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If you haven’t seen the comments on the Victorian Inn in the blog below, you’ll want to read them.  More are added all the time.

As a native of Abilene said to me…”We give the Potters a very wide berth!”

I’d think one ought to be very careful before recommending the Victorian Inn as a place to stay without informing individuals of the disposition of the owners, Adrian and Jay Potter, who discriminate against gays and lesbians. This is not only hurtful and offensive to gays, it is hurtful and offensive to straights who have gay friends and gay family members…and who assume everyone should be treated equally and decently.  Kansans tend to be conservative, but the Potters have gone way over the edge of decency.

The Eisenhower Library has a group of volunteers who help researchers who come there from all around the world. They do wonderful work in transporting people around, getting them acquainted with Abilene and generally welcoming them in every way possible so visitors will  return.  They have unwittingly sent gays and lesbians to the Victoria Inn where they have been dehumanized by the Potters who have told them if they allowed gays they’d have to allow guests to have sex with dogs. They said God and the Bible say they have to discriminate against homosexuals.  This should offend everyone, gays and straights alike and it should stop the Eisenhower volunteers and others from recommending this place to visitors.

Gays and lesbians not only represent a sizable percentage of our work force and buying public but it is they who stay at B and B’s across the nation, not the religious right.  Many B and B’s are owned by gay and lesbian couples so one just assumes there aren’t significant issues of acceptance.  The Victorian Inn is a notable exception.

Once everyone in Kansas is entitled to the same rights and privileges, there will be no place for the Potters to wield their big God-fearing stick of righteousness over others.

As a change of pace, you’ll want to see James Galea’s Best Card Trick Ever.This just has me baffled.

The world is hotter than ever.  March, April, May and June set records, making 2010 the warmest year worldwide since record keeping began in 1880, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says.  Much of the increase is due to the increases of greenhouse gasses.

Argentina legalized same-sex marriage, the first Latin American country to do so.  It becomes law as soon as President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner signs it and it’s published in the official bulletin.

Same-sex marriage ruling is a victory for all minority groups. Another gain for civil rights.  This will send the Potters over the edge as will the following.

THE D.C. COURT of Appeals on Thursday provided an important and welcome victory for same-sex marriage. But its decision in Jackson v. D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics is likely to have significance far beyond the realm of gay rights.

In a 5 to 4 ruling, the court held that the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics was right to block a voter initiative sponsored by Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. and other opponents of same-sex marriage that would have allowed District residents to vote on the definition of marriage. The initiative was intended to nullify the D.C. Council’s decision to sanction same-sex marriages by requiring that only unions between one man and one woman would be legally recognized.

The appeals court essentially ruled that the Rev. Jackson has a right to his opinion but that he and others do not have a right to force on the District an initiative that would have codified discrimination. “The initiative . . . would take away from those individuals a civil right that the Council has seen fit to recognize and expressly allow,” the five-judge majority concluded. For more:

Ringo spent part of the day being pampered and groomed by Debbie Garrett at Star Barks.  He just loves to go there.  He didn’t wait for me to open the car door; instead, he bounded out the window and headed for the grooming house lickety-split.  When he came home, he had a long drink of water then crashed in front of the fan where it’s cool.

Speaking of the heat.  I just looked out on our deck where a squirrel is lying spread eagle trying to cool off.  He looks pretty weird…like he’d been flattened by a semi.  But…he’s okay.

Thanks for tuning in…and stay in where it is cool, if you are able.



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After my blog about the Victorian Inn in Abilene, the owners, Adrian and Jay Potter, have not been willing to change their “rigid, uber conservative, non-Christian-like thinking”.  Instead, they have become more deeply entrenched by adding a provision in their policies that states they serve “singles and traditional couples”. They are trying to soften their position by avoiding the truth:  Lesbians and gays are not welcome at the Victorian Inn !  Their bogus niceties are too obvious for comfort.

If gays and lesbians aren’t welcome there, then I hope every straight person reading this will give careful consideration before recommending the VI to their friends. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, so have you done to me.”

