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Another good year is drawing to a close and as I reflect on it, I’m more grateful than ever that I’m living here at the Palace.  Although my kids and grandchildren are very attentive to my needs and wants, and share an endless amount of their love, I don’t want them to be unnecessarily inconvenienced or think they are responsible to supply me with attention.  Living here takes almost all that stress off them and since they know I love it here, I don’t get lonely (it’s not my nature)  and I have everything I need to be comfortable.  That includes my computer, stacks of books, good music, The Wall Street Journal, and most of all…I’m surrounded by good, helpful, kind, pleasant people.   The family comes to visit as often as they can and I love every minute they spend with me.  That goes for friends too.  When I’m with my kids and grand kids, that is life at its best.

I really, really, really miss my Ellsworth friends and friends elsewhere, but that’s what happens when you get old and life situations change.  I can’t “get” to them and most people aren’t inclined to visit people in retirement centers.  I know about that.  I was in that position too for a long time.  I miss them but can’t do much about that.  I’ve learned that I’m physically uncomfortable when I leave the Palace, except when I visit Todd and Karen.  Their house is user friendly for me and I’m  comfortable there.  I can’t do steps and it’s generally hard for me to “get around”.   It’s best if I just stay “home”.

Since I moved to the Palace, Ally and Karen have changed my sheets.  For months now Karen has been changing my bed and washing my sheets.  I want to make it easier for Karen.  Previously I have been doing all my own laundry as the facilities here are nice and convenient; however, the process just wears me out.  Sometimes it thoroughly exhausts me so yesterday I sent all my clothes to the laundry here and am ecstatic with the results.  They  picked it up at 8 and by 10 it was returned neatly folded or on hangers.

They washed all my clothes in one 55 gallon load, containing only my clothes,  and, I’m told they rarely lose anything as they label the washer as containing my clothes.  When they move them to the dryer, they move my name tag to the dryer.  That load can include my queen size sheets and pillow cases, large bath towels and wash cloths and almost the entire contents of my closets.  They charge $10 for doing that, folding/hanging and returning them to my room…and putting them where they belong.  It just took me this long to figure all this out.  There are many kinds of service the Palace offers like this to make living here carefree.  It’s perfect.

Sharon helps me for an hour every two weeks with my housekeeping.  She’s marvelous and most helpful.  That’s about  all I have needed as my apartment is all new and not that large. She’s going to change that to include more time for me so that she can make my bed and tidy my closets, kitchen and refrigerator.  She agreed I could scream and yell at her until she makes my bed perfectly as Karen does.  No one can make a bed as perfectly as Karen.

I use a lot of distilled water in my humidifier and C-Pap machine.   It’s about $1.00 a gallon at Dollar General just down the street.  Todd and others would stop and get me as much as they could carry until I called Key Rexall and asked what they charged.  I can’t recall exactly, but  think  $1.13 a gallon…and they deliver anything, or a truck load of stuff, for $1.48.  So, once I figured that out, I order a case of six gallons quite often.  Sean delivers it to my apartment, takes it out of the case and distributes it for me where I need it.  And I give him a nice tip for doing all that for me and we both are happy.  Todd is happy too.

Salina Public Librarian, Lori, comes to the Palace once a month and brings a random selection of books and ones I special order from her.  I send her an email with what I’d like.  She brings them here to the Palace, I keep them a month and she retrieves them.  There is also a very nice well-stocked  library here at the Palace.  You just take a book and return it when you’re finished.

There is something new every day to learn about living here.  It just takes time to make all those adjustments.

Shannon called me yesterday and we visited about his new driveway.  What a wonderful improvement it  is.  I just love it that Shannon, Lindsay and their boys live there.  They use the house just like Brit and I did for our family and friends.   The house is still filled with company all the time.  They love it just as much as we did.  That makes me feel really good about living here and leaving it behind for his enjoyment.

We’re having a Noon Year’s Eve party shortly….baked potato bar and special things.  I have to join my friends now and see what alligators are circulating the moat.

And, the “girlz in the hood” are gathering any time after 3:30 at Joy’s to put a dent in the New Year. They include Amy Hoffman, Hazel Beggs, Maybelle Mase, Dorothy Carmichael, Carolyn Eland, Margie Wilson, Joy Mansfield… and moi. Yay!
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Roy P. Britton, Army Air Corps corporal WWII radar observer with grandson, Tyler J. Britton, now a tech sergeant/respiratory therapist in the US Air Force.  Missing is a picture of my brother, Bruce H. Baker, a captain and fighter pilot in the US Air Force and my father, 1st Lt. US Army Bruce H. Baker, WWI.

by John McCrae, May 1915

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.



