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Tomorrow afternoon the sidewalks of Ellsworth will undergo a transformation. Instead of the merchandise being in the stores, the merchants will set up tables on the sidewalk and haul a lot of it outside for the shoppers and browsers. There will be bargains galore as this is the time of year store keepers clean off the shelves to make way for new fall merchandise. You don’t want to miss it. Never mind the heat.

The “official” opening for Cowtown coincides with a “Ya Better Eat it Fast Ice Cream Social” in Preisker Park. “The Old Time Band” from Great Bend will provide musical entertainment.

Saturday the planes will be flying overhead early in the morning as they vie for landing positions at Ellsworth International Airport where they will be treated to a fly-in breakfast. I suppose they will also be offering rides to anyone who would like one.

For those who are in good shape, there will be a five mile run/walk beginning at the VFW Hall. Separate entry fees are required for that. Contact Dan Winston at 785.472.4472 for details.

There is also a golf tournament with tee times at 8:00 and at 2:00. There is a separate entry fee for that too. Mark Cunningham is the one to call at 785.472.4236.

“The Best Present is the Past” (whatever!) is the parade theme this year and you can see all of it in action at 10:00 on Douglas Avenue. Yeah! We get to have parades downtown again now that the highway construction has been completed. Don and Pat Bender are the Grand Marshalls…and very much deserve that honor. Jim Gray, who was recently named to the Kansas Cowboy Hall of Fame in Dodge City, will be the Honorary Grand Marshall. He read about it in the paper, but someone forgot to tell him.

After the parade, you can pick your place to eat…the Senior Center, Paden’s Place, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, Kwik Shop, AmPride, Crossroads, Gambino’s, Methodist Church and KC’s Cafe. Actually, those are the only places in town to eat unless you do the home-cookin’ thing.

In the afternoon there is a horseshoe pitching tournament, free swimming, and stuff at the high school parking lot like a petting zoo and carousel rides. In the Commons there will be bingo and other events.

Butch is catering the BBQ from 5:00 to 7:00 in the Commons. Next door in the PAC there will be local entertainment. I was hoping for a contest as I have a ringer coming to town who probably would have been a sure winner. Tom Brown and Rowdy will be in the parking lot giving carriage rides.

At 7:30 “Steve Bowman in Concert” will perform in the PAC.

Admission for all of this is with a $5.00 Cowtown button. Children under 5 are free.


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People in general are doing a lot of grumbling about the lot give-away program. The only place I have initiated any conversation about it is on my blog and with one person on the committee. Still, my phone rings with people ranting about the issue.

I’m not leading a crusade against it as I have no opposition to what they are attempting to do. I just think they are throwing out the baby with the bath water in giving those particular lots away.

One of these days we are going to have to build a new grade school. It’s inevitable. Someone please tell me where they are going to put it where it will be as cheap and well-located as the option we had before the school district gave those lots away?

Just once I’d like to see a master long-range plan for future development for both the city and the school district. We had one for future school construction, but that just went by the way side with the lot give-away program.

Right now I think the best move would be for the committee to do everything possible to encourage the new prison warden, his wife and seven children to move from Lyons to Ellsworth. That is important for his involvement in the community and understanding the people who are employed at ECF. We’ve been through previous wardens who didn’t live here and who were never accepted by the community. Ray Roberts was a master at communication and involvement. He will be missed for many reasons, those being two of them.

When it comes time to build a new grade school, I hope the people who have made the decision to give these lots away, thus eliminating access to the property that could be used for future construction, are around to accept responsibility for their actions. (That never happens.)


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George W. Bush has good posture.

The end.



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I just can’t bring myself to talk about the rash of accidents we’ve had over the past years involving teen age drivers (mostly, but not all) here and in Lincoln County. It is just too sad and we never get over the loss of such wonderful young, talented children who die so needlessly. Usually it is a combination of driving too fast on country roads. Very often “too fast” is barely more than creeping along.

During dry times like these, country roads are particularly hazardous. A friend of mine expressed it best when he said it was just like driving on BB’s. He’s right. And you don’t have to drive very fast to lose control which happens so suddenly you can’t do a thing about it.

