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Tyler took the garlands of flowers and wind thingies off the ceiling in Dane’s room. We packed the family collage that Mackenzie made so that he can have it at Wesley. Dane picked the things he wanted to take with him as reminders and make his surroundings more familiar: his Hooters calendar and the family calendar with notations of dates to remember, some artificial tulips and his sticky gross “brain, poop, cricket, and tongue”. Mackenzie is good at making a room come alive so when she comes to visit, she’ll make it homey for him.

Dane was still up when I went back to see him at 8:30. He’d been up since 5:00…and was up about 4 hours this morning. His bedsore is getting much better and is closing as it should. It will still be several weeks before it heals completely, but it’s so much improved. I wonder if Dr. McDonald will see it again? He’s the wound doctor who treated it originally.

I wish he were less confused, but there isn’t anything we can do about that. I can only hope that once he is more oriented with a daily routine and mixing with other people doing what he’s doing, that he’ll relate more to the present reality of time. I don’t blame him for dreaming he is somewhere else doing pleasant things. That seems a logical way for the brain to cope.

Thanks for staying tuned. If he can get email messages at Wesley Rehab, I’ll have Mackenzie post the address. I know he’d love hearing from his friends. Your letters and cards have helped him so much…and we’ve saved them all for him to read when he’s well. Thanks for your many kindnesses.


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The Kansas Sampler Festival
Saturday, May 7th 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sunday, May 8th 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Newton, Kansas
Click here for Festival details.
Festival Blossoms Inside

The word from Marci Penner:

Grab your neighbor, bring your loud uncle, give a festival flyer to the crank at the coffee shop. Tell them they just have to come to this event to see Kansas with new eyes. But there’s a price - - they’ll have to let go of their misconceptions.

You can’t help but feel prouder to be a Kansan or more interested in traveling the state after you visit booth after booth of communities and attractions touting their best. Hearing Kansas musicians and historic performers, or stopping at booth after booth of Kansas-made products of Kansas art, boosts your spirit.

It’s really a special event when almost 200 communities in the state are tied together in an effort to give a loud and unified message. KANSAS HAS A LOT TO OFFER!

You could explore a new nook and cranny every day of the year and still have another dare-to-do-dirt road to drive, another cafe with made-from-scratch cooking to try, another history lesson to learn, or another architectural gem to admire. Hundreds of volunteers will tell you about these places in their neck of the wood - - and thousands of people will listen.

The story of Kansas is as big as you think - - and this is an event that will help you think big.


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I’m not sure if I have all the things Dane will need while he is at Wesley Rehab, but I have enough stuff to last awhile. Tyler helped me load it into Dane’s largest suitcase. I’m banking on the fact he’ll be there a couple of months. That’s my hope.

They dress every morning before breakfast and have all their meals in the dining room. That is going to be a challenge for him as the most he’s worn is a tee shirt over his gown. They will have to figure out the sweats and shorts routine and other such things.

They don’t do laundry so that means I’ll be spending a lot of time at the laundramat. I guess that’s why I’m taking an ample supply of everything. There is a washer and dryer they said he could use to do his own laundry, which he’s done since the 6th grade, but I’m sure he’s going to have to have rest periods now and then. I can also use it, but with all the people who are there, I’m sure there is a lot of demand for them.

So, now to figure out what I have to take….same old worn out stuff. I don’t really care. I’m still in the groundhog day mode so it doesn’t matter.

Ally is here to help so I need to get back to the laundry and chores! Lisa is visiting Dane. Ally stopped by too. Dane has been up a long time so far today.


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Ringo forgot everything he was taught, except how to grin and be lovable. He needs a refresher course in where the bathroom is, not to jump on people to get their attention so they will stop everything and pat him for hours and to quit wandering away from home and trying to run the school district office. He loves it there.

So, Todd is taking him back to the prison for a refresher course. It will probably take a couple of weeks for him to remember the fundamentals. We’ll miss him while he’s gone. He’s a real charmer.