My grandson, Tyler, does a lot of traveling and, from time to time, he asks me to tell him where I’ve been, or about one of my favorite destinations. That’s hard as every trip had it special highlights.

There are many places in the US I haven’t seen, but I’ve also had the opportunity to see and visit many places, some many times.  The only two states I haven’t visited are Rhode Island and Delaware.

I thought it might be convenient for Tyler, and interesting for me if I could list the places outside the US where Brit and I, Ally and I, Dane, Mackenzie and I or I alone, have visited…not just passed through on the way to some place else.  The journey brought me back many memories.

Brit and I went to Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Taxco and Aculpulco on our honeymoon.  We also drove to Mexico randomly just because we loved it so much.  One trip was to Tampico to meet Vera and Reuben Sparks. We went to Aculpulco again with Karma and Paul Aylward and stayed at Tres Vidas, which may have been dissolved by the salty ocean water.  It was a magnificent place.

We also made four trips to Hawaii which were wonderful, but they don’t count in this list.

Brit was the People-to-People leader for a group of Kansas bankers we took to China for an extended visit.  We took numerous tours with other groups…and by ourselves. Many were trips that Dane arranged.

Ally and I drove 7,000 miles during our trip to visit Cape Breton in Nova Scotia.  We ate only at locally owned restaurants and slept in locally owned motels/B & B’s. Ally played golf with a group of guys we met over a sack of garlic we happened to have and that they desperately needed.  No fast food/franchise patronizing. We stayed in Baddeck for a week or so and loved Lunenburg where she took the helm of a large sailing vessel and was invited by the captain to stay and sail for him.  She’s that good. I love Nova Scotia.

Ally and I also took a 17 day trip through the Panama Canal on the Norwegian Wind and racked up some wonderful memories.  Another time we spent 10 days in Cancun where she spend her time cave diving and I luxuriated at the Grand Mayan Resort.

Another memorable trip was one that Mackenzie and I took to visit Dane in Hungary when he was there working for the Eisenhower Foundation assisting Hungary to return to a democratic government.  That was a wonderful trip and holds special memories not only of Hungary, but other countries as well. .  Mackenzie lost a tooth while we were there so we launched it in to the Danube and figured some day it would  be inside a big fish in the Black Sea.

I didn’t list a family cruise we took in the Caribbean or the bucket trip the family took with Brit before he died.  Of course, we didn’t venture out of the US for that.

Brit and I had three trips to London/England and I went another time to visit my friends, Ann Harrison, and John and Geoff Spearman (Ally and I met them on the Panama Canal trip). I remember one flight to from New York to London where we were served 7 full meals before we landed in London and we didn’t go to bed until our return flight home two days later.  We were young then.

I don’t have my passports with me which would give me a better idea of what I may have missed, but for all practical purposes, this list will cover most of my travel destinations.  I’ve always had an itch to travel…Dane, Todd, Mackenzie, Tyler, Drew and Ally all have the same gene.  Before he’s finished, Tyler will put my list to shame.  He’s already way ahead of most 26 year old travelers who have to do it on their own.

My Travel To Non-US Destinations (more than just passing through):

Bahamas, Nassau
Costa Rica
Cartagena, Colombia
Panama City
San Blas Islands
Panama Canal
Australia, Sydney
Australia, Canberra
Australia, Melbourne
New Zealand, Rotorua
New Zealand, Queenstown
New Zealand, Christ Church
Indonesia, Jakarta, Jawa Barat
Indonesia, Bali
Philippines, Manila
French Polynesia, BoraBora
Japan, Kyoto
Japan, Tokyo x2
Malaysia, Jahore Bahru
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Thailand, Bangkok
Hong Kong
China, Shanghai
China, Beijing
China, Guangzhou
Canada, Victoria
Canada, Vancouver
Canada, Banff
Canada, Jasper
Canada, Lake Louise
Canada, Medicine Hat
Canada, Calgary
Canada, Edmonton
Canada, Quebec City x2
Canada Montreal
Canada, Nova Scotia, Kentville
Canada, Nova Scotia, Baddeck, Cape Breton Island
Canada, Lunenburg
Canada, Digby
Canada, New Brunswick
Canada, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Mexico, Cancun
Mexico, Monterrey
Mexico, Puerto Vallarta
Mexico, Mexico City
Mexico, Taxco
Mexico, Aculpulco
Mexico, Tres Vidas (where is it?)
Mexico, Cuernavaca
Mexico, Guadalajara
Mexico, San Angel ?
Mexico, Tampico
England, London x3
England, Southern England Petworth and Pulborough
England , Stanley, County Durham
Scotland, Edinburgh
Scotland, Tighnabruaich
Hungary, Budapest
Czechoslovakia, Prague
Austria, Vienna

