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If you haven’t tried the food at Seoul USA Korean Restaurant on South 9th in Salina, you’re missing a very special treat.  It’s all you hope for when you try to find locally owned, home-cooked meals with healthful, fresh ingredients served in a friendly and spotlessly clean environment.  The Korean Restaurant may be one-of-a-kind, in that regard, in Salina.

The restaurant had been recommended to me by Amy Hoffman and Ann Headrick amidst raves of “delicious, wonderful, exciting…” so last night being the special occasion of Todd’s birthday dinner, we decided to try something new, different and as it turned out, memorable.

We were greeted as we arrived by the “proprietor”, Tim Bobbit, and asked if it was our first visit.  Since it was, he went over the menu with us and explained the various dishes, the “sides” and some of the other options.   He made you feel as though you were eating in his home, and for that matter, it was very much like that.  His wife and John do the cooking and he manages the rest. “ He” being Tim Bobbit from Kanopolis.  He looked familiar when I first saw him.

I ordered chicken Japchae which consists of mixed vegetables and noodles made from sweet potatoes.  It is served over white rice.  Todd had the pork bulgogi which was, according to him, spicy, savory, sweet gingery and mouthwatering.  Delicious. It was also served over white rice.  Karen had fried rice which was also very good.

Other choices were Galbi made with marinated beef short ribs in Korean sauce and cooked on the griddle, Gimbab rice roll with egg, carrot, cucumber, pickled radish and bulgogi.  The serve as an appetizer Korean fried dumplins with pork and veggies and a Korean pancake made with mung beans and veggies.  I’

The condiment sides are on a separate table and we helped ourselves to them.  They change on a daily basis.  You can check their website for their daily updates.  Friday’s side dishes were: Seaweed noodle (angel noodle) salad, cucumber kimchi, and watermelon.



I hope they do well.  They are very innovative.  Once a month they have a special International dinner…by invitation/reservation only.  The first night they had 26 reservations immediately.  They will feature specialty food from different countries…Germany, India, etc.  I want to get on that list.

They close at 7:00 pm so we barely made the closing hour.  for hours and photos of their delicious entrees.

Thanks for tuning in…and I hope you give their restaurant a try…


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