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Dane got up on the side of the bed today with only Emily helping him. That was a huge improvement. When he came from Select, it took at least four people, plus prodding, to get him upright. But now the prodding, for the most part, has disappeared. Emily, who is a very, very special person, got Dane to help himself more than usual and, as a result, he sat on the side of the bed and balanced himself. It was another milestone.

Mark Herzog came by the hospital and cleaned Dane’s teeth. Now where else could you find a doctor to do this? Not in the city. Mark has been Dane’s dentist since Mark’s arrival in town. He does good work and certainly goes that extra mile for his patients.

We had guests today as well: Mark Cobel and Kim Finke came “from the office” and visited with Dane a long time. Kim brought Dane’s favorite, supreme pizza, from the Scheme. We all enjoyed that enormously. It’s the best pizza in the midwest. You can’t be in a hurry, as it takes time to prepare, but it’s well worth the wait. Sarah Emmerson paid another visit. She’s been such a loyal friend to Dane. She and Mark were there together and they both read my blog, so I introduced Sarah to Mark as the lemon butter lady! He knew instantly who she was. It’s fun to make those connections.

And, we got the good news from Wesley Rehab that he was accepted for treatment. That is such good news to us. Dane has earned that right. He has worked hard to get where he is. He needs professional help, of another level, to continue to improve.

Tyler is going to help me this weekend to pack Dane’s clothes and what he’ll need for him…and he’ll help me gather my things together and pack them in the car. We’re off again! Look after Brit while I am gone. Poor guy…he probably wonders if he has a wife.


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They are going to give Dane a chance at Wesley Rehab in Wichita. YAYYYY! I think, after all is said and done, that he is going to the very best place, the one most able to meet his needs. We’re all very pleased and happy he was finally accepted. Bonnie Stephens of Wesley Rehab has been a terrific advocate for Dane.

He’s there on a trial run of 3 to 10 days, but every one believes he’ll be able to show progress (those are the magic words) and able to stay longer. As long as he shows progress, they will work with him.

We have a lot of people to thank for putting this together, Cathy Harshbarger, Jenny Wise, Sherry Bennett, Dr. Slomka, Vickie Farney, and everyone else at the hospital who offered all their wonderful support and help….all have spent hours on the phone talking to people at Wesley, BC/BS, faxing information and encouraging Dane. It’s a huge ordeal and frustrating to experience.

The local EMS crew will move him Monday about 10 am. If you have a chance to stop in either Saturday or Sunday (Monday he’ll be too busy getting ready for the trip) and give him a word of encouragement, please do. He’s apprehensive about it (remember, the Dane we have now isn’t the one we once knew) and fearful of failure…so a pat on the back and an encouraging word would be helpful to him.

And, I have Amy Eck to thank too. Remember the article she wrote about Dane when he returned here from Select Specialty in Wichita? Well, I was pulling down the driveway Thursday on my way to Wichita to visit WR when I recalled that article. I backtracked to our house and got a couple copies of that article to take with me. I gave one to Bonnie and one to the doctor who was instrumental in making the final decision. That article was mentioned in the conversation today with Wesley folk so I can’t help but think it mattered. Never leave a leaf unturned. Or however that goes.


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Hi Peg,

I learned something today and it’s a good thing. I’ve saved your message in my Inbox in which you gave the URL for your blog. Now I’ve learned that if I open your blog, right-click somewhere on the message, and click “Create Shortcut” I now have a shortcut on my desktop which I can click every day to read your blog. I suppose everyone else knew that…but it’s a great timesaver.

It’s a dull day when I don’t learn something new.


P.S. This works with MSIE but not with Mozilla.



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A friend and I went to Wichita today to take a tour of Wesley Rehab and try to beg a bed for Dane. It was an all day affair and exhausting. I’ll save the details as it’s so frustrating; the bottom line is they will take him for 3 to 10 days on a trial period. That is, if BC/BS approves it. We should know for sure tomorrow. Then if he can show progress, he can stay longer.

Lady of Lourdes rejected him. Wesley was …is…our last hope in Kansas.

Dane’s new mantra: “I thought you’d never ask!”

Their speech therapist, who was from Salina, has met Dane and knows his present therapist very well. That’s a plus.