The end.  My traveling days are over.
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My cousin’s son, Adam Foster, and his girl friend, Gina, were here visiting.  They had been in Cushing OK doing what they both love to do best…wearing bat wing suits and jumping out of airplanes or from he top of some cloud-shrouded precipice in the Alps …and were on their way home to Colorado.  Flying is what they “do” and they teach others the intricacies of the sport and sell the suits you need for it. Adam has tallied about 1,500 jumps like this so you know he must love it. Gina, not so many, but a commendable number that draws a lot of respect.  Todd, Ally and Karen joined us for dinner last evening at Tucson’s and an evening of catching up with each other.  That’s the best kind of visit.

I ordered baby back ribs for dinner last night at Tucson’s.  They are wonderful, well-seasoned and fork tender.  Guess what we had for lunch here today?  Baby back ribs for the first time since I moved here.

My friend, Ann, invited me to go with her to hear Jill Docking tonight and I bailed…but only because I’m “walker” dependent and the facility where it’s being held is more than I can manage.  Dang it.  At least I can still get around for most things I want to do.  Sitting in a theater seat is no longer on my user friendly list.  I simply can’t extricate myself from it.

Life in the Palace is going very well and I’m still gloating over my decision to move here.  I could not have made a better choice. I have all the freedom I want to come and go…despite my joking referrals to being an inmate….and I have some very good friends here to visit with whenever I want.  It’s the best of two worlds.  My bedroom is full of all the technological gadgets I need to stay connected to the outside world, I have a stack of good books I rotate from the Salina Public Library, and far more options for places to go and things to see than in my previous “life”.

I have a new phone number that I changed rather suddenly.  The Palace has 100 in house phone lines that are used for business purposes, health care and all their related services.  That leaves a few that are free for resident use, as they become available.  After waiting almost two years,  one became available yesterday when my name rose to the top of the list. I grabbed it and ran.  It’s cheaper by about $100 a year than Cox.  I retain my unlimited long distance service.  The only drawback is that I have to dial 9 first, which isn’t a problem as I fed it into my bank of speed dial numbers. Another plus is that my message machine now works the way I want it to and I don’t have to dial up my messages from Cox.  Life gets easier day by day.  Life is very good.

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Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday. Mamo Maggie, as she was known to her grandchildren and very beloved by them, was born 114 years ago.  Although she died 50 years ago, she has continued to be in a special place in my thoughts.



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My good friends from Ellsworth arrived as a birthday surprise bearing balloons, beer, dips and spreads and fresh veggies from the garden and canned green tomatoes. Now, how perfect is that?  From left behind me:  Cindy McAtee, Claudia Hochman and Meredith Vargo. They unpacked all my boxes from my move and put everything away. The best of friends.


Shannon and Lindsay…loving the house they’re in…it makes me happy knowing they love it so.


My cousin, John Drees, and Ally….on a trip to Orozco’s for lunch.


Bernadette Drees Rogers with Ally and me (and her brother John) at Orozco’s Mother’s Day weekend.


Bloody Mary in a quart jar for the birthday boy…27 big ones.  He looks very much like his grandpa…

Drew was in the wedding party of hosts of friends this summer….he was more often than not found in formal attire.


Grandson Rod and wife Genn ….Roman Coliseum…
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Finally…after several months of concentrated effort, my house is empty and ready to show.  My sincere thanks to everyone who helped make that possible…Tyler, Cindy, Meredith, Dawnae, Deneen, Claudia, Preston, Les, Mackenzie, Mark, Drew, Karen, Todd, Ally, Becky, Joel, Willis, George, Linnae, all the clients at Mosaic, Meier’s Moving…and I’m sure there are others.

