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Don and Carol Panzer extend a warm welcome for you to visit their ornamental concrete business located on west Highway 40 in Ellsworth.   This is a family-owned and operated manufacturer and distributor of ornamental concrete products.

Their mission is to make available to the public high quality concrete yard ornaments.  This is grass-roots yard art and well worth some of your time to browse around and see all their interesting products.

Their inventory includes a  wide variety of products: garden stones, concrete statuary, benches, angels, birds, animals, stepping stones, sundials, bird baths, pet memorial stones, birdbaths, planters, lighthouses and one of a kind items from their personal design.

Their products are available plain, painted and antiqued.

They are licensed with state universities to replicate their patterns and have many items to offer sports fans.

Their products are of the highest quality at affordable prices.

Check their new website for location, store hours and close-up views of their products.



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If you stop in Boot’s Flower Shop you’ll find a new look awaiting you that owner, Margaret “Mugs” Bourne has put together.  She has arrangements galore, fresh flowers and birds to entertain you.  Some of her displays can be found at the Ellsworth Area Art Center, a few doors to the north.

I don’t know what kind of magic potions she adds to her flower arrangements, but they last an extraordinarily long time.  Her daisies remain fresh and beautiful for weeks.


Here’s the new “rainbow” rose she has in her collection.  It would make an interesting arrangement.

If you are in need of some excellent home grown sweet corn and potatoes, Mugs has them for sale at her store.  Her garden overflowith.



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Deena Duesburg, executive director of Mozaic, cuts the ribbon at their Thift Shop open house.  Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and other employees of Mozaic included Rachael Muro, Cristi Bailey, Cheryl Bruning, Angie Bourbon, Georgiana Bates, Kelly Fitzgerald,  Nick Slechta, Amy Eck, Todd Britton, Nathan Reihn, Curt Glaser.


You’ll find clothes for the entire family…


Shoes, jeans and hats…


Tableware….toys…games…and collectibles.


Stop by the store and see if they don’t have something you might need.  They have a lot of merchandise and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the volume of goods.

Their hours are:

Monday and Friday from 10 to 2; Wednesday from 3 to 7; and they will be open the second and fourth Saturdays from 10 to 2.  They might be tweaking the Saturday times, so give Mozaic and they’ll let you know.


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The Ellsworth Arts Council had the welcome mat out last night for artist Richard Bergen, his wife, family and guests from Salina. It was a very well attended event with good conversations, conviviality, food and libations.


Visitors were milling around, visiting and enjoying the evening.


Artist Dick Bergen and Leonard Parks were classmates at Bethany College in their youth. They appear here to have located other information of personal interest to share.


Their spouses, Louann Bergen and Betty Parks also had the opportunity to reminisce about earlier times.


Former Ellsworth residents, Jack and Betty Gillam, came to visit friends and share the evening with their close friends, the Bergens.


Robert Rogers, president of the art gallery board, ponders one of Dick Bergen’s sculptures….one of his Mother Earth series that depicts individual shapes of wheat interwoven with the rolling hills of the prairie landscape.  I think his free form work is among his best….and comprise my favorites.  That is one piece I’d like to add as my own.  They will be on display for a couple more weeks, so stop by the gallery and take a look at the fine display.


Robert Rogers father, Charles Rogers, was a resident artist here for many years and is well known for his sumi egg emulsion, oils, and water color paintings.


And, another artist in his own right, Rich Bergen….that his dad says is his best work of art…


Dan and Susan came to enjoy the evening.   It was a good gathering…and a lot of fun.


And….the artist….Richard Bergen.

The first Thursday of every month the art galleries in Salina have open house in the downtown area.  Bergen’s open house starts about 5 pm and lasts until about 9 pm.  It gives visitors an opportunity to view gallery exhibits and enjoy some food and drink with local artists and patrons of the arts.  Everyone is welcome.



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This afternoon I went for foot pampering from Debbie Mai at her nail and tanning parlor called “Manic Tan and Nails by Debbie”.  I’d heard she gave wonderful pedicures and foot massages so I thought I’d treat myself to my first real pedicure. It was dandy and I’m going back next month for reruns.

