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Today Ally is serving open-faced hot turkey sandwiches with dressing and corn for $6.50.

Speaking of food, as frequently I am…Ally and I went to Lyons to chase down the Chinese Restaurant.  It’s on the main floor of the LyKan Hotel and pretty dern good. They had a buffet last night but you can also order off an extensive menu.

There wasn’t any beef on the buffet, but plenty of chicken, shrimp and fish dishes.  I always enjoy the boiled shrimp…and they had crayfish as well…and I can make a meal on them.  They also had some interesting pickled veggies that I really liked.

These are the folks that Meredith chased after in Ellsworth so I thought I’d mention that to the young girl who was taking my money…but she spoke no English.  She had not a clue what I was talking about.  Our young waiter who looked like a native of Lyons interestingly enough spoke some Chinese.  Hard as he would try, he couldn’t get her to say they had been visiting in Ellsworth.   She kept saying “Salina”,  but there was no mention of Ellsworth.

Finally, they called in the reserves and another cute young oriental woman came to the rescue.  She couldn’t speak English either but the three of them, with a lot of help from the young man, finally realized what I was saying.  Meantime, Ally is trying to drag me out, knowing I’m not giving up on this, and is saying over and over…”Mom, it doesn’t matter.”

Then….Voila!   They jumped with joy, grabbed my hands and with smiles galore said “yes, yes, yes”.  They loved that woman (Meredith) and their visit to Ellsworth.  So, I told them how much we appreciated them coming to Ellsworth and that brought more jumping for joy and grabbing my hands and arms across the counter.  They are delightful people and soooo cute.  I wish they had settled here instead of Lyons.  I want to go back just because they are so nice.

Thanks for tuning in….



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Samantha Finke, Ellsworth’s own world traveler, has created another adventuresome experience far away from Thailand where she recently worked.   This time she’s been asked by the Director of Events at the White House to go to Byzantium, oops …Constantinople…oops.. Istanbul to do press events for President Obama during his visit there.

Istanbul was the capital consecutively of the eastern branch of the Roman Empire, of the Byzantine Empire, and of the Ottoman Empire.  It is the seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church.  Sammy is probably brushing up on her history about now.

She leaves a week from tomorrow and will spend two weeks going back and forth across the Bosporus from Europe to Asia to catch all the sights in this city of nearly 9 million people.  It is the only city in the world to straddle two continents. The European side of the city is the terminus of an international rail service that once was called the Orient Express.  Ah, the mystique of the Orient Express. Brit and I came very close to taking a trip on the Orient Express in the early 80s.

Istanbul is an ancient city that attracts many tourists and is a popular vacation spot.The environs of Istanbul, particularly the villas, gardens, castles, and small communities along the Bosporus, are famed for their beauty. The part of Istanbul corresponding to historic Constantinople is situated entirely on the European side. It rises on both sides of the Golden Horn, an inlet of the Bosporus, on one of the finest sites of the world, and like Rome is built on seven hills. Several miles of its ancient moated and turreted walls are still standing.  My bet is that Sammy sees as much of this city as is humanly possible in two weeks and that she’ll hate to leave.

My brother once told me some airline pilots who were friends of his would take two suitcases with them when they flew to Istanbul…one filled with water, the other with food. That was long ago.  Now, people head to Istanbul for the food alone.  Here’s a website that will give you an idea what Sammy will probably experience.  It all looks good to me…as I dearly love street food.

Sammy makes her own opportunities. She does a lot of volunteer work and is having  many invaluable experiences that will provide a life time of memories. For this job, she is considered to be a volunteer staffer with all her expenses covered and per diem pay good enough to have some fun on the side. It will tide her over until the right job comes along…and it’s coming.



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Today Ally has prepared barbecued boneless pork ribs with two sides and a dinner roll for $6.50.

Tomorrow she’ll be serving her Sunday special which is slowly roasted 24-hour pot roast  with two sides and a dinner roll for $6.99. This is very yummy.