There will be advertisements for my house in this week’s INDY.  Look for future ads announcing plans that are being made for an exciting open house.  In the mean time, call Jessica Decker (785-342-0935) of REMAX in Salina if you want a private showing.

I’d appreciate it if you would spread the word that my house is for sale.  I’ve relocated, it’s in great condition and ready for new owners to move in tomorrow.

1404 N. Douglas, Ellsworth
• Contemporary, One-Of-A-Kind Home! Over 4200 Sq Ft!
• Secluded Location On 5 Wooded Acres (+/-)
• Amazing Views Out Floor To Ceiling Windows
• Beautiful Hickory Floors & Amazing Chef’s Kitchen
• Walk-Out Basement Includes Hot Tub Room & Covered Deck
• Call Today For Your Private Showing

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Eddie Jilka, a frequent subject of my blog and long time friend, found me in the dining room today.  I was there visiting with the stragglers from lunch…Ginny Frederick on the left of Ed, and Ruth Willis on the right.  We had a nice visit then Ed headed to Lawrence to be with his family for Christmas.  He’ll be back next week.


My holiday chair with bird house and ornaments stands by my TV.  As you can see, Santa has arrived in the form of assorted presents from Mackenzie and Ty, special Tito’s from Lew and Cindy and some very nice Christmas cards.  I had Lorie Park put it together for me when she owned and operated La Prairie Gifts in EllswoRth.  It’s my kind of tree.


Most of the Christmas tree ornaments Brit and I collected and displayed on various trees over the many years of our marriage now reside on the tree below that is proudly displayed by Mackenzie and Ty.  I love seeing all the familiar ornaments.  The Santa ornaments above Ty’s shoulder are ones I bought years ago from Ginny Frederick.  Or maybe Margaret Wyatt.  Not sure now.


I neglected to take a picture of my other visitors today, Chuck Marsh, his daughter Gillian (chairwoman of my kansasprairieblog fan club), son Will and mom Ivy. We had a delightful chat and I hope Ivy shares them with me again when they come to visit her.

The KU game attracted my attention and I was glad to see them win again.  I’m happy to note there are a lot of KU supporters who live in the Palace.

That’s about all there is to say about this adventuresome day.

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Ally will be doing a radio interview with her friend, DJ Sloan, this Friday on KMUZ FM 88.5 in Salem, Oregon. They will be discussing her mustard, turkeys and grassroots projects. Air time is at 3:00 CST.  You can pick it up on your computer at  Click on “listen live”.

Today is my mother’s birthday.  Hardly a day passes when I don’t think of her … the hardscrabble days of her youth, the homesickness for family she endured while teaching on the lonely plains of eastern Colorado, the hard times of rearing three children during and following the years of the depression …the joy she shared with her children and grandchildren. She was the kindest most giving person I’ve ever known.  At the end of the day I’m always left with the feeling of “I wish I could have done more” for her.  Happy Birthday, Mom.

Today my challenge, beyond pushing and shoving “stuff” around for the move, is to make a kettle of beef veggie soup.  I’ll start out with 5# of lean chuck cubes from the packing plant.  Somewhere in emptying refrigerators and freezers I lost my beef stock that took all day for me to make…starting by roasting bones and veggies….arghhhh….

Yesterday I ordered a new supply of tea to enjoy at the Palace with my friends — Indian Mocha Chai,  Roasted Mate Chai, Young Ripened Puerh Tea and Organic Darjeeling Black Tea.  Two pounds of tea is a lot of tea.  It’s on its way to me from a company called Enjoying Tea.  I’ve had good luck ordering tea from them. They provide a wide variety of choices and good prompt service in case you enjoy tea as much as I and want to browse their website.

It’s going to be a beautiful day in Central Kansas…sunny, windless with nice clear skies.  Now for another steaming mug of roasted mate chai.  Here’s what they say about it:

Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis), introduced to the world by the Guarani Indians of South America, is from the subtropical highlands of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. In South America, the morning and afternoon beverage of choice is Yerba Mate and not coffee. This drink will energize our body and bring many health benefits. Yerba Mate is known as the national drink of South American countries, and is consumed by millions of South Americans as a healthful alternative to coffee.

This delicious tea includes roasted yerba mate, ginger, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, and black pepper. When brewed this full body tea produces a spicy aromatic flavor.



