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Life at the Palace continues to be interesting, fun, restful,  worry-free, calming, easy, and pleasant.  I checked in here as a new “inmate” nearly two years ago and haven’t found anything here to worry about since my arrival.  I hardly have to turn a finger except for doing my laundry, a little light house work and occasional meal/snack preparation.  Since I have my main meal in the dining room at noon, there is little I have to do in the kitchen.  Sharon from housekeeping comes every two weeks and cleans my apartment.  I’ve also been fortunate to be surrounded with people I like very much and many have become close friends.

My apartment has everything I need or want in the way of comfortable amenities.  It is spacious, bright and airy, with good temperature control.  When a light bulb burns out, someone from maintenance comes promptly and replaces it.   They repair anything that needs fixing, at no charge.

I rarely shut the door to my apartment.  I like having it open so people feel free to come and go as they please and it gives me a feeling of being better connected to the outside world.  I feel very safe here, safer than anywhere I’ve ever lived.  I try to remember to close my door to the hall at night, but I tend to forget rather often.  I trust people who live and work here.  There is no reason why I shouldn’t.

The social event of the day is the noon meal which most of us attend with anticipation and regularity.  We sit with essentially the same group of 15-20 people every day. As in every society, you gravitate to those with whom you share common interests and enjoy being around.  It doesn’t take long to become good friends with one or another of your choosing.  Whereas it is common to see friends occasionally, or with planning in the “outside world”, here I live on the same wing on the same floor with my besties and see them every day.  Life is very good in the Palace and I don’t wish to  live anywhere else but here.

There isn’t a lot I find to blog about. It’s not as if I were involved in numerous  activities as I once was that would be of interest to readers. The kind of news I deal with these days is  “stuff” like “both elevators are finally working at the same time” which is a relief as it shortens the wait time to be elevated from one floor to another.  It’s a big deal if you live here and can’t walk the stairs, but hardly interesting.

Having family and friends come to visit is wonderful.  Monday evening Todd and I went to the Seoul USA Korean Restaurant where we had an authentic Sicilian dinner prepared by Tim Bobbit..with help from wife Joomi.  It was the 13th “International” night and those who attend are regular diners at the Korean Restaurant.  You have to work…or eat… your way up the ladder to get invited to attend.  They can only serve 45 people so it’s a pre-pay deal to get a spot reserved for you on International night.  They are mostly “regulars” we see every month.  We join Ann and Terry Headrick, Martha and Kent Buess, Marsha Stewart and Mary Lemon at the back table that we reserve every month.  We frequently see Denny and Connie Helvey, Danee and Travis and David Helvey as they love eating there for the International dinner too.  As the restaurant is closed to other diners, we take our beverage of choice, which is usually a bottle or two of wine.  Joomi usually treats us to one of her Korean drinks too which are fruity and good.

Next month will have a typical Indonesian dinner prepared by Chef of the Night, Venny Afianti Baily.  The menu hasn’t been finalized (and that doesn’t make any difference to those of us who attend), but Venny thinks it will probably include appetizers, vegetable pancake, avocado smoothy, chicken stew, fish of some kind, Joomie’s special drink and dessert.

The Presbyterian Manor Annual Soup Supper is Friday October 24th starting at 4:30.  We serve chicken and noodle soup, chili, relishes and pie either to eat here or carry out.  Pre-purchased tickets are $6.00 and slightly more at the door. The proceeds this year will go towards the purchase of a van designed to transport our wheel chair-bound residents to various activities.  That is not possible now, so we’re all hoping for a good response to the dinner to assist in this worthy cause.  Had this vehicle had been available yesterday, some of our residents who need wheel chair transportation could have made the trip with others to Rolling Hills Zoo and Museum.

We had a nice, generous rain last night, but now the sun is shining brightly…and I need to go run some errands.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Todd is celebrating his 61st birthday today…that hardly seems possible.

I hope you have a wonderful day, Todd.  I wish I could bake one of the famous train cakes I once made for you!  You’ll have to settle for sushi.

I’m very proud of you and the man you have become….

lots of love always…

Todd’s family….Tyler, Karen and Drew.