Tuesday is corned beef and cabbage day with potatoes, green beans and a dinner roll for $6.99.  Todd, Karen, Ally, friend from WaKeeney and I are gathering Tuesday evening to enjoy this. St. Pat’s Day simply requires corned beef and cabbage.

Years ago, when I was constantly in the kitchen, for St. Pat’s Day, which was our anniversary (and Todd and Karen’s), I would brine a large lean eye of round roast with lots of spices for several days in a crock in the garage when I knew the weather would be cold enough to allow that.  Otherwise I’d have to clean out my refrigerator to make room for it, which was a pain. Then I’d slowly cook it in the oven half the night and all day.  Finally, I’d add cabbage, potatoes, onions and carrots drenched in the liquid beside the beef to create a feast for a king.  You just can’t beat a good batch of corned beef and cabbage with a side of fresh horseradish, in my opinion.

Tonight, as a continuation of Karen’s birthday celebration, we’re going to El Potrillos in Lyons for dinner. Drew will be home so it will be fun to share that experience with him.  He loves Mexican food and is quite the expert at finding good spots to eat.   After that, we might stop at Paden’s for a tomato beer.  It’s fun and  what you do with college kids.

Tomorrow I’m going to Salina to see Doubt and have dinner with a friend.

Last night I was invited for a steak dinner at a friend’s house.  It was sooo good.  Her son charbroiled the steaks outside and they were absolutely perfect…far better than anything you can buy at a restaurant.  It was a good evening and helped enormously for me to get through the day.  I had lunch at the hospital and thanked those I saw for the good care they gave Dane.  It was the best I could manage to celebrate his birthday.  The hospital staff gave us 3 1/2 more years with him that we otherwise would not have had.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Today is Chinese.  Ally said to take your choice of orange chicken, General Tao’s chicken or Teriyaki beef and it will be served with veggie-filled fried rice, fried wonton and egg roll for $5.99.  I think you get your future laid out for you in a fortune cookie too.

Ally will be catering the alumni banquet. Grads will enjoy a good meal.


Bernard Madoff, the renown Wall Street trader, has been remanded to federal prison (a Country Club prison?), probably for life. He claimed his sophisticated trading and hedging strategy would produce investment gains in all market conditions, though securities regulators later said he never traded any shares for client accounts. He’ll not return to his plush NY penthouse  after pleading guilty today. His $50 billion Ponzi scheme was the worst ever perpetrated on innocent investors.

It’s 22 degrees and very burry outside. We’re in for a few more days of cold weather before it warms up.

The chickens that many of your ordered will be ready in about five to six weeks.  They’ll be worth the wait.

Thanks for tuning in….



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Ally and I had breakfast at KCs last night and in visiting with Karen learned that she’s serving hot beef sandwiches today at KCs.  They are really great.

It’s Mexican food day at the Deli. Ally is serving jumbo beef and bean tostadas on a flour shell topped with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese with a side of salsa for $5.99.  She also has dollar tacos.

Stocks are rallying…yay!



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Ally is offering barbecued beef sandwiches, Cole slaw, baked beans and chips for $6.99. I could make a meal on her baked beans.  How’d that girl learn to cook?



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This photo is by Michael O’Conner.  It shows the detail of the wall mural painted by Rene Pennington that is in the Ellsworth Antique Mall. It’s located in Maypo’s Deli which is opposite the mural.  Isn’t it a dandy?  He must have taken this after closing as the tables in the Deli are usually filled with people who are enjoying the wide assortment of deli sandwiches, soups and homemade ice cream.

Changes are always happening in the Antique Mall.  Stop by and take a look.


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Ally says she has some great looking tilapia filets that she’ll lightly batter and fry then serve two of them with Cole slaw, potato wedges and tartar sauce for $5.99.  Or, if you like, she’ll fix you a fish filet sandwich.  Sounds good to me. Tilapia is one of my faves.

In other news of the day…

Meredith has “volunteered” to take me by Martin’s to leave my car so they can put on two new Firestone shoes, balance them and determine what the alignment problems are, if any. Then we’ll go somewhere for lunch.

