. twin, Cody Martin and Tawney M. twin.

300m hurdles 5. Ellsworth 47.64. Cody Martin.

I just hope I haven’t forgotten anyone. It sounds like they all represented our school and town very well.

Tyler Britton, as did all the runners from Ellsworth, had good family/school support to watch him run his races: Karen, Todd, Rod, Drew, Mackenzie, Peg and Ally…yeah! Ally and I were there for his first race. They’ve all been to visit Dane today as well. That’s good. I’m sure that made Dane very happy to see his family. It would have been nice to wheel Dane in there to watch too, but he just isn’t strong enough yet for such things.

I’ve sure enjoyed the music today on Give it a try. I think you might like it too.

Ringo is one sly puppy! I really think he’s more Border Collie than Aussie. My Texas friend will know when she arrives. We keep a tight rein on him and he still gets away from us. He now has a name tag with telephone number. If you see “Ringo Britton” wandering around, he’s supposed to be home. Please give us a call. He’s a slippery one.



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Dane is going to be moved Wednesday to the Wilson Nursing Center. That seems to be a given. Wesley Rehab folk seemed to make that determination before his insurance was involved. He has improved, he can do things now he couldn’t do when he went there, but it apparently isn’t enough measurable improvement to count for anything. I’m not sure I’ll ever understand their system of evaluating improvement. I just know from my observation it is very imprecise. I don’t want to argue about it.

It’s my feeling he will continue to improve at Wilson, or we wouldn’t let him go there. They have a wide variety of services and I’m sure he’ll benefit from them. They are already preparing things for him; moving him there involves a lot more than just the physical transportation. They need to paint a room, get a longer bed and an air mattress, wheelchair and special cushion…and the list is long.

Ally and I went to Wichita today to see Dane and watch Tyler and his relay teams run at the state meet. Their teams placed in the 4×1 and 4×4 and they will run tomorrow in the finals. They had their best time ever in the 4 x1 today.

We also went to see Dr. Snapp, the wound doctor, and visited with her again about Dane’s pressure wound. It’s better than it was. It’s not as deep. We have explicit instructions on how to deal with it. That thing is taking forever to heal.

I’m taking the weekend off. I think I’ll plant myself in a chair outside and read! That will never happen, but it’s nice to think about it.



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Brit and I love our back deck in the evening. It is so pleasant on days such as we’ve had lately. It’s where we wash away our cares of the day. There have been many such days of late.

Brit can’t hear the birds that I describe to him. He can hear the lower range of the doves moaning but that’s about all. Tonight the catbird was singing all his many variations on a theme of bird songs, as he does early in the morning to awaken me. The house wren was happily chirping away. Our Carolina wren, who has such an overpowering voice, was singing with glee from a far tree. His song is with us all year round. We have cardinals, robins, blue jays, annoying yellow flickers. starlings, buzzards, chickadees, nuthatches, swallows, finches of every variety, sparrows, and birds of every description as our woods, all competing for air time. They are all well-fed, happy and sing their songs of happiness. This is a heavily populated flyway. Birds are our love.

Such are our evenings to remember. While the onions and potatoes were cooking slowly on the grill, we talked about the times we remember and love: tonight we revisited our trip when I was in college and Brit was a bank examiner and we drove to Lake Tanycomo before Branson was Branson back in the late 40s. He reminded me I had a blue swimming suit. He remembers. I have no recollection. I do remember when for some reason we couldn’t get home that evening and he stood at my bedroom door at the local hotel and said he didn’t have money for another room. I remember saying he’d have to figure something out. He did. We don’t remember what as he was broke. I just remember being so sunburned that I was miserable from riding with the top down on his convertible. And the water in the lake was so hot neither of us could swim or enjoy it. It’s a weekend of vague memories for us, and together, we remember those things that were important to us at the time, and part and parcel of life together. We have so many thoughts of short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one vignette or another. We’re very lucky people.

Dane, one day, will be well and with us again.


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Just in from Brian Boisvert, Wilson Chamber President:

June’s featured speakers at the Wilson Chamber of Commerce breakfast will be the Wilson Nursing Center employees: Sherry Johnson, Shawn Hellebust and Gloria Custer. They will speak about the Nursing Center’s many new services…adult day care, respite care and rehab to home care. They will discuss the difference of being a skilled nursing facility, the new activity programming and therapy services.

Doors open at 7:30 for breakfast at Made From Scratch. Wednesday June 1. Program from 8 to 9. Come and leave as you wish. These are always good gatherings, so you might want to learn what you can about what they have to offer at the Wilson Nursing Center.