They have tons of equipment and lots of therapists helping people. It’s a big place. They do good work. It’s new, clean and shiny.

He would share a room. They aren’t large but the point is they are supposed to be out of bed, dressed and in therapy. They are well equipped…small dresser, small closet, small TV on a flexible arm. Great big shower. They do their own laundry, if they can.

Each patient has a posted work schedule for at least three hours per day. The schedules looked packed with activities. I just hope he can hold up under all the demands that will be made of him.

We stopped in to see our friends at Select Specialty. I was so happy to see them again…several were there I knew. They remembered. Chris gave me a big hug, but then I begged for it. He was so good to Dane and our family.

The saga continues….



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Things are too complicated for me to understand…BUT…both Wesley Rehab and Lady of Lourdes are negotiating for Dane. If “negotiating” is the right term. You can’t believe the amount of information about him they want. I’m sure there is a purpose for all of it.

Lisa and I are heading to Wichita tomorrow to check out Wesley Rehab. We’ve already visited Lady of Lourde twice. I need someone with me who can see things and ask questions I don’t recognize. I appreciate her help so very much.

Sometime next week he’ll be leaving Ellsworth and going some place. I just don’t know where, but I’ll keep you posted.

Neither Dane nor I want to leave here. It is the very best place to be if you need loving care to get well. We will miss everyone so much, but then, it’s always possible we will return some time after his rehab. It all depends on how much progress he makes. And who can possibly know what that is now?

I can’t begin to tell you how very special the care is at ECMC…the people there are so wonderful to Dane and all our family. This is an exceptional hospital and the residents of Ellsworth County ought to be extraordinarily proud of it….every single aspect of it.



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This isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned this, but you just can’t imagine the gem of a work horse speech therapist we have in Vicky Farney who is helping Dane and others. She does amazing work and keeps a very detailed running record of his progress. His cognitive skills have improved enormously under her guidance. She is rustling up so much in his mind to bring it back where it once served him so well. She gets very amused at him as his way of thinking is so complex, clear and concise, at times. She wants all that back and is slowly inching her way there. Early on she said, “You know Dane likes to talk about family and personal things. Is that alright with you or would you rather he didn’t discuss those things with me?” Go for it Vicky! Whatever makes him think, lead him on. I suspect she knows more about this family than we ever imagined she would. She’s a terrific advocate for Dane.


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We’re waiting patiently to hear something from Wesley Rehab…positive words, we hope.

Today I made a flying trip to Wal-Mart to buy some light weight sweats, both long and short, so Dane will be ready when the call comes. Now to sort through old shirts, which are about the only kind he has. They are required to dress every day, but for him for the first time in eons, that won’t mean a suit and tie. The best part of the trip was running across my old friend, since the 4th grade, Shirley Drawbaugh. What a nice surprise that was.

It was chicken fried steak day at the hospital. The dining room was packed to running over. Lasagna is on the menu for tonight. Barbecued pork riblets, corn on the cob and salad are on the home menu.

I loaded up on Bolthouse Farms pureed grass clippings, carrot and berry juices today. That’s good stuff. The Green Goodness stuff can’t help but cure anything that’s ailing you.

Mackenzie is planning on staying with her dad for the first few weeks. He’ll like having a different face hovering over him.



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My Ellsworth County website has needed updating for a long time now. Websites are worthless if the material in them is not current; much of mine is not current. Businesses come and go, ownerships change, landscapes change and my website needs a lot of help. It takes continuous effort to keep them interesting and at the top of the list of search engines.

I’ve written all the text in my website; my webmaster does all the coding and tough stuff to make it work. I would have nothing without her efforts.

My “Authors Page” is one of my favorites. I love it and those who have written articles for me. I need Cheryl Unruh in there at the top of the page. She is such a beautiful writer and I hope to have her material for all to read.

All the links need updating. They can change overnight and many of mine no longer work.

Jesse needs to help me with Kanopolis and get their town to the forefront. Kanopolis is a great little town and people need to know about it. He also needs to graduate from K-State this semester and decide on grad school or whatever path he decides on. He’s a wonderful friend and always is there for me. He’ll help when he can.