The funeral for one is in progress as I write. My condolences to all their family members and friends.


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This house is a magnet for critters, large and small which makes life very interesting. Last night it was the red fox that set Jack on fire. Also the raccoon was ambling around, the one we haven’t yet caught and relocated. The squirrels breed faster than rabbits.

The carpenter ants that are searching for water have been contained, I hope. I don’t mind that they build nests in our trees, but I’d rather they’d stay clear of our house in the future. I guess that is one of the problems with putting trees close to your house as overhanging branches make for easy drop zones onto our roof. Rough cedar siding and heavy shake shingles are very inviting.

But that’s the way we wanted it so we can’t be too choosy who wants to come live with us.

It wasn’t Niagara Falls invading our basement after all…nothing that exciting although it sure seemed like it at the time. It was a faulty water heater., only two years old, that was the culprit. 30 gallons of water spreads out a whole lot. That has been corrected.

There will be something adventuresome happening here today, I can count on it. Some rain would help as that would get these critters back where they can survive without our help.

Now, I’m off to the County 4-H Fair to see the chickens.Then I’m meeting two of my most favorite people again at Orozco’s for lunch. We have to get our talking all done in the summer before school starts as after that, they have no time for such fun. Usually we go for breakfast as no one else is there after about 9:00 and we don’t have to be so careful what we say out loud. Today, we’ll have to whisper. Kidding!


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Someone I know was just named an Industry Scholar at Southern Methodist University, one of five in the School of Engineering. It’s a big deal, but of course she isn’t inclined to tell anyone about it. I guess what it amounts to is that EDS (Electronic Data Systems, the old Ross Perot firm) pretty much pays for her to go to school. She will be working for them, as time allows, have a summer job and unless something goes very wrong, a job when she graduates if she wants it. With all her other scholarships, she’s doing very well paying for her own education. I couldn’t be more proud.



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1. Pass My Shotgun
2. Psychotic Mood Shift
3. Perpetual Munching Spree
4. Puffy Mid-Section
5. People Make me Sick
6. Provide Me with Sweets
7. Pardon My Sobbing
8. Pimples May Surface
9. Pass My Sweatpants
10. Pissy Mood Syndrome
11. Plainly; Men Suck
12. Pack My Suitcase
and my favorite one…

13. Potential Murder Suspect


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There are some “good eats” that are going to be auctioned off Thursday at the 4-H barn downtown. I think that’s the same night we can all see Brent Goss kiss a pig. It sounds like a lively evening and it would be a good thing to support their fund-raising efforts.

As far as the auction goes, here’s an example: 2-6 oz. sirloin dinners at Al’s Bar and Grill in Wilson will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. It is sponsored by Victor Bros. Auction and Realty, Inc., Frank Princ, owner/broker Wilson Kansas.

Other related items to be auctioned off are:

2-T-bone steaks from JS Packing, sponsored by Walter and Jean Schwerdtfeger
2- K.C. strip and shrimp buffet dinners at KC’s, sponsored by Ray and Carol Christianson
2-12 oz. sirloin dinners at Made from Scratch, sponsored by White Construction Co.
2-Chicken-fried steak dinners at C&V Convenience in Holyrood, sponsored by Kozisek Farms
2-6 oz. sirloin dinners at the Lorraine Cafe, sponsored by Dena and John Stoltz
2-Steak sandwiches and fries at the Lunch Box in Kanopolis, sponsored by the Independent Salt Mine
2-8 oz. bacon filet dinners at Paden’s, sponsored by Brooke Insurance Co.
2-8 oz. sirloin dinners at Crossroads, sponsored by Homolka Grain
Box of fresh lamb, sponsored by Homeier Farms
2-Pork loin dinners at the Midland Hotel in Wilson, sponsored by Don and Eleanor Hunter

The fair has been going on all this week so stop by the barn and see them show and judge those critters.


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Today, I drove out to Lucille Svaty’s where my favorite gardner, Caleb Svaty, keeps his produce. It’s the same place his cousins, his father, Dave, and his grandfather, Garfield, sold their produce. It’s a Svaty family operation. I’ve been going there for as long as I can remember.