Now that I’m being more attentive to my diabetic condition I want to give special attention to my feet.  They give me a “foot check” before my regular appointment with Dr. Slomka at the clinic.

Debbie had me soak my feet in a large basin with warm water and vibrator and lots of bubbling suds. She sterilizes all her equipment between customers.  She trimmed and filed my nails, treated my cuticle and used a pumice stone on some rough spots on the bottom of my feet.  The foot she wasn’t working on was soaking. Yay! She gave my feet and lower legs a good massage with good lotions. I took additional creams that she used then slipped on my lotion socks to wear until tomorrow.  It was heavenly and cost $25.00.

By comparison, just getting my nails trimmed at the podiatrist’s…with nothing else done…which took less than three minutes cost $67. I don’t have problems nails.  Medicare paid for it, but it still seems terribly expensive and wasteful to me no matter who pays for it so Ally got the job instead.  She’s happy I found Debbie.

Debbie’s shop is located at 506 Kingsley in Ellsworth.   Phone: 472.3283  You can access her shop from the back alley.  A pedicure would make your Valentine very happy.


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Kelvi Place has a new website featuring on-line shopping.  You can click here and see what she has to offer in her store, Lux Interiors, in downtown Ellsworth.

Lux is an independently owned specialty gift shop bringing you the most unique jewelry, handbags and home accessories. Kelvi is careful to hand pick the most unique items from the trendiest brands just for you.

Whether you are looking for the perfect handbag or a distinctive piece of jewelry, a cool home accent, a gift for a friend, candles, lotions, and more, you’ll find it all at Lux. She continually updates her site, so be sure to add her to your favorites list and check out her “Monthly Specials” and “Featured Items.”

You can visit Lux’s storefront at 231 N. Douglas Ave. in Ellsworth. While it offers many of the same products found on this website, the storefront also offers balloon delivery and a tanning salon. The hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Happy Shopping!



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Here’s Ringo after he returned from Starbarks following a complete make-over.

Debbie Garrett, owner of Starbarks, seemed to be just the right person for Ringo’s grooming when I talked with her on the phone. She was, and I highly recommend her.  I could tell she loved animals and was good with them.  Voices can be very revealing that way.

Debbie’s shop is behind her house at 523 East 4th.  It’s very neat and tidy with a fenced in back yard where Ringo waited his turn for his appointment. Sort of like a chair at Richelle’s only fenced in.

Debbie clipped him exactly the way we wanted and removed his undercoat so i won’t have to contend with it on my floors.  She trimmed his toenails, cleaned his ears and anal glands, brushed his teeth and gave him a good bath.  He came home smelling undogly and wearing a fancy collar.  He carried his new toy between his shiny teeth.

And, she is very reasonable with her prices.

If you want to make an appointment, or see if she’s the right groomer for your dog, call her at 472.4557.



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Mark and Josie Roehrman, owners
201 N. Douglas Ave.
Downtown Ellsworth

The Ellsworth Antique Mall is in the historic “Wellington building” that was constructed in the 1860s. Mr. Wellington later gutted the building in 1898 leaving the basement and main walls and rebuilt the interior. Structurally, the building is very much the same as it has been for over 100 years, but this century has seen a transformation in the building with the new owners, Mark and Josie Roehrman.

With this as a background, it seems only appropriate that this famous Ellsworth structure serve as the home for two local treasures— the Ellsworth Masonic Lodge dating from 1889 to 2003 and the Ellsworth Underground.


When Mark and Josie Roehrman acquired the building, they slowly started the restoration process to further preserve the building. It began with scrub buckets, coats of fresh paint and removal of over 100 year’s accumulation of “stuff”.

In 2003, they added Ellsworth Espresso coffee bar, UPS in 2005 and Spooners and Maypo’s in 2006 (see “EATS”). The restoration of the Underground has been ongoing since they purchased the building.


The entry floor of the Antique Mall has Ellsworth Espresso, Spooners ice cream bar, Maypo’s Deli, Bears and Buddies, the Christmas Store and the UPS shipping counter. Mark also built two bathrooms for the area and new stairways…one up and two down.

The Roehrmans are not finished. They have more plans — more additions are hidden away in their creative minds.