I’d like to have an unofficial commentary on any number of subjects from Josh that I can post. He’s remarkable, but also a very busy guy. I need him on my Author’s Page as well.

What people don’t understand is that “official” websites need a full-time webmaster who is constantly updating material. It must be current. That’s a difficult and expensive task, but if it isn’t adhered to, you might as well trash the website. That also goes for sites like mine, but a little latitude is allowed with personal sites.

My genius webmaster and I were going to update mine with a completely new and revised look in January. There were family matters that arose and superceded those plans. She comes from south Texas with her truck load of computers (and companion Zack, a pal of Jack who will quickly adapt to Ringo’s loving ways) so that, along with my Dell, we can complete the task and achieve the look we want in a couple of weeks of non-stop work. It takes a lot of patience and it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

My extremely talented ex-daughter in law, who is a master at creating the artistic look I want, will do a splash page for me of the County, Grandma Moses style. She’s a remarkable artist with an incredible amount of style and composition. It will give my site a whole new look.

Official websites can only do so much. They serve official purposes, to serve the political bases (er, bosses), but they don’t tell anyone what they really want to know about the human element of living in Ellsworth and the surrounding area. At least I don’t think so.

My blog is another matter. Mostly, I am interested in our local citizens, friends and our ex-pats who read my blog to stay current on what’s going on about town, or with our family. Blogging is great fun.

That’s the plan!

Thanks for your continuing support. Send suggestions for the update. I’d love hearing what you have to say.

And, thanks for staying connected to Ellsworth County.


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April 20, 2004
Wesley Rehab tops among its HealthSouth peers
Jerry Siebenmark

HealthSouth Corp.’s Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital at 8338 W. 13th has been named no. 1 among the company’s 129 rehabilitation hospitals based on several performance factors.

The 65-bed facility that provides both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services was awarded HealthSouth’s President’s Circle Award at the company’s annual administrator’s meeting in Orlando, Fla.

The criteria evaluating Wesley Rehabilitation Hospital for the award included the results of patient satisfaction surveys, clinical benchmarks, business practices and quality of health care, says marketing director Robb Rose.

This was from a year ago, but I’m pleased to learn they were recognized as the best in their HealthSouth Circle. Bonnie’s enthusiasm for what they can do for patients is contageous so I am very hopeful about the results they might get with Dane.

And, if all goes as we hope and Dane actually gets accepted, then Mackenzie is planning on going to Wichita to be with him for the first few weeks. That will give me a break. Dane needs support now more than an advocate and Kenz is just the right person for that. Her enthusiasm will set a spark under him and get him motivated to do the best that he can.

Now, cross fingers and toes and hope this one works out. Our initial conversations with reps from rehab facilities start out being so positive, then they just drain away and take your hopes with them. We keep after them until we find the right one. I believe that the right one will emerge in time and I’m very hopeful Wesley is the right one. I’m sorry I didn’t visit it when I was in Wichita, but I was hung up on Lady of Lourde and got sidetracked. I should have remembered they wouldn’t take BC/BS as St. Francis wouldn’t, except in an emergency. Dang, but I should have remembered. I let my guard down and I don’t often do that. Cross everything you can cross!!!

They will take Dane from where he is now and work with him until they come as close as they can to get the Dane we once knew And, he only has to be able to sit in a chair for 45 minutes initially and he can do better than that most days. Every place else requires three hours and are very strict about that. I like Wesley’s idea. It makes sense to me.

If you have a minute to visit Dane between now and Monday, please do. Give him a word of encouragement as that will be very helpful to him. It’s possible he will be gone at least two months, possibly longer. He won’t have his home support of family and friends while he is gone; not like he has had here. He has to show progress in order to stay at Wesley Rehab. That may be a long time.

Oh. Bonnie told me that they had a wonderful new piece of equipment: it’s a treadmill, that goes very slowly, that patients like Dane can get on to learn to walk. He will be held above it with a harness-like devise. That is exactly what I have been asking about as I’ve called various rehab hospitals. Finally, I found one. They have excellent results teaching people how to walk again with it. I just know Dane will learn how to walk again. I have very high hopes for him, not because I’m his mom, but because he’s a strong-willed man and I know he will give it all his effort. He has every reason to to overcome what has happened to him (the stroke, hemorrhagic surgery respiratory failure, and a multitude of other problems) and once back on his feet, he should be a far happier, healthier man.