No one tends the place as they all have farming chores. Well, Caleb’s grandma keeps an eye on the place from a distance. There is a black board with the prices for the various things he has…tomatoes $1.00 a pound, green peppers 25 cents, beets, onions, potatoes, garlic etc. Paying is on the honor system.

I weighed out four pounds of tomatoes that had not yet been refrigerated and got $4.00 out of my billfold. The coffee can was close by with money from previous customers and a sales book. Maybe the book is for their purposes as I didn’t really look through it. I left a note of what I bought and how much money I put in the coffee can and left with my purchase. That’s a nice way to do business.

Big ol’ fat bacon and tomato sandwiches were on the menu for lunch. There’s nothing better than Wilson Food’s home-smoked bacon, cooked crisp in the micro, and Caleb’s home-grown tomatoes layered on some whole grain bread that has been slathered with real mayonnaise and topped with mounds of lettuce. What a treat. What a bulge in the waistline.


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The Good Samaritan Retirement Village is having a fund raiser to help raise money to replace the roof
and sprinkler system at Villa Grace. This will be held on Sunday, September 28, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There will be entertainment, food, fellowship, plus a chance to buy some valuable treasures.

Tickets to the event will be $15.00 per person.

Georgina needs help from everyone willing to donate time, money or goods. Anyone who would be willing to donate items for the auction or any entertainment from outside the area that would come, please let Georgina know! They are looking for such things as works of art, antiques, memorabilia, sports, music items, etc.

She hopes to draw people from both within and outside our immediate area.



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On Friday, the House of Representatives passed legislation to help Kansans access more affordable prescription medicines. Drug prices in the U.S. are 30 to 300 percent more than they are in Europe and other industrialized nations. The legislation we passed this week would implement safeguards so that Kansans can safely access lower-priced prescription medicines from other countries. (Call Arbuthnot Drug Store in Belleville and compare prices to what you’ve been paying…pb)On Wednesday, the House passed a bill to reverse a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision that allows for more media mergers. An amendment, included in the funding bill for the Departments of Commerce, Justice and State, will maintain the previous regulations that prevented any one company from owning stations that reach more than 35 percent of the American public.

Saturday morning, I visited the Wilson After-Harvest Czech Festival, the annual celebration of their community heritage. I took part in the parade and presented the Grand Marshal plaque to members of the Wilson American Legion Post.

I visited with folks along the parade route and also offered people the opportunity to sign a banner supporting our American troops. I am carrying the banner to Kansas communities - collecting signatures and well wishes from Kansans. I plan to present the banner to Kansas troops returning from the war in Iraq. (that was the same banner I was hanging on to while Mike Zamrzla found bricks and rocks to hold it down …pb)

This coming Friday, I will be able to take your calls during a live appearance on Smoky Hills Public Television. The program, entitled, “Mid-America Life: A Conversation with Jerry Moran,” will air live on Friday evening, August 1st, from 8:30 - 9:30 p.m. Consult your cable company or local program guide to determine the Smoky Hills Public Television channel in your area. To call into the program, Kansans can dial 800-337-4788.



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Downtown will be bustling with 4-Hers, livestock, foods and crafts projects, and much enthusiasm during next week’s county fair. Stop by and check out the events and enjoy the good times!

Support the 4-H. They will be selling fund raiser raffle tickets, so give them a hand and buy one, if you can.


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I’ve been sitting on top of an ocean of water and didn’t know it. DUH! Something somewhere is leaking and creating a lake in the corners of three adjoining rooms. Rats!

I have a rather large plastic mat thingy, whatever you call those things, that my computer chair sits on so I can whirl around and tend to stuff in all directions. It’s a big dude. I glanced down at it a few minutes ago and saw dolphins swimming underneath it…maybe sharks. It looked deep enough for that. There were waves! I was about to float away and didn’t even have my life vest on.