Here is the comment from the two men who were turned away at the VI:

My partner and I are the couple that the other review is referencing. It’s 100% true. I made my reservation far in advance and Adrian called me to confirm it. I told her my partner would be staying with me. I show up on the day of our reservation and when Adrian found out that I was gay, she told me they would not rent to me and only allowed singles and married couples. (They are allowed to feel this way but it said NOTHING about this on their web site. They have since added a generic statement about singles and “traditional couples” only.)

I was left scrambling to find another place to stay and the main hotel in town was sold out. They should stand by their convictions and state on their web site, “Homosexuals not welcome” but they will not do this because they know there are plenty of “traditional” couples out there who have gay/lesbian friends that would take their business elsewhere. In biblical times, Mary and Joseph were also turned away from Inns because they were being judged by the Innkeepers. I don’t think this situation is all that different. “Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, so have you done to me.” Remember that, Adrian.

* Date of stay June 2010
* Visit was for Leisure
* Traveled with With Spouse/Partner
* Member since April 02, 2007

* Would you recommend this hotel to a friend? No

Good advice. Recommend instead the Abilene Bed and Breakfast Inn. 

Don’t miss the comments below.



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Marcia Cox, the owner-manager of the Abilene Bed and Breakfast Inn, says that everyone is welcome to come stay.  She doesn’t discriminate and offers five star service in comfortable surroundings.

She says of herself:  I have traveled the world extensively. I love children and people. I play the piano and come from the financial world. I love to cook and host parties. I know a little bit of a number of languages, including Spanish, French, and even some English!

The ABBI is located in the C.L. Brown Historic Mansion.   It is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Guests have their choice of six accommodations, three with private baths, in this historic home.  A full breakfast is included with the room.  The really nice thing about this is that you can set your own time for breakfast.  How wonderful and unusual is that?


“The newly-renovated ABBI has six rooms, including the highly favored ‘Presidential Suite’ with KS bed. Located just north of Historic Downtown Abilene, you can ride a bike or walk to the nearby tourist attractions. Enjoy a truly luxurious experience with our newly decorated, highly comfortable rooms and 5-star customer service. Book your reservation to our stately bed and breakfast in Abilene, Kansas, and enjoy a most memorable stay. There are several packages available to order with your reservation. Please see our website or contact us for details or to add a selection to your booking! Thanks, and we look forward to seeing you.”

Guest rooms at the ABBI have air conditioning, alarm clock,  bath robes, board games,  ceiling fans, coffee/tea facilities,  DVD Player, internet service, ironing board, radio,  satellite/cable TV and  Wi-Fi.

Available to guests are:  computer, conference rooms, copier, desk, fax machine, fireplace, library, telephone, videos, washer/dryer and wedding facilities.  And…there are two wild bunnies in the yard.

Marcia says that children are welcome, and for a fee, she will take very good care of them by babysitting.

No minimum stay is required.  Nightly rates start at $72.50 and there are discounts for seniors, military personnel, etc.

Marcia makes no exceptions as to who can stay there regarding their personal beliefs.  She’s respectful of everyone.

The ABBI is located at 800 North Buckeye.

You can reach Marcia Cox here:

Phone:     +1-785-263-4900

Toll-free:     +1-877-220-0717

Keeping all the above in mind, this is an excellent place to stay while visiting Abilene.  You’ll be glad that you did.



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{This has been updated.  Click here.   We don’t recommend you stay here until they change their policy of cruel discrimination.}

Welcome to Kansas: Home of bigotry and prejudice at the Victorian Inn B & B in Abilene.The Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Abilene has an unwritten  policy not to accept gays as guests.  Two long-time life partners were recently refused their reservations, upon arrival, that were made two months ago. They were welcome to stay and eat, they said, but not spend the night. Essentially, they were thrown out on the street.

