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The long awaited sewer project in Brookville may soon be launched. The pipe is on the site and they anticipate starting the project around Oct. 20th.

They don’t have to tear out any brick or concrete surfacing on the streets so the work should progress rather quickly.

That is very good news. I’d think that would be very good news for the high school administrators as the school is sitting in a bowl, with not a lot of good drainage. I bet their septic tanks take a beating. Seems to me someone said the field and laterals are beneath the football field. That might get slushy some day if they weren’t going to be able to attach to the city sewer.

Maybe we will soon hear something about a change in ownership of the old hotel. Cross your fingers. That will help all of us.


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Georgie just made me hot chocolate to warm my toes. She mixed Ghirardelli chocolate syrup, which is more like fudge sauce, with whole milk and added two squirts of vanilla, at my request. She heated it until it was piping hot and then put a dollop of whipped cream on the top. It was just what I needed! Medium size which was more than enough, was $2.00. Stop in and give it a try sometime. Conversation with Georgie is always a pleasure.


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Although they were born twelve years apart, my grandsons, Tyler and Rod, share the same birth date…Sept. 30th. Happy birthday, guys.

We’re celebrating tomorrow night when all the family is free to gather except for my favorite granddaughter who’s in Dallas going to school. We always seem to be missing one, but during dinner, we’ll call and annoy her by telling her how much we miss her and how good the food is! She’ll love that.


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I was reminded this morning, by my most faithful of readers that when mentioning cold weather and it’s mental association with chili, I should also keep in mind ham and beans with “a generous dose of Tabasco and pepper”. I agree and would also add a generous amount of chopped onions with cornbread on the side. I always like a little fresh fruit cup with it too.


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There is something inexplicable about the location of our house and the way sound waves encounter it. There is no accounting for it, trees or no trees. Distance doesn’t even seem to be a factor. You just can’t tell from which direction the sound is coming or how far away it is. Maybe it’s because the house is so whopper jawed.

At precisely 8:00 a.m. this morning I was awakened by the EHS High School band, in all its glory. They are terrific. It’s as if they were below my bedroom window, right below it…not 100 yards away, or wherever they were. I could hear every word Ken was telling them.

And then there was the relentless drum beat. It’s a great beat with lots of syncopation and diversity. Actually, the beat goes on.

I well remember during many of the “old days”, not all that many years ago actually, when it was noise I heard, of the worst kind…cacophonously emitted through an assemblage of instruments. It was not the kids fault the product was so bad. The change can be directly attributed to an excellent music department, excellent teachers from Susan Keith right on up through the ranks to Ken Hakoda. Is it any wonder one would want this degree of excellence to continue?

I’ve been listening to the EHS marching band practice for almost 30 years, note by note, year after year, from my excellent vantage point and I can tell you, there is a huge difference between “then” and “now”.

… and the beat go on…


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You can always check the weather on the splash page of my website. It’s supposed to get a little cold tonight, with winds coming from the northeast later on. It’s blanket weather if you open the windows at night as we are inclined to do. That makes for good sleeping.

One of the best investments I ever made was in a Temperpedic mattress with a pillow top….well, and my sleeper machine (C-PAP). It’s a toss up which I like most. When I bought my mattress, they were selling at least one a day at Millers of Claflin, and they were new on the market at that time. I bet that number has increased substantially. With those two things, sleep is insured. No more tossing and turning or aching shoulders and hips.

I bet half the people in town are eating chili tonight.


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It is my understanding that the Midland needs both a manager and a head chef. Now is the time for all of us to start looking….bring that son or daughter home who could fill either position. We need for the Midland Hotel to be what the founders have planned for it to be. It is important to the entire area that they are successful in their efforts.


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It will feel like football weather tonight. Sit by me if you are bringing a thermos of hot chocolate!


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Kenny, Delmar and Ralph arrived this morning to install the membrane (they ended up using the rubberized stuff they use on roofs) and pour a slab of concrete over it in the shower. It needs to set up for a few days.

I gotta zoom…time to carve my initials in it with a nail!



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The only pro team sport that I like or watch is women’s soccer. I think they are all amazing with their terrific athleticism. The sport has done so much for our young girls and now we are faced with losing all that inspiration for them. I think that is a real bummer.

