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Great game today between Brazil and Mexico….scoreless and about over.  I know of nothing more enthusiastic than the crowd at a World Cup Soccer match. I actually find it rather frightening…too many ramped up spectators piled on top of one another.


Tyler is having a great time at Machu Picchu….it’s not every day he gets to feed a hungry llama.


“Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu were amazing… But the Inca Trail took the cake. Lugging around all of our own for 4 days brought a whole new appreciation for Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu.”  Tyler Britton


” More from day one: an endless uphill climb through the jungle”…Bret Kolkebeck

The International dinner (Welsh cuisine) last night was really outstanding…we started the meal with a hearty, delicately-flavored cawl made with heavy cream and served with rolls and lots of soft butter.  That was followed by baked salmon covered with a delightful leek sauce, chicken with mustard sauce, traditional meat loaf that was reminiscent of haggis (but good and with another sauce), peas and carrots, English potatoes and three kinds of dessert  (all with special toppings and loaded with calories) and a great fruity drink.  It was delicious and a lot of fun.  I’m probably forgetting half of it due to the amount of wine that was involved.

There is a degree of uncertainty about the future of our International dinners as Joomi and Tim have been unable to hire additional help.  They are going on vacation for a couple of weeks so maybe they’ll come up with something after they have time to reflect on it. We all enjoy the evenings so much we hope they can continue.

One thing we noticed last night is that I got in and out of Headrick’s car much better than any previous time when I’ve bummed a ride with them.  It just shows that all those exercise classes have helped a lot with my strength and flexibility.  It has been a very slow recovery, but I’ve made significant progress.  I still can’t manage without a walker and may never “get there”.   I just have to keep walking and moving.

Tonight is the monthly potluck supper.  I guess you like them or you don’t.  They usually have a pretty good turnout.  I can’t really cook anything then carry it to the basement.  And going through a buffet line is difficult as I can’t carry a plate and use my walker at the same time.  Hazel always takes enough to cover me should I want to attend.  I did once, and would actually rather stay home.  I’m not hungry for one thing.  Maybe that will all change in months to come, but right now, I enjoy my evenings in my apartment.  I love my apartment and living here…doing only what I want to do.

Now to watch Russia and South Korea…

Thanks for tuning in…



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If you’re in Wichita sometime, and haven’t already done so, stop at YaYa’s for lunch or dinner.  Lynn and I made a trip there a couple of weeks ago and had a delightful late lunch.  The food was excellent and the service perfect.

We had calamari with agrodolce sauce and gazpacho aioli for openers.  I’m not a calamari fan, but this was quite good.  I had Diver Sea Scallops seared with saffron orzo with veggies, Maryland blue crab, lemon beurre, gastrique…and a dry martini.  It was the best.

Lynn had a beautiful grilled salmon salad with gorgonzola and feta cheeses, crispy potatoes, pecans with raspberry vinaigrette and white wine.  I’ll have that if there is a next time…or one of their many interesting specials.  It’s a really neat place to wile away the afternoon in Bradley Fair at 21st and Rock Road.

They started a one entree menu here on Sunday.  As a child I had two choices always:  take it or leave it.  I can make this work.

If you like what they have it works fine. Sunday they had good fried chicken and had left-overs on the salad bar yesterday and today so I got a piece for my dinner as well.   Both Monday and today I improvised.  They had lasagna yesterday and I’ve been that route before and try to avoid it. It’s so simple to make it right that I don’t see how they can ruin it the way they do.  Hazel ordered it and didn’t eat it.  I had bacon and eggs instead.  Today they had roast pork with gravy and dressing and corn.  I had the pork and got bread to make a sandwich…with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion and some good hot sauce that I carry with me for such emergencies.  I got a banana instead of dessert. I always have a good supply of fresh fruit and yogurt in my apartment so I get along just fine.

They have an auxiliary menu that includes hamburgers, French fries, French fried onion rings, several difference kinds of sandwiches, bacon and eggs, chicken filets and now wraps.  Amy had a wrap today that looked good and had grapes in it.  Grapes of Wrap I called it.