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It’s like spring today…45 degrees and climbing.  The ice hasn’t melted around the parking garage so it has taken some careful maneuvering to get to cars that are parked in that area. I leave my car in the front parking lot for that reason, and when it rains it gets rinsed off.

Most of the inmates here who are still driving own old cars.  That figures.  Old cars are “comfortable” for them and they don’t want to learn to drive a new/different car.  And, the old ones are usually bigger, easier to get in and from which to extricate one’s self.  Recently, one of my friends had a new transmission put in her old car for those reasons.  She didn’t even consider buying a new car although financially it probably would have been more prudent.

Today is the KU-KState game and the inmates are all geared up for the big showdown.  My neighbor, Hazel, who bakes fantastic pies has a warm cherry pie to share after the game today.  Joy is going down the hill to Braum’s for vanilla ice cream to go with the pie.  I love my “neighborhood” and my neighbors.

Ally and I were in the south part of town having lunch Thursday and saw Ellsworthites Hector and Jean.  That was fun.  I miss seeing my Ellsworth friends.  I also had “football” on Thursday.    I’m on Team B and we fell behind this week.  The game involves throwing bean bags at a hole on a board…the object is to get it through the hole, so everyone can play.  When I signed up for it…just to see what it was…I didn’t realize it involved every Thursday all month…five of them.  My friend, Susie, who lives in a retirement facility in K.C. is playing “soccer”….all the same thing, I presume.  It must be a popular activity for the elderly.

Eddie is in Salina from Silverton for a week, so he’ll be stopping by to visit me. His uncle, Bud Jilka, who was a freshman walk-on basketball player for K-State in 1947, will be honored with other players Friday and Saturday in Manhattan.

Todd will be here Monday to attend International night at the Korean Restaurant featuring Sicilian  food. Tim Bobbett will do the cooking using his grandmother’s family recipes.  Todd and I will go early and save seats for Ann and Terry, Martha and Kent.  Spending the evening with friends enjoying interesting/different food, and a bottle of wine,  is a good way to spend the evening. It will be nice to spend the evening with Todd.

Oh, if you forget a corkscrew for the wine, you can open it with your shoe.  See how here…

I’m enjoying a growler of Salvation…Belgian I think, that Drew and Tyler gave me for Christmas.  It’s the first of several and very good.  I have two movies to watch again…The Town and Fracture….to go with the beer.

Life at the Palace is good.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Yesterday Ally came to have lunch before heading out to Abilene on bid’ness.  We went to Bogey’s for a hamburger and shake and ran into friends from Ellsworth. It’s always good to see friends from home.  Jokingly, Blog reader Marilyn asked  me why I wasn’t in my yoga class.  I got a kick out of that but my class wasn’t until 4:15. It’s hard to keep track of where I’m supposed to be every day so I’m happy for the reminders.

Ally got me some much needed new sheets and made my bed with them.  Karen had laundered them and I really think they are the nicest sheets I’ve ever had….600 count Egyptian cotton, heavy, soft and very generous in size.  The top sheet is exceptionally long which I really like.  I have trouble making my bed and can’t manage changing the sheets, tucking in and squaring corners.  Karen and Ally do that for me so it’s really done right.  I slept like a box of rocks on them last night.

There is a van load (14) ladies from here going to Ellsworth on Sunday the 28th for the dinner theater at the correctional facility.  They are all looking forward to it.  I think they could have filled two vans if they had been available.  The Palace is really good about providing transportation to events that people want to attend and they don’t charge for it.  Todd has made arrangements for those who might find walking to  the spiritual life center from the van a little arduous.  They are also arranging for those residents who have dietary restrictions.  The ECF really does an outstanding job accommodating guests for their dinner theater.

This is really a great place to live.  They try their best to accommodate residents in every way.  I hope our next trip to Ellsworth is to Pretty Boy Floyd’s although I’m not sure I can navigate the steps….yet.  Some of the women here exercise 2 1/2 hours a day and are spry as kittens and walk the stairs all the time.  They can run circles around some of those much younger individuals. Some even go to the Y where they have their own personal trainers for workouts.  Amazing and inspiring.