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Following the dearth of visitors from out-of-town during the heat of summer, the traffic has picked up very pleasantly in recent days.  Those who have found their way to my door include Kim, Julie, Kevin, Marci, WenDee, Joyce, Annette, Ann, Terry and Travis, just for openers. Maybe I’ve forgotten some, but I hope not.  I love to have people stop by and spend the night if they can.  I’m losing beds pretty fast around here so I think they are taking advantage of those that remain.  I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve had some humorous calls from friends complimenting “me” on Ally’s big screen debut with her turkeys on Hatteberg’s  People last night. I had nothing to do with it, of course, but my friends are teasing that I’m the Dina Lohan of Ellsworth, the starlet’s mother. Enormous thanks go to Marci Penner of the Kansas Sampler Foundation for the tip to Hatteberg about Ally’s Prairie Dancer Farm projects. Turkeys are a ton of work, particularly since they aren’t the smartest creatures on earth and with their insatiable appetites they eat an endless amount of grain. If anyone has left over watermelon, pumpkins, cantaloupe, garden fruits and veggies, etc., her turkeys love the variety they offer.  She meets herself coming and going to the Co-op for more food for them.  With her they do have a happy, care-free home on the range and she takes very good care of them.

Speaking of turkeys…Ally is selling some dressed turkeys locally to try to break even on her turkey business this first year. She could use help rounding up the turkeys and getting them crated to transport to Frank Reese’s farm. That just requires a broom and a lot of good humor.  Then she could use help in two others areas when she’s dressing about 50 to sell locally. She needs a “catch and kill” group and a “gut and pluck” group.  It’s amazing, but she is gathering volunteers who are willing to help. Those are true friends.

Grandchildren, Mackenzie and Drew, are having difficulty getting time off during the holidays.  It seems they just get Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day off and since they live in O’Fallon IL and Boulder CO respectively, it’s almost impossible to spend any time in Ellsworth without additional days off to travel. Tyler has more accrued time in his job in Cincinnati and is the only one who might be able to be here. At least it looks that way now.

It was time to change my oil and, fortunately, it coincided with the cold spell that always results in my tire air pressure light going on.  The Co-op cleans my car on the inside too when they change my oil which is a great selling point for me doing business with them.  When they return it to me later today, it will be ready to withstand the elements of winter, when that time arrives.  Right now it is a gorgeous fall day and one Ringo and I are enjoying immensely.

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Ellsworth Reporter, June 12, 1902:  “J. Frank Baker has had the old porch in front of the American House pulled down and a fine new one built in its place. Delos Eldridge did the work, which is a guarantee that it was well done. We understand Mr. Baker contemplates making other important improvements to his hotel in the near future.”  J. Frank was my grandfather.  He owned and operated the American House, among other endeavors, then, along with my grandmother, the Baker House Hotel. The Baker House was located on the corner of Douglas and South Main just east of the Ellsworth County Historical Museum and once was home to the Charles Rogers Art Gallery.



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Riley O’Malley Knox, died early Easter morning in a car accident a few miles east of his home near Abilene.  He was only 19 years old.

Riley, his mother Patti O’Malley, and brother Keegan Knox have been close family friends for a long time, initially through their working relationship with Dane and Mackenzie.  They took numerous business trips together where it was Mackenzie’s job to babysit for the two young boys.  There were among her most challenging “charges” and the most fun to be with.

Funeral services will be Thursday in Abilene.  There will be a private burial ceremony for family members on Friday where Riley will be put to rest in a small cemetery next to his rural home.

I took this picture of Riley August 1st, 2009 when he was here to help Ally and Todd celebrate their birthdays.  He had special gifts and so much promise.



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Amelia Marie was born at about 8:15pm on July 29. She weighed 7 lbs, 13 oz and measured in at 20 inches. She has a full head of thick black hair and, as you can see, big brown eyes. Mom is doing great, Amelia is doing great but dad, quite frankly, is a little giddy.



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Connie and Shonka have a wide variety of baked and canned goods and crocheted items at the Ellsworth Farmers’ Market.


Caleb Svaty’s produce stand.


Daughter and daughter-in-law…here to celebrate my 83rd.

Birthday celebration friends…it was all very low key.


