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Guess what is behind this facade.  If you need a clue, look to the left of the white railing.  Sorry, no prizes for a right answer.



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The statewide smoking ban will go into effect tomorrow across the state with one exception: 28 private clubs, including one in Tonganoxie, will have a chance to argue their case before a Shawnee County Court before a judge determines whether the law is constitutional.

What was once the Brookville Hotel in Brookville is getting a new facade.  I visited with John today who is doing the face lift for Judith Dobson, owner from McPherson.  Her plans for the building remain the same as she told me years ago. Let’s hope she can make this happen.

The new/only slightly used Victorian house at the east end of downtown Brookville is engulfed in shoulder high weeds and a plethora of farm machine and equipment. To add to the neglect, a huge machinery shed is being built along the east side of it. That beautiful home has the same appearance of neglect as a mistreated, stray dog. It’s hard to even see the house which was once a beautiful show piece with some of the finest handcrafted woodwork ever.  Why doesn’t someone buy that house (they might give it away) and move it to Ellsworth?

The first hurricane of the season, Alex, is headed for Brownsville TX.  It’s a big one, due to hit land in a couple of hours.

My eyes are just dandy. Low pressure, no problems.  My ophthalmologist said I’m doing fine without glasses or contacts.  I sort of do need some cheap readers from time to time.  Not bad for an old woman.

We’re going to have another good weekend.  All the family won’t be here, but the young banker will be driving in from Boulder to see family and high school classmates who gather during the weekend of the 4th. We’ll hear all about his new job and life in the Rockies.  He’s bringing Sarge, his rescued puppy, to meet us. Ellsworth Packing will have a good, big sirloin that should serve us well and I’ll get a bone for Sarge.

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