After Trivia, Ginny and I are going to the Art Cinema to see the Emperor.  Maybe, after that, we’ll go to IHOP for senior special 2×2x2…two pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 strips of bacon or sausage for dinner.  It’s a beautiful day to be going somewhere and  I always welcome the opportunity to see a good movie.

Thanks for tuning in …



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I had visitors yesterday from noon until 7:00.  That was very nice.

Ally came to do some things “around the house” for me yesterday.  She put a new electric mattress pad on my bed, got the connections made properly with the wires out of my “trip zone” and  put on clean sheets.

She sorted through my refrigerator and got rid of things that were growing then found room for some of her wonderful potato soup and a fresh carton of milk.  She also said if I’d drink Meredith’s beer I’d have more room for other things.  She ran errands for me, adjusted the air pressure in my tires,  and got me some things I’ll need for next week including three light weight cardigans that won’t require that I raise my hands above my head to get them on.  I hear flaying of arms is not allowed following the kind of heart surgery I’m having.

As good luck would have it, my favorite State Farm agent arrived just as Ally was leaving and it didn’t take any encouragement for us to finish off  Meredith’s Labatt Blue.

Speaking of not raising my arms above my head, I’ll have my surgery next Wednesday at the Kansas Medical Center in Andover.  Pete and Betty Peterson tell me it’s a new, very nice hospital where all the rooms are private and there is a lounge/sleep chair in every room except for ICU.  Todd will take me to Andover on the 8th where I check in the hospital at 10:00 followed by a heart cath by cardiologist Mulugeta Fissha at 1:00.

From this test, Ellsworth’s very own and highly regarded Dr. Robert Fleming will determine the extent of my surgery for the next day. It will involve the replacement of my aortic valve and I don’t know what else, but if by-passes are indicated, he does that at the same time.  I don’t dwell very much on how that could possibly be done.  I just know Fleming has done hundreds and hundreds of successful surgeries like he is doing on me.  Maybe not quite a 1000 exactly like this…but nearly so, he said. I think he said he’d been doing over 300 various kinds of heart surgeries a year for 14 years.   The odds that my surgery will be successful under his watch are very good,  and that’s good enough for me. Bad things can always happen that are out of his control. He comes very highly recommended from doctors I talked with in Ellsworth, Anchorage, Salina, and Wichita.  In these conversations, I also learned of doctors to avoid.

They call this “elective surgery”.  That means that I can elect to have it tomorrow or next week, but probably not six months from now as my odds of surviving another six months without the surgery are zero.

Ally is going to spend the night with me at the hospital on the 8th (and several nights to follow) so she’ll be there when they wheel me out about 6:00 am for pre-surgery tubes, lines and happy juice.  Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 and will take about 3 1/2 hours after which I’m expected to start walking.  It’s going to hurt like holy crap for awhile, but that too will pass.

I don’t know, but if all goes according to plan, I’ll come back to the Palace in three to five days, or 5 to 8 days, depending on who I’ve talked to.  I’ll be in the rehab unit here for an undetermined amount of time.  I interpret that to mean several days, but the rehab people make that determination.  Rehab is on the main floor of my apartment building just beyond Kim Fair’s office. She’ll know where you’ll find me so come visit.  As soon as I can do everything for myself, I’ll come back to my apartment and probably continue rehab from here.  That’s about all I know.

I might also mention that the day Todd took me to Andover to meet Robert Fleming and arrange for my surgery, Robert  mentioned he knew exactly how I was going to hurt following surgery as he had had similar open heart surgery just seven days previously.  He said he opted out of pain meds as they made him sick and groggy and all he had was a Tylenol.  He also walked out of recovery. What a guy.

Thanks for tuning in…



The grandsons are home and this is the first year for them that it hasn’t been “over the hill and through the woods to grandma’s house”. Instead, they came to the Palace to check out my digs.


From left:  SSGT Tyler Britton, Drew Britton and their dad, Todd Britton.  There was the usual rough-housing going on while I was trying to take a picture….then we all went to a movie and out for dinner.  There will be more pictures tomorrow that will include their mother and more Christmas cheer.

Tonight Ally, friends and I are heading to the Japanese restaurant, Daimaru, for an evening of knife-throwing and dinner. That’s a change for us as we always prepared Christmas Eve dinner at my house… King Crab was always a favorite.

