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My friend, Cap’n Allen, who lives 10 miles south of Rozell just wrote to say “there has been anywhere from 4 to 8.50 inches of rain out here in the past two days.” Today’s weather”, he reports, is “drizzle and in the upper 50s/ lower 60s.”

That’s soggy weather for doves. I’d be in my little dove house if I were a dove.


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I’m trying to pump all the stale air from our house and let in a lot of the fresh stuff we have surrounding us now. Nothing is better, imo, than clean air after a good rain…or while it is raining. Artificial cooling and heating does something to air…ruins it some how. Filters don’t do that much good either. I know we can’t really survive in Kansas without it, but I wish there were a way. Ocean air is the best!

It was cool enough today that I thought I’d brew up a batch of vegetable soup. I put almost every veggie known to man in it and figger it’s good for us. We go through a lot of soup in this household. I also baked a pan of sour cream brownies laden with walnut halves and noticed a big bowl of that and chocolate chip ice cream just pass by me. He said it’s easy to cook. Someone is hungry.

I thought the accident and the tragic loss of life of the Marquette boys would make the first page of the Journal. Not so. I think there have been so many teenage fatal car accidents in recent months that they are not “news” and relegated to obscure places toward the back of the paper. Such a tragic loss of life.

My plan to read my mail on the server is working pretty well. There hasn’t been that much of it, but there is a preponderance of virus-laden mail still coming my way. I had a letter from a friend in Florida last night who said she had worms crawling all over her computer and was stymied as to how to remedy the problem. (She wrote me on another computer to tell me of her dilemma.)

Brit said they had 6″ of rain down toward Emporia where 35 washed out last night. Seven cars were swept off the highway and four people were killed, according to early reports.

Our dove hunting friends might find the terrain rather soupy for scaring up birds. I don’t know…there are so many doves, maybe they just use the gun stock and whack them. We feed them and try to keep them around. Different strokes!


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We have friends, slightly older than we are, who, annually, go dove hunting around Rozell. I think it is Rozell that is close to Larned. I guess you could say they like to hunt dove.

The good part is that they are going to stop and visit with us today. We’ve been friends since 1945 and that’s a long time to remain good friends…and hunt dove. They live in Kansas City so we don’t see much of them anymore. It will be fun and we’re looking forward to it.


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I was dead asleep last night when I woke up to the strange sounds of somethingorother underneath my bedroom window. Loud sounds, “sort of” like a tom cat but not exactly. I couldn’t decide whether to just flip on the spot lights or go downstairs for my tape recorder.

After pausing only slightly about which way to turn, I flipped on all the outdoor spot lights to see what could be making such a sound. It was our fox standing right below me where I could see it clearly.

I always thought fox “yipped” and I think they do, but this one was wailing or something. More a call of distress but it was frisky and nothing was after it. We frequently have fox in the yard, both day and night, and this is the first time I’ve heard this kind of sound out of one of them. In case you are “thinkin’ it”, it definitely WAS NOT a mountain lion/cougar.



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I found the neatest compilations of old radio programs that you can ever imagine. You can listen to old time radio shows on line…free. It has complete programs, not just excerpts.

There are the old comedy shows: Abbott & Costello | Amos & Andy | A Date with Judy | Barrel of Fun | Benny Goodman | Bob Hope Show | Blondie | Evening with George Burns | Camel Comedy | More..

And westerns: Hopalong Cassidy| Death Valley Days | Gene Autry | Gunsmoke | More

And mysteries: Boris Karloff | Cloak and Dagger | Dark Venture | More..

Lots of big band music.

If you want to live some of those days when we sat around the radio listening to Abbott and Costello and Blondie, just CLICK HERE.

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by Todd Pittenger

“A Friday evening collision between 2 pickups near Lindsborg killed pair of teens from Marquette, and badly injured a third. According to the McPherson County Sheriff’s Office, 15-year-old Brady Jones of Marquette was driving northbound in a Dodge Dakota pickup on 12th Avenue near the intersection of Shawnee Road in McPherson County, when he crossed into the path and collided with a pickup driven by 57-year-old Duane Johnson of Lindsborg. The Sheriff’s Office says that 16-year-old Jeffrey Hopp of Marquette died at the scene, and that 15-year-old Michael Graham of Marquette later died at Via Christi St. Francis Hospital in Wichita. Brady Jones was airlifted to Wichita as well, and is listed in serious condition. Duane Johnson was taken to Memorial Hospital in Lindsborg. The accident happened at around 5:00 Friday evening.”