Brit and I pulled all the stuff out and sure enough, it took all the towels I could find to sop up the stuff. I saw some evidence of it the other day in the bathroom corner, but figured it was condensation from the ACs and soon forgot it. I’m readjusting my thinking. I think they diverted Niagara Falls down this way, knowing I love doing the barrel ride over the falls trick. Where are you o’ Maid of the Mist?

I had printed copies of all my blogs in two big 5 ring binders sitting right in the center of the pool of water. They are ruined. Dang…I’ll have to print them all over again. I don’t look forward to that. Besides it will take a dozen printer cartridges.

Well, it’s Saturday and Rick, my plumber friend, is finally getting a break from work. Maybe we can get him up here on Monday and he can figure it out. Whatever the problem is won’t be easy to fix. We’ve sprung a leak somewhere.

Meanwhile, I’ll have to go dig out a pair the kids old galoshes if I’m going to sit here and type to keep from getting root rot….er foot rot. I wonder how safe it is to be playing with electronics while soaking your feet in water?


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I was inspired to go to the legislative coffee in Wilson this morning and I haven’t the slightest idea why. Probably it’s because I like to circulate and visit with people rather than enjoy too much solitude. I have plenty of time left in my life for the latter. With an estimated crowd of 3,000 to 5,000 in Wilson today, finding someone to chat with wasn’t a problem. Going alone is never a problem for me.

The legislative coffee at Al’s Bar and Grill was well attended with people coming and going…maybe 60-75 in all. The front room was comfortably full and there were people in the back room. The back room is really the front room as it opens on to the main street but most people like me use the “back door” by the kitchen and cash register so that’s the front to me. The kolaches were delicious and very Czech. They were Adolph’s treat.

All the queen candidates were attired in traditional Czech costumes which provided photo ops for those with cameras. Josh Svaty was the main attraction, as he always is, for all the obvious reasons. He had on a Czech vest and looked handsome as ever. He’s very informed, said a few words then fielded questions from the crowd. The word “charismatic” was coined with Josh in mind. That was very evident when a couple of people dominated the floor with argumentative, non-general questions that would have been better addressed at another time. Josh is cool and collected, and always attentive.

Sen. Jay Emler of Lindsborg was also there and offered similar answers. With redistricting, Sen. Janis Lee will no longer be our representative beginning about the year 2005, if I remember correctly, and Jay Emler will be our Senator. After a long, personal and very successful relationship with Janis who has “always been there” for us, Jay will be a change and take some getting used to. Jay lives a lot closer to Ellsworth than Janis so we’ll hope he can be here as often and represent us as well as she has. He seems like an easy fellow to get to know.

Before the coffee I put my chair in the shade in front of La Shiro’s Boutique where La Vange was passing out free sodas and maintaining watch over her thousands of bolts of cloth. I put my broad-brimmed hat and water on my camp chair and trudged off to visit with “people”.

Jennifer Kepka and others were selling hoska, kolaches and cinnamon rolls in front of Sincerely Yours so I bought a large loaf of hoska, which looks delicious, and carted it back to my car which I parked squarely in front of the door to the Midland.

Congressman Jerry Moran was late for the legislative coffee but was there for the parade, as he always is. He does things right and is definitely Presidential material, as people in the crowd kept saying. Mike Zamrzla, Jerry’s aide, needed some help with Jerry’s long banner that people across the state have signed to send to our troops in Iraq, so I held one end down while Mike decided how to anchor it to the table. After trying sugar shakers from Al’s and a couple other things, he came back with bricks and large rocks which were the answer to combating the banner-whipping wind we had this morning. Then I forgot to sign it and wandered down the street. Sigh!

I don’t think I’ll go to the parade next year. Well, I say that every year. I used to love parades, the kind that were designed to entertain…where there were floats all decorated with interesting, colorful displays and bands had to be spaced apart so the music of one didn’t interfere with that of another and you could learn the true meaning of the Doppler effect. All that is a thing of the past, around here anyway, and now parades consist of a couple miles of advertising. Vehicles with entry numbers and advertising. Even the type of vehicle doesn’t seem to matter.