It’s pretty quiet around here as most of the residents have gone to spend the holidays with family and friends.  Today’s scheduled activities include a grocery shopping trip to Dillon’s that is usually a Tuesday weekly activity and chapel services.

Wishing you very happy holidays…

Thanks for tuning in…



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I wrote this Wednesday, November 28th:

My belief in our youth and their ability to put in a hard day’s work for an employer was reinforced when three men and a van arrived from Meier’s Moving and Storage at 8:30 this morning.  Shane, Tyler and Bill started to work immediately and didn’t stop until eight and a half hours later.  They know how  to work.  They were careful with my things and knew how to pack and move everything from a delicate China cabinet to a very heavy roll top desk and all that fell in between. They moved a full van load of my furniture to Ally’s farm…huge heavy pieces… then returned to my house and picked up all the “stuff” I wanted with me at the Palace.  After the move today, my house is virtually empty. I definitely live at the Palace aka Presbyterian Manor.

So  here I sit in front of my computer in the Palace with no internet, TV or phone service until Friday when the Cox tech is coming.    I will have three times the speed of internet service that I had at home in Ellsworth, about the same unlimited phone service and I hope better TV pictures for about 1/3 the price I was paying for 6 months at home.  After that it will be about ½ the price I have been paying.  In fact, it may be less as I sort of recall a conversation about free cable being available here.

Todd and I had two visitors…Kim Fair, the Palace marketing director and friend, arrived to see if I had settled in then Ginny Frederick came with a welcome greeting and free tickets in hand for a pre-party and the Salina Community Theater showing and asked me to go with her.  Had I felt like it, I would have tagged along. Someone passed on a miserable sore throat, cold, stuff nose to me and I really didn’t feel like venturing out tonight.  It has been a very long day and tomorrow will be more of the same.

Claudia, Meredith, Cindy and Ally are coming tomorrow to deal with the dozen or so boxes of stuff that need to be unpacked. I imagine they’ll know exactly where to put things.  Claudia wants to be in charge of my refrigerator and clothes.  Cindy and Meredith can take over my kitchen.  I have way too much stuff for the space I have, but they’ll figure it out.   We’re going to have lunch here tomorrow so they can experience that too.

What am I to do …I came with four pair of look alike Merrells, 3 bottles of 26 year old balsamic vinegar and 22 assorted bottles of leftover booze.  I  also have my bottle of Tito’s and 2 bottles of ancient Balvenie single malt.  You can see where my priorities are.

I have cold beer in the refrig and no bottle opener.  I finally found my tea pot so I could have a spot of tea.  Todd found all my bedding and made my bed and unloaded a dozen boxes for me. I am surrounded by boxes almost to the ceiling.  It’s best just to leave them alone and head to bed.

I like it here.  I like my little apartment especially since it’s full of things I love….Dane and Todd’s dressers from their youth, book shelves from Ally’s Breckenridge days, the park bench Ally gave me for Christmas last year, an ancient ranch oak desk the we’ve all used for years…my special birdhouse tree and large hand-carved bear…my bugle for unexpected renditions of Taps and Reveille.  The list is long.  Everything around me is old, used, and bears the fingerprints and memories of my family members.  I’m in a good place…it’s a good place for me to be.

There will be updates once the Cox man connects me with the virtual world again…

Thanks for tuning in…



Dawnae Bunch and Deneen Urbanek spent most of the day here packing sorting, trashing, purging and confiscating.  Maybe it’s because they are sisters, or that they just completed downsizing their parents house that they are so good at working as a team.  It was like one super human person with four hands.  They do know how to organize.   I can attest to the fact the two of them are the best ever at this work. They ought to go into business … seriously….and call it  D&D Diversified Services, Inc.

There just isn’t that much left to do but D&D Diversified Services said they would return and have another go at it. If they do, I think it’s conceivable I could move around the first of the month.

I have two rooms that need attention: the furnace/utility room (that won’t take long) and my kitchen.  And, I have a table full of memorabilia that needs a nostalgic look. How long should I keep Brit’s and my scout merit badges, I ask?  I do have some treasures from WWI to pass on to Tyler.  I knew they were somewhere, but they didn’t show up until today.