The Ellsworth Arts Council has opened their new quarters on main street…next to Lux Interiors.  After lunch I’m been weasled into taking a personally guided tour from  Meredith who volunteered to help get the place cleaned and ready for visitors. She wants to show off all their hard work…and it has been a huge project.  I’ll try to squeeze her into one of the pictures so you can see what this full time work horse volunteer looks like.  This is all for a blog report.

This evening I’m going to go to the high school play with Deneen.  The high school kids always put on a good show.  You can count on it.

My day is full…

Now Ringo and I need to go to the post office to get our mail.  He loves his outings in the car.

It’s going to be another gorgeous day in the Smoky Hill River basin so have some fun.  I intend to.
Thanks for tuning in…



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Take your pick of orange chicken, Szechuan chicken, or Teriyaki beef and Ally will add to it fried rice, an egg roll, fried wonton, and fortune cookie…all for $5.99.  That’s what I’m having for lunch! Yum…



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Good things at the deli today (as usual)…

Whole applewood smoked chickens for $8.49 and…

Rotisserie chicken (one quarter) with two sides, roll and butter for $6.50.

Also…fried chicken, smoked brisket, chicken livers and gizzards, chicken fingers, etc.



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If you happened to visit Gene’s grocery store today, you couldn’t miss the pie-tasting table that Nelson had on display.  He had three pies today to sample…Dutch Apple with a crumbly topping, pumpkin with pecans, and southern pecan pie.  All are excellent.

Nelson will be back next week with at least nine different pies, again for sampling in a Valentine’s Day “showing”.  I’ve tried a lot of the Sara Lee/Chef Pierre pies and they are all very, very good.  I didn’t know it, but in several areas of the country, they have Sara Lee home delivery similar to the way Schwan’s deliver their products.

Now, on the other side of this coin, one of my guy friends has on many occasions made 80 pies in a day….and I can guarantee you they would be top of the line.  He’s been asked to bake pies for one of the restaurants in Hutch, but I don’t know when he’d find the time.  Oh…he would. He’s a miracle man.

The wind stopped blowing a gale out of the northeast late yesterday afternoon so I went to fill my car with gas.  Had I gone earlier, I would have had gas sloshing out of the tank it was so dang windy.  Today  is a repeat of yesterday only the wind is out of the southwest and  I had one heck of a time getting my car door open at the grocery store.  I should remember to park with the driver’s side of the car down wind next time.  If it ever stops blowing, I’ll fill Brit’s gas tank in case I want to use his truck again.

I’m getting some good leads on advertising…some very positive ones that I need to check out.  I have a friend whose daughter is in that business in Connecticut and just may have some leads for me to follow.  One of my fellow bloggers is doing quite well with it so it would help me a lot to be able to increase my bandwidth.

Thanks for tuning in….



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Homemade chicken and dumplings…$3.99 a pound, so says Ally.



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Ally has three deli specials today.

A quarter of a rotisserie chicken, two sides, roll and butter for $6.99.

Homemade chicken salad with toasted almonds (very yummy) on a hogey bun with chips for $5.99

Baked potato soup with bacon (also very yummy) for $3.99 a pound.

We both survived our outing last night with no noticeable after effects.  Good for that. That place was a nightmare.

Clean kitchens in the restaurant business are hard to come by, so Ally tells me.  She’s a real stickler for cleanliness, not only with her staff but everything else including the ceiling and floors.  Counters are scrubbed every day with disinfectants.  One thing that sends us scurrying is a messy prep surface.  We are still laughing about how we let our guard down last night.

Ringo has been a good dog and has adjusted to living alone with me.  He still bolts at times when I let him out, but generally he follows my every step in the house as I go about my chores.  He’s always close by and knows exactly what I’m doing.  He sleeps on his big cushion by my bed…out of the way so I’m not stumbling over him….and doesn’t stir until I get up in the morning and tell him to rise and shine.  We have our routines together which includes our daily trip to the post office.