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A friend and I visited Minneapolis Rehab today. It’s appears to be a very good facility but just not the one for Dane right now.

On the way home, we decided Lady of Lourdes was our choice. Then, upon arriving back at the hospital, we learned it is not a BC/BS provider and THEN THE LIGHT DAWNED. The only reason Dane was accepted at St. Francis was because he was an emergency patient (he was flown there from Salina). When it was time for him to go to Select Specialty, he couldn’t stay at St. Francis as it wasn’t an emergency and his insurance wouldn’t cover the costs there; we had to go to Select Specialty at Wesley. DUH! I forgot that.

So, I started looking at Wesley Rehab. Strangely enough, Ally started looking at Mid-America Rehab in Overland Park. They and other rehabs are part of HealthSouth, which we didn’t know. I talked with the rep from Wesley and liked very much what she said, what they can do for Dane. Ally talked with the rep at Mid-America and got about the same information and was getting the same good feeling.

I can’t believe we won’t have a hitch in the works, but right now, it appears they will take Dane and work with him toward independent living. We have to have a destination for him now for when he is discharged, and once again we don’t know how much progress he will make so we can intelligently make that decision, but we’ll figure in any event he’ll come back to Ellsworth. After all, we have all his clothes.

We’re sending him to Wesley, sight unseen, unless I can get to Wichita between now and when they decide to move him. It’s going to take some time for me to sort through his clothes and find things to send with him. I haven’t a clue where his shoes are, but they have to be in a box someplace other than here. I’m hoping they can hold off until Monday. He has guests coming Thursday.

Drew came to the hospital before he headed to the golf course for practice and told us he is signing with ATO on Friday. He’s very thrilled. I am too. His big brother, Rod, was an ATO at K-State and my dad was a charter member of the ATO’s at KU in 1913 or thereabouts. Drew visited various fraternities, had other choices, and made the decision after careful consideration.

We had a nice rain last night and today. I love days like today. Things cooled down a lot and I had to put on another layer of clothes.

We should have a definite answer tomorrow about the move to Wesley. Then we’ll work on how best to get him there. I like having our local people transport him, but I don’t like the gurney they use as it’s designed for a #150 boy. Or so I think. It has to be terribly uncomfortable for someone Dane’s size.

Now, to get back to the hospital. Dr. Herzog is going to clean and check Dane’s teeth Friday morning at the hospital. That’s a good thing to have done before we head out of town again.

Oh. Do you remember the “free Schick Quatro razor” (tip from Mackenzie) I blogged a couple weeks ago? Mine arrived today.



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Almost immediately after my call for help regarding Minneapolis Brain Trauma Rehab, Linda K. appeared at the hospital with information. Then Jina M. gave me a call. Both were in regard to the same patient family. I’ve heard wonderful reports from them. Ally heard of one in Salina today from another family. All reports are very positive.

Now we have to determine if it’s the kind of facility BC/BS will approve for his acute rehab care. I can’t find that out until tomorrow.

Dave B. made another of his frequent trips to see Dane. This time on his bicycle. He and Cheryl also went to Wichita to pay him visits and they have all been very much appreciated. Dave has a way of continuing to talk even when Dane is frequently unresponsive. But Dane loves to hear what Jeff and Doug are doing and talks about it later. It must be remembered that he’s forming new channels to replace those removed surgically and Dave understands that. Dane’s emotional and verbal responses just aren’t quite what they once were, but we’re making headway. He’ll fly again.

Ally called to say that the open house that Remax had for Dane’s house was very good. Over 50 potential buyers showed up, which is more than they have had at an open house in a very long time. The house looks especially nice and very clean thanks to special help from Ruby and some from the rest of our family. But Ruby was the champion for Dane.