I have a lot of very old photos I need to organize in some fashion.  Will my grandchildren want large framed photos of their great-great-great grandparents?  Mackenzie accepted photos of her great-grandfather and her great-great grandparents who lived in Ellsworth. She knows their history and will enjoy sharing that information with others some day.

I have 7,000 33 mm slides of family and of Brit’s and my trips afar.  What to do with them.  Well, I know, but who has the time to do it?

Many, many thanks to Tyler who spent a week of his precious military leave to help me and provide the major effort and momentum to get my move off the ground.  Without his help, I’d still be stuck in neutral.

And, Todd and Karen have spent numerous hours, sorting and hauling things out of my house to store for others.

And, my friends Meredith Vargo and Cindy McAtee came one day and purged the shreds from my closet.

And, Ally who has hauled stuff home to store for her niece and nephews when they have homes of their own and want some of our treasures.

I can see the end.  If I have help for a few more hours now and then during the next two weeks,  I can call on my moving crew to hoist me and my “stuff” to Salina.

Today Dawnae found bottles of blue ribbon Chimay and champagne in my downstairs refrigerator.  I’m not at all interested in champagne but I have uncorked the Chimay and since Drew has already departed for Boulder, it’s all mine!

Thanks to my family and friends who have helped with this project…you are all remarkable to take on a task like this.

Everyone leaves with a cookbook.  I think Linda McCowan forgot hers today.  She must return and take two.

Thanks for tuning in…



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I’m convinced that the best packer in the world is Todd.  He’s moved his family so many times he has every technique down to a science.  There was a room full of furniture, paintings, and assorted delicate things going to Cincinnati and O’Fallon and I was sure he’d need a bigger truck.  He maintained all along that he’d have more than enough room, and that he did.

You can see the wrought iron frame of the marble top coffee table in the bed of the truck.  Heinrich Goedeke made the frame for us years ago to hold marble from the  CSB when it was first constructed. The heavy marble slab is carefully padded and packed standing next to the rear of the cab. Tyler’s great-grandpa’s office chair from the bank that was recovered in elephant hide is  shrink wrapped and on the right.  They are heading to Cincinnati.

My grandmother’s round table is shrink wrapped and on the left near the tin cans holding Christmas ornaments.  They going to Mackenzie. There are plastic tubs full of surprises for her too.

The back seat of Todd’s truck has the Elephants, the large LeRoy Neiman picture that is Mackenzie’s…plus a Charles Rogers oil, and assorted other paintings that will hang in O’Fallon from now on.  Tyler’s car that is being towed behind the truck is loaded with more paintings and delicate objects.  I’m delighted that so many of Brit’s and my treasures are staying with family.

Everything is out of my lower level with a few of exceptions: a credenza, the bedroom furniture and a filing cabinet.  Gone are the safe, large TV, snooker table, ranch oak desk, marble coffee table, slate table, chairs, chairs and chairs, sofa, etc.  It won’t take much to remove the remaining small items.  I’ll leave the bedroom furniture in case the house buyer might want it.  Otherwise, there are places for it.

When you walk through the front door you’ll find everything in disarray. Card tables are loaded with glassware and dishes for whomever or Mosaic.  I’m packing my things in tubs to take to the Palace and they are being stacked by the front door and wherever I can find room.  It appears I’m hoarding, but it’s quite the opposite.  I’m downsizing to minimalist standards and very happy for it.

Guess what was the first thing I packed?  My unabridged dictionary.  I just couldn’t part with it.  You never know when you might get stranded on a deserted island with only one book to read.

Ringo knows something serious is going on.  He sleeps with his packed suitcase by his bed.

The saga continues…

Thanks for tuning in…



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“Escalate” is the theme of the day.

What started out to be a rather routine relocation of a couple of rock treasures (gifts from Gertie Kunkle) from my yard to Todd’s has now escalated into a full-blown operation involving half a dozen men, a fork lift, a trailer, two trucks, a highway patrol vehicle, and a really big wrecker.

It all started when Todd and his friend found the objects too heavy for them to lift with their dollies, etc. More help and equipment would be needed.

Then a highway patrolman friend arrived, but it’s not clear to me what his involvement  is, if any, in the operation.  He’s moving something from one truck to another and appears it to be an entirely different “moving” project.