Beyond that there are 50 to 60 individual vendor stalls containing everything imaginable—collectibles, Depression glass, pinball games, letter openers, shoe horns, dolls, quilts, vintage sewing items, lead vases, jewelry, Mickey Mouse and Christmas items. If you look long and hard, you’ll probably find what you are wanting.

By the entry you’ll find books written by local and area writers that are on consignment, informational brochures and someone to help you find what you want.


In 2003, Mark and Josie started cleaning the basement of the building. I saw it before the clean up and all the rooms were piled ceiling high with “stuff”. It’s a huge area and the enormous accumulation of materials had to be removed. Eventually, Mark got it spic and span and noted all kinds of interesting things. There had been access to the street and to adjacent building basements joining the various parts of the Ellsworth Underground.


There was a bowling lane in the basement with the date “1907” chalked on one wall. There were two other businesses in the basement although no one is sure what they were….except to say they were for men-only. The barber shop, a mainstay of frontier underground services, was in the basement of Seitz Drug Store which adjoins the Antique Mall building.

Mark built a long bar in the basement out of floor joists from the Dryden Hardware building and there are wall murals painted by ECF inmates. It’s a very attractive, rugged frontier kind of area. The Underground is used only on special occasions and by reservation. Josie and Carol Panzer usually prepare all the food to order, but occasionally local caterers bring in specific items. There are luncheons, wedding rehearsal dinners, Christmas parties and meetings for larger groups. It was also a very lively place during the Great American Cattle Drive celebrations and for their Halloween Haunted House and various parties. Their room rental and food prices for their services are very reasonable.


The Masonic Lodge occupied the second floor of the building for over 100 years. I’d like to note here that my husband, two sons, two grandfathers, a great-grandfather and my father-in-law were all Masons in this lodge and left large footprints in those rooms. Much of the grandeur of that period remains and I encourage you to view the rooms to note the ornate woodwork, stages, mural and 1887 Roosevelt organ. The second floor is used for meetings, receptions, organ recitals, and vendor displays. If you have a use in mind for the main room, Josie will make every effort to accommodate you.


The Ellsworth Antique Mall is definitely the place to visit if you are in Ellsworth. If you want to see the Underground, you’ll have to make arrangements for a tour.



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Don and Carol Panzer, owners
604 W. Highway 140

Local entrepreneur Don Panzer has started several local businesses, turned them into very successful enterprises and then sold them…only to start another. His latest venture is commonly referred to as yard art or yard statuary. It’s located in the former Doc Ptacek veterinary clinic at the west edge of Ellsworth.

Don has to stay busy. Of his latest enterprise, he says, “You either love yard art or you don’t”.


Don is shown here sanding a form for a statue of a baby lamb. It’s one of 130 molds that he fills with fine sand concrete so the finish is smooth. He has license agreements with K.U., K-State and Ft. Hays to use their logos and molds. He pays them a fee for such use plus the universities get a 10% royalty off the sale of each item that goes directly into the scholarship program for students.


The greenware is cured 14-35 days, depending on the weather, then given three base coats of paint. Then it is decoratively painted and given two more coats of clear coat. Don and Carol Panzer do all the work on each item. They have one helper, Tyler Base, who also helps them with their work.

In addition to penguins, lambs, ladybugs, football boys and dozens of other items, there are school memorabilia…like wall plaques and stepping stones.


In addition to buying his yard art at the “factory”, you can find it at Stutzman’s Greenhouse in Hutchinson, the Flower Nook in Salina, the Garden Center in Russell, and the Home Centers in Lincoln and Beloit.




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Ted and Cynthia Edgerle, owners
212 North Douglas Ave.
Downtown Ellsworth


Ellsworth has a long history of continuously supporting a downtown, locally-owned hardware store. The Ellsworth hardware business was started by T.G. O’Donnell in 1899 and remained in O’Donnell hands for many years. After T.G.’s death, the business fell into the hands of his three unmarried daughters; Kathleen, Marion and Eleanor. Eventually they found it too difficult to continue operating the business and it was sold to John and Carla Freisen.

After many years of operation, the Freisens sold the business to Don and Carol Panzer who added the True Value line to expand the advertising capability and benefit Ellsworth shoppers.