First, every emergency vehicle from Wilson and adjoining towns flooded the parade…sirens blaring so I sat there with my fingers stuck in my ears for half an hour until they passed. After that there was an assortment of old cars and farm equipment, earth movers, trucks, motorcycles and anything that runs on wheels, people throwing candy and advertising whatever they have to sell or promote. Most didn’t even wash their vehicle before the parade. It is B-O-R-I-N-G! After an hour of that, there were a couple saddle clubs that brought up the rear.

There was a new addition this year to signal the end of the parade…a street sweeper with large whirling brushes spewing water to spread thin the horse pucky that appeared on the street from the last parade entries. Parades just aren’t the same anymore.

After the parade I gathered up my belongings, put them in the car and walked into the Midland…found my way to Drummers and a cold Czech beer…Czechvar! Ah, how lovely. The place was cool and the beer was icy, as advertised. It was nice. Bruce B. sat with me awhile and visited. We always have topics of common interest to discuss. Then young Carl J. sat awhile and we chatted about his son’s wedding and other assorted things. By the time my food arrived at noon Dick and Heather joined me for lunch.

What I learned during the course of events was that the last piece of kitchen equipment (it’s all new) was connected late Wednesday afternoon in the Midland kitchen. No wonder they were in a bit of a scramble on Thursday when I was there. The friend who was the “connecter person” for the kitchen equipment also told me he gets paid off next week, plus 6% interest, on the long-standing law suit that I blogged a year ago. It is finally fading away with, I believe, all the subs being paid with interest. One large law suit remains to be heard.

I visited with John Eichelberger, the kitchen manager and chef at the Midland, who said he served 460 meals there last night. Adolph V. had told me earlier that he had eaten there and that it was excellent. He also said Drummers was packed full and a peck of fun last night. John was prepared to serve between 1,200 and 1,400 meals today….so I was wrong in my earlier comments about that. I didn’t imagine on Thursday that could be possible, but that’s what he said and I’m sure he knows all about it. He is capable of and accustomed to serving ten times that many people. I’m glad I gave him a call when I did about the chef opening at the Midland. He is too.

They only had one choice of food today and it was very good….two slices of roasted pork tenderloin, a smoked sausage, mashed potatoes topped with dill gravy and wonderful sweet-sour sauerkraut that tasted homemade. It was $7.00, the Czech beer was $3.00, both including tax. That is very reasonable and in keeping with prices the people in the know had quoted. Rumors have been circulating about outlandish prices at the Midland and they simply aren’t true.

I visited with Marion Vaughn, the manager, before I left and she said they are going to make every effort to have the main restaurant open every day from 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. with Boomers open from noon to 11:00 p.m….and until 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

It’s well worth the trip to Wilson to enjoy a meal at the Midland, either upstairs or down, and take a look around at the wonderful accomplishments of the Wilson Foundation in restoring this beautiful old railroad hotel. I believe they are going to see a lot of traffic from their neighbors if today is indicative of how they can perform. It is a tremendous addition to Ellsworth County and one in which we should take great pride. We need to support each other.



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The gathering is tomorrow morning about 8:30 at Al’s Bar and Grill. The parade is at 10. The day will be filled with activities. Wilson is the place to be. Enjoy the Czech Festival!


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The Midland was scheduled to open on Thursday…yesterday. Maybe it was a brief opening. They’ve had an official ribbon cutting by the Wilson Chamber and they have honored reservations of guests to stay there. Many loose ends have needed to be taken care of.

Linda and I stopped in about 6ish last night even though the sign said “Closed.” I obey signs, but when Linda walked in, I assumed she was there on some business for the paper. Well… nooo! We just stepped into the lobby and looked around, admired the hardwood floors, table and chairs in the dining room and the sitting room. She wanted to take a tour. That idea didn’t get far.

Marion Vaughn, the manager, was bustling around as they were receiving shipments and it was obvious they were playing catch-up. I suppose they will be ready for guests today. Everyone under the sun is going to want to tour the place. I asked her if they intended to serve meals on Saturday (tomorrow) as I’d heard from a Wilson resident that “the Midland was going to be serving 1,100 meals” (how could anyone believe that?) and heard from a couple other people that they had not yet received certification from the state for serving meals. She said they would serve a small number of guests from a very limited menu…probably one thing and “Czechish”. She’s going to be a very good person to promote the Midland.