Then they all take a break and look skyward at a plane passing overhead.

Ally arrives, takes one look and departs shaking her head.

A fork lift arrives on the scene to move the second extremely heavy object onto the friend’s trailer, but it never gets that far.  The fork lift and driver have sunk waist deep in my driveway or yard, or somewhere out there. I didn’t want specifics from Todd. I should go look, but I’m not in the mood for a disaster today. This has all the earmarks of one.

Because of an extended drought and restrictions against watering, nothing within miles is soft enough to sink into, so I’m wondering what collapsed. I may have a new exit shaft to the salt mine in my yard or I no longer have a water well.

Now everyone is standing outside waiting for George to arrive with a really, really big wrecker to free the fork lift and correct all the damage that has taken place. I couldn’t count the number of times George has had to come save the day at our house…trucks stuck in the back yard, cars stuck in dead man’s curve, garage doors that wouldn’t open…and moving, moving, moving kids from here to there, moving a painting to Logan, the list is endless.  He’s part of our family for sure.

The rumbling of big engines continues.

I know you are wondering why I’m not out there with my camera.  Not a chance of that happening.

Meantime, I’m listening to 100 different…literally…variations of  O Mio Bambino Caro on Spotify to control the anxiety of the escalation of what is occurring outside my house. If I don’t get anything else moved (which seems very likely at this point), I’m taking my computer and music with me wherever I go.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Especially to Todd and Karen who are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary this day…

To Brit and me who celebrated 57 wedding anniversaries together on this day…

And, we’re thinking of Dane who, sadly,  died on this date at age 56…



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A couple from Kanopolis captured the frontier spirit.

Dancing girls…with fans…


Robert Rogers, right, son of artist Charles Rogers, held a one day showing of some of his father’s western paintings, many having not been on display since the 1980s.  Left is Ally Britton with her Kansas City cousin, Kay Kippes Maier.


Paintings by Charles Rogers, “The Kansan”.


A mixed herd of 400 cattle were held in line by experienced drovers and well-trained horses.


An intersection full of traffic of any variety is unusual in Ellsworth.


They drove the herd to the intersection of highways 14 and 14, by my house, and turned them around to shoo them through town again.  This photo is by Von Rothenberger.  The others were taken by Ally Britton.


My niece from Kansas City has been coming to Ellsworth for our celebrations since she was a small girl…and then she always sat on the ledge behind her….before the arrival of planting boxes.


The town had one of the largest gatherings of visitors ever observed, according to some.  It was a gorgeous day and following a long miserable, summer, everyone seemed ready to venture forth and enjoy the day.  My friends, the “movers and shakers”  from northwest of Ellsworth,  came to see the action.


It’s rare these days that we can get more than one grandchild at a time home to visit.  Both our grandsons made it for the cattle drive and to welcome Tyler home from his second tour of Afghanistan and wish him well with his next assignment in Cincinnati.  Brittons left to right are Todd, Peg, Ally, Tyler, Karen and Drew.

Thanks for tuning in…


♥ ¸¸. •*¨*•♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TODD…♥ ¸¸. •*¨*•♫♪ ♥ ¸¸. •*¨*•♫♪

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Happy ♪ ♫• *¨ *• .¸ ¸Birthday To You…♪♫• *¨*•.¸¸Happy ♥ .•*¨* • ♫♪ Birthday ♪ To You ♫ •*¨*•. Happy Birthday¸¸ ♥ ¸¸.•* Dear Todd¨*• •*¨* • ♫♪ Happy ♥•*¨* •Birthday ♥•*¨* • To •*¨* •You! ♥ •*¨* •And many more•*¨* •……  •*¨* •From•*¨* • All •*¨* •Your•*¨* • Family.•*¨* •

58 wonderful years Sunday…


Todd…Ellsworth Correctional Facility…

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Son Todd, one of the two downstairs non-paying renters, was on Channel 12 tonight with local news.  You might tune in at 10:00 p.m. for a repeat.  He does a very good job as spokesperson for the prison (in this case), but then I’m his mom and think he’s very special.  The topic was energy conservation and emergency preparedness at the ECF.


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