Pete and Alice Donley and Ted and Cynthia Edgerle purchased the business from Panzer several years ago, moved the across the street to increase their square footage of display space and expanded the modern concept of an old-fashioned, locally-owned hardware store. We miss the well-worn wooden floors and pot-bellied stove that warmed our backsides on cold winter days, but many new, good things are in place in their present location so one tends to forget the days of yore.


Ted and Cynthia Edgerle are the present owners of True Value Hardware.

You can find almost every variety of nut, bolt and nail, doodads like cork bottle stoppers, plumbing and electrical supplies, hunting gear and equipment, paint, yard and garden equipment and supplies, small appliances, household items and a wide variety of gifts.


Ted and his son, Matt, are certified, small engine mechanics and are on duty full time. They run the back end of the store where there is a huge service and repair business. Breakdowns in equipment are a common occurrence and in small towns repairmen are hard to find. They service what they sell and a whole lot more. They provide exceptional service throughout the store.


One of the most unique and personalized services they offer at Tru Value is their wedding registry. They put the bride and groom’s names and date of the wedding on the store window. Inside they place a large rack containing all the bridal registry items near their front door so that you can immediately find items to choose for gifts. It is one of the best of its kind.

They are a full service store, and always have been throughout their history. If they don’t have what you want, they can find it for you. They gift wrap, deliver and serve as personal shoppers for customers. We’re very fortunate to have such a wonderful store in Ellsworth and it brings in customers to Ellsworth from all over the area.



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Lux Interiors
231 N. Douglas Ave

Lux Interiors is the creation of Kelvi Peschka. Her store reflects her buying talents and good taste in home decor. The store opened in February 2007 and moved to its new and larger location on North Douglas last weekend.

Kelvi carries several different gift lines including purses, jewelry, frames, home accents, KU and K-State items and Hempz lotions and more. Two of her most popular items are Robeez shoes and Woodwick candles and diffusers.

If you aren’t familiar with Robeez children shoes, stop in and take a look. They are a unique shoe for children from newborn to four years old. Not only are they pediatrician recommended for children taking their first steps, they are also durable and stylish. Being made of leather on the top and suede on the bottom make them safe for indoor floors and durable for the outdoors. There are also winter booties to keep little toes warm.


The WoodWick candle line has been Lux’s best seller. WoodWick candles feature a wooden wick that allows the candle to “crackle” while burning. They come in several different scents which include Cinnamon Chai, Rum Raisin, Applewood, Amber Woods, & Biscotti.

WoodWick also carries diffusers which are bottles of scented oil in which you place reeds. The reeds become saturated with the fragrant oil and diffuses the scent through the room. Recently, WoodWick has added an olive oil candle line, which features candles made out of olive oil to burn longer and cleaner.


Lux also offers a full line of balloons and accessories including candy bouquets and plush animals.

And if that isn’t enough to get you down to Lux, you can enjoy a tanning session. Lux has two 20-minute tanning beds in which you can achieve your golden glow. Tanning packages can be purchased in increments of 100 minutes to 500 minutes. In addition, you receive 30% off of a tanning product when you buy a tanning minute package.

Sharing the store with Lux interiors is Richelle’s Beauty Salon. Richelle offers a full line of hair care. She has been a licensed cosmetologist for 14 years and has attended several hair coloring schools and hair shows. Richelle also offers high quality styling products and shampoos by Redken, Biolage, and more.


DARRS Tuxedo Rental also shares space the same building. DARRS is an acronym for Dale, Alice, Rick and RIchelle Soukup. You can find a full line of tuxedo rentals that Dale offers in conjunction with Jim’s Penguins in Salina. You can get absolutely everything you need in the way of formal attire from Dale. He can fit any size or shape from little tiny tykes to very, very large guys who never thought they’d be forced to wear a tuxedo. He can make them over to shine at your wedding. You can’t go wrong renting a tuxedo if you go to see Dale.

There is a lot of activity going on in this building which is located on the corner by the grade school. Stop in and take a look. There are lots of friendly people there to help you find what you want. If they don’t have it, they will point the way to another location in town.