USA is ahead of North Korea right now…3-0. All three goals were off of sets. Everyone on the team has contributed. Mia is on the sidelines as they are letting her rest for the game on Wednesday. They don’t really need her for this game, but they will when they play Norway on Wednesday in Foxboro. I hope they can win the World Cup. There are 23,000 in attendance today in Columbus. They just need twice that many everytime they play.

Cat Reddick was sensational with two goals from the center back position. USA wins 3-0.

On Wednesday Sweden takes on Brazil. USA plays Norway.


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We’re gearing up for winter, in case we ever have one. I figure the first winter we aren’t prepared, we’ll really regret it. It has been so long since we’ve had a long, hard, cold winter with lots of snow that I can hardly remember what one is like.

Randy came and changed the filters on our furnaces and cleaned all those things that need cleaning. Drew has mowed the prairie, perhaps for the last time this year. He also moved wood next to the front door and, down below,  so we’ll have it handy for the fireplaces. We put in new fireplace inserts about 4 years ago and they really have improved our heating efficiency. I can remember how important they can be when the electricity fails.

Tyler cleaned all our plants that generally live in the house and moved them inside. All of them won’t make it through the winter, but many have a good chance of survival. About the time I think “they’ve had it”, it’s time to put them outside again. It’s crowded and we may get over-oxygenated but I like having plants around, especially when I have a grandson who is so good with them. I need him to water some of them as I can’t get up that high anymore.

And Jack is doing his part by trying to rid the yard of squirrels. That is an endless chore. I think all that we resettled early in the summer have relocated themselves back here and are feasting on the acorns…larding themselves up for winter and storing their stash for later on. I suppose there is something I could learn from them about the prospects for winter.


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There was a lovely, large gathering today at the Lutheran church to honor Esther Katzenmeier on the occasion of her 90th birthday. She just radiated and had on a lovely new, long dress adorned with a pink rose corsage from her family. It was her day and she loved it.

We both recalled, at the same time, an incident when she was babysitting with our kids while we were out of town. Ally was always a challenge. She had climbed Gertie Kunkle’s TV tower that soared above her three story house. Shudders still overtake me when I think about it. She was four at the time. Esther begged and threatened her to come down, but the only reply she got from Ally was, “You’re not my mother.” She finally came down when she was dern ready. That girl never was afraid of heights. Later on she became a licensed lift mechanic (the only woman to be licensed in Colorado) for the ski area in Breckenridge. Now those were towers of dizzying heights to climb and make repairs on. I think she isn’t into that any more.

I sat by Karma Aylward who is 95 and doesn’t look it. Karma and I go back a long way…we’ve taken many wonderful trips together, but both of us have slowed down since then. I don’t see as much of her as I would like. Karma has had a lot of impact and has left her mark on many projects in Ellsworth.



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Donald O’Conner died today. He was a fine man and a gentleman. He and Brit were in the same unit in the service and Brit played the drums in a band that played for his performances.

Once, many years ago, our paths crossed in New Orleans. Donald asked me to dance. If I could have died on the spot, I would have. He took me out on the stage and we danced and talked, all alone, in front of a whole lot of people. Actually, it was very nice and I quickly forgot about what I was doing. He was so good that anyone could dance with him. I’ll never forget it. He could make you feel like a queen when you danced with him. Nothing else mattered.


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It was a beautiful day full of delightful music, art and food at Kansas Originals during their Spirit of Kansas Art Fair and Fun Day. Linda and I spent most of the day there and enjoyed it thoroughly. I love the atmosphere it imparts…like a family gathering celebrated in typical Kansas fashion. It was great.

They had a silent auction and a real auction with an auctioneer. I bid on and won a night for two at Castle Rock B & B. Going there is always a winner. I think Todd and Karen will enjoy that as I’m giving it to them. Linda bid on a beautiful flower arrangement by Shirley Robl and is delighted with it. Shirley Robl bought a beautiful framed photograph by Marge Lawson who is a great photographer. I was very tempted but I have not an inch of wall space for anything else.

The food was catered by a group of men from Claflin….and it was delicious. They had smoked ribs, pork loin, hot dogs, fried fish (fresh out of Wilson Lake), baked beans, Cole slaw, homemade rolls, chips, homemade vanilla ice cream and cookies.