Sharon comes to clean for me twice a month.  She does a good job and I enjoy having her here.  I have extra things that need tending to so next week, and for a few weeks, she’ll give me an extra hour to clean cupboards and closets …and dust my bookshelves.  They have wonderful services…reasonably priced…here at the Palace.  Help from my kids and the people here make it possible for me to continue to live independently.  I couldn’t do that if I were at home….not without a whole lot of help.  I’d much rather be here surrounded by interesting people.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Last night was “Bulgarian Night” at the Korean Restaurant and I was there from start to finish. Didn’t miss a thing thanks to Ann and Terry Headrick who haul me around and deliver me to whatever party is ongoing.  Our chef for the night was Tihomira Plamenova who had help from her mother, who was visiting here from Bulgaria.

For starters, we had banitza, which was fabulous.  It’s a flaky, rich pastry dish made with feta cheese.  That was my favorite part of the meal.  With the  banitza we had airian which is a typical Bulgarian drink made from yogurt, salt and water and I don’t know what else.  That sounds strange, but it’s a very healthful drink.  It tasted a little like buttermilk as you might imagine.

Following the banitza, we had Bulgarian traditional schopaka salad which was beautiful and delicious….made with fresh veggies like cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, ripe olives, etc.  With that we had schnitzels with traditional potato side dish.  For dessert we had a chocolate cake that was 48 hours in the making and was layered with vanilla pudding, whip cream, strawberries and bananas.

Kent Buess sent me a photo of the above but I can’t get it on this entry.  I thank him for his efforts.

I’m not certain what culinary experience we’ll have next month, but hints of German food were heard among the participants who, by the way, overflowed the room.  I think it was the largest group ever as Joomi said they “over-booked”.  I had a delightful surprise with my friend, Marsha Stewart, at my side and, our former neighbors, the Helveys, we all there also for hellos.

I can’t get any of my friends from the Palace to join me for these adventures.  One tends to fall into the rut of comfortable bland food after eating here and …well, that’s okay too.  But it isn’t for me.  There are still dining adventures out there to be enjoyed and enjoy them I will, as long as I am able.

My first and only great grandchild is heading this way for a visit.  I can hardly wait to see that precious child.

I hope it’s warm enough to sit outside.  Well, I sit out by the entry many days when it isn’t warm enough, but it’s still enjoyable.    I might tackle The BooK Thief again.  It’s a strange book.  I just can’t get on track with it.

Everything is going well at the Palace.  There is always something interesting going on, people to talk to and friends to laugh with.  I had Ivy and Margie come by to watch the KU-Stanford game and have some finger food. Something like that is always easy and fun but the games are over for most of us now.  We’ve lost interest now that all the Kansas teams are out of the loop.  There are musical groups coming to perform tomorrow and Thursday and a Palace movie Thursday evening.  And, we’ll have some gatherings this weekend on 2 west for the “girlz in the hood”.  And, I always enjoy reading, my computer, Netflix movies ….always something to do.

Thanks for tuning in…



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My friend Lynn and I wanted to try the Blue Skye Brewery for dinner and their brews so we headed that way after Trivia today.  This is a new brew pub  that opened last month.  It’s located at 116 N. Santa Fe and is attractive, neat and clean inside.  There are heavy wooden tables  that can seat 8-10 and a few four top tables. You sit wherever you can find a seat and share the table with others.  There is a side room for private parties.

The line tonight to get inside close to the taps  stretched from the bar two and four abreast out the front door and down the street from about 5 o’clock on.  They open at 4:30 and that would be a good time to arrive.

They currently have five  house brewed beers on tap like pale ale, red ale, stout and wheat beers. They also have 5 other taps. We each got a flight of beer so we could see what they make and which we preferred. They also have a beer from a Manhattan brewery.  Wine and spirits are also available.