For someone who may be hitting my website for the first time, The Midland Hotel is an old railroad hotel built around 1890 and operated until the late 1980s. Every one from Will Rogers to Sen. Bob Dole stayed there. In 1997 the Wilson Foundation took possession of the historic structure and led a $2.4 million renovation and preservation project. I have more about Wilson and the hotel on my website should you care to peruse it.

The small town of Wilson (population 800), one of my favorite places to just hang out, is ready for the 3,000 to 5,000 visitors they will have over the weekend. If it were an election year, there would be twice that many according to past experiences.

The two food eating contests aren’t exactly what I envisioned. For men there is the wiener eating contest and for women it’s Jell-O. I don’t understand food eating contests anyway. I can easily miss that part of the festival.

I still haven’t found out what the prize is they are drawing for Saturday night. There are always surprises.

It’s going to be a good weekend to be in Wilson. I just wish, for my own personal tastes, it would be cooler. I’ll go see what is going on and last as long as I can stand the heat.

It will be a weekend of “Vitame Vas” coming from the residents. Very nice.



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We moved here shortly after the Ellsworth Elementary School was built. The controversy about its location was still a hot topic of conversation long after our arrival. People lined up on both sides as they debated where that school should have been built.

At that time, the Wellington block had only the Wellington house on the property and little else. That’s in the area of Forest Drive and Lincoln and 4th Street. That was the proposed site for the school but the neighbors didn’t want it there basically because of traffic and noise. Some didn’t think it was located centrally enough for students living south of the river. That was back in the days when kids walked to and from school and home for lunch every noon. (It wasn’t uphill both ways.) There was lots of bickering that was going on in 1952 when we arrived and it continued for years. Now, no one remembers.

The alternative site that was chosen was on a highway which was dangerous and boxed in any possibility of downtown development. It was not a good location for an elementary school. A young girl was killed crossing the street back in the ’50s which brought more attention to the location.

Traffic surrounding the school has always been a serious concern. The city and school continued to have crossing guards and cross walks in the center of the block on Douglas and on 3rd Street despite the fact the children were being taught in school always to cross the street at the intersection. Finally that changed.

Now flash forward a few years when many of us on the school board believed that when it came time to replace that school, it should be located elsewhere. We had the perfect piece of ground behind the pizza hut that was made available for school use by Gertrude Kunkle. The cemetery that opened in the south part of that property was very small then. Now it is growing and will continue to grow as there isn’t anything to stop it. That whole area could have been saved for future school use simply by building a ball diamond or something for school use. A small structure of any kind would have sufficed.

I think the school board back in those days showed a great deal of foresight in acquiring those lots that were contiguous to the Kunkle land so that there could be full access to the land from two sides. There was a reason for acquiring those lots. The cost of maintaining the lots was small compared to the potential savings of the overall project.

Now they are giving the lots away to anyone who wants to build a house. I’m not even going there except to say a more logical approach might be to raze some of the property about town that has been condemned, clean it up and give those lots away.

One of these days ….we hope….we will need to replace the grade school. If our town survives, it is inevitable that we will. Where are they going to put a new grade school where young students won’t be faced with crossing one of the busy highways that ring our town? And at what cost to taxpayers? Has anyone even addressed this issue in the last 20 years? Where else is there ample room for such a structure? Where else is there free land?

Surely they won’t make the same mistake again and put it downtown. Tell me we have learned something from this experience. Tell me that the city and school district have a master plan for expansion.


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Another raccoon managed to get in the squirrel trap last night. It was really pretty sad, but at the time, I couldn’t do much about it.

Larry Beagley came early this morning to take it south to his place outside Geneseo. He will have a new happy home and join a whole bunch of his relatives who once lived here too.

I really don’t know where all these raccoons are coming from….well, yes I do…but by now I figured we caught and relocated all the breeding stock. Guess not….as they still find our house a big temptation.


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