Scott M. stopped by today to see me and brought a couple of loaves of whole grain bread from Wheatfield’s Bakery in Lawrence. He knows what I like. He also brought a certificate from PEP. That was very nice. I hope I can find some time to get domestic again so I can have Tammy and him for dinner. Some weekend will work.

I’ve been playing Il Diva when I’ve been home. It’s a wonderful CD. Thanks Ally!

I brought meals home from the hospital today; the same that Dane had for lunch…hamburger steak with grilled onions, twice-baked potato casserole, creamed peas, tossed salad, homemade rolls and chocolate pie. Those ladies do such a wonderful job. I’ve already been told that the food at Minneaopolis is okay but nothing compared to here. An employee who has worked both places for extended periods of time told me. Nothing that I know compares to ECMC with the possible exception of the Surgical Hospital in Salina where you can order anything you want as they cook everything to order for each patient…Filet Mignon or Chicken Cordon Bleu (lobster is about the only exception), but that is an unusual hospital and usually you are too “out of it” after surgery to eat and you are sent home before you get hungry.

There is a bumper sticker running around the state that says: “Phill Kline is Watching You”. How true! I want one! I’m also sporting “Kansas…as bigoted as you think”. I hope everyone who sees it has a good sense of humor.


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Do you, or anyone you know, have any recent experience with the Minneapolis KS brain injury rehab? I’m going to take a look at it tomorrow, but it would be helpful to talk with someone who has personal knowledge of the unit. It’s a 12 bed unit and they have one bed open now. I have heard good things about it, but nothing directly. I’m going to see it tomorrow with a friend who has good eyes for such things; Ally visited yesterday.

Another alternative is Mid-America Rehab in Overland Park. Know anything about it? We haven’t talked with them, as yet.

I’m looking for a “long term” (where he can stay two months, at least) acute brain injury rehab unit for Dane. I personally don’t think he is ready for or able to fully participate at the present time at Lady of Lourde in Wichita. Their patients stay a week to 10 days, maybe two weeks. They “had a patient who stayed a month” a long time ago. It costs $1,400 a day so they want them “in and out”. I’ve been there twice to visit and I just don’t think he is ready. There will be a time when he can benefit from their program, but I don’t believe he can right now. Others think he can, but they haven’t visited LOL. Dane doesn’t think he can handle it from the way I have described it. Not now.

So, any information would be helpful. You know how to reach me… prairie_at_classicnet_dot_net. (Take out the underlines and transcribe the “at” and “dot”) or call at 785.472.3844.

Kip, Kurt and Kyle (three generations of Kippes relatives) were here to visit Dane yesterday and today. Ally was also here for the day. Dane enjoyed his company. The K.C. relatives were very pleased at how good he looks. He does! He improves slowly day by day. He has a lot more movement in his left leg that I attribute some to therapy but mostly that his brain is making new passages to make things work in new ways. There is still nothing happening in his left arm. I keep asking him to shrug his shoulders hoping I will detect some movement in his left arm, but so far there isn’t any. It will be the last to come around and behave.

Il Divo is a great new CD. A gift from Ally. They are four very handsome young men with great voices who appeared on Oprah and the Today Show. Ally saw them and knew I would love their music. I haven’t seen them so now I’m going crazy trying to figure out which voice goes with which handsome face.

Dane said to me this morning as I was leaving: “Mom, you know Dad goes out on his errands each morning. I was wondering if he could….(long pause, and I’m thinking he wanted the Sunday Journal…or what???)…well, (another pause)…do you suppose he could bring Ringo by for a visit?” So…Ringo just returned from a visit to room 107. Dane misses Skunk, his cat.



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I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Craig has also rejected Dane. First their doctor told us they did treat brain trauma patients caused by stroke and hemorrhagic surgery. We sent all the information, called information…it was a go, they said. Then another doctor on the team said…Nope, we don’t take such patients. Now these two doctors work side by side. I just don’t get it. Then they said they weren’t an acute rehab hospital. GOLLDARNDABNABBIT!

I don’t know why in the world they don’t understand simple English. Dr. Slomka, Jenny and Cathy have spent countless hours talking to these folks and they were very receptive to taking Dane. They received volumes of information. It was a go. They knew what kind of patient he was, and what he needed.