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You don’t have to go to Wichita or Kansas City to find what we have right here in Ellsworth. It’s a unique store and so far as we know, the only other places to find these charming animal buddies are at either end of the state.

You can bring in your own little friend to the Ellsworth Antique Mall and let him or her make her own selections in their new Bears and Buddies Store. The other day there were twelve little and big people in this small room having the time of their lives…stuffing, dressing, wishing and naming their own personal “buddy”.

The first order of business is to have your little friend pick out an animal or buddy from a group of 15 to 20 cute little critters….such as a bear, monkey, pink pig, frog, koala, duck, horse, puppy, etc.


Next, your little tyke sits at a table next to the stuffing box to stuff her toy. Mark has even made some stuffing tools so that all the arms and legs get filled. There is a velcro fastener on the back to seal in the stuffing once that procedure is finished.The you go to the Wishing Star Jar, select a colored star and make a wish.There is a little pouch in the back of the animal where you place the star and close the fastener.

Then come the clothes.


There is a wide variety of wearing apparel to choose from….cowboy outfits, military clothes, cheerleader dresses, Halloween and seasonal clothes. There is something there for every taste and every occasion.After making the clothes selection, they move on to pick out shoes and perhaps a hat.


The new buddy must be named so a frameable certificate is provided that includes the name, date, color of eyes, what the buddy is stuffed with (interesting responses are made here) and who the buddy belongs to. It is then signed by the head bearmaster, Josie, or her assistant, Carol.

Then it all goes into a Little House tote bag. You get this, a lot of fun and lasting memories for $37.00.

This is a great addition to downtown Ellsworth. Stop in the Ellsworth Antique Mall and take a look…and bring a child.



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We can boast of several unique places to shop in Ellsworth and elsewhere in the county. Our Mom and Pop shops reflect the independence, passions and personalities of their owners. We wish and strive for greater numbers of entrepreneurs. Although they can provide the needs of the everyday shopper, their stores also have a beautiful edge that makes them unique treasures for our town.

It makes a positive difference to them when you shop in their store. The courteous, personal service they give to you will make you aware how much they appreciate your business.

There are brief vignettes below to give you an idea of what to expect when you visit some of the shops in Ellsworth County. It is sometimes difficult to describe the unusual, but you’ll get the idea.

In addition, there are many other locally-owned and operated stores in town where merchandise and food are more conventional yet the personal service is outstanding.

Seitz Drug Store has  a nice assortment of gifts and candy, especially good quality sugar-free candy for diabetics; F&M Drug Store offers many supplies you need for the home in addition to drug items; Boot’s and Flower and Gift offer a variety of floral arrangements and plants; Gambino’s is well-known for their pizza, sandwiches, burgers; Am-Pride makes fresh jumbo sandwiches for you while you wait and our locally-owned Dairy Queen has a wide variety of burgers, shakes and other dishes. Browse our downtown and you’ll find many interesting surprises.
It takes strong and continuous support from many people to keep small towns alive and thriving. Business owners appreciate your business, and they community especially appreciates “new money” that flows in from other counties. We strive to keep the heartbeat of rural Kansas pumping.


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Ken and Alice Robson, owners
211 North Douglas Ave.
Downtown Ellsworth


We’re very fortunate to have a card and gift store which maintains the quality of accommodations and extensiveness of Robson’s. Located in the middle of downtown Ellsworth, the traffic flow in and out of their store is constant. They not only have what meets the eye on display, but if we also happen to have a newly appointed district judge in our midst, Robson’s will supply the court house trappings for such an office. Such was the case when the County Commissioners accepted Robson’s bid for furniture for Judge Ron Svaty’s office and noted a substantial and welcome discount along with their excellent customer service.

Ken and Alice have operated the card and gift shop for over 20 years and continue with the line of Hallmark products that have maintained a presence in Ellsworth for over 70 years. Robson’s, which followed Callie’s Card Corner and Grant’s Book Store, have doubled the floor space and greatly increased the inventory of previous owners in order to better serve their customers.

Alice and Ken offer a wide variety of office supplies, computer stationery and supplies, wedding invitations, announcements and stationery with personalized printing. Their book line includes Bibles, Christian books and cook books. They offer a selection of class rings for high school students and anniversary occasions. Along with a full line of Hallmark cards and a wonderful assortment of gift items there are party supplies and an assortment of Village and Colonial candles that always make a perfect gift.

