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For people in the WaKeeney area. and others who recognize it, this will bring tears to your eyes.  To many of us, it was the best bacon cheeseburger in the world and it can be had no longer. Sigh!

Cleland Drug Store in Wakeeney was the home of this burger.  Fountain drinks and sundaes were made from the highest quality hard ice cream.  You not only got a full glass of thick wonderful milk shake, but the container with another full glassful as well.  There was also a slice of cranberry jell on the side of the plate.

The soda fountain is stored away and is for sale.  If you are interested, you can contact Jim Cleland.

If you want the most reasonable prices on prescription drugs, give Jim a call at 800-743-8886.



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Today I re-ordered some of my meds from Jim Cleland in WaKeeney.  It’s so simple.  I call his drug store toll free number,  1-800-743-8886, and put in my order with him, not a machine.  I asked him to mail it on Monday as refrigeration is required on some.  He puts an ice pack in with the order and it comes the next morning in the mail in great shape.  It saves me a great deal of money.  The procedure is as simple as it can get.   If you only want to compare costs to make sure you are getting the best price possible, call Jim.  He explains everything so you can understand it and appreciates your call.



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Total hits to my website for July….388,335.  Thank you for that.

Havin’ some of Ally’s and Todd’s friends in tonight for a party to celebrate her double nickel birthday and Todd’s 56th.  Things will be humming around here as we get things ready.  It’s very nice to have friends when you’re doing something like this. They’ve brought bowls, towels, dishes, pans, basil, tomatoes and their helpful hands and advice.

It rained more last night than I thought.  I only have to take a look at the gully in our driveway to know when we’ve had an inch or more of rain.

The farmers’ market was humming again this morning.  Caleb was called to the wind farm this morning to work on a tower so his mom and Craig were holding down their stand of fruits and veggies.  Robert had more corn and Connie was there with lots of baked goods.

There is a fly-in at the airport so there is busyness overhead.

I visited with a friend of mine last night who is one of my blog readers.  He said he had called Jim Cleland, my pharmacist friend in WaKeeney, since his wife had fallen into the donut hole too.  He said he was going to save hundreds on meds by getting his meds through him.  His drugs are coming from India…and they are tested and approved by USDA.  Call Jim and comparison shop on prices. You might be surprised at the savings. It’s toll free 1-800-743-8886.



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It’s possible you’ve noticed Jim Cleland’s commercial on CNN for our area.  He’s standing in his drug store in Wakeeney telling viewers to give him a toll free call…1-800-743-8886… to check his prices on drugs and compare them on what you are paying.  I’ve done that and found there is a HUGE difference. He claims, and rightly so, that he can bring you the best prescription drug prices in the world.

I’ve known Jim for years and have heard him rant about Medicare, high drug prices and being dismayed at patients who are unable to pay for prescription drug therapy.

In 2004, when Gov. Sebelius  said Kansans should look to foreign countries for prescription drug savings, Jim took action. Many drugs purchased from pharmacies in Canada or other foreign countries are definitely cheaper than in the U.S.

How do we know that drugs purchased from pharmacies in other countries are good and safe? The facts speak for themselves.  The government from each country where the pharmacy operates inspects and approves all drug manufactures the same as in the US.  All the pharmacies Jim buys from are approved by the U.S. FDA.  Millions of other people take these same drugs.

For years, we in the U.S. have been taking drugs that are manufactured in foreign facilities that include antibiotics from India, blood pressure meds from Switzerland, cholestrol meds from China, antidepressants from Denmark, and reflux capsules from Japan…etc.

When Jim gives you a quote on prices, he’ll give you his pharmacy price and the prices in a pharmacy in Canada, Great Britain,  Switzerland, Israel, etc.  One he gives you a quote, you will know if you are getting the best price.

I’ve fallen into the dreaded black donut hole because of the high price of my drugs….Cellcept, Actos, etc. which means until the end of the year, I have to pay out of pocket for all my drugs.  I had a choice of paying locally $400 a month for generic Cellcept or going to Wakeeney and paying a small fraction of that by having Jim purchase generic Cellcept overseas.  Same with Actos.  I’m literally saving thousands as I’ll be on these meds the rest of my life.

Jim and I have been friends for years.  Cleland Drugs has been around for 65 years. Jim has been in the drug business for 51 years.  His motto is:  Never Betray the Trust.

If you have someone in the family who is taking a drug that is very expensive, you might want to give Jim a call.  Even for other drugs I’m taking, I find Jim offers them for a lower price than I can buy them locally. When I need a script refilled, I call Jim and he has it in the mail that afternoon and I get it the next morning.  He pays the postage.

I don’t like to go out of town to buy things that are available here, but when I can no longer afford local prices, I have to look elsewhere.

From the Indy: Cleland is a northwest Kansas original.

From an earlier post:

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The new medicine I’m taking for Lupus (or whatever I have!) is Mycophenolate.  It’s the generic for Cellcept, a drug used for patients undergoing kidney transplants.  It demolishes your immune system, I’m led to believe, but this is about the last good alternative for me.  Anyway, it’s expensive stuff, but if you shop around, there is sunlight.  Here’s what I have learned in the past few days.

My local pharmacist was giving me her “best deal” and charging me $400 for 60 pills, which is enough for one month.  That’s with my insurance.  She said she can’t even buy it for $200.

My Lupus doctor’s nurse in Salina said she could find it cheaper for me and did.  She said the Smith Center pharmacist said he’d sell it to me at his cost of $170.

Then she called again to say at Dillon’s on Crawford in Salina, it can be purchased….same med, 60 pills…for $117.17.   I needed it so Todd made a run to Salina to pick it up so I could get started on it in order to head north again.  Today, they called from the Dillon Pharmacy and said they had run it through my insurance and had a rebate for me of $40.77.  That brings the price down to $76.40 with my insurance.  Far better than $400.

Meantime, I have contacted my friend, Jim Cleland, who has a pharmacy in WaKeeney. He is reevaluating the prices of all the meds I’m taking. Perhaps you’ve seen his ad on CNN.  His price for 100 of the same med as mentioned above is $105.20.  He also said he was making money on it at that price.  So, Jim’s cost to me per pill is $1.05.  Dillon’s costs is $1.27 a pill.  Locally purchased would cost me $6.66 a pill.  All with my insurance.  I can’t afford to shop locally with this price differential.


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