Craig recommended another place in Denver. We talked with them a half an hour. They always have open beds. (Red flag) They give $35.00 a day to families who are from out of town to help with hotel expenses. (Red flag) And they would only take him for no more than a month…probably only 3 weeks.

Rehabs do wonderful things, but his progress so far has been incrementally slow, as expected. But it’s very positive. I just can’t imagine they can take him from where he is now and have him walking and taking care of himself in three weeks; that would be progress by leaps and bounds. I do believe that it is possible he will be able to do all those things and regain a very normal lifestyle, but that kind of recovery in three weeks of rehab is a stretch for me to believe. It will just take more time than that and help from all of us.

So, we’re back to Lady of Lourdes in Wichita…or Madonna in Omaha. I hope I don’t make a mistake, but if I do, I want to make it close to home so I can keep an eye on what is going on with Dane. The Rojas’ went to Madonna and Bert had a bed in the room with Jimmy. Omaha is not where I want to be. It’s supposed to be very good but their experience wasn’t the best. It’s not in my territory of circulation.

So, maybe Dane will go to LOL. We’ll work on it Monday since no one works on the weekends except the rest of us.

A bunch of my friends stopped by today…PEP board member friends…and I wasn’t home. Dagnabit. I was with Dane in the dining room. I would have loved seeing them.

Dane is the most optimistic of any of us. He says it will work out and I will find the right place for him. I wish! I thought I had it in both Baylor and Craig. There are cracks in the floor for patients like Dane to fall through. Meantime, it’s driving me bonkers.


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Remember the stuff I mentioned on an earlier blog that I thought was so good? Stuff that looked like pureed grass clippings? Fruit juice blend with 14 powerful nutrients? Well, here is what is in it (it’s 100% juice); Apple Juice, Pineapple Juice, Mango Puree, Banana Puree, Kiwi Juice, Natural Flavor, Spirulina, Open Cell Chlorella, Vitamin C, Lime juice, Zinc Sulfate, Broccoli, Green Tea, Spinach, Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Blue Green Algae, Echinacea, Purpurea Extract, Odorless Garlic, Tamarind Puree, Dragon Fruit Juice, Lemon Bioflavonoids, Jersalem Artichoke and Nova Scotia Dulce.

That’s it. The only part I don’t understand is “Natural Flavor”. I’d think drinking this stuff would cure almost anything that is ailing you. It’s a good thing and I’m sticking with it.

Weatherbug says we have a slight chance of frost tonight after midnight and tomorrow morning. That will make for good sleeping tonight. Let’s hope it doesn’t nip all the plants that are springing forth and don’t need that kind of setback.


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My brother-in-law, Al Kippes, and his son, my nephew, Kurt Kippes, are coming to visit Dane and us tomorrow. They always stop at the Cozy Inn for hamburgers before lighting here. In fact, they plan their trips around the Cozy’s hours. They are bringing Dane three doubles with everything. He’s accustomed to more, but we don’t want him to reestablish his old habits, if we can avoid it. He will be so surprised and pleased. I think you have to be born with a Cozy in one hand, as all of us were, before you get the hang of liking them. We might get evicted from the hospital for making it smell like Cozies.

Brit and Anne Grothusen had lunch with Dane today while I stayed home to tend the machines full of clothes. Dane surfed the net for an hour this morning again. We do everything we can to keep him out of bed and distracted from the pain in his tailbone. There isn’t anything wrong with his tailbone; it isn’t infected or broken. It just hurts like fury. His bedsore is healing very nicely and is probably half the size it was after they surgically opened it. I’ll be so glad when that thing is healed. He’s had it since the first of December when he was flat on his back immobile in Salina for 36 hours. It only takes 6 hours to get a bedsore from sitting or lying in a position that puts pressure on an area of the skin and cuts off the blood circulation to that area.

Ally bought me a surprise and I am so excited. It’s a CD called “Il Divo”. She said, “They are four young, handsome opera singers. I saw them on TV the other day and thought they were great. I’m listening to it now and it’s wonderful, imo.” I wonder if she’s going to part with it? (Smile!) My kind of music.

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