The brewers have just introduced their first seasonal crafted beer…the Ebenezer Vanilla Porter.  It’s a robust porter with vanilla and a hint of cinnamon spice.  I found it a little heavy on the vanilla but it’s a good dark beer, which I prefer.


They have an authentic Italian fire brick oven where they make their specialty pizzas that everyone is raving about. Their Chef, Kyle Baxter, originated the recipes on their menu. From Italian to Thai-style pizzas you will definitely find something you’ll like.  The food menu features a dozen or so wood-fired oven pizzas with thin tasty crusts that don’t take long for them to deliver to your table.

We’re going back to try the pizzas, but tonight we opted for hamburgers which are served  with sides of macaroni salad…both spicy and good.  Fries are extra but we had those too.   I haven’t had a good hamburger in ages so I really enjoyed this one.

One of the two women who shared their table with us had a salad that was HUGE and looked wonderfully appetizing.  It was enough to serve four people generously.  I’d like to try it sometime and share with a handful of friends.

Joe and Mary Lou Mackenzie were there and stopped by our table to visit. They were classmates and good friends of Todd’s and we’ve stayed in touch.  Joe IS the Salina Public Library.  We shared our table with people who, as it turned out, Lynn had met when she first moved to Salina.  You’re bound to rub elbows with someone you know.

We hear reports about the other brewery on south 9th where they only serve beer.  If you want something to eat, you can take your own food, sandwich, casserole, crockpot…it doesn’t matter.  At this point in my life, I don’t want to attend potluck dinners or take my own food anywhere…I want to experience what someone else is willing to prepare.   But, I’ll go try the beer, which I hear is very good with many options to choose from.

If you have time to stop by the Blue Skye Brewery for dinner, I think you’ll really enjoy it.  The Brewery has to be a good shot in the arm for downtown Salina.  Maybe some day soon they’ll be open for lunch.  That would be a good thing.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Ally surprised me this evening with dinner at the Korean Restaurant, my favorite place in Salina to eat.  It’s home owned and operated, which is a winner for me.   It was especially nice since she had arranged for us to meet Ann and Terry Headrick there for dinner.  As usual, I enjoyed every bite of  my dinner and the delightful conversation we had with the Headricks, Joomi and Tim Bobbett.

Ally and I split dinners.  She ordered Mandoo which is Korean fried dumplings with pork and vegetables.   She loves dumplings with dipping sauce, as do I.  I had Japchae which consists of mixed vegetables and beef with noodles made from sweet potatoes and shared it with her.  I seem to order that each time I eat there.  It came with piles of rice and all the kimchi I wanted…which was a generous amount.

I’m not sure what Ann had, but it looked very good.  Probably it was beef bulgogi.  Terry ordered ramen noodle soup which I helped myself to, and it was so good I ordered it to-go for my dinner tomorrow night. Joomi brought us a sliced orange too…which I consumed almost by myself.

It came as a surprise to me, but Joomi said someone from Presbyterian Manor had called about bringing a group from there to dinner on the 30th.  After hashing it over with Ally, Ann and Joomi, and considering it’s also International Night potluck, we decided that if Joomi fixed several of her dishes that we’d all just share.  I thought that would be easiest for the inmates.  They can try the various dishes and there will be something they are bound to like.  I like all the various flavors Joomi combines in her dishes. That way, she wouldn’t have individual dinners to prepare to order for 16 to 20 people which takes time.  We’ll have to be out of the way of the other group that will start arriving that night at 5:30.

I’m hoping that we’ll have a busload from here for that particular dinner.  Joomi’s going to fix beef bulgogi, pork bulgogi, chicken bulgogi, Japchoe, rice and two other side dishes.  The price will be $12.00 per person which includes soft drinks and tips.  I’m really looking forward to it and hope an appreciative busload from here will also partake in the event.  Life is an adventure to be lived.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Here is what Ally’s commercial kitchen and production line look like.  Her famous mustard sauce…in four flavors…is in the making. You can determine the differences below…plain smooth, “the kind with seeds”, jalapeno and horseradish flavors.  They are all delicious and essentially taste the same with a defined and distinguished tang.