The owners of the Victorian Bed and Breakfast, Adrian and Jay Potter, have every right to embrace their ignorance.  They have a right to embrace all the quirky beliefs of the “religious right” including the right to discriminate and finger point anyone outside their right-wing fairy tale life that is ripe for moral adjudication in public. In this case, they chose to enforce their religious preferences on guests who arrived with reservations to stay, but didn’t fit the mold and were rejected.  The Potters are far too wimpy to say that if you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transsexual, you aren’t welcome here.  They should make that perfectly clear on their website and at the time of the first contact.

A B&B is a private house where rooms are rented to those who are able to pay. It isn’t a motel, hotel or boarding house. To discriminate against gays is absolutely archaic.

Why should gays have to concern themselves with issues of discrimination like this?  Many B & B’s are owned and operated by gay couples so it didn’t even occur to this couple that there might be a problem.  Have you ever seen a B & B room with twin beds or two doubles? I never have and for this reason two people are forced to sleep in the same bed whether they want to or not.

The Potters are free to believe whatever they want but that does not mean they are free from consequences resulting from their actions. No matter how lovely the Victorian Inn may be, I’ll never recommend it to anyone.

I suggest they post on their website:  “The Victorian Inn B&B is owned and operated by owners with bigoted religious convictions and do not tolerate beliefs not shared by us. If you have any questions concerning your acceptance here,  please confer with us prior to arrival. We reserve the right to dishonor your reservation at any time, including upon arrival at our front door.”



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Victor Khnur, owner - manager
East edge of Ellsworth on highway 156
Reservations only: 1.800.234.4240

Ellsworth’s only motel is on highway 156 within a stone’s throw of the Pizza Hut, Crossroads Restaurant, Dairy Queen, Casey’s and Am-Pride. A car wash, manual and automatic, is close by KCs restaurant is about a half mile east on Hiway 40.

The motel has 37 rooms, exercise equipment, indoor pool and spa. Continental breakfast includes rolls, cereal, fruit and beverages. The motel is well situated for a safe walk through the east side of Ellsworth’s residential area.


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Jennifer Kepka, owner
2523 Avenue E
Downtown Wilson
Fax 785.658.3529


The Sportsmen’s Lodge has great facilities for a group of hunters, a klatch of sorority sisters, or a small, intimate family reunion.

Dr. Dennis Kepka, Jennifer’s husband, made all four double beds and dressers in the dormitory-style room which is appropriate and available for only one group at a time.

In addition there are two bathrooms, a kitchen and sitting area. The living room has two sofa beds. There is a private entrance, garage and kennel for dogs. Jennifer has a gift shop and small bakery in the same building that faces on Wilson’s main street downtown.



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Wilson Foundation, owners
414 26th Street
Downtown Wilson

Established in 1899, the historic Midland Hotel & Restaurant, in Wilson, is the showplace of the Czech Capital of Kansas. There are 28 Mission-style guest rooms each with a private bath. A complimentary Continental breakfast is offered in the morning for guests.

The hotel reflects its Czech history in a setting that offers the railroad hotel experience that once made it famous. The hotel is located only a stone’s throw from the railroad tracks which can create a sleepless night because of the frequency of train traffic and whistle blowing.

The Heritage Room Restaurant, by the main entrance of the Midland, seats about 64. Currently, it is open on weekends.

Drummers Tavern, named after traveling salesmen who peddled their wares in the hotel, is a pub located in the lower level of the hotel. In Drummers, you can watch sports on the large screen TV. It is not always open.

The Midland Hotel operated in Wilson from the 1890s until the 1980s. In July 2003 it was restored and open for business.

The Wilson Community Foundation, Inc. took possession of this historic National Landmark property in 1997 and led a $2.4 million restoration and rehabilitation effort to its conclusion. The hotel is an example of indigenous post rock architecture from the early part of the last century. Every effort has been made to maintain the authenticity and integrity of this bygone era. The Midland is on the state and national Historic register. This masterpiece hotel recently received the 2003 Historic Preservation Alliance Award of Excellence. After enjoying a lively rebirth, it is now a quiet, empty gem in the prairie.