It was great to just sit and visit with friends….Sandra, Mysty, Linda Mc, Josh, Dennis, Eleanor, Adolph, Robin and Brian, Mike and Dawn, Mark, Hulda and Bill, Lu and Keith, all our friends who work at KO, the list goes on. There were many new people to meet.

But there is an ironic twist to this story. For many years I have corresponded with Susan Howell, a website designer, who, with her husband, constructs the Blue Skyways, Kansas Explorers Club, Kansas Sampler websites (and many more). Anyway, she’s been very helpful to me on many occasions over the years and I’ve always wanted to meet her to see who this nice person was. Today the opportunity arose in a strange way. I was signing on the silent auction sheets for two quarts of honey. I kept a close eye on it and was sure I was the high bidder at a very good price. Well, the two quarts of honey just disappeared in the last second and I couldn’t believe it. I went to the check out stand to see how that happened…I didn’t really care as I had already purchased honey in their store, but I was interested who got the high bid….and guess what? It was Susan Howell. She was good! I had no idea what she looked like so Dennis pointed her out as she and John were walking to their car. I caught up with them and we had a delightful visit. I was so glad to meet them. We made a connection over Tony Gross’s honey. It was pretty funny.

Today was the kind of day that just makes you feel good all over and you hate to see it end. Two years ago Robin and Brian Boisvert hosted it at their farm home and it was one of those rare events that will probably never happen again, and I’ll never forget it. It’s a good thing to support Kansas Originals especially on special days like today that are so much fun.

YEA……KU 35, MU 14

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We’re on a roll!


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Wilson is the place to be today…specifically at Kansas Originals. Our neighbors and friends in Wilson have lots of activities planned for the Kansas Originals Spirit of Kansas Art Fair and Fun Day.

There is an auction at 1:00 p.m featuring beautiful one-of-a-kind items including a quilt, stained glass, wooden 1929 Ford, Mission-style oak table, hand-painted yard flag featuring a post rock, stepping stones, oil paintings and many other unique and beautiful items.

Native American, Dennis Rogers, will be dancing at 11:00 & 3:00 and a picnic with ribs, fish, and pork loin will begin at 4:00. There will be guest artists, and storytellers throughout the day. There will be free drawings every hour.

There are lots of events scheduled for kids. Including a free bouncer, post rock quarrying, face painting and lots of fun things — and kids 10 and under get a hot dog picnic free.

I’m going and will meet other friends there. Two years ago this event was held at the home of Brian and Robin Boisvert and it was really a wonderful event. I’m not sure they can match that this year, because of the wonderful surroundings the Boisverts had to offer, but it will be a lot of fun. It takes a lot of work to host such an event so they deserve our support. It will be a good day to be outside with friends.



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Another adult store opened yesterday, the Lion’s/Lyon’s (I don’t know which) Den this time in the old Stucky’s Restaurant building just north of the Interstate in Abilene. I’ve been watching its renovation and wondering what kind of new business would be opening there. I had high hopes of something really nice and unusual.

Whoa…what a let down! That’s a big building for an adult store and ’super large’ compared to the one at the Wilson exit. They call it an “adult super store”, so we know what that means… they handle the same kind of merchandise as the smaller adult stores except they offer a lot more of it with a lot more variety for those adults who want it.

The Lion’s Den is owned by Lee Applegate of CRD Enterprises of Ohio. It’s a chain operation of 10 superstores in locations throughout Ohio and it seems they are branching out into Iowa and Kansas.

They reported their Abilene opening day sales exceeded those of their store that recently opened in Iowa.

Letters to the editor objecting to the new enterprise are already flooding in to the Abilene newspaper. Instead of just being quiet about the whole thing (since they can’t do anything about it anyway) and avoid drawing attention to the new business, some Abilene folk who proclaim to be messengers from God want to impose their ultra-conservative, moralistic, righteousness on others and are giving the new business exactly what they want….a whole lot of free publicity which, in turn, tends to increase their business.

We live in a country based on individual freedom and equal rights and we can’t always choose our neighbors.

There is one thought to consider about the Lion’s Den. People who frequent I-70 and stop at such adult places might pass by the smaller shops along the way and opt to shop the super store in Abilene.


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