Here’s a refrigerator filled with finished product, Ally’s Prairie Mustard, and already sold and delivered.

She makes it year round but the big demand is over Thanksgiving and Christmas as it is most particularly delicious on ham and turkey.

It makes dull deviled eggs come alive if you use a little mustard sauce in them.  It’s great when baking or broiling fresh salmon…or a pork tenderloin roast.  Hamburgers and sandwiches are better when slathered with her mustard.

It’s featured on the menu at Ad Astra in Salina.

She’ll be delivering more after Thanksgiving and through Christmas so give her a call if you want to get on the list. It makes wonderful hostess gifts if you’re invited out for the holidays and to send home with family and friends after the holidays.

Those living in or near Ellsworth can visit her farm 5 miles south of town and pick up your orders.  She makes periodic deliveries to Salina.

Her number is 785.472.7065.

Thanks for tuning in…



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Ellsworth Steak House & Mexican Grill Is Proud to Announce “Fiesta Grande”.

The Ellsworth Steak House will be featuring a Full Mexican Menu and other Mexican Favorites this weekend.
When: Starting Friday Evening August 23 at 5:00 pm and continuing to Sunday, August 25  at 2:00 pm.
Ellsworth Steak House & Mexican Grill
1416 Foster Road
Ellsworth KS

phone:  785-472-3043

Menu includes:
•    Chimichangas
•    Burritos
•    Tamales
•    Enchiladas
•    Carnitas
•    Chili Rellanos
•    Fajitas
•    Tacos
•    Quesadillas
•    Tostadas
•    Huevos Rancheros
•    And Much More!
Stop in for good Mexican food, cold beer, full bar and an evening with friends.



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Last night was a new dining experience for Ally and me, and several others, I suspect.  If you are a frequent reader of my blog, you may recall on July 13th I wrote about “ANYONE FOR JAPCHAE OR BIBIMBAB?”, highlighting the Korean Restaurant on south 9th in Salina.  Todd, Karen and I had gone there on the recommendation of friends, Ann and Terry Headrick and Amy Hoffman. We were not disappointed.  At that time, we met and visited with Tim and Joomi Bobbit.  Tim hails from Kanopolis


Tim and Joomi, the very cool owners of the restaurant,  told us about the International Nights they had on a monthly basis and I asked that Tim throw my name in the hat for one.  They had French night last month and I missed it.  Last night was Louisiana Night…Cajun food, prepared by a guest chef who has a restaurant in Herington.

Now, the chef’s story is an interesting sidebar:  his name is Richard McFarlane-Clark. It’s not often a century-old Kansas building gets a new start with owners from the other side of the ocean.  Richard McFarland-Clark and his wife Cheryl traveled from Wales where he was born, to France where he grew up, to Herington to have a fresh start in a little Kansas café, which he won in a poker game, according to dinner conversation last night.    He was the guest chef for the second time and he, along with his wife prepared much of the food. Tim and Joomi also had a hand in the preparation.

The menu last night began with  platters of crayfish and two different kinds of boudin, other items whose names I’ve long forgotten, pickled okra,  and bowls full of chutney to eat on crusty French bread and butter.

Following that came alligator gumbo with shrimp, scallops, crab and all manner of sea food interspersed with sorbet with “spirits”.  Next came a Louisiana favorite, red beans and rice, that was exceptionally good and more crusty bread and butter and three different kinds of rice.



Beef daube came next and to most of us at our end of the table (there were five tables, I think, with 12 at a table) it was the weakest of the dishes, good enough but not good enough to serve for a special occasion.

Maquechoux was next on the menu and whatever it was supposed to be came through as a corn dish, which was also good.
The grand finale included very large individual servings of bananas foster and bread pudding with vanilla bean ice cream.