Son Todd….waiting for blueberry pie and strawberry ice cream…


New items for my culinary enjoyment…exotic infused oils and vinegars…and many rare teas…
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Today was bonanza day at the Ellsworth farmers’ market for fresh veggies.  Caleb had beets, broccoli, cabbage, radishes, white and red potatoes, green beans, zucchini, cucumbers and  onions, that I recall.  I bought enough everything to keep me healthy for a week.  In addition, I have fresh spinach that Claudia sneaked in to my refrigerator.  Meredith has kept me with a good supply of green onions for several weeks now.  I love this time of year.  I admire my gardening friends talents.  I could live on veggies.

Connie Terry and Shawnka had a large table full of their usual items…cakes, pies, cinnamon rolls, birocks, jams and jellies and assorted handmade crocheted items.  The more vendors there are at the market, the better the market.

On my way to the market this morning, I stopped to see Mark and Josie Roehrman at the Village Mall and enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee and visit with them.  We always have a world of things to visit about and we rarely find time to “catch up”. They were very instrumental in my grandson’s decision to join the Air Force so I try to remember to thank them for that from time to time.  Tyler worked for them during the summer months doing demolition and construction work with Mark.  He also worked in the Mall for Josie doing whatever she asked.  He loved working for them and learned a great deal from both the work experience and personal association.  The  Roehrman’s were excellent mentors in many ways.  They helped Tyler see the advantages military service had brought to their own family members and relate those to the possibilities that were open to Tyler.  Because of his successes during the past four years and the many opportunities available in the Air Force in the future, Tyler recently reenlisted for another four years.  He’s been making very good choices and, as a result, has an exciting new assignment coming up in the fall.

It is such a delightful morning and great to be out and about enjoying the sunshine and cool breezes.  It’s a beautiful morning in Kansas.  The afternoons tend to be slightly warmish for me.
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It’s a good thing it isn’t trash pickup day on my side of the road.  It’s blowing a gale…again…only from a different direction from the gale yesterday…and the one that blew this morning.  This is the kind of weather that keeps thin, frail people at home, particularly the elderly. I’m not in that category, but for those who are, there isn’t any way for them to keep from being upended by sudden gusts of wind. My problem rests with the driver’s side car door.  No matter which way I park with wind like this, I’m either trying to keep the door from ripping off the hinges and taking my arm with it OR shattering my left leg.  It’s not worth the struggle.

One could say with certainty that unsettled weather abounds.  If it brings more rain, it’s worth the inconvenience. Farm ponds are filling and the cool temps are delightful.Ringo doesn’t like storms.  He cowers beside me most of the time or tries to hide from the lightning under the coffee table or in the basement.  Sometime when it’s really bad, I build him a nest in my bedroom closet or the pantry where he can sleep undisturbed.  When it turns pitch black during the day, he knows something is amiss.

Ally took some good storm cloud pictures last night, but I can’t seem to get them posted.  There are procedures on this computer that are different from my last and I can’t figure out some of them.  Posting pictures is a puzzlement right now.  Mackenzie will be here this weekend to give me a hand.  She’s also bringing all my pictures and music off my hard drive  and external speakers.  This computer has a rotten sound system.  My XPS had wonderful sound so this is a disappointment in that regard.   I made the mistake of trying to watch Melanie Griffith in a movie yesterday. Not that I’ll probably ever want to watch another of her movies, but it’s no fun just hearing half the dialog.  I need sound for movies and particularly for my music.  I tried to play Beethoven’s Ninth and it sounded like the opening bars of Henryk Gorecki’s Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.  I know my hearing isn’t THAT bad.Graduates are gathering for the  Ellsworth High School class activities that will abound this weekend.  It’s Todd’s 40th year which I find hard to believe.  Ally will barge in on his class as that’s where most of her friends were.  The last time she went when it was her special reunion, she was the only one from her class who attended.  She had a great time anyway with all her old friends from other classes.

Tomorrow is the last day of classes for Ellsworth-Kanopolis-Geneseo students.  Watch the little ones as you drive.

Meredith stopped by yesterday for a Labatt Blue and chat.  We never have enough time to catch up.  She invited Mackenzie and me to join her and Rich on their deck for some of their homemade wine and a visit this weekend.  Anna Cannon and baby Ruby will be here Saturday…as will Scott and Darbi Nichols. It’s always nice having visitors.