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Joe and Susan Curtiss, owners
615 27th St.
Wilson KS 67490
785.658.3814 for reservations


This historic Borell family home, built in the late 1800s, has become the Simple Haven Bed and Breakfast. The owners, Susan and Joe Curtiss made the purchase in late 2007. The couple is based in Ellinwood where Joe is co-owner of Exterior Designs, Inc. Susan lives in the duplex that is adjacent to the Haven and operates the home from there.

The large limestone home has been completely renovated, inside and out. It has five bedrooms with private baths, a common sitting area upstairs, large yard and gardens.

Wilson’s original water tower that served some of its first citizens is on the property.The property also includes a smoke house, summer kitchen, gardens and orchard. There are porches and patios to accommodate those who smoke. Inquire first if they have accommodations for young children.


Wilson is known as the “Czech Capital of Kansas” and the host city of the After Harvest Czech Festival which draws thousands of people for a full slate of activities the last weekend of July, always. If you care to stay at Simple Haven and participate in the town’s annual festival, make your reservations early. They are usually booked up two to three years in advance for special events and holidays.


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Dennis and Clovia Katzenmeier, owners
1575 Ave. JJ


To get to the house, drive east on 8th St. past the new cemetery, cross over highway 156 continuing east until you come to the big two-story white house on the left. It’s about a mile from downtown Ellsworth.

This bed and breakfast was built in the 1800s by one of the town’s outstanding citizens, attorney and state senator Ira E. Lloyd. The historic three-story Victorian Colonial Revival home offers a relaxing atmosphere on a country estate that is quiet and inviting. It is best described as a home stay bed and breakfast. Their spectacular Christmas light display can be seen from Highway 156.

The home is furnished with 1800s antiques and is a true step back in time. There are three bedrooms, one with a private bath, the other two with shared bath. You can relax by the fireplace or listen to water flowing from indoor fountains. Clovia serves a complete country breakfast to guests.

Ellsworth is on the Chisholm Trail and Dennis is president of the National Chisholm Trail Association. He runs cattle and is an active cowboy, involved in local tourism and cowboy associations. Clovia is an ordained minister of spiritual healers and earth stewards. She is also a certified mediator. Together they produce and distribute Kayla’s Cards nationwide and participate in other home based endeavors.


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Bed and Breakfast and Antiques
Becky Thaemert
5010 Highway 232, 1.5 miles north of Wilson Lake
Lucas KS 67648


Stone Cottage Farm Bed and Breakfast is a beautifully restored historic farmhouse nestled in the gently rolling hills surrounding Wilson Lake in the heart of Post Rock Country. Build in 1895, the home offers guests three bedrooms and two baths with spacious living and dining rooms furnished throughout with beautiful antiques. There are two porches that offer places to enjoy the restful views of the Kansas hills.

For guests looking for a more rustic setting, they have converted an old granary into a cabin that will sleep four. It offers a kitchenette, shower, sitting area and loft. It’s an ideal get-away for hunters, fishermen or additional B n B guests.

This is a working ranch where small groups of 4 people or less can become involved in cattle work, haymaking, cattle roundups, horse back riding, target shooting and other types of ranch work. They offer trail rides on horseback with overnight camp outs. Hunting, fishing, boating, biking and hiking are available at nearby Wilson Lake.


Facilities are planned to accommodate larger groups for reunions, receptions, meetings and conferences. Smoking and drinking are not allowed. Guests may bring only outdoor pets.


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J. Frank and Lottie V. Baker, owners from 1900 to 1925.

The hotel no longer stands at the corner of Douglas and south Main, but once it was the gathering place for guests to enjoy the greatest meals in town. On weekends, the hotel dining room would be filled with local residents and those coming by horse and buggy from the surrounding farming area. Frank and Lottie were my paternal grandparents.

Generally, only ghosts stay here. Call ahead to see if living persons or pets can be accomodated.

It is interesting to note in the picture that to the right there is a vehicle that has a sign saying, “Follow the Art Car”. The most recent use for the hotel, probably 70 years or so after this picture was taken, was an art museum and gallery that displayed the works of local painter, Charles Rogers.


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