There were some prizes to be won and I came home with a pound of Lousiana community coffee, a favorite of Brit’s and mine for many years.

Finally came the call for help doing dishes.  Four volunteers were needed and four quickly volunteered to wash the mound of dishes that had accumulated during all the various courses.  Terry Headrick was our table waiter who brought all the various family style dishes to our table and cleared the table after each serving.  Needless to say, it was a fun evening.

The room was packed and Ally and I sat with the Headricks in the back facing a wall, which was great except I couldn’t see who was also in the room other than us.  But the room was packed to capacity and was closed to other diners.

Tim and Joomi’s goal, on occasion,  is to serve ethnic food that isn’t available elsewhere in Salina.  Dave, who is a local chef and was our tablemate last night, is the chef for next month.  Along with help from the Headrick’s, he’s making homemade bread and several different kinds of soup for which he’s famous.  That should be fun.

Following that Tim is preparing his family Sicilian dishes and Joomi next will serve a feast of Korean barbecue.

You get on the “invite list” by being a customer and giving Tim your email address.  He blasts the information on the next “International Dinner” to everyone at the same time and then there is a rush to get to the restaurant and pay the required amount to save a place at the table.  Prices vary, but last night’s meal was $25.00.

International night is a family affair, lots of fun and well-supported by the Salina community.  Enjoying the regular fare at the restaurant anytime is a special treat.  Stop by and give it a try.

Thanks for tuning in…

PS… Hi, everyone.
We are going to have our next dinner on September 23rd, Monday at 6:00 PM, “Korean Barbeque.”
There will be beef galbi (short rib), pork galbi, chicken, shrimp, grilled veges, and eat with a lot of vegetables.  We are coming back to healthy meal plan. :-)
Please reply back to us if you like to participate via email or call us at 785-342-2084 or 785-342-0116.



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If you haven’t tried the food at Seoul USA Korean Restaurant on South 9th in Salina, you’re missing a very special treat.  It’s all you hope for when you try to find locally owned, home-cooked meals with healthful, fresh ingredients served in a friendly and spotlessly clean environment.  The Korean Restaurant may be one-of-a-kind, in that regard, in Salina.

The restaurant had been recommended to me by Amy Hoffman and Ann Headrick amidst raves of “delicious, wonderful, exciting…” so last night being the special occasion of Todd’s birthday dinner, we decided to try something new, different and as it turned out, memorable.

We were greeted as we arrived by the “proprietor”, Tim Bobbit, and asked if it was our first visit.  Since it was, he went over the menu with us and explained the various dishes, the “sides” and some of the other options.   He made you feel as though you were eating in his home, and for that matter, it was very much like that.  His wife and John do the cooking and he manages the rest. “ He” being Tim Bobbit from Kanopolis.  He looked familiar when I first saw him.

I ordered chicken Japchae which consists of mixed vegetables and noodles made from sweet potatoes.  It is served over white rice.  Todd had the pork bulgogi which was, according to him, spicy, savory, sweet gingery and mouthwatering.  Delicious. It was also served over white rice.  Karen had fried rice which was also very good.

Other choices were Galbi made with marinated beef short ribs in Korean sauce and cooked on the griddle, Gimbab rice roll with egg, carrot, cucumber, pickled radish and bulgogi.  The serve as an appetizer Korean fried dumplins with pork and veggies and a Korean pancake made with mung beans and veggies.  I’

The condiment sides are on a separate table and we helped ourselves to them.  They change on a daily basis.  You can check their website for their daily updates.  Friday’s side dishes were: Seaweed noodle (angel noodle) salad, cucumber kimchi, and watermelon.



I hope they do well.  They are very innovative.  Once a month they have a special International dinner…by invitation/reservation only.  The first night they had 26 reservations immediately.  They will feature specialty food from different countries…Germany, India, etc.  I want to get on that list.

They close at 7:00 pm so we barely made the closing hour.  for hours and photos of their delicious entrees.

Thanks for tuning in…and I hope you give their restaurant a try…


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