Speaking of…I paid my mail box rental for the year…$106.00.  I’ve said this a million times before, but the whole postal system needs revamping in my opinion.  They charge me to go get my mail, but hand deliver mail to others, some many miles from town, for no charge. That’s backwards.  Those who receive home delivery should pay for it.  If everyone had to go to the post office for their mail, it would result in a huge savings for the postal department and all of us.  No longer are farmers stuck in the country with no communication with the outside world except for the daily delivery of mail.   Many communities have no mail delivery at all and everyone picks up their mail in one central location.  It works for them and should work for others as well.

Thanks for tuning in….



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Ally is fixing bean burritos topped with pork green chili….(all homemade, of course) served with chips and her homemade salsa.  Small size is $4.99, large $6.99.  If you haven’t tried her pork green chili, you’re missing a taste treat.  Well, that is, if you like Mexican food.  That’s what we’re having for dinner.



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Here are some pictures I took of Ally’s handiwork and displays, but it changed by the minute so this is only a small portion of the specialty items she featured.


Deneen and Todd sample while Ally explains what they are eating. There were so many different items she served that I couldn’t keep track…jalepenos smoked with cheese, all kinds of party meat balls (stuffed with different delectables), smoked ribs, etc.  She changed to something new about every hour.


Judy Munson helps Betty Rathbun decide what kind of hot coffee or wassail she wants.  Maybe a little of each would be a good thing. A lady from England stopped by (they are always in the neighborhood, you know) to sample the wassail and said it was better than hers.  That brought a smile to Ally’s face.  Ally made a variation of Dina Rankin’s party mix to sample and to buy wrapped in colorful holiday bags.


Linda cuts a good portion from a huge sub sandwich for a customer. They keep the giant subs on hand and they are loaded with meat and cheese.  Yay for deviled eggs and other good things like Neiman-Marcus spread, jalapeno cheese spread, sliced meats and cheese and on and on.


I’m all for grocery shopping and visiting with friends along the way.  Deneen and Todd seemed to know everyone. Isn’t this a nice looking grocery store?


This little boy knew exactly what he wanted off the veggie tray.


Tables of wonderful items to sample. Ally’s a talented person, that’s for sure.


This is what the chef does to relax after a full day at the deli.  Maggie and Ringo think they can both sit on her lap and they do.

Today was a beautiful day…mid 60s and just lovely.  Tomorrow we’re to expect our socks to freeze to the bottoms of our feet.  It’s time to pull out the long underwear.

Thanks for tuning in…


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Today they are having an open house at the grocery store and Ally is fixing some taste treats for sampling.  I’m going for the Neiman-Marcus spread.  It’s very good stuff.  I don’t know what else she’s fixing, but there will be a sampling of several things.

Yesterday she prepared the food for the CSB and T bank open house and it was very good, I thought.  It made me feel good to hear others chiming in with the same comments.

Something is awry with the internet and I’m having trouble posting.  I’ll try later today to see if I can’t get something going…

Thanks for tuning in….



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Ally has potato salad, macaroni salad and Cole slaw on sale today and tomorrow only.  They were over-shipments that she needs to move. The date on them is still fine.  I’ve had them all and they are all good. They are Reser brand products.

!6 oz. tub of Cole slaw for $1.25

48 oz. tub of potato salad for $3.00

48 oz. tub of macaroni salad $3.00

48 oz. tub of slaw for $3.00

If you are going to have a a birthday party this weekend or a watch party Tuesday night, this is for you.



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Ally is making enchilada casserole again out of popular request, with refried beans, chips and salsa for $5.99.  She also has a special on whole spicy rotisserie chickens for $5.99.  Heck of a deal. That’s what we’re having for dinner.



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Ally is fixing chicken enchilada casserole today with chips and salsa for $5.99.  She also has $1.00 tacos.  Yum.

If you haven’t tried her hand-breaded chicken livers and gizzards….if you like livers and gizzards….give them a try.  They are so good. They only take a minute and she’ll fix them fresh when you order them so they’ll be piping hot and delicious.

And, then there are those wonderful smoked and well-seasoned baby back ribs.



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Ally made beef chili with kidney beans as her special today.  You can buy it by the pound for $4.99 and for an additional fifty cents can have any or all of the following toppings: grated cheese, onions and jalapeno peppers.  That’s what we’re having tonight.

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