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You know how it must feel to go to a party when you aren’t invited? Well, that’s much the same way we feel about Dane being in Wesley Rehab. Like he wasn’t really invited.

Today, his case worker, who is not the same person as an advocate, but supposed to be, told Mackenzie that Dane is going to have to leave as he hasn’t met their expectations of improvement…whatever they are. They made this determination early this week. Dane had an excellent day walking in the Lite Gait yesterday, and has greatly improved since his arrival there. If he got up and walked today, I don’t think that would matter. We could appeal, but why stay somewhere if you’re not really wanted?

Dane’s had different STs and OTs almost every time they have seen him. Marcus has been a constant, for most of his physical therapy. The various therapists don’t have the same approach, do the same thing, or have any kind of measurable scale from which to work. So be it. We’ll go to Wilson where they want him.

It’s okay with Dane that we move him to Wilson; he feels the same way about it. We’ll be back home where he’ll be treated like he was in the Ellsworth Hospital, with loving care. And, he’ll learn to walk. They have great success with that. They are getting him a bed that fits, a machine that will help him walk and other equipment they will need for his care. He can have his computer. Maybe we should have gone to Wilson in the first place. He will know many of the other patients who are there. He’s always had customers who were patients there so he’s familiar with the home.

The Wilson Nursing Home is small, rather crowded but nice. They were demerit free…had a good overall report. We have a good friend who loves being there. Residents are of all ages and most leave after a short stay to return home. Dane will only be there as long as necessary…until he can walk and do more things on his own. After that, we hope he can come live with us for awhile. It’s a short commute…16 miles from Ellsworth to Wilson…but we feel it’s the best place for him at this time.

And, Mackenzie can return to Dallas. She did the best anyone could do. We all did. So did Dane.

The downside is, we’re on private pay now. That’s a real bummer, but it can’t be helped. We’ll do what we can. If anyone knows of any way we can get some financial help with the therapy side of his care, please let me know.

Click here to see the comparison of Ellsworth County Nursing Homes. Then click on “Compare Nursing Homes in Your Area”, select Ellsworth County KS and it will lead you to comparisons of the two Nursing Homes. I know Wilson is free of deficiencies, and has awards to show that. I was told the Good Sam Home is addressing their deficiencies. There is a great deal of information available on this site concerning the two Homes if you poke around.



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Dane had a great day today on the Lite Gait. He was doing it as he should on his own rather than leaning in the harness. Marcus thought to put a surgeon’s shoe cloth cover-up (you know the kind people wear in surgery) on Dane’s tennis shoe and that helped enormously. He was doing very well moving his left leg and stepping ahead in grand style. The rest of his therapy was exceptionally good today as well. We hope they make a good note of this as it definitely shows progress and should allow him to continue his therapy at Wesley Rehab.

Dane was funny. A friend of called Dane today and told him that if he were in Salina, doing his Salina Community Theater work, he would enlist him to dress in drag for the production of La Cage as some of his pals are doing. Dane jumped on that and told Bob that he’d do it in a heartbeat if he were there. I could tell he really missed being in Salina for that. Salina Community Theater is a real love of his.

Ally and I met with Mikki today and removed the rest of Dane’s things from his office. Mikki is having her baby on Wednesday and won’t be using his office any longer. We needed to get his things out to make the office available for someone else.

We went to Los Potrillos today for lunch and saw Brit waving from a far booth to get our attention. I knew he had an appointment in Salina today and since he’s such a creature of habit, I told Ally that’s probably where he’d be having lunch. Sure enough!

School’s out! Tyler is so happy. He’s heading to Salina tonight with friends to hear music that a band from Brookville provides. The band members are friends and their gigs are great fun, according to Tyler.

A person I don’t know who has been reading my blog from Hill City wrote today to introduce herself. She ended by saying she has Dane in her ” Urgent Daily, Daily, Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly, and Occasionally prayers, to cover all basis. There is never a shortage of things to pray for”, she said. Friend Bob said the same thing today. Dane said to keep them coming his way as something is working!



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I wish the only thing we had to concern ourselves about was Dane’s care. There is so much more. He had a life, a position with a firm he loved, a house, household things from his youth forward, connections to so many people in town, committees he served on…a family, friends, a life. Those things don’t go away on their own.

His family is trying to sort through all of this while trying to watch over his care. Today, his case worker at Wesley Rehab told Mackenzie that he’d have to leave next week. We checked on that and found out that wasn’t entirely true, but that they need to know where he will be sent when he has to leave Wichita.