Speaking of wine…Don Urbanek brought me a bottle of grape wine.  That man really knows how to make wine.  It is wonderful!  I wonder if he and Rich ever compare notes as they are both perfectionists at their craft.  Todd does really well as a brewmeister, particularly with the dark ales that I prefer.  Samples are always welcomed here at 1404.

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I wish everyday were like today…with lots of people in and out of my house, visiting and having fun.

Eddie Jilka arrived yesterday from Silverton CO a day earlier than expected, but that’s okay.  He always comes to see us when he is in Kansas visiting his mother and other relatives.  Sometimes he stays overnight, as he did last night, and at times he stays weeks which hasn’t happened for a long time. He lived with us for several summers and ran the swimming pool.   This morning we had breakfast at KCs where Ally, Todd and Karen joined us.  He would have been disappointed had he not been able to visit with them.  As he was nearing his car to return to Salina, I asked if he had everything…his computer, and meds specifically. “Yes, yes, yes”, he said…as if he could forget those things.  After he arrived in Salina he realized he didn’t have his computer so he called to say he was heading back to Ellsworth.  Alas.  He almost counts as two visitors.

Ally was in and out during the time she was mowing my yard and spraying weeds.  That’s always very nice.  She also made a laundry run for me and hauled my clothes upstairs.  I barely get by dragging myself up and down the stairs without the addition of something that needs to be hauled from here to there.

Then, as totally anticipated, Jesse Manning popped in for a couple of hours.  It’s always wonderful catching up with him in real person; however, since his parents left Kanopolis that has become more difficult.  We stay connected.  He’s been a good friend.  I was delighted to see him and his new Caddy.  It’s an amazing vehicle and he’s an amazing young man.

Drew and dog Sarge passed through this afternoon, returning to Boulder from K.C.  To make it easier for all of us to talk with Drew whose time was very limited, his parents brought taco pizza to my house where we partook while quizzing the heck out of him as to what he and his high school buddies did in Kansas over the weekend during Tyler Bailey’s bachelor party.  They were sworn to secrecy, he said with a smile.  We didn’t expect to learn much, or really want to.  We did want to see Drew; he’s always so positive and cheerful.  He has a very long drive back to Boulder.

And…to bring a close to the day, Karen misplaced her set of keys.  We suspect they are somewhere in Drew’s car heading toward the mountains.  Ooops.

Thanks for tuning in…



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For me, every day is mother’s day….where would we be without the joy of children?

Ally, Greg, Sam and I had a delightful evening at Ally’s Prairie Dancer Farm (yes, it’s all legal now) last night….sitting on the porch sipping cold beer and enjoying Ally’s barbecued burgers, beans and potato salad.  It was a perfect evening, delightfully cool…no wind…distant sounds of nature and engaging conversation.  It was country living at its best.  Ringo enjoyed it too.

Today Ally, Todd, Karen and I are letting Anthony do the cooking at the Ellsworth Steak House. The menu sounds very inviting and we women will appreciate a respite from the kitchen.  I just wish Mackenzie, Tyler, Drew, Rod and Genn were here.

I hope all mothers have a fabulous day, as it is intended to be.

Thanks for tuning in…



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It has been a struggle!  Dell finally admitted that getting me a new computer would have saved them bundles in replacement parts and techie trips to Ellsworth.  It would have saved me hours and hours of talking with people in India and the Philippines who actually knew less than I….and that’s for certain.  Heaven knows I know very little…but I finally found a man in Manila with whom I could communicate and who understood the issues I was having with the various computers they delivered to me.  Thanks to him, a brand spankin’ new all-in-one touch screen Inspiron should be heading my way from the Philippines. I really, really hope so.

Meantime, I’m improvising with a dandy new XPS One, just like the one I had…sort of…, a mouse with a tail that I borrowed from the bank and my very old Inspiron keyboard, also with a tail. It’s the third new computer they’ve delivered since the first part of April when mine crashed. They seem to have a bad habit of sending a new chassis and some new parts…but not enough to make the system work like it should.

I’ve not had the capability to blog until this instant when Mackenzie hacked into my blog and sent me the connection.  Thank goodness for a very bright computer savvy granddaughter. She just built herself another super-duper computer.  Next time she does that, I’ll just have her double the order.  She’ll be here for Memorial Day weekend so she can tweak my computer so it hums again.

Thanks for hanging around…

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