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We fell in the Mexican food line, quite by accident, behind the rest of our Ellsworth family. We even found a place where we could sit together. The food was exceptionally good today, we thought…particularly the hot tamales which contained a lot of lean pork.

The grandsons went back for seconds. I noticed #3 grandson had three tostados with meat, three hot tamales and 2 bowls of beans. There is no filling up that kid. It will coast him until they arrive at the football stadium where I’m sure they will tailgate and pull out more food. I’d like to see him level off at about 6″5″ and 210#. He would be happy with that and so would #2, but the latter seems to have stopped growing. Right now #2 and #3 are at 140# (each…but you sometimes wonder) while #3 is taller at 6′ 3″ and still growing.

They have very good homemade pie at the fiesta which might require another jaunt over there tonight. It’s a nice celebration they put on requiring many hour of preparation. I hope people aren’t deterred by the rain and still show their support for a good cause.


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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been deluged with virus laden letters with attachments. Every time I download my mail, I get 6 or 8 infected letters in each batch. Multiply that by the number of times I download mail and you get the idea of the number.

And, there is the worry associated with downloading mail. One slip of a click with one of those pieces of mail and my computer is doomed. All of this, whether deserved or not, I’m laying squarely at the feet of 18 year old thoughtless, self-absorbed ‘teekid’ for unleashing a version of “Blaster” computer worm. Jeffrey Lee Parson created one of the worst outbreaks this year and I hope he pays a heavy price for it He could face up to 10 years in prison and be fined $250,000. Compared to the millions of dollars of damage he caused, that’s a small price to pay for his brand of “fun”.

Having vented that, there is a way to ward off potential disaster and I’ve resorted to that, even if it is inconvenient. I just download my mail on my server and get rid of the bad mail there. That way it never gets to my machine. The “good” mail I want to save, I download to my machine.

For you classic net subscribers, you can go to, feed in your user name and password and deal with your mail worry free. Inconvenient, but worry free. This should clear up eventually, but right now everyone is having this problem. Other ISPs work the same way.


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I heard earlier today there was a tragedy involving either two or three Lindsborg high school football players following practice yesterday. I haven’t found anything on the news services yet… I hope it isn’t true, but I’m afraid it is.


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Senator Pat Roberts says this country’s military presence in Iraq is taking a new path. Namely, the troops are fighting guerrilla warfare instead of a direct war.

And I think it will go on, and on, and on….costing us billions.


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Governors throughout our state’s history have appointed task forces to study special issues concerning the state. All had good intentions but frequently the information they gathered just found a place with the dust on some shelf.

A new Rural Life Task Force has been announced by Gov. Sebelius. What makes this so special is that two dynamic people are co-chairing the group - Dan Nagengast and Marci Penner. They are very representative of rural Kansas and have proven track records among rural communities and rural Kansans.

Dan Nagengast is executive director of the Kansas Rural Center in Lawrence. His group promotes family farms and sustainable agriculture.

Marci Penner, executive director of the Kansas Sampler Foundation, Inman, promotes rural communities and educates people about Kansas.

The 42 member board will examine issues relating to our schools, health care, and community access to the latest technology. Economic issues will also be examined.

Scott Moore, Ellsworth city administrator, has been named to the board. Others on the board from our area are: Laura McClure, Osborne; Gary Hobbie, Russell; Gary Gore, Great Bend; John R. Cyr and John Osse, Beloit.


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Driving home from Russell last night reminded me of what it must be like in a tropical rain forest. It has been a very long time since I’ve seen the skies open up as they did west of Wilson. All that water was an uncommon sight.

It reminded me of that vehicular proverb: People who drive in glass autos shouldn’t have bones. There was almost no “drag factor” on the Interstate. With that kind of water on the highway, there is a substantial decrease in the amount of friction that can be generated between the roadway and the tires of a vehicle. It’s easy to hydroplane under those conditions. And, I’ve been told you never use a cruise control under those situations.

Wilsonites might be bailing out this morning as it appeared they had lots of rain in the afternoon. The fields “were running”, as they say. The additional rains last night had to make things very soggy.