They gift wrap and will package merchandise for mailing. They are a full service business. If they don t have it, they will try to find it for you.

Robson’s is a strong draw within the community for collectibles. You’ll find Precious Moments figurines, Boyd’s Bears, Mary’s MooMoos, Dream Sicles, etc. They also have tapestries, an interesting line of jewelry and many other gift ideas.

When you need a gift, greeting card, ink cartridge, or a full layout of office furniture stop by Robson’s to check out their large inventory. They have numerous catalogs at their fingertips with quick delivery for each order. You’ll find their store and customer service top rung. Ken and Alice have been awarded the Chamber of Commerce Citizens of the Year award for their outstanding service to the community.


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The Cowboy Shop
Jim Gray and Linda Kohls, owners
119 N. Douglas
Downtown Ellsworth


“Never sell yer saddle”. This is Ellsworth’s complete and authentic western store with lots of real cowboy stuff. Kassie and the Cowboy will be there to greet you wearing their authentic frontier gear. They can outfit gents and ladies in classic old west styles as well as cowboy clothes, hats, spurs and gear.

Rounding out the store, you’ll find a wide assortment of merchandise including Old West music, books, cookbooks, cowboy gifts, paintings, dream catchers, Indian reproductions, stick chairs, cooking equipment, chuck wagon mixin’s, leather goods and “saddlebags more”. Lodge Dutch oven cookware. Renegade cowboy hats.

Drovers is the home of the Kansas Cowboy, the official publication of the C.O.W.B.O.Y. Society (Cockeyed Old West Band of Yahoos Society), $18.67 per year.

Jim is passionate about keeping the story of early cattle drovers alive as well as collecting stories about those in the ranching industry past and present.


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Jennifer Kepka, owner
2523 Avenue E
Downtown Wilson
Fax 785.658.3529


Jennifer has a great little gift shop that is a hallway away from her Sportsmen’s bunkhouse-style lodge on the main street of Wilson. The gift store is small, but packed with some unusual gifts and greeting cards that are apart from the Hallmark variety. She also carries all types of “Paper Moon” memorabilia. For those old enough to remember, the movie starred Ryan and Tatum O’Neal and was filmed, in part, in Wilson.

She keeps homemade kolaches, a famous Czech “roll dough with fruit filling”, in a freezer for those people who have a craving for them and want them “now”. In her new bakery, housed below the gift shop, she creates a variety of caramel pecan and raisin breakfast rolls, breads and other delicious bakery items.

Also downstairs you’ll find a fresh floral arrangement for any occasion and a masseuse to give you a relaxing back rub while you’re waiting.

The Sportsmen’s Lodge, on the same floor as the gift shop, has great facilities for a group of hunters, a klatch of sorority sisters, or a small, intimate family reunion. Dr. Dennis Kepka, Jennifer’s husband, made all the double beds and dressers in the dormitory-style room which is appropriate and available for only one large group at a time. In addition there are two bathrooms, a kitchen and comfortable sitting area. The living room has two sofa beds. There is a private entrance, garage and kennel for dogs.

Jennifer, or one of her helpers, can give you information about what’s going on in Wilson and can point the direction to almost anywhere.


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Downtown Ellsworth


The gallery regularly exhibits art work, some for sale, of various Kansas artists. The hours are a little irregular, but it’s well worth a stop when you find it open. The exhibits change frequently.


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Marge Lawson, executive director
Wilson Kansas
233 Highway 232
Just off I-70 at Exit 206 North
Open every day except Thanksgiving and Christmas


Kansas Originals is a non-profit corporation. They offer a unique, rewarding and educational experience featuring the work of over 500 Kansas artists and craftsmen. If it’s made anywhere in Kansas, you’ll find it here. Check the website for a list of artists and artisans and the most comprehensive array of Kansas arts, crafts and foods on the internet. If you want a remembrance or gift from Kansas, this is where you need to shop. You’ll find tourist information, Kansas foods and and endless supply of hospitality. The coffee pot is always on.


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