We are on a constant roller coaster ride and it is demoralizing for Dane as well as us, as he’s doing the best he is able. He can’t do what we can do, or what he once was able to perform. He is getting better and he needs to stay at Wesley Rehab to get better. They have their rules that don’t involve patient needs.

So, one of these days, they will say he has to leave even though we KNOW he is making progress. He is getting better. His progress is just slower than for most. He can’t help that.

He’s scheduled to go to the Wilson Nursing Home. We haven’t settled that entirely and it’s not set in stone. I don’t want him far from family. I want him where he can get more therapy and loving care and support from family and friends. When you’re on the outside, it’s hard to make a good judgment on such things. I just wish I could bring him home…but that’s a year away, I figure.

Things will work themselves out. Dane will get better. We’ll all be around to help him. But, in the meantime, it is a struggle.


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Posted on Tue, May. 24, 2005
“Rural way of life at stake” by Scott Rothschild
Associated Press
LAWRENCE, Kan. - Tim Peterson, a farmer from Monument in far western Kansas, knew he lived in a remote area…

Here’s another research group with suggestions for curbing our declining population. Marci Penner, who is quoted here as well, understands the innerworkings of rural Kansas as well as anyone walking. RURAL WAY OF LIFE AT STAKE.

Click Here for Statistical Information on Ellsworth County.


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Worldstart has a great bargain going right now, as they usually do on a lot of things, for McAfee Internet Security Suite. That’s the works. Click here to see the Best Deal Imaginable. It retails for $79.95, you can order it from Worldstart for $44.97 (postage free) and with the $40.00 rebate, if you’ve been a McAfee user, it costs you $4.97. Can’t beat that. It’s the latest version too. Ask for a qualifier if you lost your disk.



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Dane is using his left leg more in the Lite Gait and taking small steps. That’s good news. His speech therapy went exceptionally well. He was really ON with his speech. He had OT twice and that went well. We don’t know what the evaluation shows or the report back from BC/BS. We should know tomorrow afternoon.

Kenz is doing a wonderful job looking after her father. It takes a very exceptional young woman to understand and perform as she has. She’s very special. Being a caregiver for her father is far different from her previous role as the daughter of a very successful, understanding and giving father. There are caregivers and there are caring givers, like Mackenzie. My friend, Paul, reminded me of this.

We’re all going to get through this someway. And, although we won’t have the same son, brother and father back, we’ll have a healthier, trimmer and a less stressed man back in the family who will be almost like the man we once knew. We love the new Dane. We’ll make every effort to see that he stays that way.

He’s accepted every challenge…and some have been very formidable…from a very young age. He’s done very, very well with those challenges. He’s been very successful. Now, he can let some of those things go and enjoy life and his family, friends and challenges in other ways. He will find easier more relaxing ways to enjoy his life when he able. That’s what we wish for him. It will happen.

We had a hummer at our feeder this morning. Brit watches everyday for their return. He’s had his feeder filled since March and today marked the first arrival of one of his beauties. They don’t exactly gravitate here, they sort of just bump into our place. We love it.

Ringo went to visit Smoky today. Drew called when he was home for lunch from his work at the bank to tell us he was there visiting. That Ringo. We have to figure out a way to make him stay home. He is such a funny, happy dog. We love him so much!


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There were 46 students who received their diplomas of graduation yesterday afternoon in the warm auditorium of EHS. The ceremony was short and sweet and we were out of there before anyone really complained of the heat. It was a much better day for high temperatures than Saturday, which was a scorcher. Those who wanted to sit in more comfortable seats chose the air-conditioned PAC. It was a good crowd overall and the ceremony was well-done.

Karen, Todd and the boys really did a bang up job at their house to welcome all of Drew’s relatives and friends. Todd had painted the interior of the house, as Karen wanted a new look, and Karen added a lot of special touches. Their house really looks nice…and like them.

Drew had all of his awards and letter jacket on display and the food table was outstanding….as were the offerings on it. It was a great afternoon and I think everyone really enjoyed being together, relishing the good food and visiting with folks we don’t see all that often.

They can take a breather now for a couple of years until Tyler graduates in 2007.

Drew is leaving June 1st for Spain and touring with Bonnie Orozco and the high school Spanish class. They’ve worked a long time to raise enough money for their trip. Drew is not coming home with the group, but is meeting brother Rod and friend Seth to spend another week or so sleeping on trains and seeing sights during the day. That’s Rod’s graduation present to him. He’ll be home the 21st with tales to tell.

Our grandchildren have grown up too fast…just like our kids. Where does the time go?

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