It drizzled here all night…the kind of rain that does a lot of good. Now, if it just continues! Well, maybe it could stop long enough for the outdoor activities at the Fiesta. The “real” food is inside so rain won’t matter.

We’ll also hope the rains will help the state’s economy which tends to lag from six months to a year behind the national one, according to our Governor.



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My friend, Jesse Manning, and I spent many hours this summer visiting about things large and small. One item in particular dealt with the “history of Kanopolis”.

Since I wasn’t aware of written history in existence, I asked if he would “put something together” for my website, which is very lacking in that area. History is a subject that I’ve noticed Jesse has become increasingly interested in. He took my suggestion and ran with it.

You’ll find on my website the first part, or preface, of what I expect eventually will become an in-depth history of Kanopolis. Appropriately, it’s under the heading of “Kanopolis” on the navigation bar on the left.

It is going to be a wonderful experience reading the material he is compiling. This first segment will give you an idea of his ability to choose his words carefully, words that come from his heart.

As Jesse said to me, “… here’s what could easily be called the preface for my history of Kanopolis…. I’d love to have questions, comments, or suggestions. This is the first of what will be a long series of updates - as you can tell from this passage, a full history may be a lengthy process, though that’s the route I want to take…I’ve got to do it right. Let me know what you think about it.”

I hope you’ll read what he wrote then write Jesse and let him know what you think. It’s a masterful beginning and we want it to continue.



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Kanopolis is the place to be on Saturday. It’s fiesta time…and that means tacos, tostados, hot tamales and American food, for the uninitiated. Serving starts and 11:00 a.m. and continues throughout the day. With careful timing, you can eat at 11:00 and return again about 6:00.

It is held in the basement and on the grounds of the Catholic Church. Follow the cars.

If you linger all day, you are bound to see almost everyone who lives in Ellsworth County. It’s a favorite county event and a good thing for Kanopolis. Great food always draws crowds.

There will be Mass at 4:00 and, following that, events for the kids and bingo for all. It’s nice to sit around and visit, particularly if the weather cooperates. I hope they will be serving pie again this year. If so, you’ll find it outside next to the hamburgers.

Starting at 8:30, after all the food has been devoured, you can dance in the Community Center to the music of The Eclipse.

Your support for this event would be appreciated.


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I miss visiting with my friend Sarah Grace! I haven’t seen her since she started her new job. I know she is around somewhere doing good things. Well, the best proof that she’s still in our neighborhood is that her parents are still hovering around my website. That’s nice.


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Our gauge shows an inch and a half, but since it’s located under an umbrella of tree limbs, I’m guessing we might have had more than that. I wish it would rain all day …all night…all day tomorrow….

I love rain and have seen so little of it lately.

It’s going to be hot again today, in the 90s, but that’s cool by comparison to what we’ve been experiencing. Tomorrow a front is coming our way and it should cool things off rather nicely.



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I know where I want to work. I love the product and I think I’d like every last person who works there, all 1000 of them, especially Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the brains behind Google. Google is considered the best system for searching the internet and represents 75% of all searches. I love it and use it all the time. I will admit to having Googled myself.

Googol, after which Google is named, stands for the mathematical term of 1 followed by 100 zeros.

Maybe I’m drawn by the perks the company offers: free food, unlimited ice cream, pool and ping-pong tables and complimentary massages, plus the ability to spend 20% of work time on any outside activity.

Larry and Sergey built Google to be their dream environment. Sounds perfect to me.


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Next month from about the 5th to the 13th I’m going to ‘vacate’ in Colorado. I think I’d like to have a guest blogger while I am gone and I’m working on someone to fill that role. A mystery blogger…that would be intriguing, don’t you think? I know some people who can talk endlessly about a variety of things…very amusing/knowledgeable people. I’m going to try to enlist one of them. I may not have a job when I come home.


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Josie fixed me a wonderful cappuccino this morning…extra strong with a touch of vanilla. It was good and gave me the jolt I needed. Next time I am going to try one of her teas. I hear they are excellent.

It was nice to see people in there drinking coffee (or something), visiting and enjoying a very nice, new place in town. The Antique Mall is a good place to stop. I was happy to learn their traffic has been brisk.

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